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I was scheduled to arrive in San Jose on 19...

I was scheduled to arrive in San Jose on 19 December 2013 and have surgery at the Rosenstock Lieberman Clinic that evening.

Prior to arrival, Drs. Rosenstock and Cohen were very helpful and communicative. I sent them pictures of myself, and they provided helpful explanations of my options.

My flight was delayed, and I was going to miss my surgery appointment. I contacted the clinic and Las Cumbres, the surgery retreat that I'd booked, to let them know that I was behind schedule. I immediately heard back from the clinic telling me that they'd rescheduled my surgery for the following afternoon. The folks at Las Cumbres altered my reservation appropriately.

When I arrived at the Rosenstock Lieberman Clinic on the afternoon of 20 December, a nurse weighed me, took my vital signs (including an ECT) and asked various questions about my history.

After the interview with the nurse, Dr. Cohen spent about a half hour with me discussing my options. I definitely wanted a neck lift, and I was considering abdominal liposuction as well. After the consultation, I decided to have both done. The cost for the neck lift was 3,800USD, plus 200USD for neck liposuction. The cost for the abdominal liposuction was 3,400USD.

After they ran my credit card, I was given a sedative and an antibiotic.

The procedures went extremely well. I stayed at the clinic overnight. I was not in pain, but I had some discomfort, mostly from being bound up with bandages and compression garments.

I spent the first four days after the surgery at Las Cumbres, which was very nice. I guess my only real complaint is that the mattress was foam instead of a 'real' spring mattress, so sleeping wasn't very comfortable. Every day, I went back to the clinic for a massage to reduce swelling. Ruth, the nurse who performed the massages, did an excellent job. I paid $20 cash per massage.

After four days, I transferred to a private room at the Aldea Hostel, which is caddy-corner from the Rosenstock Lieberman Center. At 30USD per night, this was an excellent option. The bed was very comfortable, and everyone who worked or stayed there was incredibly pleasant. There is a supermarket two blocks away, and there are numerous restaurant options within walking distance. I also saved $20 per day in transportation costs (Las Cumbres charges $10 each way for transportation to and from the clinic).

I spent another six nights at the Aldea Hostel, and I continued to go for daily massages. Half of my stitches were removed on the 28th, and the rest were removed the morning of the 31st, a few hours before I flew home to the US.

I wear a compression garment that was provided by the clinic. It's awkward, but not overly uncomfortable. I also have a compression wrap for my neck, but I only wear that when I'm at my house.

The results of my neck lift are dramatic, even though there is still a fair amount of swelling under my neck. The healing on my incisions has been rapid, and there is only a little bit of scab left after two weeks.

The results of my abdominal liposuction have been slow to reveal themselves, as expected. They removed six liters of fat, but my abdomen is still fairly swollen. I'm smaller than I was before the surgery, but I don't expect to see the full effects of the surgery until June.

Everyone at the clinic, from the receptionist to the maintenance staff, from the nurses to the surgeons was absolutely professional, helpful and friendly. When I'd return for my massages, the doctors always came to visit with me and check up on me, and they would take the time to chat as well as to examine me and answer questions.

I would recommend the Rosenstock Lieberman Center without any hesitation at all. Also, I would also strongly recommend both Las Cumbres as well as the Aldea Hostel.
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

Drs. Cohen and Rosenstock were first class in both their surgical skill and their bedside manner. After only two weeks, I am overjoyed with my results. I can't believe that both my neck and my abdomen will continue to improve for months. I really feel great!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You will not find better surgeons than R/L Clinic. They did my surgery 02/2014 and I recovered at Las Cumbres and you will not find better care. Judy NC
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thank you for sharing your experience. i am planning a trip to costa rica this summer for chin lipo at the least - neck lift with chin lipo at the most. i have zeroed in on drs. rosenstock and cohen due to their reputation for skill and integrity. i have asked for before & after pics of neck/chin surgeries, but they have none on their site, so i've been mildly concerned about what i am getting myself into. reading your post gives me a lot of hope and i'm praying they will just recommend the lipo (i'm only 35). i'm curious how your abdomen lipo turned out. i had a botched surgery here in massachusetts, have had one revision and it's still a mess. if they do good work down there, i may make a second trip for the revision!
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Please reconsider your choice. This clinic makes money on volume not quality. There are multiple negative reviews, believe them. Not worth taking a chance with this doctor owned and operated clinic. No accountability required by the owners. Once you leave CR You will have no recourse if your results are bad or don't last. The concerns you mention (no pics, no answers to your email) should be a early warning of their attitude and what could happen if you choose them....Listen to your gut and first impression. There are many reputable surgeons in CR. Choose a different surgeon, you have already had one bad experience, don't gamble with your face....Beware of R/L clinic.
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Hi - thank you for your concern PalaPala. I have not seen any negative reviews, other than one very poorly written one on this site, that was followed up by saying her friend went to see them? I would like to hear some more about what your knowledge is concerning this particular surgery center. Unfortunately, anyone having surgery outside of America is taking the risk of no recourse, so that is an unavoidable fact. I have received immediate responses to all of my emails from the R/L clinic, with very informative content. I'm unsure where you determined I was not receiving any kind of response. I was told new photos would be on the site in the coming weeks. I am waiting to see if they follow through on that. I completely agree that gambling on my face is a serious undertaking... however, I feel this is true for ANY doctor anywhere. I have seen really great reviews for this clinic. If you can point out where the negative reviews are, I would be interested in researching that. Thanks again!
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I'm happy to hear this went so well for you! How was the flight back to the States? Any additional discomfort associated with flying post-op?
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Flight home was comfortable and uneventful.
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