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On Dec 16 i got my nose job. I always thought that...

On Dec 16 i got my nose job. I always thought that my nose tip look to wide so i wanted to reduced it. I told the doctor i didnt want the projection of my tip to change because i was scared that i might look like a pig! He didnt lisen to me and now i think my worst fear is getting real!... I know that i am still too swollen and it is too soon to tell, but i dont like at all how it looks. :(


and by the way... thank you so much for the nice comments! It is true, having a nose job is a roller coaster of emotions and I was feeling pretty down and you guys help me a lot! I will put more pics of the progress... :)
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Glad you are feeling better about it. Hang in there a nose job is all about time. You have nothing but time at this point. You will start noticing swelling going down more and more in about a week and by week 2 you will look better but still very swollen. Enjoy your weekend!
Well it is sunday!! And i went to the surgeon and he took the stitches and the cast off! The good thing.... It doesn´t look bad without the cast!!!! :) The bad thing: he put the cast back on because I am still really really swollen!..So I will have to go to work with the cast! :(
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Well, today I changed my tape, next time I change...

Well, today I changed my tape, next time I change it I will put a pic without it... it is that I felt so depressed that I tape it immediately!
My doctor told me that instead of breaking my nose to make it smaller, he decided to just rasped it, and that is why I am so swollen, because the soft tissue suffered more.
My nose looks ridiculously big... so bad that I prefer a thousand times to wear the tape than be without it.


I think your nose is looking better with the passing days, Mari !! It looks like it will be narrower and more refined, but otherwise similar to your old nose. I like it.
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I agree gift2myself! I thought it looks the same as it was before just a little more narrow. She is a beautiful girl and the feelings she has are normal. I am still feeling like "OMG" but I do not miss my old nose as it was broken and not very good on my face anymore. ;( I think in two weeks she will be smiling. :)
Looking good. Are you a little happier?
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I am 2 weeks post op. Since day 1 I noticed a dent...

I am 2 weeks post op. Since day 1 I noticed a dent in the tip of my nose. I thought it was only because it was swollen (my doctor told me that too). But it has been 2 weeks and it isn't getting any better. In 2 days I am going to see my doctor, last time he told me it was easy to fix with a quick nose job with local anesthesia. I am crossing my fingers so it heals by itself. If some had this problem please I want to hear your opinion.


I had a revision rhinoplasty.... this is the new story:
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It looks a lot better! You are still 2 weeks post op, its still early days but I can understand how anxious you would feel. you know your skin and the tissue just under it has memory-as it was used to an indent there and now the cartilige is changed it might take awhile for your skin and tissue to settle.. just a thought perhaps your could ask your surgeon
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Trust me, your nose looks AMAZING! It will only continue to get better with time:-)
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