My Personal Experience with Dr. Alejandro Lev in Costa Rica

For over 17 years we have been in the business of...

For over 17 years we have been in the business of medical care & wellness, hello, my name is Lorena and with my husband Ruben, we have been the proud owners of CheTica Ranch Wellness & Recovery Center in San Jose Costa Rica.

We know just about each and everyone of the Surgeons and Doctors in this country, worked with many of them and of course, I have my share of favorites in each field and I have to say that Dr. Alejandro Lev is one of the top five Plastic Surgeons in the Country and obviously, beyond our frontiers.

We have been taking care of many of Dr. Lev's patients and seen amazing results and experienced the most caring communication between Dr. Lev and his patients, bending over backwards to please and fulfill questions, inquires and just whatever necessary to make their journey a total success.

I, personally had the pleasure of having his hands work on me, face-neck-eyebrow lift, I'm 52, mother of two, married for 24 years and considering that it was the time for a little refreshment, I decided on Dr.Lev for my dream. He gave me two options, as he does to all of his patients, a coronal lift or a direct approach (CastaƱares) eyebrow lift.

Due to my dark complexion, he was worried that I could end up with some dark incision marks, with the direct approach eyebrow lift. Nevertheless, I choose the direct approach eyebrow lift.

The success of this surgical procedure, goes along with my neverending gratitude for such a wonderful work and to prove this result and even though I care very much about my private life, I would like to post pictures of my surgery by Dr. Lev for those looking for one of the best Plastic Surgeons in Costa Rica.

Dr.Alejandro Lev

An amazing artist and a better human being!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. It is most appreciated.
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Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
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I had an incredible experience with Dr. Lev, Didi, CIMA Hospital and CheTica Recovery Ranch! I would not change a thing about my decision!! I am returning on June 30, 2014 for surgery on July 1st! Didi has been more than helpful in coordinating everything, I can hardly wait to get back to CheTica and they have welcomed me back with open arms and seeing Dr. Lev again and having the blessing of him continuing my body transformation is more excitement than I can contain! Can't wait to get back and have another incredible experience!!! Thank you Didi! Thank you Dr. Lev!! Thank you Lorena & Ruben at CheTica and your INCREDIBLE staff!! You allowed me to focus on healing and recovering.... didn't want to leave. See my pictures under 360 tummy tuck!! :)
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You are a great patient Julesmac. You followed the Dr's orders to the letter and took all of my suggestions and recommendations seriously right down to bringing the electric throw for some extra warmth at the gorgeous 80 acre Che Tica Ranch! I love every minute of working with you. I love and admire your incredible journey that started more than ten years ago and continues in less than 2 months. Congratulations and good luck to you as you enter into the next chapter of your transformation adventure in Costa Rica with the awesome Dr. Alejandro Lev!!
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Thank you for sharing your surgery experience as one of Dr. Lev's patients. I have chosen Dr. Lev for a full facelift to be done in Aug. 2014. It's very reassuring to know I'll have such a skilled surgeon for this big step in my life. My recovery stay is booked at Che Tica Ranch and I know I'll be in good hands there too. You look wonderful!
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I had a brow lift 9days ago I hate how my eyes look so tiny! :(
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Since you are familiar with the recovery from the coronal brow lift how much easier was the type of direct brow lift you had? Where is the numbness from this procedure and compared to the coronal (which creates numbness that actually affects the entire top of the head) is the area of affected numbness widespread from the actual incision site. By the look great! grace60
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Dear Grace60 Well, I haven't had the coronal brow lift myself, but since I run a recovery retreat that caters to numerous plastic surgeons' patients, I've seen many patients who've had coronal brow lifts over the years, at the very beginning of their healing process. It's quite invasive as I've noticed. People do lose hair around the incisions and their hairline is raised a bit. Dr. Lev told me that if I had the coronal brow lift my hairline would raise up about a centimeter. I didn't mind the raising of my hairline, but I was not too happy about the idea of an incision that went all across the crown of my head from ear to ear so I decided to have him do the direct approach (CastaƱares) method of brow lift which is less invasive, doesn't raise your hairline at all and, believe it or not, lasts as long, according to Dr. Lev, as a coronal brow lift. He told me he has had a lot of success with that method and then showed me photos of past patients who had that method done and even though there was incisions made through the eyebrows, I felt that because of Dr. Lev's beautiful stitching (he is very famous for his beautiful stitching here in Costa Rica) I had a good chance that those incisions in y eyebrows would heal and fade very well over time. And whatever still showed I could cover with concealer easily. To me that was the better option. I was nervous to have the coronal brow lift. I know it takes longer to recover from that brow lift and I need to run my business and can't be out of commission for too long. Plus I don't have patience to wait for my hair to grow back in. I know the hair grows back, but sometimes it can take a year. That's what Dr. Lev told me. He told me because I have a lot of hair that I was a good candidate for either brow lift. The choice was mine to make. So I made my choice and so far I'm very happy and even though the scars are forming and are visible in my eyebrows, I am confident that in time those scars will fade. I'm just very happy with my whole face lift so far. Dr. Lev is an artist!
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You look amazing Rubenlorena! Dr. Lev worked his magic on you!! Congrats!!!
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Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf! I'm glad you're pleased with your results! Any reason you didn't get an endoscopic brow lift instead of direct?
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Hello, I have seen better results with a direct brow lift than a endoscopic procedure.
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