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Hello everyone i am new to this site and i would...

hello everyone i am new to this site and i would also like to share my experience w all u! i am a mother of 2 beautiful children daughter 6 and son 2...both delivered via c sec! ever since i had my daughter i have always wanted to have a tummy tuck and now that both my husband and i have agreed were done w babies i am going to give myself this present!!

i am scheduled to have my surgery in 3 weeks!!=)4-3-12!! i have a small frame 4'11 and currently weigh 135....hoping to loose 5-8 pds prior to having surgery if not i wont beat myself up for it! before my first pregnancy i weighed about 120-125 so i have never been super thin i am curvy and im ok w that, i gained about 60 pds w my first preg weighing 180 or so..so i was stretched out..i looked like a meatball..lol especially being short n all anyways..did not go back to my pre preg weight i was able to loose 40 pds and was depressed about the pouch that comes along w c sections!!ugghh prior to my 2nd pregnancy i was able to loose 6 pds so i was 134 and again i gained 50 pds!! i was able to loose the weight and went back to 127 so i lost 56 pds w excercise and eating small portions.currently i weigh 134 i kinda let myself go a lil but i am determined to loosing a few pds before surgery i would like to weigh 115-120 pds thats my goal!!

overall i would just like to have my excess skin and stretch marks removed so that i can let my hubby see me naked!!lol and so that i dont have to try on 50 outfits before feeling ok with one of them!!lol i would like to have a flat tummy and my 28'' waist back!!! at first my husband didnt approve but i am doing it for myself even though ive had some feelings of selfishness i feel i do soo much for everyone else and never for myself so i will try not to think that way!!

i had my pre op with my doc on tues 3-13-12 was a lil nervous but being w her and talking to her made me feel 100x's better so i know im in good hands...i am an ultrasound tech and will take 2 weeks off wk so im hoping thats enough time...my first c sec was ok but my 2nd was like whatever i was walking that same day and cooking 3 days after so my doc said c sec are worst since they tear ur skin layers, ur abd muscles and your uterus..as opposed to a tummy tuck only MR and that bigo scar..i m going to stay positive and hope to heal well and fast!!one day at a time...any suggestions as to what to do prior to surgery?is it ok to do a cleanse prior to surgery?i still have to do labwork and pick up my meds..oh n=by the way i am getting full tummy tuck with muscle repair lipo of the flanks upper abd included and im also getting micro body contouring (which is a sort of lipo treatment with laser jets it has less trauma,bruising and they tighten skin and faster healing time)on my lateral back for the bra roll,my jiggly arms and my neck!!i have a fat face!!lol theyre also going to give me free velashape treatments to use anywhere id like which is awesome!!my husban d will be taking care of me hes taking a week off wk so im ill be ok!!i keep reading stories on here that are very motivating and really all the information on here is super helpful i hope the information i give will help someone in the end!but now i need to start making a list of all the things on here that i might find useful!thx to all for ur reviews and pictures!god bless!!I WILL POST PIXS UP OF MY PRE OP BELLY AS SOON AS I GET A CHANCE BUT WARNING IS ADVISED MAY NOT BE APPEALING!!LOL





Officially 5 days to go...omg i cnt wait to be on...

officially 5 days to go...omg i cnt wait to be on the flat side like alot of u sexy ladies!!!
doing alot of stuff tryna get everything put together just renewed my license itexpires on my b day 4-19-12 but just getting it outta the way...so this lil "repair" on myself is kinda a present for myself...yay!!happy healing to all u ladies whos had ur surgery already n thx for all the tips and info u give it really is helpful!!

Omg i cnt believe im 2 days away from a flat...

omg i cnt believe im 2 days away from a flat belly!!wo-hoo i donno if im more excited than nervous and scared..ive had c sections before but from reading all posts on here im thinking this might be harder...im hoping ill be ok....i been a lil depressed just thinking how im getting rid of the belly that carried my beautiful n precious babies...im attached to it a lil but not soo much that i wanna keep it..lol did anyone experience these feeling before going under??i guess im just sensitive..ughh dnt wanna think how ill be post surgery dear god im alreaDY A MESS.hopefully the results will make me feel better...my b day is 4-19 just 16 days after surgery so im hoping that i can at least stand straight because i wanna go out to dinner and wear something sexy!!lol..anyways im going to try and saty on a clear liquid diet on tuesday so i dnt have problems w any bowel movements or constipation ..well see how that goes..i talked to my husband today because he seems kinda down lately..i just asked him to be honest w me he said he doesnt think i need it and that he loves me just the way i am and im thankful for that but i guess men never really understand us women..im pretty sure once he sees me flaunting my new body in front of him w the lights on hell realize how much this really means to me its gonna give me my life back!!=)))happy healing ladies god bless!!

Tomorrows the day for me!!im excited!!!n happy and...

tomorrows the day for me!!im excited!!!n happy and anxious to just get this done already i wanna see my results already!!gotta be patient..i know..

Today is 10 days po and its seriously been a...

today is 10 days po and its seriously been a rollercoaster harder than i thought it would but deff worth it ya'll totally happy w results soo far and just really enjoying the ride..happy healing everyone!!

Okj so 13 days p.o..yesterday was the first day...

okj so 13 days p.o..yesterday was the first day out since surgery we went to dinner and then for a walk to downtown disney to disney store to get my lil ones something for being soo good w mommy...they were soo excited and their smiles made me happy..i was starting to feel a lil guilty for not having taken them out for almost 2 wks..but n-e who....my belly is looking soo good ladies all the pain n suffering those first 3 days where well worth it!!lemme tell u when i first saw myself the 3dpo i was sooo depressed because i saw no booty on me and my husband noticed he said whered ur booty go and i just wanted to cry i thought it was from sitting and laying on my ass the whole time but really my hips and back were soo swollen from lipo that my ass just looked flat now that swelling starting to diminish i can see it and im loving it!!!my e=waist is smaller and my breasts look bigger only because i have a smaller waist and my husband just looks at me w those eyes u know..like he just wants to eat me!!lol and im just making him wait..lol my doc said no sex for 3 weeks...anyways ladies..my bowel movement hvnt been all on the regular side but ive noticed every time i eat a peanut butter n jelly sandwich it just makes me go!!so i usually eat that w a banana shake in the am..and im good to go..hvnt seen the doc in 1 week she was concerned a bout me getting a seroma in my belly since both my drains fell out prematurely but she said on;ly if my belly got more swollen and ive been getting smaller so i dnt think i have one..still i want her to double check....all my clothes are fitting soo well girls i am seriously super happy w this..i seriously recommend anyone whos not happy w their tummys specially after having babies..to go for it it is hard at first and ur probly gon regret it at first i think we all do but once u get through the roughest part which is the first few days ..and u just gotta be strong u gotta keep thinking about that sexy lil waist that u want..once u get through those first few days u just take it one day at a time and soon ull start seeing results..always stay on top of ur meds always have ur c.g on it really helps a lot..and dnt be afraid to have someone help u out..i couldnt have done it w/o my hubby seriously he did it all for me..and im soo thankful i dnt have to stress over washing clothes ortthe dishes..obviusly i did it just to keep me busy but he did most of the time...just now im starting to do my chores 2 wks after only because i feel capable of it..dnt push urself either listen to ur bodies..and it will let u know...

Today i go back to work im 15 dpo..i been feeling...

today i go back to work im 15 dpo..i been feeling great pretty much my old self again..i do ultrasound sometimes transport my own patients but i will have help from a student and im going to be wearing 2 c.g for xtra support im hoping everything goes well and i dnt get too tired..i have a lil confession to make and i feel terrible about it..lately i hvnt been eating too healthy..its just hard when everyone else around u is eating all these yummy things..im gonna try and stick to a good eating habit..im not going to deprive myself either but just eat smaller portions and lots more water..now that im seeing great results i also would like to loose weight and since i cnt wkout yet ill eat better!!happy healing everyone i posted new pixs up of smaller waist yay which is 28" im so happy this is what my waist measured prior pregnacies..wow!!


3WKS PO TODAY AND FEELING OK..BEEN WORKING A LOT AND IVE BEEN HAVING PAIN IN MY UPPER MUSCLES ALSO I DID SOME LAUNDRY AND IT HURT AT THE DAY..=(((been taking tylenol and advil at night to help ease the pain...im swollen a lil more at night lost about 2 more pds which is ok...my clothes are fitting better and am more confident so im ok ...my bday was 4-20 and i went out to celebrate on sat went to a lil bar w karaoke....it was fun to get out and get dolled up my husband was loving my outfit i wish i had taken pixs but wasnt in the mood..since i had to wear a spanx thingy..n-e ways a girl from wk is going out of town for 2 wks so imma have to cover for her and im not looking forward to that since my job isnt clerical stuff its not heavy but its hard for me now..i wish i had taken 1 month off instead of 2 wks..really its not easy working as soon....hopefully u ldies r doing good or better than me...im tired ill update later!!bye!!=)))

Hello ladies!!tomorro i wll be 4 wks po...so far...

hello ladies!!tomorro i wll be 4 wks po...so far soo good..i been working now graveyard shifts and i been ok readjusting is hard...im sooo ready to get this compression stuff off me already its really bugging me now..doc said stay compressed for 6 wks but i feel i should leave it on for 8 wks just to be safe..i get swollen sometimes..last wed i woke up and my waist was measuring 27" which was a big deal for me since i been swollen and i finally experienced intimacy w my husband and oh man!!!!lol..god is good..lol ever since my bodys getting nicer and nicer i just been more confident i dnt even mind the hip-hip scar im in love w my flat belly..i wore a maxi dress on saturday and it felt good to look nice and have people look at me the way they did..i noticed my hubby got a lil jealous of all the attention i was getting we went to the mall and i was all dolled up...hell yea i was looking good!!but by the end of the day i was swollen and tired!!i hvnt been putting anything on my scar just switch steri strips and put tape over it..i bought some silicone strips so im gonna try them...i do take tylenol whenever i feel like it will be a tough day at wk..i must admit i dnt think i been careful enough i been doing a lot and sometimes i feel pulling sensation wher my incision is and pinching in my M.R. i laughed so hard the other day that i was in pain for like 2 hours after i wanted to cry i hope i didnt mess anything up...overall im happy w results and would do it again...happy healing to all u sexy ladies!!!muah!!

Hey ladies i found myself thinking about my my old...

hey ladies i found myself thinking about my my old jiggly belly not that i miss it but i felt weird..obviously im super happy w my new body!!last night since i hadnt washed my other c.g i just bandaged my belly tight but i was having a bad dream in the middle of the night and dreamed that someone wasnt letting me breathe and i felt awful when i woke up i had pain in my back and belly turns out the bandage had rolled down to my waist and was compressing me too tight i had trouble getting up it was horrible i went to the restroom and quickly removed it..took my c.g fro dirty hamper and put it on i usually wear them for 2 days and wash the theyre not dirty but i just like to keep the clean..n e ways i will never bandage myself again like that...4 wks po today and im feeling good...i get sharp pains around my b.b and sometimes by upper abd where m.r was done wondering if its normal or not...also does anyone ever take their c.g off for like 2 hours at any time??i did once and i felt like i couldnt do anything..it was awful..so i always have it on ...ok will update later!!!muah!!

4wks 3days..i have bben feeling icky lately my bb...

4wks 3days..i have bben feeling icky lately my bb hurts sometimes and when i push on areas around it it hurts..i cnt be w out cg...i feel like my cg arent compresing enough so planning on ordering a smaller one??dnt know yet...i have a confession to make i have let myself go i have not been eating healthy at all..have not been drinking enough water..yet i still expect results..soo not good..i know im being bad and im gonna change that i even told my hubby to not let me eat bad..he has to help me too...also today at wk..i was sooo tired..i had sharp pains..and then i got a patient from er who was 245 pds and i had nobody to help me so i had to bring her to my department in a wheel chair..i wanted to cry..at first i felt no pain..but im starting to feel it now and not happy w it..to all u girls who r getting this done and work in a place that involves pushing carrying and active stuff i advise u to take at least 1 month off..this is not a joke im just hoping that i dnt mess this up..hoping to maybe get 1 week off to relax well see..n eways been putting bio oil and massaging my belly and flanks and i been ok with that started my scar away treatment the other day and feels fine...going to try the marble trick to have a more natural round shape as opposed to the stretched out one i have now...also gonna try the arnica montana cream..and start taking some biotin i heard it was good...wondering if i should try mederma or dr summits skin whitening cream..wonder which ones better??what is kind of bothering me is the stitches i have at the end of my incicions they get itchy around the area and i feel like pinching it for relief but my skin so numb that i cnt even feel it..lol so i just put itch relief cream on it..i bought a treadmill yest so im planning to start walking first and start jogging like at 6 wks i cnt wait to work out i truly miss it now!!!my husband cnt keep his hands off me i can tell hes now seeing y i wanted this soo bad...my daughter loves my new belly...and shes happy i can play w her again..plus i can chase my lil guy around the house now..
for having my drains out in less than a week because they fell off!!i guess im not doing soo bad...im still swollen but i am overall beyond happy w my results...happy healing ladies!!!!

Almost 6 wks p.o ..been walking around the house...

almost 6 wks p.o ..been walking around the house w/ou t any compression g or spanx or nothing on belly and im slowly starting to adjust i just cnt go longer than 2 hrs w/out it cuz i swell!!!=((( went shopping and usually im a size 5 pants if they stretch and normally 7 if they dnt anyhow..i trien on some size 2 stretch pants and they fit like a glove i was sooo happy!!!!the jeans that i held on to in the garage that i had put away years ago fit again and im soo thrilled about it im still swollen though more at night and it sucks but every week gets better well thats all for me...happy healing ladies!!!

6wks3d and im feeling better each day that goes by...

6wks3d and im feeling better each day that goes by...im walking around w/out c.g and slowly adjusting to it im sleeping well and am able to sleep on whatever position i please..i have noticed im feeling like burning sensation on my hips area..could it be cuz of lipo i had on my hips?/not sure but lately when i been sitting for long especially when im not wearing my c.g i feel that but other than that im pretty much back to normal i been wanting to start my workout routine but im a lil scared dnt wanna mess anything up ill probly start walking first and work my way up to my normal kettlebell workouts THEYRE PRETTY INTENSE SO DNT WANN OVER DO IT...

the silicone strips im using are the scaraway silicone strips the bigger ones and i like them i love the way my sacr is looking ive only been using them for like 3 wks and already seeing results..my scar is flatter and lighter...i also am using the bio oil and mederma well see i think as long as ur using something ull be ok..i never ever used anything on my c-sec scar and it looked great to me..plus i read all these updates where everyones sooo unhappy w the way the scar looks and evrything else like swelling and i am guilty for complaining too but we all know this is no minor thing..we cnt expect to seee results right away we must accept the fact that we've gone through this for ourselves and for a flat tummy we knew there would be a scar and that its not going anywhere just embrace it and remember that that was a change in our lives that we will look back and be proud of..
i would 10 times accept my belly scar and all swelling and all in exchange for the wrinkly blubbery one i used to have because even being 1 wk post op i was content and getting smaller to me is a plus..i know i am still swollen but im happy how i look now i truly am..and im only going to workout to get lean im not working out for a six pack or nothing like that i just wanna work out for myself and also maintain the body that i have now so i dnt loose my confidence...i realy hope that for all the girls who r feeling down about their surgery think twice about stressing themselves out over it cuz u already have a flat tummy isnt that the main reason why we all do this??let time do all the healing and just be patient it will be hard at times cuz i get depressed too but then i feel better after i see my transformation and how great it feels to just not have that ugly belly no more
well gals sorry if i sounded like i was preaching i just want everyone to be happy w themselves and not get depressed if somethings not looking right at this moment...happy healing everyone!!!

Omg u guys yesterday i went to a seminar from wk...

omg u guys yesterday i went to a seminar from wk and big big big mistake!!!i sat for 8 hrs and my belly was ooo swollen and i was in sooo much pain i had to take an advil to ease the pain..i had to take my c.g off i was soo swollen i was measuring 30"" in my waist and usually im 27" but was weird is that i was swollen above my b'b and below my b'b was the worst pain..is this normal i had never been swollen this way maybe its b-cuz i was sitting and i was wearing jeans and it was compressing that area the most ..idk but it was horrible!!!dnt ever wanna go through that again..posted new pixs..im loving the results that im gettting from scarawy silicone strips it has lightened and flattened my scar and im loving it!!!also been feeling better not having my c'g on at all times..i still been too chiken to start working out but will do soon...happy healing sexy ladies!!!

8wks po..went to my doc and she removed remaining...

8wks po..went to my doc and she removed remaining sutures and it was painfull not too bad but it was..i been doing well i hvnt been wearing a cg for a while unless i working or in the evenings when i get really swollen which hasnt happened too often..i still swell but not too bad thk god..yest was my first day at work w out any compression of any kind no spanx no nothing it felt good but at the end of the night i could feel the swelling come through...my weekend was nice went to the park and saw a bunch of fam that know nothing bout my surgery and i got a lot of compliments on my weight and all since i appeared thinner..lol everyone was just looking at my waist and belly since i wore fitted jeans n a snug tank top i felt awesome!!!!i weigh 125 now which is gr8 but i kinda wish i could loos a few more pds ill b ok at118..since im only 4'11.....but my clothes fit soo good i really have no complaints..
sex is good ya'll lol i dnt remember being soo free i can wear the sexy lil things i would never wear before cuz of my ugly belly but now i just feel like like i can wear anything!!!my hubbys loving the new me!!lol
my scar is doing gr8 still doing the silicone sheets and bio oil....i still get some burning sensation on the lipo areas...oh my doc was going to take p.op pixs this tuesd when i saw her but i told her i hadnt started working out yet and she gave me the ok to start just no hard abdominal workouts so she decided to take pixs at 3 months po which will give me 1 month to wk out and tone tone tone!!!anyhow will post pixs later...happy healing ladies!!!

So went out last nigh n oh boy were people chekin...

so went out last nigh n oh boy were people chekin me out!!felt soo good sonce its been a while since i felt soo confident!!feeling gr8 ladies!!!good luck to all new t.t and the ones nearing!!


HEY U GUYS!!!WELL I GUESS TODAY IS MY DOWN DAY=(((i been soo stressed out because of alot of things,financial,work careerwise family wise i feel like everythings bunching up...and worse i dnt do well w stress because i tend to snack here n there i was doing soo good loosing weight and eating ok..i was down to 125 and 124 on a good day and now im back to 128..im alil bummed anyways i cnt believe im 9wks p.o and today i finally had the courage to get on the treadmill i have a garage full of work out equipment i have a bowflex total gym, a treadmill a bosu ball an ab glider and a punching bag and many handweights!!!whats my excuse why havnt i started working out im very dissapointed at myself for not putting enough effort into my investment in myself..i am happy w my results but i donno lately maybe since i hvnt been wearing any c.g or spanx i just havnt seen my 27" waist im measuring 28 an 29" and i feel like instead of moving forward im moving backwards also ;ately when i sit down i seeing love handles!!!WTH THEYRE SUPPOSED TO BE GONE!!I DID THIS TO MYSELF FOR LETTING MYSELF GO..and its soo depressing so i decided to make a routine and from today officially 9wks .Po i am determined to work out AND eat healthier and not make any more excuses....gosh ladies didnt think it would be soo hard i must admit im starting out slownly i only worked out for 20 mins today and ill move up as days go by..i will not deprive myself of things buti will eat in moderation and actuallu USE my work out equipment!!anyways ladies any of u know exactly what im going through and have been ther holla at ur girl!!!also i must admit i hvnt been drinking enough water and been eating alot of bread and salt whoops i know i know im bad..but its come to an end and my hubby is not letting me slack again !!!so at lkeast he;ll be watching me too!!!happy healing loves!!!=))

OMG LADIES so im oficially 10 wks p.o and im not...

OMG LADIES so im oficially 10 wks p.o and im not happy at all with the lack of compromise ive been having w myself..i hvnt worked out i hvnt even been taking care of my scar im letting myself go cuz im to eating all this crap im not supposed to..i feel like im too stressed out and i hvnt been functioning well at home,work and my life..im very happy w my results but im gaining weight im at 129 and its depressing me idk what to do anymore and where to start i feel like i need to make a schedule of when to work out when to study for my boards..its all coming together and im just overwhelmed at this point..
im hoping that i can straighten things out and get back on track cuz i read how people have lost like 15-20 pds since surgery and im gaining it back=((( ive cried a few times but i still cnt seem to get up and do something about it..plus i been soo busy w work and my kids and the time in between i seem to munch and munch im craving nothing but doughnuts its soo not good!!ok ladies i need some of that tough love from ya'll i need a lil push and motivation but im hoping i start to get back on track cuz i really dnt wanna ruin this!!happy healing ladies and hope u guys r doing better than me for sure!!

HELLO LADIES IM 12 WKS 3 DAYS PO!! ok so where do...

HELLO LADIES IM 12 WKS 3 DAYS PO!! ok so where do i begin..i have been felling down the past few weeks..and i felt soo bad about myself that it was affecting my life tremendously..anyway i have been literally taking each day one day at a time i am happy to say ive started working out im on my 6th day straight of working out which is a big deal beacuse i was soo down and dint even have any motivation whatsoever to get up and work out..finally got my jillian michaels dvds out of storage and started doing the 30 day shred dvd which i must say is awesome ladies!!!!woooo boy does that work me out!!its only 30 mins a day and i can already see a difference in my endurance first 3 days were hard because i was sooooo soar but my trainer used to say no pain no gain...soi knew that if i was hurting it was because my body was changing and i feel soo great now that ive slowly gotten back to working out...i been eating ok..still working on that but i deff since i started working out have been watching my snacks and bad eating habits,,omg i been craving doughnuts like crazy!!!i just have a lil bite though..lol..ever since those past few weeks of depression i gained my 5 pds back cuz i was always eating french fries and bread and swetts so im working on those 5 pds now...
so i wanted to tell u guys the first 6-8 weeks that i was compressed never did i experience any swelling...mostly because i was soo good about staying compressed at all times which never allowed me to swell..however i realized that just as i stopped compressing myself thats when i noticed my swelling and i then started getting depressed because i no longer saw the tiny lil waist that i used to have when i was compressed at all times..its prettymuch common sense i believe..but i saw a thicker belly and freaked out like omg im getting fatter...lol and got soo depressed about it i didnt ebven realize that is all part of recovery and healing i always read other ladies updates saying swell hell..swell hell but never actually understood the extent of swell hell until i stopped using my compression garment, i am slowly getting used to being swollen in the evening specially if i had salt intake during the day..(i been soo godd i hvnt drank soda in like forever yay for me))ihave been drinking more water and now that i been working out i am feeling soo good ladies its soo amazing to feel tis way again..i felt like i was soo lost and thank god i am much better even though im back to weighing 130 pds i know that ive made the next step of working out and and eating a lil bit better i know that once i start seeing more toned muscles and flatter belly in the am im only gonna get more motivated..plus hellooo im only half way through the recovery time my doc says it usually takes 6 months to feel better aand for swelling to start to clear..but im ok w that..i still have my flat belly and really not much has changed since my last pixs i still look the same..i was supposed to go see my doc today for my 3 mos post pixs but i rescheduled for 2 more weeks i wanna really work out and try to loose 5 pds im giving myself small lil goals and im hoping to achieve them lil by lil...
o ladies im hoping that u r all doing good and recovering well..kepp ur heads up ladies i know its hard sometimes but not impossible...plus who doesnt wann look good this summer!!!i know i wanna look great in my bikini btw i need to go shopping for one yay!!will post pixs up later today!!

OK SO feelin better didnt work out this last 3...

OK SO feelin better didnt work out this last 3 days but i been soo busy and working overnight not sleeping like i should..but im ok...not gonna beat myself up im posting some new pixs..wish i looked better but it is what it is...i truly love my belly in am and in the evening im just swollen specially at wk...its ok though its all part of healing process so to all u new tters be prepared for swell hell my friends...i wish i had worked out sooner so i could start seeing some abs already but o well...im ok w my belly now....thx to all the ladies who comment back to me....happy healing ya'll

Ok so almost 16 wks p.o...what do i start with....

ok so almost 16 wks p.o...what do i start with..overall im doing ok..not working out everyday like i was supposed to but im eating ok which maybe averages things out..probably the reason why i hvnt worked out as much is because my b.b been hurting ya'll anyone elses bb hurt im concerned w a poss umbilical hernia i checked myself under ultrasound but all seems ok im just very tender around bb i hvnt massaged as often w bio oil so maybe i just need to massage the area more..i donno but if it keeps hurting i will have doc check...also i have to work out w compression garment otherwise i feel awkward like ill tear my muscles up...gotta say i am sooo over all this swelling i seriously feel like i hvnt been as flat as like the first 7 wks po...im just soo swollen i donno if i gotta work out more or do less??i looove my belly in am but by mid day my bb starts hurting and i look 5 mos preggo by evening lately i been wearing my c.g in evening to make it go down..i know its swelling because it will diminish after wearing cg for a few hrs...o well all part of this right??also hvnt been able to buy silicone sheets to start again since i failed to finish treatment the 1st time i just hate it that i slacked off i feel like my scar wouldve been so light by now its a lil dark doesnt bother me or anything but i could've done it why didnt i just do it??ehhh donno.....lazy i guess.....
moving on to my confidence level even though my swelling is worst on some days it doesnt stop me from feeling soo much more confident its like my sex drive went up like daaamn!!LOL JUST TELLING IT LIKE IT IS LADIES MY HUBBYS LOOOVIN IT!!LOl
i been wearing the tiniest lil things for him and even though im swelled most of the time im happy!!i know everyones body different and some ladies experience swelling @ beginning and some at end but im staying positive and i know that by 6 mos or 9 i will start seeing my actual results!! weather same as 7 wks p.o or better but i know im almost there i just have to be determined to not let go of myself and keep doing what works for me not what the girl who had surgery before me is doing..cuz that might not be what works for me although might work for her...
works been good kinda feel bad i dnt wear my c.g anymore to wk and i know i probly should some days..
im weighing 129 still..hvnt lost any weight ..yet i hvnt really been on my A game either so at least im not gaining anymore...
i kinda feel though like im regaining the back roll i had lipoed outta me..lol but sometimes it looks gr8 so im thinking it just ,might be swelling to the area..ido sometimes feel burning sensation to my lipo areas so i guess its still healing??
omg i almost forgot to tell u guys my hooha lady parts down there has been soo swollen i dint notice before but lately when i wear like a fitted maxi dress my vagina sticks out like if i had some junk down there its kinda embarrassing n i donno what to do i kinda have to wear a larger more flowy dress to hide it!!weird cuz i didnt have that before i should post a pix of it..and of how ugly it looks i wonder if my doc can lipo it cuz i seriously can pinch an inch down there ..=(((..im really hoping its all just swelling though and that it will go away soon!!great something else to worry about just got rid ogf my rolls and now gotta worry of a enlarged and fat vagina!!ok well my ladies i really hope u guys r keeping ur heads up and enjoying urselfs ..happy healing ya'll!!god bless

Hello ladies...just a lil update i completely...

hello ladies...just a lil update i completely slacked off from my wk out routine..so i got back on it today after noticing the scale had gone up 2 pds...and yes i been eating like a maniac..breads..pastas..pizza taco bell all the bad u can think of...i tend to eat and then regret and seriously im just tired of all this bull...i am just going to stop doing this to myself...i weigh 131 now what i weighed going in for surgery..im soo upset cuz i was at 124...and did really feel lighter and just working out today made me feel better..also i feel like the weight i have gained is mostly in my back ..butt and thighs my beely gets swollen but in am is supper flat and noticing my scrubs from wk dont fit as loose on my legs and butt area..so at least my belly not getting big..either way gotta shed those pds..lol
anyways went to a babyshower this wknd and daaamn in spite of my weight issues..i have to admit i loook damn hot...everybody was complimenting me i wore a nice fitted maxi dress and looked a lll sexy..wish i had taken a pix to post cuz i felt good..and seriously everyone just kept complimenting me made me feel soo good and at the same time made me realize that i need to stay true to myself just having this procedure done doesnt mean i can just sit back and relax..u really gotta work hard to mantain looking fierce and sexy..and i really love my results and thats the only reason why i am motivated to stay this way i am 25 and really wanna enjoy all these cute sexy clothes overall just feel good....hopefully this time i can stay on track and just have the will power to say no to all the goodies...


and i have not swelled much which is weird cuz i been working out and doing more stuff and nothing..i guess since im 20 wks p.o already things are finally starting to get better..my belly is still numb aroung b.b and theres one side where my belly hurts more than the other my right side is more tender and it feels more hard i have a feeling that its all scar tissue though i will have to wait for 1 more month when i have my 6 mos po visit w my doc to see what she thinks...i been back to working out and doing my scar treatments just because i want to see if it will lighten up i been noticing a difference so i will keep doing it..got silicone strips at amazon...also my hooha is still swollen i will ask to get it lipoed out its fat..and its very noticeable now that i have a flat belly..another thing is the darkening of my bb scar i want to wear those nice see through shirts but cnt because u can see my scar on my bb its not nice even though i put some foundation or make up on it to blend in somehow i can still see it..
i hvnt seen a difference in the scale which im kinda bummed about cuz i been doing good and o well just gotta keep pushing..i just cnt believe next month i will be 6 mos po its gone by soo quick...overall ladies i am extremely over the top happy that i went through with this=))) every day i wake up and contemplate my flat belly and just want to keep it that way..my waist is back to a 28 and sometimes 27 1/2 ...to all new tters..stay on top of ur stiff dnt slack off please!!!overall ladie sdo what works for u i guess hope all u are healing nicely!!!i am posting some pixs theres not a lot of difference but still looking good..and just want to share w u guys!!wish i had some ab deff but cnt even work on my abs yet according to my doc=((..the day will come though..=)))


HEY LADIES SO LAST UPDAT EI WAS EXCITED CUZ swelliond was going down well its back and mostly because i been eating bad these past weekend but ok i guess just gotta stay on track i stopped working out cuz i hurt myself so i stopped for like 1 week and 1/2 and got back to it today i gotta say i feel a difference in my strenght i feel like my abs are getting stronger even thoufgh i dnt do ab workouts the weight training helps out a lot..cardio kicks my but but no pain no gain right??i have my docs appt for check up in 3 wks and i must admit im a lil scared of going my weight hasnt gone down its at 131 132 and i wish i weighed less also i have a lil je;lly roll when i sit and wear jeans wish my belly was flatter...but i gotta work on that on my own...if i cnt loose it i might lok in to getting some lipo around my abd..well see...also my belly on rt side and lower abd feels soo hard sometimes i gotta rub it and sometimes it gets better i wonder if its scar tissue...i will ask doc..overall ladies i am super happy w my t.t i love it woul do it again in a jiffy...pain n all....i really hope everyones doing well..i am going to try these rasberry ketones pills ive heard about for help in weight loss theyre supposably natural so well see how that goes..my sons b day is in 1 month and im hoping to wear asexy dress so that has me motivated to step my game up and work work work..also halloween coming up and i wanna be a sexy fox..so all my ladies lets do this!!=))

HEEEEEEEEEY ladies..well alot has happened since...

HEEEEEEEEEY ladies..well alot has happened since my last update to make this short ive lost a lot of swelling..been eating better and so far ive lost about 7 pounds..back at 125....yay gonna keep trying for 118....my swelling has deff gone down i am 7 mos p.o??idk 29 wks...went to a party this weekend and all eyes were on me since i had a drastic change had the guts to wear a very fitted dress and i have a lil tiny waist back at 27''.....overall im loving myresults..hvnt been working out but i will..im not stressing over it...i am still a lil numb around my bb and pelvic area but ive gotten used to it..cant believe how fast time has gone by i cant even believe i had a tt sometimes but sure am glad i went thru w it..no regrets!!!!!hope all is great w all..=)))))

Hello ladies wow its been waaaay too long since...

hello ladies wow its been waaaay too long since ive updated im 1 year 1 month post op almost and well i slacked off a bit but hvnt gained any weight im pretty much same but i love it i am happy and everytime i am feeling a lil bit down about myself i go back n look and my pre tt pixs and boy i feel sexy!!!everyone around says how great i look ost dont know ive had tt and ask how ive lost weight n i feel bad not to say but hubby n i agrred to keep it on a low....shhh..anyways i work out every now n then my doc said i can start my ab wk out even though sometimes i still swell abit specially bcusz uim not watching what i eat which is bad oh post tt u really gotta watch ur diet cuz it will all accumulate over bb and ull get thicker,..not cute...stay on track ladies..im overall super happy w my results i feel confident and sexy love playing dress up, my hubby loves my confidence..n im loving life..tryna go on a boot camp to just get back into the routine of working out..i hope everyones doing good!!god bless ya'll n to all the new tters congrats for making a great decision!!!=))

1 year 3 mos update=))

well my fellow tters like i said on my past update i did slack off a bit once i started seeing that my jeans werent fitting like before i got scared and had to put my foot down so i started my work outs and been eating healthier i feel like i been improoving i will post pixs soon i have accumulated a lil faT but im still happy w my results i can now feel a lil six pack underneath my fat pockets and im sure if i keep it up i will soon show it off that is my motivation right now the difference in my endurance the muscles im seeing here n there im toning my body and daamn im loving it overall ladies food is my weekness and i felt that i was gonna be able to eat whatever i wanted just because i got all my jelly roll cut off that i wasn going to go back but boy was i wrong cuz i heard on dr oz show us women that get tt accumulate fat faster since we used to have more fat in our mid sections fat will accumulate faster if we dont care for ourselves so let me be your example and i was a lil embarrased but i am back on track still weigh 125 and let me tell u depending on what i eat i tend to still swell in evenings ill try n post pixs soon congrats to alll new tters and stay motivated to all my older tters lets stay sexy together!!!muah!!
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Love that you did the 30 day shred after! I am starting it tonight, I am just shy of 12 weeks and have been making excuses (oh I'm swollen) so it's time to continue making this the best investment I have ever made. You look awesome btw! We are similar in stature, I am 5'-5'1" ish ha ha, and I weighed 134 on the day of my surgery.
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Love, love, love your review. You and I, in terms of body size, could be twins! I am 4' 11" and 130lbs and am 6 days away from TT, MR & Lypo to the flanks. You look great and your pictures give me hope for what's to be as I enter this renewal of myself. Thank you so much for the insight and I hope you keep posting - very inspiring! From one shortie to another - gorgeous! Can't wait to join you on the flat side!!
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Beautiful!! I'm less then 2 weeks away!! Hope to have your results lady!!
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I love your results a lot. I get mine on dec 20. I'm sooo excited. I had a bbl last dec but my tummy is horrible. I had to choose which one I wanted. I didn't want a flat belly 1st then with a flat booty, not cute. I picked the butt first so I can hide the belly. Once again.. you look great!!!
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You are flat! You look great.
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Hi Gigi!!! :) it's so nice to see your update. You look fabulous!! Your updates always sound like I'm reading about me. That's so funny. Good luck with the boot camp. ((((Hugs)))!!
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You look amazing. Thanks for posting one year post op...gives everyone a picture further out :) Im just over 7 months po.....will update soon
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Ur results are amazing!
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wow! you look great .... congrats
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looking fab!!!!oh just wanted to let you know hula hooping will get rid of love handles but you need a weighted hoop. check out www.customhoops.com ive been hooping for years all you need is 10 min a day
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You look fabulous! Congrats on the weight loss it makes a big difference. So happy to hear you are doing great :).
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Wow u look great!!!!!! I'm 4 weeks post op and cant wait to see the improvement as the months pass!!!!!
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You look really good flat as a board love it!!
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thank u ladies for positive comments..i will continue to update for sure good luck to all u and know this is a hard but rewarding experience!!!=))))))))))))))
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U look fabulous!!!!! I'm glad you are doing so great!! There is a new life after tt
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You are looking fabulous. Good for you. Thanks for continuing to post pictures. I am scheduled for next Monday and know what a long journey this will be but seeing how you are still progressing so well is a real positive. Thanks again.
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you look amazing xx
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Girl you look great!!!!!!!!! I am on my 5th day OP and i look and feel like i as hit by a truck, so seeing your pics made me feel things will get better. Thanks for sharing!
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HEY CHICAGO...WOW 5TH DAY HUGH?? well my first 10 days were horrible i was throwing up cuz i got a reaction to meds doc gave me..it was not good..but all will get better yes...u will have a lot of swelling but stay compressed at least for 2 1/2 mos..as soon as u take ur c.g off u will feel weird..but go ahead n wear it if u need to..i did..i still use mine when i work out..and i feel good w it..this is truly the best i have given myself my life changed i have my confidence back..and i am happy..lemme admit i was a mess for the first 4 mos or so i was just depressed about my weight it wouldnt go down..wasnt realizing that some was just from swelling so just make note of that..swelling is just part of healing...good luck to u!!and congrats!!
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OMG, you look amazing. You look like you lost weight as well. Were you on a diet or eating healthier? I'm hoping to lose weight while recovering. I heard you don't have much of an appetite, is that true? You must feel so good.
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carmen1 thx..lemme tell u it is a hrd situation this whole diet thing ...and working out..i did work out for a while but i never been on a diet i still eat everything i used to which is bad but i eat in moderation like 1 slice of pizza and 1 hot wing w side sald insted of 3 slices of pizza 3 wings w ranch u know what i mean so i dont miss out on foods i love but i am eating better...i only eat bad every now n then...i didnt eat much the first 3 wks p.o..so iguess i did loose my appetite...i felt really bad the first 5 mos..po because wasnt sure if i was gaining weight or it was all swelling..now that i am loosing more swelling i believe it was all swelling...and so just remebert hat dont get discouraged if u dnt loose weight at first u might just loose a lot around ur 6 mont and on...good luck to u!!!!=))
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Lilgigi: That is amazing to drop that many sizes. Keep up the awesome job and have fun with your new look! Congrats to you :)
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