Going for 2nd Round!! May/June - Culiacan, Mexico

Hello ladies!! Ive a long time reader wasnt gonna...

Hello ladies!! Ive a long time reader wasnt gonna post a review but here I go. I had bbl/ ba in 2011, I always had a booty but over the years not excercising,etc lost volume, got the surgery cause also i always dreamed about having big boobs, At first very pleased with my booty that lasted about 4 months :/ i proably should have taken better care of myself but realistically a round 2 is necesary , im 5'3 havent weighed myself in along time but im proably around 135ish I want to do bbl/ ba again change to bigger implants maybe,revision of areola incision and nose job. Last time didnt get legs lipoed this time im really looking forward to that cause ive never had pretty, shapely legs i really need that. I want to go to Culiacan Mex with either rafaela or najar still waiting on the quotes.

Welcome to RS and congratulations! Best wishes in R2!

Wish pics

Diosa Canales

Venezuelean vedette with a badass bod
You don't have any pics of you girlfriend ? How you are right now

Current picss

I need a kim k booty and more hips idk if it will be achievable though the only untouched fat i have is in my legs and upper back and dont kno if thats enough but im not gaining anymore weight because then ill be left with fat parts that cant be lipoed like my ankles and forearms and its not like i can just go on a diet and only lose weight in those areas.

Oops guess they didnt show up here they are

pics arent best quality couldnt upload them from computer so i just took a pic of them with phone

okk last attempt


You would think for more business they'd have websites to promote themselves better but then again it is sinaloa the home state of the biggest cartel so most women that live there are girlfriends/wives of these guys who pay for it so docs are making alot $$
Hi yeah they dont have websites theyre known just in mexico i researched drs in mexico and in different spanish blogs they were mentioned alot very popular in their state im so frustrated getting ahold of either one im almost giving up and just gonna go to tj had work done w cardenas.
I have never heard of Rafaela or Najar. How did u find out about those Drs? Who performed your 1st BBL?

my pics hopefully show up this time

Can I ask u what made u chose Cardenas?
I seen people who got work done by her on makemeheal and decided on her yeah her sculpting skills are great but the booty technique needs work mine is back to where it was before surgery :/ by the way your boobs look amazing!!! How many ccs did u gey?
Thank u! It's funny bcs now I look back at those pics n I see that I had no hips! Lol My body has really changed since the BBL. The Dr who did my BA is Dr. Kim in Beverly Hills. He does the best breast! I know Dr Cardenas does some good sculpting. I wanted to hear the reasons why u chose her just to know. Dr Campos did my BBL and he gave me crazy curves. =)

FINALLY heard frm doc!!!!

Yay im excited/sad after a long time trying to communicate w dr najar he answered me today but told me he cant do all the procedures at once he said doesnt reccomend being in surgery more than 6 hours and all i wanted would equal 10 hours so i will do the bbl first than the rhino/breast work after :/
OMG!! I'm soooo excited for u girl!! Did you guys talk about setting a date? Did he say how w much it would cost? Let us know please!!

hmm contemplating

I alsp emailed dr gongora cause i saw a girl from tj that got butt implants with him and she looks amazing! So i askef if i can get nose job and butt implants at same time lets see what he says
Thank you!! Didnt give me quote waiting on that im going to ask him also if he does butt implants u kno i would just hate to go through bbl again, for it to go flat later on but im scared to get implants!!
I think if u go to the right Dr u shouldn't have any Problem retaining fat from a BBL grafting. I look at my butt and it looks and feels like I would have to work out a whole life time to lose any of it! Lol It's solid! As for butt implants, if you like them get them. The only way u will find out if they are going to work for u is until u have them in u. And if u get them just keep a clear head moving forward knowing they will work out for u. Bring it baby! Who is Gongora's patient who got the implants?
Yeah im going to think it throughly before deciding and i happened to come across pictures of that girl while researching and she wrote in a spanish blog about her surgery.
Name not provided

Dr. Rafaela / Najar

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