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I got liposuction to my inner thighs and cellulaze...

I got liposuction to my inner thighs and cellulaze to my posterior thighs and buttocks. It is almost one week since my operation ( 6 days). I'm swollen, bruised and quite sore, but pain killers have helped. My inner thighs are very swollen. In particular the right inner thigh bulges out and creates a sort of fold near the buttocks (as per the photo). Probably not the best explanation, but you can see what I mean by the photo. My doctor tells me this is swelling and it will go down. At the moment I have not seen dramatic results, but it is only one week. I'm told I will see results from the cellulaze at the six month mark. I've started my lymphatic drainage massages and have another this week and two next week. They are supposed to help speed up the recovering process and the first one did help.


How are you feeling now?
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Im ok how about yourself?
I'm feeling a bit better. I'm not taking pain killers anymore and the bruising is fading. My inner thighs are still bulging out, but not as bad as before. My PS said this will subside over the coming weeks. God I wish recovering was quicker. How are you feeling? Do you find that you are heavier after the operation? I'm about 2/3 kgs heavier! At first I freaked out since I've been trying to eat well (with the exception of one day). I think it is the swelling (well I'm hoping!)

over 2 weeks update

It's 18 days (just over two weeks) since my operation. I am not taking any pain medication any more and am slowly starting to exercise. I am still swollen and the bulge on my right inner thigh is going down. My bruising is almost gone. I have not seen dramatic results yet, but I never expected to since I only had a small amount of fat to remove this time around. I did this to achieve an inner thigh gap and decrease the amount of cellulite I have. My cellulite seems a bit better. I will post updated photos in the next few days, although it's hard to capture cellulite. I'm actually about 2kg (4.4lbs) heavier than I was pre-op, which I'm a bit nervous about. I'm guessing (hoping really) that this is swelling and not weight gain. My biggest fear is gaining weight and ruining the results from my first liposuction procedure two years ago.


Ahh I see. I've been kind of rubbing the areas that feel tight. So hopefully that's helping. Im not as swollen as I was except on my inner thighs. I didn't wear my garment pretty much all day yesterday and was fine. Besides that I've been wearing it 24/7. I haven't been eating the best and have had quite a bit of alcohol the last couple days. I haven't been weighing myself religiously enough to notice a change. But last weigh in I was heavier. Which might I add, makes no sense. I've been walking around and moving like 85% as normal. Though I have this twinge pain that runs down my left hip. It's quite painful and tight here. Same with my right side but not as bad. I have been sleeping on my side again too yay. I hope this isn't causing the pain though. Surgeon has not contacted me no. I might call tomorrow. Definitely think I need a second garment as this one has become too loose I believe. I'll run it past my doc first. How is your body looking now!?
My body is actually looking better, I'm starting to see an improvement in my inner thighs and swelling is going down, although I still can't get into my jeans :( I'm actually starting to see an inner thigh gap!!! I'll post some pics today. No difference in the cellulite yet.... Did you call your surgeon? How is your body looking? I'm starting to walk normally again (without limping). I am going to try and restart my exercise regime this coming week. However, my surgeon told me I have to wait a few more weeks until I can go back to karate.

Three week update photos

Three weeks now. Starting to see an inner thigh gap! I went for my first proper walk today. Can't wait until I get back into exercise! I am still about 2kg heavier. Hoping this is due to swelling.


Congrats on surgery
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Yeah my body is too. Slowly but surely. My measurements haven't changed much though and the scales are about the same. Saw my doctor the other day and he said that I still have quite a bit of swelling and that I'll get a lot smaller in the coming weeks. Yay for inner thigh gap! You must post pictures soon! Yeah my clothes aren't fitting thatttt much better but looking at before an after photos I can see the change. That's good that you're walking normally again. I need to start exercising again too as I think I might have gained some weight.. Uh oh. I go away on the 5th so that should be interesting. Hopefully I will be okay. How far along are you now?
I'm now over three weeks. I am excited that I'm starting to see an inner thigh gap! I have wanted one for so long! My weight is still up a bit so starting my exercise regime today. I'm petrified of gaining weight and ruining my results. My measurement around my bum (where I had cellulaze) is about 1/2 inch bigger. All my jeans are very tight! Are you still wearing your garment? How long have you been told to wear it? Have you posted some updated pics?

7 week update

It's now 7 weeks post op. Swelling has mostly gone down, but I still feel fragile. I am exercising and hope I can lose the weight I have gained. I fell like it has all gone on my hips and back. Overall I'm happy with my results. I have an inner thigh gap! Wahoo! I haven't really seen much change in the cellulite, but I didn't expect to until another 4 or so months.


You look amazing!
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Thank you!
hey! thought i'd check in to see how you're doing now post op? I went in today for a minor fix up to one of my thighs but besides that i've been doing great. your results are excellent! hope youre loving them :)
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15 week update

I'm at 15 weeks now (although the photos are 13 weeks post op). I have a thigh gap!!!! OMG I can't believe it. I'm so happy! My butt on my right side is slightly sagging (as you can see from the photo) and my inner thighs feel a bit saggy. Overall I'm happy with the outcome.

I'm still slightly bruised from my cellulaze. I actually believe that that was worse than the liposuction. However, my cellulite is looking much better.

I'm also heavier than I was pre-op. Guess I have just gained weight, which is annoying. I feel like the weight has gone straight to my hips. I'm trying to lose it and am exercising most days and eating healthy. I'm actually starting pilates to slim down. Has any one had success with that?


U look great! My question is, did they remove fat from right under ur buttock? Perhaps that made the butt droop?
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Thank you. No I didn't get any fat removed from under my butt, but I had that done with my last lot of liposuction (I had liposuction to my outer thighs and banana roll). However, my butt has always drooped even before any surgery.
There is this cellulite cup that really take away cellulite. Yours is not at all noticeable which is great. The cup i read really work, folks are purchasing it from Your thigh gap looks good. I don't think it good to over do the gap, yours look natural. I'm going to get cellulaze in a few months from now after i completely heal. Happy healing, you look natural. Nice booty!!!

6/7 Month Update

Well I am now over the 6 month mark (actually 7 months now). I am so happy with my results! I love love love my thigh gap (even if it is only a small one). I don't have any sagging in that area. However, my butt is slightly saggy/droopy (particularly the right side), but it has always been like even before my surgery. I still feel like I have gained fat on my outer thighs and back. I may get cool sculpting for these areas.

My cellulite is much better. I'm actually still slightly bruised from the cellulaze. My Dr. told me this should subside in the next 6 months and to use arnica cream.

I actually gained and lost weight since my last post. So I'm now the same weight as I was in my last post (62kg). Still have two kgs to lose. Oh well such is life!

All in all I'm very happy with my results and would strongly recommend liposuction. Cellulaze is worth it, but don't expect to see results over night. In my opinion the cellulaze treatment was worse than the liposuction. However, that could be due to the fact I had a larger area treated with the cellulaze.


I think you look great love the gap can't wait till my procedure
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Thank you! Good luck with your procedure. When is it?
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