59 Year Old Full Face Dual Erbium Laser in OR.,Eye Lift Surgery,Fat Transfer to Cheeks,Lower Lid Lift

Was a longer recuperation period than I expected,...

Was a longer recuperation period than I expected, still swollen But outstanding wrinkle correction of upper lip and full face.I was a mess in terms of deep wrinkles all over my face, chin, eyes,upper lip. This result was due to over exposure of sun over many years. I looked like a 70 year old women at 59. I had dark circles under my eye as well. I was taken to the OR and given anesthesia through a mouth piece with a mist that put me to sleep. I had awaken to a sever sunburn pain on my face,my eyes were swollen. It was several days of cold vinegar soaks all over my face. After 2 weeks I was able to see some of the results and it was miraculous. I had no wrinkles all over my face, above my lip especially, that nothing had helped that i had tried previous to this. At 6 weeks I am looking really ggod. I will still have swelling around my eye and face for a few months however it goes down litllle by little and no pone really notices but me. I would urge anyone who has been researching facial laser for wrinkles above the lip,face, chin,around eye to consider the dual Erbium laser by Sciton, find a good doctor,like I had ,Dr. Wulc in Plymouth Meeting PA who is a pioneer in using this laser and all facial procedures. He does not do Rhinoplasty's and any procedures below the neck. This doctor is a teacher, triple Board certified in Plastic/Cosmetic surgery, as well as triple board certified in Opthamology,is an Oculoplast. I have dry eye syndrome and floaters in both eyes so I wanted an expert in all facial and eye procedures. You may look him up because he comes with many references from other eye doctors and all over the tri state area. He see patients of all ages for all kind of facial and eye issues. His office staff is exceptionally professional, kind and always professional. Both the doctor and his staff are always willing to help, follow-up is immediate for any questions or concerns. The cost was reasonable considering i was in the OR for 3 hours and his follow-up visits with all facial products were included in his fee, which was $11,000.Here is what he did-Full face Laser,under Anesthesia,OR fee was separate, Eye Brow Lift,Fat Transfer to Cheeks,Upper lip sanding following a deep laser on the LIp,Lower lid Bleproplasty, Restalyne to upper and lower lip, bot ox to forehead to hold muscle in place from eye brow lift. All the follow up visits which is about 6 and now IPL to reduce redness from deep facial laser. I was given all facial products post healing to use as well. All of this, plus everday follow-up from his RN assistant, for $11,000. I look 20 years younger, and will hopefully stay this way for several years. I will be 60 years old in 2 months so I am thrilled about my new look.My eyes look great as well. Please don't go searching for just any {Plastic Surgeon, do your homework, read Blogs, look up sanctions and complaints,look at before and after pictures,and most of all a facial specialist is usually always the best for any facial procedures. This doctor only does these procedures day after day,week after week. Be careful when choosing your plastic surgeon,my doctor for me was the best I could have chosen and wouldn't hesitate to go back to him for anything else,he's wonderful and caring and most of all an expert at facial procedures as well as teaches and lectures at a local medical School. You will see pre-laser and post Laser/surgery pictures, judge for yourself.

Severe Lip wrinkles corrected by dual Erbium Laser ans sanding in the Operating room

When dealing with upper lip wrinkles let me say nothing worked, all the creams,serums, Active Fx, radio frequency treament's, dual erbium and sanding worked,they are gone. If you live in Pennsylvania go see Dr. Wulc, this is a doctor with outstanding experience, does facial surgery and laser,procedures only,teaches, has triple board certifications in Facial plastic/cosmetic surgery and Opthamology/Oculoplasty.
Philadelphia Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Wulc is an exceptional Doctor for the eyes, facial plastic,Laser, facial Reconstruction/repair. This doctor is an Oculoplast, triple board Certifications in both Ophthalmology, plastic/cosmetic surgery.He teaches at a Medical University locally,lectures. He also has his own line of specialty cosmetics for all his patients to use following procedures or just for everyday as most are non comedogenic and very safe for the face.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look fabulous! Thanks for all of the great detail on your post. Did the laser hurt? I am considering it for the wrinkles under my eyes.
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Thanks for all the info! I'll make an appt for a consult with him. Did you have fat implanted? Or any fat repositioned?
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How's the swelling under your eyes? Any change in shape of eyes? Droopiness? How's the redness from the laser? Any updated pic?
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No swelling,small whitish spots flat near eyelashes under left eye only. Dr. Wulc tried to remove this however the whitish small bump like appearance is still there. They were raised and now aren't as he did something to help remove the bumped raised area. The spots still exist but not really noticeable when cover up is applied. No swelling, redness after 4 months. I look great, people think I look like I'm in my 40's at age 60,which I just turned this week. I would encourage anyone who is considering facial plastic surgery, not noes surgery to make an appointment with Dr. Wulc, out of Plymouth Meeting, PA. You won't be disappointed as he has great credentials, teaches at a local University and is a really nice. He and his staff are committed to offer you the best outcome, he is a perfectionist, artist as well. His staff is unsurpassed in making sure your caring for your new face correctly following surgery or laser of your face or eyes. You will never feel ignored from the time you have your surgery till the point you are finished with follow-up appointments which are consistent for several months. They give you products to do this for months. You can purchase them their however no high pressure to do so. You will have to wait a bit to see him even with an appointment but people love him so sometimes you have to wait for the best in life, he is well worth it. New pictures will come soon, camera is not working..
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To all that have deep wrinkles on your face or upper Lip the best laser out there for this and least down time is the Dual Erbium laser by Sciton. Please look this laser up and what it does for deep wrinkles on the face and upper lip. I am 59 years old going on 60yrs and this laser by far is the best. It did not leave laser track marks and my wrinkles are gone. I was a mess, bad sun damage,sunken face, dark circles, upper deep lip wrinkles. The pictures are taken from me.
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I also had Erbium Laser by Sciton and went to one of the top doctors in Southern California. The result is track marks (waffling) on my forehead and cheeks and loss of pigmentation around my mouth. PLEASE don't have Erbium Laser treatments because the results vary with everyone!
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Not sure what Erbium Laser you used,Sciton is the best, and the dual Erbium is the best one. I don't have any of what you have and Im going on 60 years. My face was a mess with wrinkles,some brown spots. I have almost not marks from the laser,2 months later,I have reddness problems only. It's mild and going for IPL treatment to remove reddness.
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I don't have any of what you had. My doctor was outstanding and hightly trained,with triple board certifications in all phases of Laser, plastic Surgery,Opthamology and teaches. The Erbium I had was a dual Erbium by the comapnay Sciton. Not all lasers are the same.
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Your results are outstanding - so happy for you!! 
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