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I've have this pannus since I was young and after...

I've have this pannus since I was young and after having two kids its just gotten worse,I didn't even know what a panniculectomy was till My general surgeon told me about it ,I was seeing him to get lipomas removed from my abdomen ,he referred me to a plastic surgeon for the panniculectomy that was last yr 2012 my ins is bcbs ppo, I was denied then due to not enough medical documentation,so I made it a mission to see my general doc everytime I had a abdominal rash ,I was sent to a dermotologist .I decided I had gathered enough documentation 3 months worth plus last yrs visits ,my plastic surgeon then filled again June 15 by mid July I was told I was approved , I was over the moon . I can't wait to see my results :) ill post more as my surgery approaches and after results any questions feel free to ask .
Ohhhh my goshhhh...lemme know right away.....pleaseeeee crossing my fingers for good news for you!
I have the same body type as you do..i am having panni in the surgeon going to do anything with your belly button, im worried i will habve a muffin top...
I don't know exactly what he's gonna do ,but hopefully he does ,my pre op is this Monday so ill update then with what he will be doing ,I've read some surgeons do work with your belly button ,but I'm with you I'm worried as well about having a muffin top ,let's just hope for the best.

pre-op appt

Pre- op appt went well ,took for ever to see Dr hawner tho about 1hr+ 10m they took some more pics and made me fill out paper work before the big day ,I get to do blood work and pre- registration at longview regional tomorrow hopefully the wait there is not to bad on a good note I will have a new belly button :)
I just asked if I was going to have a belly button since ive seen some done get one or dont have one worked on ,he kinda giggled he's like no you will have a new one :)he's just gonna do it I'm guessing since my skin in getting pulled down all he has to do is make a new whole for it .my ins is paying for my procedure but I do have to pay a copayment so far $195.00 for the hospital .hopefully my results are good would of liked a tummy tuck but I can't afford that but anything is better than this over hang ,he said I should have good results so we shall see...I'm excited its almost time..
Reply did the belly button come about? Does your plastic surgeon just do it, did your insurance pay or r you paying out of pocket.. i am so happy for are going to look great!!!

pre- op registration @ hospital

Registration was a bit better, wait wasn't as bad had to fill out forms and pay hospital wanted to have everything done so I wouldn't have to deal with it on surgery day after wards had blood drawn ,blood pressure and oxygen levels checked ,was given forms on what to do before surgery and what time to be there ,was given special soap to wash with the night before and morning of surgery ,I still can't believe I'm having this done ,but I'm ready for it :)
I think your results will be great....wondering if I just have a crappy surgeon. Once they pull the skin down it will look going to dermatologist luckily for me it nice and infected... Hoping they will say that they will pull my skin down and make a new hole.. I too cannot afford a tummy tuck....really excited for you!

abdomen before surgery

Hate it!
Just saw your post - I too am having this procedure and like you bcbs denied it, 8 months, 7 doctors and an independent review later, it was finally approved. In my case I have developed these bleeding cysts in the area where the skin hangs down, it's pretty awful and just like my initial doctor predicted, no amount of creams or anti-biotics fixed it, no reason why bcbs should've denied it. I go in on Aug 26th and am a bit anxious about it even though I know it needs done. Anxious to hear how your recovery goes.
Yea bcbs seems to deny people the 1 st time and usually approves with more medical info I'm glad I just glad I got approved lots of people don't ,I know what u mean about feeling anxious mines this Friday and I'm starting to feel a bit scared I'm expecting the worse ,your surgery is just around the corner as well you will have to let me know how yours goes as well :)
Well if you ain't satisfied with your surgeon would it be possible for you to find someone else? Or does it have to be him? The purpose of having this done is to be happier with the way we look and find relief from the over hang but if you know your not going to be happy I would check and see if It would be possible to find one that can ,cause obviously there are surgeons out there who do :) I don't think the ins will cover it they find it cosmetic so that sux just try to find a surgeon who will and the dermqtologist won't be much of help either now ,they approved you so mostly depends on the surgeon you pick some do some don't good luck keep me posted as will I .

Surgery Day

I'm extremely tired and swore ,some areas burn like crazy and the nausea is so bad but only when I'm up and moving ,laying down not so bad ,everyone In the hospital was so sweet and helpful ,seen Dr hawner for little bit just to outline tummy ,I feel huge tho ,can't wait to see how it looks yet nervous ,anyways ill post pics when I'm feeling better.
Hope you are recovering well! I go in on Monday for mine. How long were you in the hospital?
Omg I can't wait to see pics..I hope you are feeling better.:)
Happy healing..

8/21/2013 post op appt

6 days post op, went to see Dr hawner today says I'm healing well, doesn't want me doing much of anything just rest ,got my left drain taken out and hopefully next week the right one ,I do find myself very tired after taking a shower ,I haven't really had a big appetite I'm usually good with small portions ,haven't had time or energy to take pictures ,hopefully soon tho.
Today was a particularly rough day. Wow, it was bad. Feeling better as we go into evening, but literally slept most of the day. Found JeannieM's comment about lifted up the panniculus funny because I already tried to do that. Took a shower yesterday, well sat in the shower and let water hit me, but when my hubby was helping me dry off, I turned to the mirror and went to lift my non-existent flap up to look at it. I can see that it will be great once I get thur this initial recovery period and already no odor from those sores which is fantastic and I didn't realize how much it smelled before though my husband assures me I didn't "stink" -- still really, really glad to have that gone. Not having too much of a problem with swelling, but the drains are doing their job then I guess. Still will be glad to have them gone. Can't even imagine how painful a full flown TT is!
Yep its a day by day process
Had my surgery on Monday, Aug 26th, 2013. What I had done just the removal of the panniculus, that is the apron of flab below the belly button that hung down over my private area and the top of my thighs. Mine was a medically necessity because I had developed open sores and cysts in the folds of that area, so what was removed was essentially infected skin. I did not have a full tummy tuck like some of you have had. It was painful, but although that is subsiding now, it hurts to change positions, whether laying down or standing up, etc. I was in the hospital overnight and was having issues with the pain meds. They used morphine and percocet, both meds I have had in the past with no issues, but this time I would heat up and sweat shortly after the meds were administered and it was uncomfortable to the point that I preferred the pain from the surgery over the discomfort the pain meds were causing - seriously. Now that I am home I am finding over the counter ibuprofen is working the best and in fact, last night sometime around 3am I was actually able to roll over onto my side and sleep that way - a nice break from having to be on my back because of being too painful to move around much. The drains they put in are kind of a pain and I'll be glad when they are gone. Got my first good look at it this morning when my hubby helped me take a shower and change the dressing. That "apron" of flab is just gone and right now it's still swollen but it looks great. So as the area recovers I'm sure I'll continue to be more pleased with it. For me, the biggest thing is those sores and cysts are gone and with them the odor they produced. Oh, and my belly button looks different, good but different. I guess it's common to actually loose your belly button. Doc has me off work for 3 weeks, but wow - can't see myself returning in 3 weeks. My job requires sitting and thus bending the body and the area where the surgery was performed! So we'll see if I feel differently in a week. Go for post op on Sept 4th (my 50th b-day!).

post op day 14

Still some swealing but looking better everyday..
I think it looks great! If mine comes out like yours i will be sooooo happy! 2 weeks from today i go in for my breast reduction and panni. At this point i just want it all over with. The days seem long. :/
Thanks ,it will be here sooner than you think!
I was wondering do u think you dropped any pant sizes? And also does it feel firm? Please if you could o would like to see more pics? Do you feel smaller? When u look at your feet do u notice it gone?

Right drain finally out

Seen Dr hawner today finally got my right drain out ,it was driving me nuts,got my belly button stitches out ,everythings falling into place little by little still swollen my thighs seem to get swollen as well other than that ok ,hopefully it keeps getting better ...
Oopppss ment right drain !!!

No more drains !_!

Hello I was reading your blog, I wanted to know how much have your tummy went down as of now
Hi, you look great. I live in Jacksonville, so Longview would be the closet surgeon for pannua surgery. I had Cushing's disease for years, well now, but my stomach over hangs, can't get rid of it with exercise or diet.
its been a couple months and i gotta say its had its up and downs , some days i like the way my tummy looks and there's days i get so swollen that i'm like wth" but its still 100x better than before ,i need to go back nxt yr to check on the cyst or mass ive developed in my lower abdomen if it does not go away by then ill have to have it removed so we shall see ,posting pics soon
Longview Plastic Surgeon

Overall I think my surgeon was good answered my questions ,never felt like he didnt care ,he seems to give 100% to give you the best results I never felt like he didn't ,if I ever considered getting anything else done I would come back and see him.The only thing i would recomend his office to do is work on there office wait time, They take way to long .

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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