Retin a + BP Journey - Croatia

Hello everyone! So just last night i started...

Hello everyone!
So just last night i started therapy with retin a and BP (but i used BP for almost 2 weeks). I will apply BP in the morning and retin a before i go to sleep.
I cant say anything for now but i will update as much as i can! Also here are pics of my face (please dont be mean)! If you have tips please say

Hey there, just checking in with you to see how things are going with your treatment. I suffered for years with cystic acne so I completely understand the frustration you feel.

still fighting, no dramatic results... It's been 2 months so i'm not giving up

That's the spirit! Never give up :)

Make sure you are drinking lots of water, and keep processed foods and sugar intake low. It's best to eat lots of fresh veggies and greens and lean protein. Omega Fatty Acids such as flax and fish oils are important too.

Be sure to keep us posted.


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