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I had my implants only for 3 months, I had "fluid"...

I had my implants only for 3 months, I had "fluid" problems, don't know the name of what I had in English (I speak another language).
My case happened in 2008 so now it's 5 years that I remove them.
I suffered a lot, with pain, sleep depravation, depression until make my decision about take them out, I think that even without those problems I would have them removed because I never felt like I was myself at that time.
But even then when I decided I was treated like a "crazy" person for doing it, even having fluid problems!
My doctor wanted me to go on another surgery to remove the fluids and I said NO.
I didn't want to die for it, my scar after 3 months was wide open and I could get sick any time with some bacteria and have my problem worsed.
Had to go see a psychiatrist to clear me for surgery to make sure that I wouldn't regret later.
Ladies don't be scared with initial shrinkage of the boobs, right after you take them out your breasts will be smaller, but with time they will recover. Of course that the outcomes depends on size implants, time you kept, your age, your skin type and etc, but it worth it.
The important thing is not to let only this part of your body defines you.
I felt confortable here to share my experience because even now, 5 years later I don't find reports about explants in my country, they happen but I feel that here is just that we don't talk about.


The fluid problems that I had has the "technical" name of Seroma.
Name not provided

Awful, made me feel crazy for wanting to remove them.

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Also, let me tell you that your scars don´t look bad, good for you
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Here in my country is not much info about removal neither, so that´s why I want to look foward in US, thanks for sharing your experience, I feel kind of what you had feeling, depression, sleeping depravation, I feel so tired, I am concerned cuz I have two kids, I sometimes cry and they worry, and start crying with me too, despite they do not know what happens to me and what I have done, I WANT TO BE IN GOOD CONDITIONS FOR MY KIDS , and I perfectly know I do not need implants, god, what a mistake. good decision lady.
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Thank you for sharing with us! You look perfect! And you are SO RIGHT, this part of our body is not what defines who we are!.... There way more to a woman than that! :)
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You are a wonderful person to let us know what you went through - Thank you!
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Yr welcome :)
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Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! Very sage words for other ladies with implants. How has it been wearing different bras now? Did you have to buy new clothes at all?

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No as I said I only had the implants for 3 months and I didn´t get rid of my old things. And after I remove them they were exactly that same size as before (after a while of recovery).
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Wow, that is a very honest and powerful story. So happy things worked out for you. Thank you for sharing.
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Yr welcome :)
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Hey ImpulsiveGal, it`s the same thing in Germany: You don`t get any informations about explantation! If I wouldn`t have found this page I guess I would still have the implants....these ladies here gave me the courage to do it! Now that they are out I feel so much better and my depressions are completely gone, I got my life back! best wishes :-)
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Really? So only in US they don´t see you such as a crazy person for wanting to remove them. Me too, can´t imagine how would I be feeling if I had insisted on keep them, I could get sick or something, thank God I had the strength to do it.
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Thanks for sharing your story. I'm glad that you followed your heart and did what was right for you. What you said about not letting our breasts define us is so wise and so true.
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Yr welcome :) Yeap, but I know how hard can be for a woman because of femininity, but I can garantee that we survive and get stronger with this kind of experience.
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