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Excess Skin Removal After Gastric Sleeve - Tijuana, Mexico

I had gastric sleeve surgery December 2012 and...

I had gastric sleeve surgery December 2012 and lost a little over 90 pounds, which left me with loose/saggy skin.  I knew I wanted plastic surgery, but needed to wait till I was a year out.    I finally decided on Dr. Quiroz w/COSMED in Tijuana Mexico to do my plastic surgery.  I had liposuction, lower body lift, breast lift and butt lift that included fat transfer on December 11, 2013 with Dr. Quiroz.  I only have good things to say about this surgeon and his staff, and the aftercare facility.  COSMED was very clean, the staff was very caring and professional. There was no language barrier, the staff could speak English for the most part.   The doctor has the best bedside manners one could ask and stayed in touch with me after I came back to the states.  Once I was back home in the states I sent post op pictures to the doctor, therefore, he could see how everything was healing.  If I had questions I’d send an email or call, and he’d call me back that day.  I had a question once during the holiday, the doctor was on vacation and was out of town and he still took the time to call me to address my question/concern while I was recovering/healing.  I couldn’t have been more impressed. How many doctors do you know would go that extra mile for his/her patients while he/she was out of town on vacation?  I don’t know of many, but I do know Dr. Quiroz is one of them that really cares about his patients.


I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results from plastic surgery.  Dr. Quiroz did an amazing job.  Yes, there is scaring and I expected that but what surgery doesn’t leave scares.  To me the scaring is well worth the end results.   March 11, 2014 will be 3 months post op, and I already look so much better than I did before.  Don’t get me wrong recovery was rough and painful, but if I had to do it all over again I would chose Dr. Quiroz in a heartbeat to do my plastic surgery.  Matter of fact, I am looking to have additional procedures done here soon (thigh light, face/chin lift and breast implants, and eventually an arm lift).  It’ll have to be in stages of course, but I can’t wait!!  I know Dr. Quiroz will do an amazing job just as he did with my first surgery on December 11, 2013.  Thank you Dr. Quiroz.  Looking forward to seeing you and your staff again soon.


Do you have any photos to share?
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

Congratulations with your weight loss and surgery, you must feel like a whole new person? How did you find the recovery? Did you have much pain, or any issues with sutures splitting, etc?

I'm going to need this surgery soon and I'm always so worried that I'll split something, in the process of lying down/sitting/standing up, etc.
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5 months post op update

It's been 5 months since my PS with Dr Quiroz. Life is wonderful. I have posted some before and after photos. Don't be discouraged by the scare going up the middle of my stomach. Do to my apple shape it was best to do surgery this way to get a flatter stomach. I'm going back in July for neck/face lift and breast implants and during that time the Dr. will also be doing a revision on the area just above the belly button to make more even and flatter.

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adding another 5 month post op photo


Did you go back for your face/chin lift???
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Yes, I actually just got back from having my face/neck lift, breast implants and the revisIon to the upper stomach area. I had surgery July 3rd with Dr Quiroz at CosMed. Dr Quiroz did a wonderful job on the breast implants. To be honest I'm a little concerned with the face/neck lift. A couple things are off (don't look right). I am pretty swollen in the face area and the ears, so it'll be a little while for the swelling to go down and I am able to see the final results. As of right now I can't really give an opinion on the face/neck lift. I want to be fair and give it time to heal before passing judgement.   I will get pictures posted and try to post new ones each week.
Overall I was pretty happy with the face/neck lift. Although it should have been pulled a lot tighter, I did get rid of my jowls, and I don't have any unsightly scaring, no one can tell I had a facelift, even other Plastic Surgeons...not sure if that means because little to no change or that it was done so well, they can't tell...I am hoping that some fillers will help with all the lines on my face that are still there...It takes 6 months to really see the full effect of the face lift...I would love to see your pictures!

1 week postop face/neck lift in Tijuana

Here's picture one week post op of face/neck lift. Things just don't look right even with the swelling. Right ear is a flap of skin.... not sure why its's there. Anther concern i have is that the left ear lobe attached higher to the side of face vs the rift side. Not sure why the bottom of the ear lobe is attached to the side of the face when it wasn't before.


How are you doing now? Your face should have healed nicely by now, would love to see some updated photos....hope all is well
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I just reread the comment about
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New phone sorry....anyway one of my earlobes is like that too. The right one, at first it really bugged me but no one notices it.
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