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Wanted a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I...

Wanted a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I did a viral consultation, I was suggested to get lip and fat transferred to buttocks.
I developed a fever when I arrived home and called Dr. Quiroz, he informed me it was normal. I went to see my doctor after fever was 103 persistently. I developed a staph infection and eventually needed to be hospitalized, I had MRSA. Dr. Quiroz did keep I contact with me while in the hospital.
After I healed, time passed I sent Dr. Quiroz pictures of my surgery results, one breast is smaller than the other, my breast are not perky but droopy. I paid for butt lift and fat transfer. There is no difference in my butt from before. Dr
Quiroz stated to me my body looked better than before I had surgery, I don't dispute that to be a fact but I have droopy breast, uneven breast and no butt.... Dr. Quiroz wants me to wait 6 months post opt to see full results, so I have no idea if he will correct any imperfections. In the end I spent roughly 15 grand for cosmetic surgery and hospital here in Cali for infection.


Posting pictures of breast, back from liposuction and tummy tuck
Breast are uneven, drooping, my back looks like an elder lady and no waist from result from lipo. My tummy tuck is not flat, I have not gained weighed. I lost 10 pounds since surgery.

MRSA infection

This infection was agressively treated by my physician when I had a fever of 103 and would not go away. Dr. Q informed me having a fever was normal, I wonder if MRSA was normal also. This infection and opening worsened and i was hospitalized. Staph infections happen in California also but disappointed with procedure outcome and feel he hopes i go away. ..

back to work

After 12 weeks of cosmetic surgery and MRSA information, I am returning to work tomorrow 6/23/14 . I am excited and nervous, my coworkers have not seen me since April 27. I work for a fairly large professional company, I have not kept in contact with my peers and they didn't know why I left on medical leave.
I feel my strength and stamina is good to return to my 10 hour shift.... ????

first day back to work

I made it through a 10 hour shift. My TT is swollen and slightly in pain. I have pretty much a desk job, social worker. I would get up and move around but slight set backs expected.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Mommy make over concerns: sagging and uneven breast, stomach not flat and what happened to my Brazilian butt.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Thanks for sharing. I've heard of stories about A couple of PS not doing good jobs, I've never seen pictures. I couldn't see what you looked like before, but you sound very down about your makeover. I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through that! Let's look at the positive... Your ps left some skin to work with, if you go back to repair the ps will have something to work with. I had a tummy tuck about 11 years ago, then I had a son c-section may I add, and thank goodness I had some skin to work with, and my new ps was able to repair!!!
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wow. I have heard just horrible reviews on this doctor and a few others in Tj. I hope all goes well with new ps or md. I definitely won't be going to see this doc soon. I heard just great things about some others but I guess even with reputable doctor's and doing our due diligence it's a shot in the dark or craps and or like playing russian roulette. which by the way it shouldn't be! This upsets me so much. We as patients put our trust in a ps or md or dermatologist whatever he is certified as and then things go horribly wrong. What's WORSE is they never suffer damages. I pray everything works out in the end. Keep your head up and No More Tj! Bella
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Good luck back at work tomorrow. Good thing you were able to take a couple of months of for your recovery.
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I forgot to add that having a fever after a tummy tuck is NOT normal. That only happens when there's an infection brewing somewhere and most tummy tuck patients recover without infections! At my surgeon's clinic patients are asked to contact their surgeons immediately if they have a fever and to contact their office even if infection occurs as late as a month after a procedure. I'm so happy I didn't go to a foreign country for my first TT as I wouldn't have wanted to return if a revision had been necessary. Having it done locally was a great choice for me considering that I wanted a revision. I DID spend MANY hours researching foreign surgeons though before finally deciding to do it close to home.
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IF I do any revisions or cosmetic surgeries in the future it will be here in the California. After viewing other photos from same doctor, I feel blessed and infection has healed.
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Glad to hear that your infection is history!
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Where ever you go, make sure you are going for the Doctor and not the location, bad surgeries can happen anyway. I know someone from here who almost died from a bad PS in the northern CA area. She has had 4 surgeries and there I still more to come from his mess up... And I wish that simply by being a board certified surgeon, would guarantee a desired outcome, but that too is not always the case. So glad we have this site where we can really see, the good the bad and the ugly...
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Yes...it doesn't matter where you go or what doctor you use...I am convinced, it is a crap shoot! I've been working with a plastic surgeon out of Mexico for a few years. He has done all my plastics and I am totally satisfied with it all, but I know there have been gals who weren't satisfied with some of his work. I have friends here in Virginia who used the "TOP" plastic surgeon and they had horrible results...one even getting all her money back. So...you just never know.
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Also...a LOT of it has to do with a person's prior nutritional status, if they've had Weight Loss Surgery and how much weight they have lost and how long they carried he weight, etc. There are so many variables. SMOKING is a BIG factor in Post Op plastic surgery problems, but you can never convince a smoker that it has anything to do with their post op problems infections.
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So sorry to read about your sub-optimal results after spending so much money! It's awful that you're now MRSA positive too! Hope your results improve a bit over time.
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So do you know where you contracted the MRSA, do they feel was it picked up at the Clinic?
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I am postive I picked it up at the clinic. On my left side where tummy tuck was done, I had excessive ozzing. The nurse was kind enough to to hand wash my tummy girdle, it was soiled heavily. Unfortunately MRSA you can easily pick up at any hospital, I was unlucky to pick up this staph infection. It was the treatment from doctor and results that has me upset. At this time I feel blessed to be alive and healthy. I don't have anger, I look ok, sorta... i am still going through different emotions.
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I have a close friend who had a LBL in Feb and picked up a nasty infection at a hospital in FL. I was afraid to go to hospitals, now I'm staying away from large Clinics....The one thing I did before I left to have my LBL was I signed up for a package of hyperbolic treatments, they gave a discount to Plastic Surgery Patients. I didn't want to take a chance of getting any infections. The oxygen and the decompression really helps kill infectious germs and aids in healing and lessons the scaring so, I thought why not. It was my insurance policy since I traveled out of state...I understand your attitude towards the infection, things happen even under the best of circumstances but the sloppy or rushed job of surgery is inexcusable.
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I also feel like my dr wished I'd go away! It's a horrible feeling.......
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Although I am a coordinator for TJ Plastic surgeon, I would always recommend having plastics done in the states if you can afford it as there is really no recourse you can take with a surgeon in Mexico but you should know that from the beginningl
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Same Doctor,,I felt the same.Going somewhere else for my upper eyelid revisions
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It is standard procedure to wait at least 6 months not only for final results but to do any type of revision. I know you must feel anxious and angry! Keep us posted.
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I was anxious when I was hospitalized with MRSA but grateful to be alive, I was told by the doctors here another few days I could of died. I understand I need to wait 6 months, actually I have to w add it longer due to infection. I am disappointed in his concern and comments he made.
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I am so sorry for your bad experience.
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So very sorry for your outcome, I had a similar experience with the same Doctor...
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Thank you for sharing the details of your procedure as well as the pictures.   I am sure you were terrified having the infection and fevers.  But I am glad to hear that cleared up for you.
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