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I have not had a procedure done yet, but I hear Dr...

I have not had a procedure done yet, but I hear Dr. Acosta is the "eye doctor" in the New Orleans area. I only had 1 consultation with him but I liked him. I have blepharospasms,meige, and cervical torticollis which I see a neurologist for. I get Botox injections from my neurologist. but am ready to have my eyes done. has any one out there with blepharospasms had surgery and what was your experience? would love to know.
If you haven't done it yet, don't. It's so much worse than I could've imagined. Much more invasive and risky than explained.
Was the lower bleph done with the incisions inside the eye.....probably it was since your PS did not use an external, below-lash incision to remove excess skin. Do you think your problems are just part of the healing/swelling process or do you think something has gone wrong with the technique used? If that is the case, who was your PS so that others can consider you experience before they go under the knife with this PS...grace60
To Regret65 what do you mean by being so much worse? who did your surgery please don't tell me Dr. Acosta in Covington, Louisiana. Is the surgery worse than living with your eyes half closed or not open at all? I have done the botox for 4 years now and it seem to not be helping as much as it used to. I am so confused. I guess it just depends on the person and the surgeon. I have heard people say they don't know why they waited so long, then I hear stories like yours. But I am so tired of life this way, I can't drive, I have no social life. I have to depend on other people to take me places. I would just love to drive again, be able to read a book for myself or to my grandchildren. How long did it take you to recooperate? and how many surgeries did you have to go through? I am sorry for your outcome, but hopefully your experience can help me and others thank you teresapj
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