40 Plus Needed a Make over - Tijuana, Mexico

Wanted a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I...

Wanted a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I did a viral consultation, I was suggested to get lip and fat transferred to buttocks.
I developed a fever when I arrived home and called Dr. Quiroz, he informed me it was normal. I went to see my doctor after fever was 103 persistently. I developed a staph infection and eventually needed to be hospitalized, I had MRSA. Dr. Quiroz did keep I contact with me while in the hospital.
After I healed, time passed I sent Dr. Quiroz pictures of my surgery results, one breast is smaller than the other, my breast are not perky but droopy. I paid for butt lift and fat transfer. There is no difference in my butt from before. Dr
Quiroz stated to me my body looked better than before I had surgery, I don't dispute that to be a fact but I have droopy breast, uneven breast and no butt.... Dr. Quiroz wants me to wait 6 months post opt to see full results, so I have no idea if he will correct any imperfections. In the end I spent roughly 15 grand for cosmetic surgery and hospital here in Cali for infection.


Posting pictures of breast, back from liposuction and tummy tuck
Breast are uneven, drooping, my back looks like an elder lady and no waist from result from lipo. My tummy tuck is not flat, I have not gained weighed. I lost 10 pounds since surgery.

MRSA infection

This infection was agressively treated by my physician when I had a fever of 103 and would not go away. Dr. Q informed me having a fever was normal, I wonder if MRSA was normal also. This infection and opening worsened and i was hospitalized. Staph infections happen in California also but disappointed with procedure outcome and feel he hopes i go away. ..

back to work

After 12 weeks of cosmetic surgery and MRSA information, I am returning to work tomorrow 6/23/14 . I am excited and nervous, my coworkers have not seen me since April 27. I work for a fairly large professional company, I have not kept in contact with my peers and they didn't know why I left on medical leave.
I feel my strength and stamina is good to return to my 10 hour shift.... ????

first day back to work

I made it through a 10 hour shift. My TT is swollen and slightly in pain. I have pretty much a desk job, social worker. I would get up and move around but slight set backs expected.

Lost 100 pounds and body needed a make over.

Lost 100 pounds and body needed a make over.
I am dismissed when I question job done and in reading estimate, I will have to pay for his poor quality of work revision. I understand now why he practices in mexico, not to help his patients in cost either. The laws are different than USA. He was understanding, listened and made promises but when he got his $$$ and I immediately starting asking questions he had a change in care.
Dr. Quiroz did a poor job on my surgery.
1. One breast larger, looks like one droops more than the other, scars are not the same on both sides.
2. Extended tummy tuck, loose skin all the way around.
3. My stomach still is bulging after tummy tuck.
4. FAT transferred to butt, WHAT BUTT???

new pics

5 plus month update

I have infection again. I hope MRSA has not returned. I had a boil growth where I had old wound/MRSA. I went to doctor to have it drained, biopsy and more blood work done. I sometimes regret the surgery, it has left me stressed, sleepless nights and broke...
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Mommy make over concerns: sagging and uneven breast, stomach not flat and what happened to my Brazilian butt.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I am so very sorry to hear this, please keep us updated. You are in my prayers....
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Thank you! It's confirmed I have a staph infection, not sure which strain yet. Emotionally tired.
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So sorry to hear that your going through this crap! I hope that Dr loses his license :-( your like the 4th girl that had bad experience with him, let's thank god your alive and you'll get better with the help of our Cali butthole Drs that are not very sympathetic as I read.
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I don't even know how to make a complaint about him since he is in Mexico.
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Isn't there a board in Mexico? There's one in Dominican Republic, I'm sure there's a board you can report him to.
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This is the boards website. Hopefully you can find the info you need to file a complaint. http://www.cirugiaplastica.org.mx/ddc.html
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Thank you 4 the info
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This site lead me to an error. ...
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It looks painful. Sorry for all this Stress,$$$$$$spent,horrible infections due to this Doctor. Prayers
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Sorry to hear about what happened. I was thinking of going to this facility but seeing another PS Dr. Carlos Castaneda. I hope it gets better. :(
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Thank you! Look up that doctor too, I haven't heard postive things about him. The down side to going to mexico is you don't have legal recourse to file a complain. Read the fine print they don't do revisions 4 free. Ask about if revisions needed and get it in writing.
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From what I have read most US doctors don't do free revisions either. Usually you have to pay for anesthesia at least. I was also looking into Dr Luis Suarez ( my mom, sister, and co worker went to him) and Dr Juan Pablo Cervantes. I am also going to check out Charles Sarosy in La Mesa CA he charges 4995 for TT and 8995 MM I also know 3 people who went with him for TT they had good results. Thank you for posting this! Again, I hope it gets better for you.
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I would be ok with operating room and anesthesia cost, but he will charge like new surgery. I am lucky I had health insurance, my hospital bill was 25 grand, my cost was about $4500 for Co payments to doctor, medication, wound care dressings and hospital stay from MRSA. I undecided if to return to him if he will do revisions. Praying about it. I was humiliated by California hospital for going down there, treated like crap. I already felt sick physically and to be treated badly by hospital here made me emotional, I was told I was close to death. I didn't need that when I was sick, weak and scared.
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I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. I can see in the pictures what you're talking about. Has Dr. Q. offered to revise this for you? Also, were you on antibiotics post operatively to prevent infection?
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Dr. Q, has diminished my concerns. He says to wait until 6 months to see results. He did say I need liposuction on my stomach bulge, I would have to pay. So I doubt he will take responsibility 4 his work.
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That's pretty much what I was told to..."just wait it's normal" it's over a year for me.
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Tínker it looks like you have one of those compression garments with the buttocks out? This will DEFORM your butt even further. They to buy a really good Faja like FAJATE or a SALOME, these will shape you up and at least your figure will he improved.
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I will look into it thanks.
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Which one would you recommend for me. Like a belly and butt faja?
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I wear a normal girdle, no butt type. The compression helps with pain and swelling.
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All good fajas have the shape that pulls in your waist and let's out your butt which creates an awesome shape. I'm wearing Fajate Diseño D'Prada #11172 (you should be able to google it). I got this one cause it has arm compression. You can buy online from inthepinkroom.com
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Use some fat-buster type gel or cream under the Faja. Massage all the areas of concern and wear your Faja all day and night. You'll see results I promise!!
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Wow your story is unfortunate and I feel so bad for you that you have to start over :-( I'm sure when you went in the first time thinking it would all be great and you have such a setback. I'm glad you are cleared of infections, my grandma had heart surgery and also got MRSA in her chest tube wound so this infection is not uncommon among any surgery. Best of luck on your revision and finding a new PS, best wishes and happy healing!
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I just saw your updated pics. The tt scar is thin and i think with a great ps he can help that and the loose skin on back. Breasts as well. If you doiit in the states,it will be expensive but let's be positive and have forward thinking and say it will be WORTH IT!!!! Maybe a bit premature but i have seen faces disfigured by cancer and my dermatological surgeon does amazing work that when they come out of surgery they look like a new woman or man. :) I was surprised at the transformations. You will be in my Prayers.
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I am not so bothered with the scar, it's the loose skin and breast. I already paid for cosmetic surgery and I am paying for the hospital stay here in California from infection.
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