25 Years Old, Mild/moderate Crowding and Overbite with "V-shaped" Arches...Creekview, MN

Started my first trays today, feeling them work...

Started my first trays today, feeling them work already and excited that they showed me the end result on the computer!
I have heard the reviews on the sharp edges and what-not... either they already filed mine down or they don't hurt me like they do others'. I don't have much for a review as of now, but the "buttons" they put on to help movement are gritty and like sandpaper on my tongue! I also heard that goes away after a couple days...
I will keep this updated as I go along in my treatment! Let me know if you have any questions.

sore on day 2!

Day two was more soreness that I don't think I was prepared for... maybe I was a little naive. I took Advil and that helped, but my two front teeth are sore to the touch. Even biting into food was touchy!
Anyways, I'm getting good at taking them out and putting them back in! The buttons still feel like there is something in my teeth that I need to get out.. but overall this is a good thing!
People don't notice them, I told a couple people today... and actually sent someone to my Dr! Haha I'm sure he will appreciate that!
Heading to bed for tonight but hopefully I am less sore tomorrow (day 3 technically)

day 3

Less sore today, but still hard to bite into anything. My two front teeth are very sensitive. Talking has been easier and more natural. Taking them out to eat is getting old haha but I guess I need to get used to it since I'll be at it for over a year... otherwise everything is great! Can't wait to start seeing movement!

day 5

Getting to the point where I can't not have clean teeth! I love the way the trays are changing my oral health for the good! Pain has subsided for the most part.. but chewing still is sensitive.
I really want to see movement, but I'm sure it's all in my head. I'm wearing them all time, probably 22-23 hours a day. Doing everything on my part for these bad boys to work and work well! ?

2nd trays...

The 2nd week of my first trays was comfortable and they just slipped on my teeth... it was easy to eat and clean them. Really liking my treatment so far.

My second trays are tight!! The two front teeth hurt again, but not to the point where I can't bite into food haha like the last trays! So I am happy.
3 days into the new trays and it already feels looser!
Getting impatient waiting to see movement, but I know it will be a while! Hopefully by Christmas my family will be able to see a difference!
Thanks for reading!


After about seven days into each tray, they get loose. I can take them out one handed. Is this normal, or is my treatment going too slowly?? Just curious. Any help is appreciated.



4th trays...

Went into the dentist for my 6week check up. He says everything is on track and I should start seeing changes in the next 3 trays! That is so exciting to me!

These trays feel fine so far, no extra sensitivity or anything.

Im going to keep taking pictures though, to see what is moving :)
Dr Haag

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What you're describing sounds pretty normal, but you can discuss the possibility of shortening your wear-time based on your experience.  I had the same experience as you but never sped up my treatment, while I've seen others on here changing after 10-12 days.
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Okay, as long as it's normal. I see my dentist next week, I'll ask him then. Thanks
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Did you ask about wear-time?
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I did, they said I am right on schedule and I should stay with the two week time frame per tray.
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Okay, great :).
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By Christmas you should just be able able to see something, I think.  You might have to show your family your before pics to compare, though ;).  Or show them the trays--it'll be really obvious if you show them the first and 8th, for example, if that's where you are by then.  Maybe 9th.  Most people can definitely see a difference by 8.  I'm glad that this one was less painful for you! :)
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For the first few trays, your best bet for seeing improvements is looking at the actual trays.  But actually seeing changes in your teeth in a week would be more than I've ever read before :D.  Great compliance, though.  How are you managing 23 hours?  A very few people on here have managed it, but I always wonder how you fit in both eating and hygiene, so pointers would be great :D
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I make my meals and then right before I eat, I take out my trays, then brush floss and Listerine and pop them back in after I clean them! So they are only out about an hour or so per day...
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So how long do you give yourself to actually eat your meal, and how many meals do you eat?
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Two meals and a small snack. Probably 20 minutes to eat roughly. I am a hairstylist so I have learned to eat fast lol!
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Ohhhh!  LOL!  Yeah, I've seen hairstylists eat :D.  But that's a super-power.  I don't think most people could do that, LOL!!!
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Hello and welcome from me as well :).  Not everyones trays are equally uncomfortable at the start.  It's just a little extra of the thermoplastic that sometimes forms a rough edge off the mold, but it's not consistent that it happens.  I had it on maybe two trays out of all of mine.

Hoping the discomfort hasn't grown for you since yesterday, but that is normal.  It's also normal for it to settle down again by 3 or 4 days with the first set.  

If you need any help with anything here on RealSelf, let me know!  I look forward to following your progress :).
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Yes, it did get pretty sore last night through today! They are moving teeth after all. But I kept up on taking Advil and it was bearable. I hope it subsides by tomorrow for work... since I do a lot of talking there. Thanks for the welcome, I am going to update my progress as much as I can!
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Thanks!  It is likely your teeth will remain sore a bit longer, but that distracting pain should be gone.  The soreness is usually worse when you take your aligners out--that's why you see a lot of people posting about how they're more comfortable with the aligners in after a while :).
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Congrats in starting your treatment. i am 6 days into mine! So far so good... i get really dry lips and dry mouth and have just developed a couple of areas of irritation on my tongue..but all in all, it has been fine. How many trays will you need to complete your treatment?
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Thanks for the congrats! Right back at ya! I haven't gotten the dry mouth but I'm getting a little irritation under my tongue. I will have 32 trays total. How about you?
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Thank you! :) I have 28 trays! I actually just recently got two little blisters under my tongue- not too bad but of course I can't stop messing with them! I will be going back to the dentist for attachments this week! I am excited to see your progress on here! Yaaay! Go us!
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