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Facelift with Dr. Quiroz, Mexico

Well hi everyone, I've been talking with a few...

Well hi everyone, I've been talking with a few women who have been to Dr. Quiroz in Mexico, following their stories and their post transformation and I have finally jumped in. I am schedualed to have a face/necklift, Rhinoplasty, browlift and upper lip dermabrasion on the 23rd of this month. Just 10 days away. I am turning 53 in October, a grand mother of 5 little girls, married to a wonderful man and a RN of 25+ years. I have been investigating different PS's here in the US and in Mexico for about a year now, I have seen wonderful work here and in Mexico and also bad too. I guess going into this I know that I need to be more active in this process being outside of the US. You have to have all your meds and have a MD lined up for when you return in case of any complications, which I have done. I personally have chosen not to tell people I know from around here other than my immediate family of my pending surgery. We all know that their are nay sayers out there and I personally do not want to have to deal with that, I would like this experience to be a painfree as possible. I am nervous as I think we all are going into something like this, I have the trust in my PS to do a good job, I am not expecting perfection but improvement and a fresher appearance from this. I have got my flight scheduled, my deposit made, labs done and sent over, and I am staying at the Recovery center until Wed the 2nd of Oct so I will be there 9 days postop. I'm starting to do my packing and getting everything together, nervous energy I guess. Not much else to write at this point so I'll sign off now, I'll post some before pictures after I figure it all out how to on here :)
Very strange, woke up this morning and I'm feeling bad about the loss of an old friend, my soon to be old face. I don't what to say about this or to think, but according to others who have done this, feeling down is going to happen, But it's not supposed to happen till after the facelift, damnit :) Doing more packing, ordered off ebay some ice packs for my neck and face and some silver wound healing ointment to prevent infection and to help healing with no infection of the incision sites, this stuff is supposed to kill even MRSA. I'm a nurse so I tend to go a little overboard when it comes to healing and infection, I'm even bringing my own gloves. I'm bringing Hibaclenze to wash my intended surgical sites even for 3 days pre surgical. Oh yea, I'm doing it all, even more than that. I am trying everything I can to decrease the risk of complications. If anyone would be interested I can let you all know what I'm doing so you can decide if any of it's worth while. I'm sure that I'm probably going overboard but what the heck, it's letting me work off this nervous energy. Bye for now.
PS, Yes yes, very interested in EVERYTHING you are doing!! Overboard...no way!!! Going to research the silver wound ointment! Thanks for the tip!
Kat, ahh, thanks! I've been hanging out on this site for around a year, seeing what others say and checking into doctors, and I love the support that women can give each other, at a time where only another woman can understand. So thanks for the support and I will letcha know all about this and if this is a good way to go, having this done in Mexico. From all the research that I've done, this should be just fine, but I'll keep in touch.

Sept 16, update in comment section.

I guess that I did updating in the comment section, ooops. Got it now.
Well sometimes we have to remove friends from our lives that bring us down:) Keep us posted.

Viva La Mexico, Here I come!

Well tomorrow is the day I fly out, got a 5:15 flight out, will arrive around 12:15pm and Cosmed will have a driver "Eddie" there waiting for me outside of the terminal, I'm bringing 1 suitcase loaded down with Qtips, gauze, and everything else I could think of that I would possibly need. Had some help with this a couple ladies who just got back from Dr.Q told me to bring lounge attire and DVD's, so I of course am, I appreciate the words of advice from these ladies. I'm purposely getting there early in hopes of doing a little pre surgical relaxation (shopping), I've been told there's a mall very close to the Recovery Boutique where I will be staying. Have to tell you that Dr.Q's patient Coordinator dropped the ball with me, she says she didn't receive my lab values or my deposit receipt but I got the fax verification that it went thru ok, so I am taking all of that with me, so the doctor did not get to review my lab work prior to me going there, but they are ok, she also schedualed Eddie to pick me up on Sat, (today) at 4pm. Ooops, I'm not there yet, so I definetly recommend doing a follow up no matter if they tell you everything has been done, do it before you go and wait on the phone while they double check. I went against my resolve of not telling anybody I knew outside of my immed family that I was going to Mexico for a facelift yesterday, a past co worker of mine was at the same nail salon that I go to and seen me there, we started talking and I told her, well she kind of rolled her eyes and said Oh my gosh, Mexico, are you sure? I assured her that it was fine and I had investigated it well and well her responses were less than encouraging. So for me personally I am back to my resolve of not telling anybody. I'll just let them tell me when they see me how great I look and are you doing something different to your hair? :) I'm thinking positive here girls. So not much else but feeling nervous and excited to get on with it. so i'll check back in with you all tomm after I settle in or soon after post op. Happy healing to all you and i'll talk with ya soon.
Good luck and pray for speedy recovery and that the physicians hands will be blessed,don't think about what if ...Think about the new self confidence you will have, be at peace and know that all will be ok
Thank you darling, everybody this is my beloved daughter. now I'm crying, do pray for me honey. I love you and you are always in my heart. I'll be just fine tomm, XOXO
Hi Patty! Hope you are doing great over there! I agree, best not to tell anyone. Shoot I'm just getting Silikon in my lips but everyone rolls their eyes & tells me I'm nuts..yeh, ummm, researched it six years. Anyway, I have a question on how you got your doctor here lined up? Was it another plastic surgeon or family doctor? I can't wait to hear the rest of your story! Keeping you in my thoughts!! :)

I'm Here.

hi everybody, I'm here now at the recovery center,, only one other person here, a older man, (probably my age:)) and he had his surgery Thursday and is leaving tomm, he had a body lift after a lap band surgery with massive weight loss, you can wear your PJ's or lounge attire, everything is very casual here. I found the mall and it is only 2 blocks away, a very nice one, complete with a starbucks. They also have a casino at the mall, I partook for a couple of hours on the slot machines, they havent learned to rig them as bad as the ones in the states because I didnt loose and I always loose. The room here is nice, everything that you would need, not home but seemingly clean and well kept,they keep hot water for tea and cookies and fresh fruit handy at all times in the dining room. They have good and free wifi, a hospital bed and your own controlled airconditioner.They only give you bottled water here and all things that are made from water comes from bottled water. They are going to wake me at 7am tomm and then I go upstairs to meet with the doctor at 8, then surgery will start sometime. I washed all areas that I think will be worked on with hibiclenzs wash and I will do that again in the am before I go see doc. Well I'm going to sign off now, long day, and surgery tomm. :)
Im good! Better question, are you going through the post surgery blues? Are you healing? Whassup!
Lmao. Now we know you're ok, Patty.
Grace, you do alot of postings to other peoples sites, sharing your vast knowledge and advice to others and have alot of questions to the RS doctors,, Do you have anything better to do with yourself other than to post on other peoples sites? Just exactly why are you haunting Real Self site? You joined here in 2009 and have 102 posts but I do not see where you had PS yourself, or anywhere that you are sharing information about yourself, you seem really flippen creepy to me, why don't you get a life, get off my site, start your own after all these years, and as for being gracious, here's one for you "KISS MY ASS"

Road to recovery.

Hi ladies, sorry it's been so long since I've updated but I'm here and I'm letting you now in my opinion how it is in Mexico with Dr.Q for a facelift. I am happy with the way the surgery process went with Dr.Q. I had a facelift, necklift, Rhinoplasty and a nose job, he also did dermabrasion to my upper lip, and I had Fraxel by Dr. Fuentes while I was still out after the surgery. His operating rooms are very modern and I did not see anything anywhere wrong at all with them, I did not question the hygenics of it as I did not see anything that would make me question any of it, I have been an R.N for 25+ years and I was very picky with my selection of Dr.Q for my surgery, I did my investigating of him and other doctors here in the states and in Mexico. He listened to me and gave me what I wanted, and he did a great job, I am pleased that I went to Mexico for surgery and I don't regret any of it. For any of those who question going to Mexico for surgery, it was all very safe, my transportation was arranged for me and I had no problems, I even walked to the mall, 4 blocks away on 3 different occasions, just to get out, have a Starbucks and look around, I looked bruised up and pretty messy but I dealt with it, used a scarf around my head and wore sunglasses, I was fine. Dr.Q's establishment is very professional and clean, and he and his staff are professional's, Dr'Q is a fine PS, with as much if not more education as any PS here in the states. I have my recommendations to any that are thinking of going there too, bring your own pain meds, anti nausea meds and antibiotics, also bring iron in case of the need after surgery. I investigated the antibiotics used for PS surgery and most doctors use Keflex, ask Paulina Dr.Q's coordinator what ABO he will be wanting you to use that way you can bring it and save yourself some money. If you stay at the recovery house there at Cosmed you will not need to bring bandages or anything like that as they have it all and will assist you with showering and redressing your incision sites, I also seen Dr.Q every morning and he looked over all of my sites to make sure that I was doing well. i will have to get help with uploading photo's for all of you so if you want them on here let me know and I will get that done for you, I hope this help's any of you considering this for yourself, let me know if you have any questions, take care all.
I'd love to see some before and after photos.
Thanks for your update Patty!! Glad you are doing great!!! Thanks for the tips on what to bring!! So looking forward to seeing your after pictures I'm sure you must be pleased!! Wow, you had your nose done too!! OUCH!!!! OUCH!!! You are going to look so fine for the holidays & I will be so jealous!!! :) XOXO Kimberly
Thanks Kimberly, I'm glad that I got my nose done too, but it sure takes along time to heal, I still have soreness to the tip and the tip is still swollen so this does take awhile to go down, if you are needing any more tips for going over there I will be happy to tell you, my nose isnt perfect but better than it was, I think that we all want perfection when it's all done but they all tell you do not expect perfection just expect improvement and that's what I got so even though I'm not jumping up and down over it, I am pleased with it. XOXO back to you, Patty
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Quiroz so far has been very attentive, when I call and I leave a message for a return call, he returns my call that day. I will do a more detailed review as I cont along this process. Update: I rate Dr.Q right up there as I feel he is a excellant PS, He has always been very attentive and caring ,I would recommend him to anyone looking into having a facelift, I feel that I got a wonderful job done with my PS, I'm glad that I chose him, do not worry about going to Mexico, to him as it will probably be a better experience for you there than here even. Adios friends, May gentle gifted hands be with you all in your PS, I found mine and am very pleased with him.

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