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I had my op on 01st Feb 11 so I am only 9 days...

I had my op on 01st Feb 11 so I am only 9 days post op and am already ecstatic at the results. I approached my GP in July after a history of shoulder and back pain and the strapless dress i was made to wear as maid of honour for my sister was the last straw!. He referred me for the reduction. I saw the surgeon in Aug who after talking to me in depth and showing me scar results, gave me 2 further months to think about it. I went back in October and was put on the NHS waiting list until now! My surgeon was amazing and the hospital care I received was first class. I had my dressings removed today and I'm pleasantly surpised at the scars. Stitches are internal and suture strips were used around the nipple and external skin, giving a very thin scar, much better that anicipated. I was a 34 F/G size 12 and because of the swelling I'm currently in a 34d support bra but should settle to a C cup and the i can already feel the difference in weight. I have no cons as of yet, and the pain was uncomfortable but bearable. If you are thinking of a reduction, make sure you are realistic about the scarring and go for it.

I think it depends where you are. I was told it was unlikely een though I was HH/J. So I went private. It has its benefits, not least chosing the day etc.
I can't believe how quickly you were seen by your surgeon following your GP referral. I was referred recently and have been told it will be up to 18 months at the least before I get an outpatient appointment. I am a 34H and am looking into going down the private route even though I can't afford it. My consultation is on 7 November. You look great congratulations.
congratulations Aitch, I hope you're ok and healing well. The fact that you have stopped smoking proves you're committed. The signals all sound good. The surgeon asked you stop because it can seriously hamper the success and healing process. I was sent away for 3 months and told to think about it and when i went back i was put straight on the waiting list. I can only advise you to focus on the health problems and discomfort they cause you. Ihad shoulder indents, back pain, stinky sweaty cleavage no matter how often i showered and boils and stuff to
also found it very hard to excercise as theyconstantly were in the way. I hope this helps good luck and let me know how it goes xx
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