Nerve pain in breast???

2/11/13 I have had large breasts since I first...

I have had large breasts since I first got them in Jr. High. I was known as the one with the HUGE TITS. But I was also always slightly overweight. Over the past 2 years I have been experiencing a wonderful weight loss journey, even a pregnancy in between!! I am down a total of 50lbs, so you can imagine that my 36D turned into a 34B and seem to still be shrinking :/ Not only are the smaller, but because I have lost alot of weight they have access skin and slightly sag. My right breast sags a tad bit more than my left and is a little bigger as well. I have been self concious my entire life and now that I am 24 and have kicked butt in the gym to get to my 132lb size, I feel I deserve some help now :) I am 5'6 and wear size 8. My goal is to be a full C and a size 6. I had my pre-op 2/06/13 and decided to go with saline submuscular with the transaxillary incision. Doc and I agreed that we will be going 375ccs in my right breast and 425ccs in my right (due to their different size)

I was referred to Dr. Mirrafati from a friend. He currently has his saline implants at a promotional price for only 2,900!!! Half off! So I met with him and he made the whole pre-op comfortable! Like I mentioned I have always been so self concious, I have never let anyone see me naked in light, nope, not even my own boyfriends, or my current fiance :( Pathetic I know! So as I slipped off the gown, I felt my face light on fire! He first complimented me on my abdominal muscles I have achieved from workint out ;) That already put me at some ease. He went straight to the point as he took a look and feel at my breasts, he explained that my right one would need a small lift before the procedure. We discussed the different incisions available and then went on to talking about the lipo I will also be getting done in my lower abdomen and hips (lower back and obliques) Afterwards he brought in several saline implant sizes for me to try on in a temp bra. I first tried the 425ccs and was terrified of how enormous they looked on my frame lol. So he stepped in and suggested I go with 375 and 425 to put me at a complete full C. I pulled my shirt on over the temp bra and got to see an "idea" of what I will look like, though I know it is NOT precise! Done! I got my labs taken care of right there in the same room and filled out all my paperwork. I am very pleased with my meet and greet with Dr. Mirrafati! He was great, proffesional and had a fun personality as well. After all my papers were signed I paid a 995$ deposit (keep in mind this is for BOTH procedures)
I was prescribed vicodin, valium, keflex, and Zofran. Dr. Mirrafati went over my pre-op instructions very clearly. I was also given a surgical scrub for the morning of surgery.

I am 6 weeks pre-op and as you can imagine, find it hard to sleep everynight due to my excitement. 6 weeks is just way too long to wait, its not fair lol.

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2/14/13 I am trying to get my surgery date...

I am trying to get my surgery date scheduled sooner than planned. I am heading there this weekend to do so and sign new papers, they guaranteed me a spot for the 12th, but I still want sooner lol. I was told to come in and see if they can get me in on the 5th!!! Fingers crossed


Best of luck to you on your journey! I will say a prayer that you get the perfect date without too much wait! The 5th or sooner sounds wonderful! My whole process was so incredibly fast, and I'm so thankful for that. I couldn't imagine the torment I would have endured playing the waiting game, especially since I know how many sleepless nights and complete obsession I had with boobs since my hubby and I had our first "real" discussion about doing this on 1/29/13. TODAY, I received the best Valentine's Day gift.....Hell! The best gift EVER, (aside from my hubby & 2 beautiful children, of course).....I got BOOBS!!! I think I must have been absent the day God was passing out the Boobs, so I have been wanting them pretty much since I hit puberty, and I'm nearly 42!! lol Please keep us posted on your "official" Boob Day!
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Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Mid-March will be here before you know it.

In the meantime, you might want to get your recovery supplies together. Here's a list.

Keep us posted as you get closer!

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So my nerves have been all over the place, I drove...

So my nerves have been all over the place, I drove myself back out to Costa Mesa this past weekend to change my appointment date sooner, to the 5th instead of the 21st. I have 2 weeks till my surgery date I am sooo excited! I also changed my implant size to 400ccs in my right breast and 425ccs in my left. Going to fill my prescriptions soon. Oh and I've been reading up a lot on bottoming out and its nervous surgeon is lowering my inframammary fold.....anyone have a bad experience with this? Is it really common? I am also going submuscular.

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I had a question. After the BA, do the surgeons...

I had a question. After the BA, do the surgeons typically send you home with a post op bra that unclips in the front??? I dont have one, and wonder if im going to have to purchase one myself or if Id be getting one? I guess I should call to confirm, but what about you ladies?


My PS had a bra that closed from the front on me when I awoke in recovery. It's interesting to think about all of the maneuvering of my body they had to do to get it on me, but I'm glad I was all squared away to go home afterwards! BTW, I looked all over at Target to find some bras that closed from the front WITHOUT underwires for comfort and struck out. I ended up buying a 2 pack of the Genie bra, which has been very comfie, but at first, I did need my hubby to help me get it on. Yesterday, I was Post-Op Day 4, and I was able to wear normal bras for the first time. Also, last night was the first night I felt like I could move from sleeping strictly on my back to moving onto my sides for a little while on each side. I would definitely plan to confirm with your PS what to expect so you'll be prepared either way! Have a beautiful day!
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Yeah think im going to give him a call today just to be sure and well prepared. Im also getting lipo on my abdomen and flanks so Ive been looking online for these under garments for post-surgeries and some of these prices are crazy lol. Wow you seem to be healing quickly! My friend wasnt able to roll onto her sides until 2 weeks post op, same as wearing a normal bra. How do you like your new ones so far? :)
My dr. Sent me home in gauze and large ace bandage sort of wrapping. She had me buy a front close sports bra in advance which I changed into after 48 hrs.
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2/20/13 So I have a very important question! Im a...

So I have a very important question! Im a fitness freak. I know I will have to sustain from exercise for about 6 weeks post-op. But I was just told from a friend that I wont be able to do back exercises OR lift anything heavy anymore??? I have never heard this for women with implants. I dont care to work my chest anymore....that I can live without doing....however, I still want to focus on working my back, arms, shoulders and all other muscle groups. Have any of you ladies been told you wouldnt be able to work your back or lift heavy??? This is not ohk lol.


I am so excited to read your story and hear your results because you and I are built very similar! I'm 5'7 I'm still working on getting in better shape and staying there but when I'm small my breasts also become B's and I already have excess skin and some sagging. I'm just beginning to seriously consider BA and have thought from time to time about lipo since even with working out and dieting its so hard to lose my last little belly pouch. I need to get motivated to improve my body more so if I get a BA I can feel truly happy even if I don't get lipo
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Well put some good thought into it. I am SO excited and I know this will help with my low self esteem and make my body more proportioned. I have a booty on me so being flat chested just makes it worse lol. Im always teased by my friends and family of how small they have gotten because I used to be a small D when I was a bigger girl. And since I WILL be getting lipo on my abdomen and flanks my waist is going to be smaller (thank god) lol Im in school becoming a personal trainer and I work my butt off like you wouldnt believe, and I have abdominal muscles Its just been hard for me to shed this little bit of fat around my belly :/ Keep me posted on what you decide to do!!!! :)
We have the same surgery date!! Woohoo! As far as heavy lifting... That was a big concern for me also. My plastic surgeon was like 'ummm hellloooo! Body builders! The females have implants and lift obviously!!!' Needless to say, I blushed
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2/23/13 10 Days left! I cant stop thinking about...

10 Days left! I cant stop thinking about it, its driving me crazy, then I get all excited with butterflies and realize its still a whole 10 days away I have to wait lol. I still need to fill my prescriptions and im trying to find Bromalain. I still am not sure what I should have to help with my recovery : / Ive read great ideas about putting my prescirptions in plastic baggies....any of you lovely ladies care to give me some helpful tips? :) Would be greatly appreciated. Countdown from 10 days! Ahhhhhhh BOOOOBBBIIIEESSSS!! (and a smaller stomach) Whoohooo for plastic surgery lol.


hey i will b keeping up w ya story!!!!
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Yay I can't wait for the post op pics ;)
Dido for both of us lol

Im down to 5 days! Omg, its going by so fast, yet...

Im down to 5 days! Omg, its going by so fast, yet so slow! I am filling my prescriptions on Friday! Im trying to get in a little more exercise this last week since Ill have to refrain from weight training for 5-6 weeks :( I purchased this bromelain stuff that is supposed to help with inflammationg and brusing, then my surgeon said to not take it till a week or 2 after surgery since it can cause your blood to thin, but my friend started taking hers 2 days BEFORE surgery and she had barely any bruising : / I dont know what im more excited about, the fact im going to have bigger boobs, or a flatter belly lol AHHHHH Im so nervous, I pray i have no complications and my results are amazing!!! I get so happy for you ladies when you post your post-op pics and how great you all look!!!!


Seriously no judging cause I am getting lipo and boobies as well, but girl I got like some extra belly fat going on!!! I am at 140 lbs at 5 ft! You are beautiful!!!!
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I like my body for the most part, but after having my son I cannot get rid of that lower belly poodge. I know mine isnt really big but it discomforts me to the point I will not ever show my belly :/ and my waist isnt proportioned to the rest of my body, its so wide so I want to get my flanks auctioned a little too.
Girl you are too dang pretty and skinny to be getting lipo!!! Lol!!!! I understand the boob thing but babe I am telling ya as a former 95 pounder who thought she was fat, you look wonderful!!! Save the money on the lipo!
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So my surgery is on Tuesday!!! However....I want...

So my surgery is on Tuesday!!! However....I want to participate in this Color Me Rad 5k run in April on the 6th....which is pretty much exactly a month after my surgery. I know I still need to ask my surgeon, but are girls typically cleared and given the OHK to start running again by this point??? : / Assuming the healing is going well with no complications!!


Check with your PS. First guy I went to said no running for 3-4wks. My PS ok'd it at the 2wk mark, but it still (at 3.5wks) it feels wicked funky!! I've done pretty limited running due to how weird it feels. You could always walk it if you're not cleared to run. Good luck Tuesday!
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My doctor suggested 4 weeks before any physical activity and even then it should be light starting out. Not sure I would want to do a 5k!
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Looking forward to following your story. I am leaning towards saline as well to try and get more lift without the lift if possible. Very few women do saline so I am not really sure what to expect other than they ride higher longer than the silicone before they drop and maybe won't be as natural feeling but I think I have enough breast tissue of my own to make then feel natural and looks like you do to. Keep us posted and thanks for sharing!
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Well my countdown is pretty much over. I have my...

Well my countdown is pretty much over. I have my surgery scheduled for tomorrow 10:30am. We have a 3 hour drive so its going to really suck getting up and getting ready and having to drive there not being able to eat or drink a single thing :( I also have read that they make you give urine before the procedure? How the heck am I going to P with no fluids in my system? lol. I hope I am prepared for this. I have a post-op front button up bra, zip up light jacket shirts, sweat pants, warm socks, ice packs and of course all my medications. Were going to be staying in a hotel there tomorrow night since we have to be back the next morning for a check up. Im SO nervous to go under anesthesia!!! Yes I know its silly but I always think "what if I dont wake up" Ugh I am So ready to have a body I am happier with. Any suggestions from you ladies? My fiance said I should eat like a pig today since I really wont be eating much tomorrow as I probably wont get out of the surgery center till 5 or so lol. Ahhhhhh well I will let you all know how it goes and ill get some pics posted when I can :)


Girl update us!! If I could update today, I know u can :)
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Wondering how it went, been checking all afternoon?!? Fingers crossed, hope all is well!!!!
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Hoping everything went well!!
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Hey ladies! Well I finally boobies lol....

Hey ladies! Well I finally boobies lol. Yesterday I was super super sore I couldn't even move around it hurt so bad. I checked in about 1030 and started surgery at 1130. I was out real quick with the anesthesia thing I know I'm waking up with an elephant on my chest lol. The pain.meds have helped but I'm still sore today. Getting out of bed breast muscles A LOT. How long does this last? When will I be.comfortable enough to move around without I still havnt seen the results yet but hope later today l be able to get to it :) so far I like the size I see but still have the wrap of death and.foam squares surrounding my breasts ill get pics posted as soon as I can!

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Well im home. Yesterday after the procedure and...

Well im home. Yesterday after the procedure and this morning I was in ALOT of discomfort : / I had my 24 hour check up at 1130 this morning and got some of the wraps and padding removed which helped take alot of pressure of my breasts. Im still in a little bit of pain but not as much. Im ALSO in a little more pain because I had lipo performed on my abdomen, hips and flanks. Anywhoo. I dont know about you ladies, but the valiume seems to help with my pain better than the hydrocodenes do. At my check up she took off the bra and I was like WHOA BIG BOOBS!!!!! lol But I am very please with what I was able to see. I was laying down so didnt get a full on look at them yet. I cant wait for the pain to subside completely so I can get some pretty pics in a pretty bra besides this ugly surgical one :) Once I get a bit more comfortable Ill post better pics in better tops lol.


Thanks for the update. Hang in there, the pain should subside's only been a few days. Congratulations!

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You look great! I think you'll probably be pleasantly surprised at how quickly things turn around (from the boob standpoint anyway - I can't speak to the lipo); the first few days were pretty rough but they get better!
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Good. Praying so. Im already feeling much much better from this morning. I have ice packs on them right now and im moving around a little better. I was adviced to get up and walk around a little every hour or so to get my circulation going (mostly for the lipo I had done) I cant wait to go shopping!

So I have a silly question. My normal morning...

So I have a silly question. My normal morning weigh ins are usually 132. Now I know im obviously going to weigh a little more after surgery from the implants, but shouldnt be more than 2lbs total. I weighed in at 138!!! :( Is this water weight from the IV? Swelling? I also had lipos suction in my abdomen, and flanks so I figured I should weigh less!!! I dont mean to be dramatic about something so silly, but is this normal? Will this added weight drop off? I havnt been eating more at all, actually Ive only eaten 2 very small meals each day since surgery which was Tuesday.


My PS told me I wasn't allowed to step in a scale for at least 2wks postop, as its possible to gain 8-10lbs just in fluid!! Yeah, you'll have a little of the "extra" weight stick around (the weight of the implants!) but the rest should fall off as you heal and are able to get back to your normal activities! Happy healing!
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Weight gain is 100% normal not only with a BA but ESPECIALLY with Lipo and all they fluid they inject to help get the fat out :) Just relax and dont get on the scale till your swelling goes down/ the fluids get out!!... Drink LOTS of water to help!
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all the*

Today is my 3rd day meaning I can finally shower!...

Today is my 3rd day meaning I can finally shower! :) I also get to take this horrid THICK foam wrapped tightly around my waist thank goodness! I am able to brush my hair and teeth, I can go to the bathroom on my own and all but its still a struggle to get out of bed. Feels like the muscles in my chest are tearing lol. Even WITH my vicodins :/ But I do feel myself progressing. I hear that when you go under the muscle, as I did.....healing is obviously more painful and takes a bit more time. But im SO ready to be back to normal again so I can enjoy these beauties ;) When I stand up after laying down for a left breast burns unerneith alot....its weird. normal???


look great!
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Your whole body looks amazing! What a tiny little perfect waist you have! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!
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Just saw your post-op pic and I think they look great! They look very proportionate to your body. I'm so excited for you! I hope my recovery goes as well.
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So im sorry this is unrelated to breast...

So im sorry this is unrelated to breast augmentation. But I also had lipo on my abdomen and flanks so Ive been wearing this compression garment since then. I have only taken it off twice, once to shower, and once to wash on a quick cycle. Hope someone here can help me out with my question : / I was told to wear it continuous unless I shower or to wash. However it feels so tight it makes me short of breath and now my back is starting to really hurt me, even when I take my vicodins. My surgeons assistant told me to always keep it real snug.....but doesnt this sound a bit TOO snug? Its been almost 5 days and its just starting to really be the worse part about my entire procudure. If I can only get my back to stop hurting that would be great!!!! I know I still have another 3-5 weeks of wearing this aweful thing but OUUCCCHHHHH!!!!!


Hey!! The lipo compression is supposed to be SUPER tight to help with swelling and skin tightening and most women say it is the worst part of the whole procedure:/ but if it's interfering with your breathing that's not good either... But I would keep it on and wait until you can talk to your dr..
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I have it on tight, but I did loosen it just a tad bit, now I dont feel like its as hard to breathe, but I can definitely feel that its firmly holding in my skin and fat lol, I think all my internal organs are officially hugging eachother ;) Ohhhh just gotta remind myself.....pain is beauty....pain is beauty...
LOL!! Well that's good as long as its still doing the job of holding you in I think it will be fine!! Pain IS beauty

So today I am 1 week post op. Tell ya the truth I...

So today I am 1 week post op. Tell ya the truth I REALLY thought Id be feeling 90% by now lol but still at about 70% Guess thats not bad anyway. I know we all heal at our own paces. I went submuscular and through the armpit so moving certain ways still sends a sharp shooting pain underneath my left breast and I cant fully extend my arms straight up yet, but getting there. I have stopped my pain meds 2 days ago and not taking anything besides my antibiotics. I had my fold lowered as I have read many women on here will be doing or has done....and it looks as if I might have that "double bubble" under my right breast. Now, its almost not even noticeable but I kind of see it when I turn to the side. I wont let it really bother me since the only person really seeing my bobos bare is me and my fiance and man oh man is he more than happy with them, and that makes me feel good :) However im scared that once they drop more into place that the "double bubble" might be more noticeable??? Well I have a question. have any of you ladies heard of Arnica??? Its supposed to be for brusing and inflammating and or skin irritation stuff like that. I dont need it for my breasts, but I had lipo and want to use it on my belly....but I dont know if I should rub it on my belly and just place my compression garment over and get it all over my garment? And there a difference in the gel and the oral solution? Ill be posting new pics soon. I just havnt really had the chance to try anything on since ive been so sore from BOTH procedures. But im dying to see what they look like in a sexy bra and bikini already ahhhhhh. Ive been in nothing but surgical bras and loose ugly shirts. lol


Looking awesome girl!!! I thought I had told you that, but I apparently did not post it!!! Prob the mommy brain!! Lol! Well, you look banging babe!!!
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You're looking great! Lol, I'm sure you'll be rocking out those sexy bras and bikinis in no time! I've tried lingerie on already but havent tried bikinis yet either ;) Honestly, I've just been wearing my sports bras and loose shirts lately too since they've been so comfy, lol. Happy healing hun and hope you feel better and better as each day passes!
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Wow that's an amazing price for both! Just for a ba its gonna be 5700 for me =/ u look great!!
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Well tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post op. I went...

Well tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post op. I went for my post op appointment on Sat and had my stitches removed. They also told me I will have to start massaging, and its not very comfortable doing lol but wow within the first 2 days my breasts have softened up alot and dropped some. They feel MUCH better!!! I feel like I am almost back to 100% :) Im still a little sore under my armpits where I had my incisions and my breasts feel slightly tender but other than that, im feeling great! I got myself to buy a new bikini and wear it for a couple hours at the beach. I know thats a NO NO since im only 2 weeks post op but they felt supported nonetheless. I was instructed to not wear underwire for 6 months but I have to stay in this ridiculous granny looking surgical bra for another 4 weeks lol. I am so happy with my results as days pass. Last week I had the boobie blues and was starting to wish I didnt go through with the surgery, then I was thinking I went too big and all sorts of negativity was flowing out of has passed, as I read it will. Now that they are starting to settle and soften up, I think I chose the PERFECT size for my frame and goals. I was terrified they would be too big and in the way when I exercised. But I put on an actual sports bra yesterday, a compression one and I was just SO pleased as how they felt in it, looked in it and I threw on my gym clothes and got super excited that they ARENT as big as I thought, and thats what I wanted lol.


I LOVE how yours turned out, very natural looking! What profile did you use?
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To be honest, I dont even know. lol. I just know I got the naturelle salines.
They really do look amazing in the bikini!!!
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So I am about 2 1/2 weeks post op now. Healing has...

So I am about 2 1/2 weeks post op now. Healing has been going great! My girls are starting to settle and soften up and I am getting much more comfortable with them! However, my left breast seems to get this nerve pain I believe it is, or at least thats what it feels around the nipple area and it only seems to hurt when I walk at a fast pace. This is my only means of exercising right now so I dont want to STOP lol just curious if anyone else has felt this??? Could is be a nerve being pressed on from the implant? Im not bruising or inflaming at all so im not worried about having a hematoma.


Thanks for sharing your journey. I had my BA with Dr. Miraffati aswell, Currently 4 days postop. I love the size already and how natural they look. But I also had lowering of the imframmamary fold on my right breast and it is looking like double bubble or bottoming out I don't know. How did yours end up? I know it's probably too soon but I need peace of mind. Thanks!
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Has your never pain subsided a bit? I remember holding my breasts going down stairs for several months post op due to nerve pain.

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Wow, what a story!! Well first of all congrats, they look great! And I can't believe the price! I'm 5'4", 110ish 32A/B and getting 350/375cc high profile salines under the muscle in 2 (!!!) days!!! Ahhh! I've been boob obsessed for the past month and have prepared as much as I can so at this point I'm just playing the waiting game and getting super anxious. I've had surgery before so I do know what to expect with that but I'm still nervous as hell. The boobie blues is totally normal, too! I'm a really upbeat and chipper person and really into fitness too so not being able to lift for 6 weeks and be cooped up is something I know won't make me very happy but it'll be worth it in the end. After my last surgery 2 years ago (nose) I had that depression too, but I also think the pain meds had a lot to do with it so I'm going to try to wean myself off as soon as possible. I actually heard chest exercises can move your implants outwards towards your armpits and honestly I don't think I'm going to do them ever again. That idea really freaks me out and the implants pop out enough anyways so I'd think any building up of the muscles in that area wouldn't really be noticeable. I'm sticking with tris/shoulders and back/bis, though. My doctor told me I need to wait at least 2 weeks before going back to the gym but I'm going to try to at least walk as much as I can as soon as I feel up to it. At 2 weeks it'll be lower body work and non-bouncy cardio, lol. I don't want to lose this booty I've worked so hard for! :-p How do the salines feel? I was so torn between silicone and saline but made my final decision yesterday. The whole silicone leaking thing just freaks me out and I don't want to have a huge scar. I heard the saline feels kind of like a baggie filled with water and it makes sloshing noises? At least I'm expecting this, haha! At least we timed this well, summer is just around the corner so there's still time to rest and recover!
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