8 months Post Op update TT and BL no implants

I just turned 40 years old a few weeks ago. I am...

I just turned 40 years old a few weeks ago. I am happily married with 4 great kids. After weight gain with pregnancies plus two of my kids were over 9lbs I have Diastasis Recti, plus a lot of hanging skin. Over the past five years I've lost
70 pounds. I am 5'4 and weigh 142lbs.
I've been told by my gynecologist and my general doctor that I'd be the perfect candidate for a TT. I haven't taken this decision lightly, I'm still terrified. My husband didn't think I needed it ( he says I'm hot , is always complimenting me - I wish I could see myself through his eyes) but he's fully supportive now because he knows how much this bothers me.
I'm terrified of the anesthesia and the potential for blood clots. I love reading all of the stories here. They've been very helpful at calming some of my fears.
I have a pre op scheduled March 12. Surgery scheduled for April 12.

Go for it! Bring pics of front, side and back view to your ps so he can make a plan of possible Lipo and certain tt techniques. He may have a different vision than what you have. I also brought pics of what i didnt want...Anesthesia is a breeze! It is very very rare that there are deadly complications with general anesthesia and complications in general... I'm a pharmaceutical rep. i did a lot of reading in safety on these subjects. Also, blood clots are scary, however these are rare too. Your ps will tell you what activities to do to prevent blood clots. Believe me this TT has been a breeze, and i had multiple procedures done. The worst part is this swell hell... I'm only PO 4 and I'm so excited to see myself when swelling goes down... The time of my pics I was abt 145 pds. So a little bigger than you. My doctor took 2000 cc of fat from abdomen, hips, back... Try to find out how many cc of fat your ps is going to want to take out. Keep me updated!
pharma3641, Hi, I just commented on your story/pictures about an hour ago! You look great! Thank you for your kind, supportive words. It really helps! Love that you are in the medical field and can reassure me, I'm such a worry wart! So happy it's going well for you. I'll be following your story! I have my pre op apt Tuesday, March 12 and I'll update then. thanks again
Your welcome, truly there is nothing to worry about. I have severe anxiety and have full blown panic attacks.. So i was freaking out! This procedure is something I would do all over again! Once you start recovery you will understand that it isn't as scary as it sounds!

March 12, 2013 pre op appt. At the pre op I...

March 12, 2013 pre op appt.

At the pre op I paid the balance. Then the nurse took pictures from different angles. The nurse went over all of the prescriptions I will need to fill before the surgery. Also what to expect. We discussed the drains. My surgery is on a Friday and my first post op will be the Tuesday after. I'm not allowed to shower until after that appt. but I can sponge bathe and hope to have my husband wash my hair if I feel well enough. One step closer....
Six days before me, anewmesoon!! I just bought my zip front sports bras last night. My pre-op instructions advised me to get 2. I have been so obsessed with my gut that I have finally started to look at the BL section on real self to see what the ladies have to say about their recovery.
Kimrzzz5 Thats so funny! I've been more obsessed with the TT part too! I checked the BL area recently too And it's not as busy and most people get implants as well as the lift and I'm not. My dates really coming up soon isn't it... Oh boy... Lol I look forward to journaling this with you :)
Me neither. Just a lift... I just want to get rid of the "snoop tit" as my bff lovingly refers to them. lol

It's really coming up now! I'm seeing everyone's...

It's really coming up now! I'm seeing everyone's surgery dates that once seemed so far away ( the late March ones) knowing I had plenty of time with April 12th. Today I bought milk and the expiration date is April 9!!!
This Thursday the 28th I have the surgery physical plus EKG with my primary care doctor. Once I get the all clear I'll fill the prescriptions the PS gave me plus get my supplies.
Reading so many of the TT and MM reviews each day really helps with my nerves.
You are going to be beyond happy!! with your results!! You are the perfect candidate for a tummy tuck!! My husband said I didn't need one either. Always complimenting me. And even though I knew he meant it from his heart ... I didn't feel it in my heart...like I didn't believe him. But he supported my decision every step of the way ... and as you can tell from my profile and my updates words cannot even explain what this has done for me....physically and emotionally. I am so excited for you and I am cheering you on every step of the way!! And by the way!! My hubby is thrilled too!!
Thank you Lori59345! I love reading your updates- very inspiring! I wish I could be as excited as some people are pre surgery- I'm still so nervous... But reading about everyone's recoveries has helped tremendously.

I had my pre surgery physical today with my...

I had my pre surgery physical today with my regular doctor. They took my height and weight (141lbs and 5 ft 4 in) blood pressure 104/70 and went over my medical history (which is very short because luckily I've had a healthy 40 years). They did an EKG which was fine. My doctor was very excited for me. I had blood work done at a local lab a couple weeks ago.
So it's two weeks from tomorrow! I guess it's really happening! This was the one last hurdle I wanted to get through before buying my supplies and filling the prescriptions. Gulp!!!!!!
Oooh! Almost your time! So exciting! Dont be nervous. The worst is the little stick you get when you get the IV. Then its off to lala land. You will do great and be so happy you did it!
Thank you so much! The needle doesn't worry me it's the waking up from anesthesia that has me terrified ( I just want to be ok) but reading everyone's stories has calmed me a lot from when I first signed up here!
Congratulations!! Its easier than j thought it'd be! I'm 5'3 and 131 lbs. I'm already so glad I did it :) I suggest a toilet seat riser. Walmart $21

The surgical nurse called me this morning to tell...

The surgical nurse called me this morning to tell me my surgery time.
It will be 8:30 am but I need to be there at 7:00 am. I live about an hour and 20 minutes away so we'll be waking and leaving really early.
She took medical history over the phone. I told her how nervous I am about anesthesia and post op blood clots. She said they put the boots on the legs while I'm in surgery and they encourage movement afterwards. She was really sweet and said the anesthesiologist will be spending a lot of time with me before the surgery explaining everything and answering any questions I have.
Three more days! It doesn't seem real. I wish I could be like the majority of people on Real Self that are so pumped and excited but the what if's plague me. I wish it was Saturday already!
will be praying for you gbu
Nenapassion8, Thank you!!
Hugs A! You are going to do great! :)

Heading the the hospital now for 7am check in and...

Heading the the hospital now for 7am check in and 8:30am surgery. Thank you to all of you for your support!!!!!

More details when I feel up to it. Surgery was...

More details when I feel up to it. Surgery was until 1 recovery room until 2:30. I'm in a room now. I don't know how people go home after this. I'm staying tonight. Thanks for the prayers!!
Congrats on being done! Now just rest rest rest. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Speedy healing!
It is! Just rest rest rest!
I know its hard to think positive when ur not feeling good but remember that each day that passes is that much closer to u feeling and looking great. So happy that ur on the recovery part of ur journey

The post above is actually from the 14th. I had...

The post above is actually from the 14th. I had written it in the wrong place. Today Is Monday the 15th and I plan to go home from the hospital today. It's actually a surgical center hotel at Yale. The nurses have been so amazing. I had some problems getting catheters in, the first time they tried to straight cath me ( the type you only need once) it took 1.5 hrs because I have a lot of scar tissue from my vaginal deliveries so that was uncomfortable but they said I was a trooper for being so patient. When that didnt cure the bladder issue the next day the dr said they could catheter me over night. So there I was again legs spread eagle for 1.5 hrs trying to find my urethra. But at least when it was done it was relief from the bladder pain. The dr had wanted me on IV antibiotics but my vein crashed so they tried for 2 hours to get a new vein even using a pediatric needle and because my veins are so tiny they kept collapsing. They felt so bad for me but I didn't flinch. All my pain was in my abdomen area. I so badly wanted to be like the ppl here or the YouTube ppl who are in la la land for 3 days cause the drugs work so well. They just don't for me :( but its Monday morning as of last night I've been getting out of the hospital bed on my own using the restroom alone and waking the halls a few times. I don't want to scare anyone and I'm guessing it can only get better from here and believe me I'll share all the good too as it happens!! In real life I'm Miss positivity that's why this has hit me like a ton of bricks. What's odd is the nurses say I'm a toughie yet I feel like a wimp. Prayers to all of you going in this week!! Love to all of you for your support for me!!

I'm going to be leaving the surgical center with...

I'm going to be leaving the surgical center with in the next couple hours. The first nurse I saw on the shift when I had all the catheter & vein issues just came in and said how amazing I did with all I went through. She said she's had patients freak out over 1/8 of the stuff I had to deal with. They won't forget me basically lol. I'm doing so much now walking the halls. I feel I'm ready to tackle the trip home. Love to all my RS people and to any upcoming surgeries my thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

Got home at 7pm est tonight! Feeling comfortable!!...

Got home at 7pm est tonight! Feeling comfortable!! Thanks to all for the well wishes. I'm a little tired but I'll answer questions when I can :)
I came on here specifically to check on you. I'm so sorry for the ordeal post-op you've had to endure. I hated the first three days something awful and questioned my decision on quite a few occasions. However, by day 4 I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Praying you'll do fine tonight at home. Keep us posted. Hugs!
Thanks for the encouragement. There is light at the end of the tunnel, Im SO ready for these drains to be out, then I think, life will be alot easier.
Hello revammpMe39, I've been thinking about you!! I think I'm on the same wavelength as you! Friday night was " what was I thinking!" Now I can see a bit of light! Thanks for your thoughts and support!!

Hi everyone sorry I haven't updated. It's been...

Hi everyone sorry I haven't updated. It's been quite an ordeal but I thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers! I had a bladder issue ( sleepy after the general anesthesia so it kept retaining urine so even though I peed every hour from 1:30 am that first night to 10:30 am it was barely anything. I ended up needing a catheter and staying another night. I didnt sleep for 24 hrs straight ( except of course when I was put out for surgery) I do not understand how some people go home right away! Anyone who remembers my biggest fear it was the general anesthesia and just living through the surgery. I don't think I mentally prepared myself for the pain after. I've had Phenomenal nurses who promise me this will all be worth it. If that's true I plan on bringing them all flowers in a few weeks. I've even decided to stay tonight ( Sunday ) surgery was Friday. Because my bedroom is upstairs and I can't fathom how I'd do that. My husband has been awesome but I know he feels helpless when he sees me like this. Thanks again to all of you here! Praying this is worth it!

I have been sleeping the day away! This is coming...

I have been sleeping the day away! This is coming from someone who does not nap- ever. My husband has been waking me for my med times and to do my drains. When I get up to urinate I walk around a bit then it's back in my chair. The power lift recliner has been a god send as gas the toilet riser with handles. PO day 4 people and I'm doing this! I'm surviving! Lol love to all who are going in soon!!!
Aren't these first few days crazy? I'm so glad you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I am too. Now I just want a week to fly by. The days just drag when there is nothing to do. I had my first shower. A M A Z I N G. then I was exhausted and took a two hour nap. I've been sleeping or laying down so much that my scalp is numb. Glad you are doing better each day.
Thanks for the update! You are doing GREAT!!!
Glad to hear you are home! Keep us posted! It only gets better every day.

Post op day 5 here. My husband is taking such good...

Post op day 5 here. My husband is taking such good care of me. The Percocet and Valium can't see taken together so he sets the alarm for 2 am to give me Percocet, 3 am to give me Valium and 6 am to do the drains. He does the drains 3 times a day. Because I have 4 drains the highest drain has 20 in it followed by 15, then 11 and 10. I took milk of magnesia at 10 last night because I was nervous that the Miralax and colace weren't going to work. Well, at 2am I had diarrhea so hopefully that hurdle is over with I can go on to normal B.M.s now. I slept so much yesterday. Good luck to all new tummy tuck ladies!!!!! And to those recovering!!!!

I spoke too soon as far as feeling ok today. For...

I spoke too soon as far as feeling ok today. For the first time I just threw up! I haven't even needed the prescription for anti nausea meds so I didn't have a bucket nearby. My husband just ran out to get something but luckily my kids are on school vacation this week and brought me a bucket just in time. Man, did it hurt!!!! I don't ever want to look at jello again ( or lettuce for a while , I had salad last night) unfortunately I had just had my percocets so I'm guessing I should just wait another 4 plus hours before trying those again. For those of you who wake up from Anesthesia puking I'm so very very sorry!!!!!!!!! This killed my abdominal region and at least I had a few days into my healing...
Oh no! I know that had to hurt :( I completely forgot I went home with one of those little nausea patches, they should be required!
awwwwww newme hope you feel better soon , Just think a few months down the line this will all be over and you'll be so happy because it was so worth it!! :))
Thank you Aelice2008!!!

I had my 6 day post if Dr appt today. I have 4...

I had my 6 day post if Dr appt today. I have 4 drains and they were able to get rid of one because my husband said it produced less than 25 cc in a 24 hr period. Oh and the Dr had to
use a tiny needle to drain something on the breast tape area. i barely felt It . I love the look of my breasts ( lift plus smaller areolas no implants but I'm not brave enough to
Pose braless yet. Here are my 6 day post op pictures.
you look great gbu
congratulations on a drain being removed!...it's all downhill from here! :-)
Wonderful results and progress, hope you can outrun the hubby hehe

It's hard to believe it's been a week today!...

It's hard to believe it's been a week today! Around 1pm last Friday the 12th my surgeon came out and told my husband things went really well. I had wonderful nurses at the surgical center. And my husband has been fantastic for my home care. He's done all my drains, kept tabs and records on all of that and also kept track of when to give me my meds. He's keeping the house clean with our kids help. Love him and them so much. People weren't kidding about the emotional roller coasters ,I've definitely had a couple crying bouts. But I remember the nurses saying it's good to get that emotion out. Funny how at post op day one or two I'd tell people to cancel. Now one week post op and I can honestly say please keep your procedure scheduled!!! My lift recliner for $100 rental for the month has been a must! The toilet seat riser with handles was great for 6 days ( stopped using it last night)
Love to you all!!!!

Happy healing. Hope it is all going well for you and your feeling fantastic! It's a long journey. I had the TT lipo and reduction 17 days ago and honestly I feel like a new woman!
I'm feeling so much better! So glad you feel so great too!!!
I am happy everything is going well gbu

PO day 9. Feeling really good. Still just resting...

PO day 9. Feeling really good. Still just resting at home with my husband spoiling me. The kids have been great too. I was so nervous to weigh myself ( I like to weigh every day but everyone said post surgery to wait due to fluids etc.) Surgery day I was 140. Today I was 136 so, hey, I'll take it!!! Now I have a post surgery reference point.
My husband and kids can't get over how " little" I look and my husband doesn't know how I'm going to keep this a secret from family when they see me. ( I couldn't tell my mom because she's against this type of surgery) My husband supports me not telling certain people because he knows how much it would've stressed me out but he thinks they'd really be clueless not to tell. Uh oh lol I guess I'll be layering clothing a lot lol
Happy healing everyone!!!!
Congratulations! You look amazing so far! It gets better and better as each week passes by.I also had TT with MR and breast lift with implants. Don't over do it. Take advantage and keep feet up as much as possible. Don't freak about swelling. Your going to have swelling for weeks and the more active you are, the more swelling you will have. Happy healing and keep us posted.
How are you doing young lady?! :)
Almost texted you ,decided to give you a break lol. Today was an ordeal. Woke up at 4 am with sharp leg pain. Eventually dulled but I read way too much here and was terrified. Called in the am and my ps sent me to a radiologist. Good news no DVT's but every ache or pain and I'm more nervous than even before ( and you knew I was already paranoid) my 2 biggest fears making it through general anesthesia and post op clots. I wish I could ff this recovery to say... August? Will I be out of the woods then ? Why can't I be a non worrier!!!?!!!! (((Lacey))) maybe we'll " talk" tomorrow

Post op day 11. Doing well. Taking extra strength...

Post op day 11. Doing well. Taking extra strength Tylenol and every 6 to 7 hours the .5 milligram diazepam ( muscle relaxer ) I still have some percocets left so I may have one tonight before bed. Yesterday ( post op day 10) I awoke at 4 am with a sharp pain in leg. As anyone who's read my story knows, my 2 fears were the anesthesia and then post op blood clots. Asked here and some nice ladies on the April board said call your PS NOW. My dr sent me to a radiologist , luckily no DVT's phew!
I've been feeling good the past couple days. Taking full advantage of my husband's pampering me. Before I know it, reality will be here. I think I've mentioned he's also always done my drains since we got home ( nurses did them at hospital) and they are less and less each day. I had 4 , 2 on each side of waist. They don't hurt at all. It didn't hurt when they took the one out on Tuesday. This Thursday post op day 13 is my next appt. I would love to get the rest out 2 are barely outputting anything the past cpl days. So we'll see. It has to be less than 25 in a 24 period and 2 have been that but will they be Thursday?!!! We'll see...
Loving my power recliner I rented for $100 for the month. I sleep so well at night in it! I'm such a side sleeper so I think pillows on my bed would just be annoying for me.
I have a little rash around the belly button so I'll ask about that Thursday.
Oh and I've been crying daily it seems even though I'm happy usually lol I didn't have post partum with any of my babies, can barely tell my period is coming, I'm just not moody, i'm so even keel and they aren't kidding when they talk about the emotional roller coasters! Woo boy!!! Be prepared :) luckily I end up laughing with my sweet husband saying can you believe I'm crying again?! Lol
Good luck to those just going in soon! Love to all!!!

24 hour drain total; drain #1was 21ml drain...

24 hour drain total; drain #1was 21ml drain #2,was 24 ml and drain #4 was 1ml
I had drain #3 out last Thursday really hoping the rest can come out this Thursday!!! ( have to be under 25ml in a 24 hour period) they don't bother me pain wise at all just cumbersome. Think I have a good chance?
Your results are amazing, especially considering your still in recovery! I can relate to the uncontrolled emotions.... It was only a couple days for me, but that was plenty long enough. I just get excited though thinking about how each day ahead will be better then it is now!
Thank you so much!!! I agree each day gets better and better!
Thank you for sharing your story . It's really a motivation to me reading everyone's stories. I'm getting my mommy makeover June 28. Can't get here fast enough. Hope all is well.

Today I had two more drains removed ( I had a...

Today I had two more drains removed ( I had a total of 4 and one was removed last Thursday at 6 days PO) so now I have none on my left side and one on my right. I was so hoping they'd all be removed because they require less than 25 ml in a 24 hr period. That one was 21 one day but 26 the next. The other two were producing next to nothing ( one literally zero)
It didn't hurt when they took any of the drains out, last week or today.
They reapplied tegadern strips to my incision. But left the area right where the pubic area is alone for now to breathe. But I'm healing well. I hope to add pics tomorrow :)
Good luck to those going in tomorrow and in the coming week and happy healing to the rest of us!!!!
YAY! Three drain freedom! One to go..... Sounds like things are going good for you! Looking forward to seeing your pictures. Happy for you!
Talented! Thank you! So glad to be 2 weeks PO tomorrow :)
Anewmesoon, how fast the time goes!! I remember when you were buying milk with an April 9th expiration date! Still makes me laugh ~ I so related to that!

These 2 weeks flew!!! The first few days I never...

These 2 weeks flew!!! The first few days I never would've thought I'd say that but wow I'm so happy to be 2 weeks into the recovery process.
Yesterday where they took two drains on one side out, it's red and puffy so they told us to apply neosporin & gauze. I'll try to get a pic of that when my husband changes the gauze.
Looking good girl!!!
Amycarl75, Thank you!
amycarl75, have you made any decisions on consults or scheduled a surgery yet?

16 day PO appt today. Last drain out!! Yes! And...

16 day PO appt today. Last drain out!! Yes! And today my husband had to go on a one night business trip it was perfect because I never needed to milk or drain my own drains! And I had four of them! My husband always did them.
Initially I was supposed to have an appt this coming Thursday but they said to call if the drain was low all w/e and they'd pull it. And the totals were low. It worked out well because last night there was an issue under my right breast incision. It opened and was bleeding. So I was able to make it a real appt. My PS wants me to use neosporin and gauze on it daily until next week. No tegaderm under that breast for now. My new appt is next Monday instead of having to go this Thursday too. Medicine wise I'm not really on anything anymore, well I've taken Tylenol once a day the past few days. But it doesn't work on me. Wish I could have Advil but PS doesn't allow that. But every day I feel better. Happy healing to everyone!
You look so different and Beautiflat!! (my famous word!) seriously, your results are really fabulous! Happy for you!
Talented, thank you so much! It's like my brain hasn't caught up yet with the change. Wonder when that happens! Thanks again :)
Good job on loosing all the weight. You look great!

PO day 17 yesterday I had my last drain out and...

PO day 17 yesterday I had my last drain out and now when I bend over I hear a sloshing sound. The DR described fluid collecting as like a waterbed feeling vs just swollen tissue. Well, it's definitely like that in the side of the incision where the drain site was. It felt better with that last drain in. I was just so excited to get it out, not have to conceal under clothes etc. I'm reading up on seromas and wondering when to call. I don't want to be the patient that calls for everything little thing but I'm freaked out.
You are looking great! I hope you won't have any seroma issues.
Honeydoo72 Thank you!!
I would call the doc. Dont take chances with your health. Besides, you paid good money for good care. Good luck!

PO day 19 I called the PS office this morning and...

PO day 19 I called the PS office this morning and talked to the nurse about the fluid collection near the last drain site that was removed on Monday. She said I could come in today or relax, put my feet up and come in tomorrow so it gets more of a chance to possibly collect fluid then the Dr will be able to remove with a needle. By doing this she hopes I'd be okay over the weekend and then she said to keep my Monday appt. I started my period yesterday which usually doesn't make me teary. But I'm just crying. I just wanted the text book recovery and I feel like such a whiner and that's so not me.
Hey, I just read your bio again. Read April 19th ( tears) and April 23rd towards the end (more tears and laughing!) see? You're just like the rest of us! Emotional! Normal! I know it's late....sleep well TT friend!
Thanks Talented! ((( hugs))) yes there's def been ups and downs! The unknown is what's scary- i've read about ppl needing seromas drained every few days for weeks! The office is 1.5 hr each way plus the visit time. It's just so frustrating. I keep going back to how much better I felt this past fri- mon. ( not great lol but better than this!) thanks for hearing my vents and i hope to have positive news to report tomorrow!
Hi Anewmesoon! Glad to hear your PS office calmed your fears. The tears are so normal! You may not even know why they are streaming down your face, but they are! I will bet you if not 100% then close to it every person on here has had an emotional ride besides the physical ride. I've read lots of tear stories, followed sometimes by laughter. I think this is where we all can relate so well to one another, because our husbands think we are crazy when it hits us! You are going through the intense healing time ~ and if you stop and think about what our bodies have been through, the ups and downs are all part of getting through this. I hope you are feeling good this evening! Thanks for your note!

PO day 20; I saw my PS today so he could evaluate...

PO day 20;
I saw my PS today so he could evaluate if I have a seroma or not. He just thinks it's normal swelling. He pressed around a lot and didn't even think he needed to use a needle on it. Maybe I'm a little phobic with this process I had myself convinced it was a seroma. I just don't get hearing all the swooshing noise now when I put the binder on or bend over. Did any of you "hear" the fluid?

3 weeks ago, today was my surgery! There's ups and...

3 weeks ago, today was my surgery! There's ups and downs but I'm happy I'm at this point. I did a little shopping today because I have to go to a wedding in a couple weeks. I was shocked by the size- a 6 petite!!!
Unbelievable. I was really happy trying it on in the dressing room. I still haven't tried on any pants or jeans with zippers and I don't plan to for a little bit longer. Happy healing to everyone!!!
6 petite? Excellent!! Jeans are still not really my friend but that's ok, summer is coming :D
Would love to see some new pics! Happy healing (((hugs)))
Thanks! I hope to take some new pics this w/e

PO Day 25 Not much of an appetite still. Things...

PO Day 25
Not much of an appetite still. Things that used to appeal to me don't now. I still hear the fluid sloshing around yet I'm not very visibly swollen. It's just an odd, full feeling. I almost didn't want to update because I'm not that cheery but my husband said I should keep up with writing how I feel each week so I have a comparison.
Happy healing and good luck to all of you!
I thought I was the only one that felt that way.I feel so full after I eat small things like Salad. Then I start to feel bad like I over ate or something. Idk just sharing my thoughts. Are you still numb? I'm still sore and numb and If I don't wear my cg my tummy hurts even more. I still can't wear jeans. ..I did notice I'm not swollen as much as I was but I'm still working toward 100% recovery which seems like its never going to come. For the most part things are looking good so I'm happy and my ps cleared me to exercise looking forward to getting back into it! Happy healing hun!
Well it definitely sounds like a seroma, but as I found out they usually dissipate all on their own, and In their own sweet time. I thought it would never go away, but of course it did eventually, around week 5-6 the swelling changed into a More firm swelling. I kept going on the doctors QandA section and reading the worst case scenarios and assuming that would happen to me, but it didn't. ( and don't go look- its not worth it!). but they say this's is the most common post op issue for TTs and so we are not alone, and it will get better! Congratulations on your new body! You look terrific! happy healing!
Kricken, I have done a seroma search on here before, you're right scary stuff, but luckily there's stories like yours too. Thanks for all the well wishes :)

4 weeks post op today. I had a PS appt. today. I...

4 weeks post op today. I had a PS appt. today. I still feel some fluid but again they said it wasn't enough to use a needle on to aspirate. The time is flying, which I'm thankful for, but I can't wait to feel normal again. The nurse took the tegaderm tape off my TT incisions and my breast incisions so tomorrow after I shower she wants me to reapply them. They recommend 12 weeks of the Tegaderm tape then I can do scar away or mederma lotion.
Happy healing everyone!!!
Wow!! Your doc did a GREAT job!!!! You look awsome!!!! I shoulda had my boobs done:( I so regret it!! Lol
marski1974, thank you!!! As much as my stomach bothered me I knew if I was going to go under anesthesia ( which I was terrified of) I had to get a breast lift too! I knew I would never want to go in for another surgery. Thanks again ;)
You look amazing!!!!!! Your scars are healing so nicely!!!!!

4 weeks and 4 days Post Op and I finally have...

4 weeks and 4 days Post Op and I finally have energy! What a difference from last week. It's still hard to do everything I want to do but at least the desire is there. Still very tight in the abdomen. It's nothing I need pain meds for, more annoying than anything. I rented power recliner for a month and they picked it up yesterday. That was so worth the $100 for the month. (It retails for $1800 at the medical store)
I've been sleeping in my bed since week 3 and I can't wait to just be able to get up without having to think it through so much. But each day it gets better. I weighed 140 the day of surgery and I now weigh 131/132 and I'm very happy with that.
Happy healing everyone!!
Wow! Amazing before and after pics. U look great. I know you're a happy girl. Congrats!
luvmyboys, Thank you :)
4weeks was a turning point for me too. Still get tired quicker but feel like me again! So glad to hear you are feeling better :)

5 week update

Time has really been flying, Friday the 17th was 5 weeks PO for me. I've been able to do so much more. I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I think I'll fit into the category of people who take 4 months to fully recover not just 6 weeks. I still have to be careful when getting out of bed. I can't wait to be able to move around like I used to.
I'm very happy I did this!
You look awesome and congratulations to doing something for yourself!
sexycubana, Thank you!!
So glad to hear you're glad you did this. It makes me feel so much better about paying all this money and everything else. Your after pics are incredible. You look like a 20 yr. old and I'm so glad your recovery has gone so well.

6 week update

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks! I'm very happy to be at this point. I still have a lot of tightness and I still need to brace myself as I get out of bed. The first 3 weeks I slept in the recliner that I rented for a month. The last 3 weeks I've slept in bed but I'm still propping with pillows. I'm a side sleeper and still haven't been able to sleep on my side.
At my last doctors appt a couple weeks ago they said I can stop wearing the binder at 6 weeks. But I think I'm going to continue to wear it most of the time. It just makes me feel more supported.
Even if it takes me another few months to feel 100% this was still SO worth it! Shopping is actually fun now :)
Good luck to everyone with surgeries coming up and to those who are healing !!
Thank you for posting your story, I enjoyed reading it and look forward to any updates. I must say you are looking fabulous!!! :) I hope you continue recovering well and continue posting pics of your progress. ;)
Thank you so much! I'm also looking forward to your updates! It's coming up soon for you!!
Congrats you look great!!! you must be thrilled :)

7 week update

It's been 7 weeks since my tummy tuck and breast lift. I'm happy I've come this far. I'm still sleeping on my back with a couple pillows under my legs, I'll love it when I can go back to sleeping on my side comfortably. I'm very happy I had this done.
The other night I put a white tank top on for bed and it looked good without even wearing a bra! My breasts haven't been up where they should be in so long ,it's so weird! So glad I did both the TT and BL at the same time. Good luck to those going in soon and happy healing everyone :)
Thank you so much for posting! I've just booked my surgery (TT and BL same as you) for July 19th and as excited as I am, I'm also petrified! So many crazy fears. But wanted this for so long that I'm finally taking the plunge. So glad to hear that you have no regrets even with the miserable recovery period. Thanks again and best of luck!
SassyDrMom, Hi! Yes, I have no regrets and I, like you, was Terrified! So many fears. This site helped so much. I remember people saying that the waiting before surgery (and all the fears) is worse than actually having the surgery and it's so true! Actually being knocked out under general anesthesia was a breeze ;) Are you going to do a review? I hope so I'd like to follow your story! Good luck to you!!!

7.5 week pic added

New pic
Just had to say....you look fabulous in your new pic!!!
Thank you!!!
I'm very glad you're doing good. I absolutely love your new tummy. Your old tummy looks a lot like mine now. You look awesome to say the least.

8 weeks PO!

I'm 8 weeks post op today. On Tuesday the 11th I have an appt. with my PS so I'll have more to report then. But for now things are going really well. I'm happy with the healing progress. I don't feel 100% yet but better and better and It doesn't stop my routine. It's amazing how much this surgery can truly change your shape.
Good luck to everyone :)
WOW.... you look fabulous :)
Thank you!!!
Looking so wonderful! Each week I am finding my body shape changing, somewhat small changes but none the less changes.

11 weeks

I haven't had too much to report because the PS office needed to cancel my last couple appt due to my PS still being in surgery. I live 1.5 hours away so luckily they called me before I left my house. One issue of concern I have is my upper midriff area. At week 6 the dr/ nurses called it soft tissue swelling. But at this point it seems like extra skin. I'm not gaining weight, in fact I've lost 12 lbs more since the day of surgery. Now I weigh 128. This area is squishy when I sit. And in this new pic I added you can see a pleat/ line in it. Any one have experience with this? I never get swelling below belly button that area has been nice and taut since the TT. Any opinions would be great!
Your results are looking terrific!
With all you have going on you left me a sweet comment! Thank you so much! i so wish things went smoothly for you! Prayers that you'll be better soon!
My best buddy! How are you!! I am amazed at how fast all this time has gone, how well you're doing, how much weight you've lost, no serious issues! Good for you! It's just great to hear your update. I am so happy for you!

14.5 weeks and PS appt.

I had a follow up appointment with my PS today. I told him that I am happy with the results but that I wondered about the midriff area, if it's swelling because to me it seems like extra skin. He told me that right now it does appear to be extra skin with a little fat. He said he would've had to give me a major scar to remove all of that ( I believe he was talking about the fleur de lis type with the scar going up the whole stomach region) He didn't think that was necessary. He showed me my before that they took in the office . The pictures would've been so good to put on here-It really shows how I had these 2 sagging spare tire areas. Because I'm wearing pants in my before pictures on here you can't get the full effect.
I look like a whole new person. The before pictures look like I was in a "fat suit"
The area under my belly button has always been pulled nice and tight/taut. I'm very happy with the breast lift and the pubic region looks great.
He wants to see my in 3 months to assess the situation further.
I'm wearing size 4's and 6's depending on the brand. Definitely happy I went through this.
Awesome results you must be soo happy!!
Thank you, I definitely am!
Looking good. I'm glad that you were able to express your concerns with your ps and he was courteous about it. Hope your issue gets resolved soon

15 week picture

I'm feeling really good. Mederma was making me itch so the PS gave me samples if Kelo Cote and already I'm seeing fading after a few days. I'm going to purchase a full size bottle off amazon.
Wow you look great !
Thank you!!
You've had quite the journey....your look fantastic! Thanks for sharing. My surgery is tomorrow !!!!! Finally

5 months post op

I'm feeling great. I've used kelo for almost 2 months on my scars ( have another month to go but you can continue using after the 90 days if it's still fading) It's definitely working to fade the scar and I'm pleased with that. There's still the crease above my belly button in the mid riff area.
Before the surgery I just had so much skin above the belly button too and a muffin top, I looked as if I had 2 spare tires. Now, the area below the bellow button is nice and taut and flat so that's good.
My Doctor wants to assess that area at my 6 month post op visit next month.
This was all definitely worth it!
Wow u look mega
YOu look great! You should rock that bikini! Are you kidding?

7 month update

7 months post op for tummy tuck and breast lift no implants. I'm feeling great! So happy I did this! Good luck to all of you who are just starting your process :)
Thanks for your posts! You look wonderful! I'm at 5 1/2 weeks and feeling really good, can't wait to get a few months out to see the results! You look awesome!!!
Thank you so much! I just commented on your new pic--you look fabulous!!! Glad you're feeling better too!
You look great! Hope I look that good at 7 mos!

8 month update

As Christmas is approaching I am just so thankful that I chose to do this! It's the gift that keeps on giving. On surgery day I weighed 140 ( after losing 70 lbs) One week after surgery I was 135 and I'm now 123 lbs. I'm not someone who really exercises much, it's more from being careful and mindful with what I eat most of the time. I still have things I enjoy, so I don't feel deprived at all.
Happy Holidays everyone!!! And Happy Healing too!

8 month picture

8 month picture

Love your 8 month pic awesome you are a hottie!!!
Aww! Thank you! In a couple weeks I will add my one year!
Yay!!! I better get my butt to bed and stop looking at Bellys and obsessing about mine!! Lol g-nite
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