My Mexican Facelift at Cosmed Clinic - Mexico, MX

I say Mexican Facelift, but it's only a few miles...

I say Mexican Facelift, but it's only a few miles south of the boarder and they even have a Medical Lane at the boarder for fast crossings should you need to get back to the states in a hurry...but not to worry there is no need to rush back as this Facility is state of the Art, cleaner and newer than most Hospitals I've seen. Dr. Quiroz an his staff are just wonderful and all speak English with 80% of his patients being from the US and Canada. I did not go there to save money, which I did and that was a blessing. I went there because of his recommendations for his work with patients who had lost a great deal of weight. My face lift was done to remove the jowls and turkey neck left hanging after losing 100 lbs. Not only did I have the face/neck lift at the same time I had a arm lift and a anchor breast lift with a saline implant. My husband and I were picked up at the San Diego airport and driven to the beautiful Center, (I felt like I was in Beverly Hills when I went inside) had some routine tests done and later meet with Dr. Quiroz. The staff arraigned a Hotel Stay for the night and the next morning we were picked up an taken to the Clinic.

Surgery was a breeze (I slept though and woke up early evening in the recovery room where I spent the night. My husband stayed in the onsite Recovery Bouquet where I joined him the following day. I can not say enough about the recovery center, it is small and well staffed, the nurses there were very caring and made me very comfortable. I really had no idea the pain that would come with all the work that I had done. I can take a lot, and this was a lot to deal with at one time. My husbands' thought on the subject was if you are going to be in pain anyway you might as well get it all done at once. Well that was easier said than done, because the pain is three times as bad. I am so glad it is over and I made it, but the first two weeks were bad....I think my arms hurt the most as the tissue is very tender under the arms....And my neck was right up there too...felt like I had cardboard placed under my skin....but enough of all that. It is all good now, in fact it is great. My face looks wonderful, and I now have skinny girl arms and perky boobs....what could be better. After staying 5 nights at the recovery center we spent another week at the near by Marriot. (His staff arraigned our stay which turned out to be less than a Motel 6 here in the States) I had my follow up appointment and was released to travel home. A quick trip back to the airport and we were done. I traveled back 6 weeks later for a follow up visit, this time we drove in parked our car at the boarder, took a 5 min cab ride to the center, had my visit and after a quick trip back across the boarder we were back at our car at 1:00pm thus having a full day left to enjoy San Diego...I will take some pictures of my current face, my profile picture was taken last year way before my can see the folds in my face and the turkey neck which are all gone now!

Before Picture

This picture was the last one taken before my surgery. It shows the deep lines on my face...

another before photo

Even with the big sun glasses you can see the wrinkles...

After picture

5 months post op....

After picture

5 months post op...

Coming up to the 6 month post surgery mark

My Doctor told me it would take 6 months to fully heal and see the results, so I thought I should share where I am at today. First of all I just read from a PS on this site, that the pain from a face lift should be slight and last 2 days...He obviously has never had one himself... (I'm sure he most likely tells women childbirth doesn't hurt Anyway back to my healing. First of all being a person that bruises easily I was prepared for the worst and it didn't happen, in less than a week I was out in public and going to restaurants as I recovered. I was on pain medication so I was feeling okay...I looked better than I felt, I use the word felt but in reality I could not feel a thing in my checks, ears and neck. I was a little scared that I would not ever feel normal. The incisions healed quickly but the loss of feeling remained in various degrees all the way up to this week. It's like my face knew it had six months to heal so it used all of it. I asked my hubby if he could see much of a difference and he said "Are you kidding me? a huge improvement" so that made me happy. I am very happy. Anyone that has had this type of surgery knows it's no walk in the park, and that it takes time to heal from it, but the results are so worth it all...If you are considering such a surgery, I say do it, we only live once, we might as well do it up!

New picture taken last week...

So happy with the results

7 months out....

Seven months out and there are no signs that I had any work done at all. Inside or out. After a few months I looked pretty good but had limited or no feeling in much of my neck and sides of my face, which I am happy to announce have all come back...Last week I went to visit another Plastic Surgeon, simply because I plan on having more procedures and I wanted another opinion on how best to handle them. So anyway I thought why not go to one of the very best Beverly Hills PS for a consult. During that consult for other areas, I told him I had recently had a facelift and he told me that just my looking at me he could not tell that I had any work done. I took that as a huge complement to the great work Dr. Quiroz did with my lower face/neck lift. And just for the record, both doctors were on the same page as what else I needed to have done.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I am not one to publicly announce this, but last week I had a big Birthday, I turned 60!!! My plan has always been to have a facelift, so I made in just in time...I feel like I am 40...Thanks to Dr. Quiroz I look it, or pretty close...LOL

Was looking at someones wedding photo when.....

So as I was looking at a friends wedding photo I noticed this pretty lady in the crowd, then all of a sudden I realized it was funny and how great is that!

11 months out

I'm am 11 months out from having my lower face/neck lift and sometimes forget where I started at. I didn't take any before pics but here is a picture taken a couple of weeks before surgery, I blew it up so you could see the wrinkles there were many. My only regret is that I did not have the brow lift at the same time. I now plan on going back for one of those and possible a upper eye lift. My advice to any considering such surgery, do it earlier rather than later....

Came across a couple photos

Here are a couple photos that were on my phone camera, one is two weeks before the other is 12 days after, you can still see the incisions

A Year later....

Again the same ole story I have been hearing about my previous surgeries, it should have been so much better....My face is the best of the three procedures, but I still have a very noticeable line running down both the sides of my noise to my mouth. And I was told my cut and muscle stitch under my neck was not very good, not tight enough...of course....I only had the money to do this once, I wish I could go back in time and do a better job researching surgeons. When I did my first surgeries, I did not know about this site. So please if you are on this site and you plan on having some work done, research your Doctor, read the good reviews and the bad ones. Reach out to his patients, get the real story. I did that with my last surgery that I had 2 weeks ago and found a great surgeon. One that I would never had known about had it not been for RealSelf. Don't be swayed by fancy buildings of glass and marble, sure they are nice, but no substitution for a Great Plastic Surgeon....
Dr. Quiroz

Dr. Quiroz from the CosMed Cinic is the best! Very skilled with weight loss patients, worth traveling too, to have him do your surgeries...He spent so much time with me over the phone, online in person, you never feel rushed when you see him, you feel like he would spend the day with you if you needed it...His staff is very professional and beautiful, the whole environment is beautiful, makes you feel so special...

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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i agree with notgrandma. You're too hard on yourself. You look fab,rejoice in your successful procedure and be happy,you're alive! I have read all the horror stories about plastic surgery gone wrong abroad and in the states. I am amazed at how many women go out of the country for surgery. yikes,i would be too scared and i'm Mexican! I commend you. Be Happy and be safe.
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You are gorgeous! Maybe you're being too hard on yourself and maybe others are being too critical of another professional's work. As long as you didn't end up in the ER from complications, I think you should enjoy your enhancements and not concentrate on what "could have been". You said you were looking at someone's wedding photos and noticed a pretty lady and realized it was you - that is success!
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Thanks, I am happy with my outcome, but I just wish the problem area of the lines on my face were not as noticeable. I plan on checking into fills to see if that can help, as I have seen several ladies on here with great results...
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So would you still recommend Dr. Quiroz to do a facelift?
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I think facelifts are his best work...but not sure if I would tell someone they should go there....I've seen a patient just days out from having a face lift with my new surgeon, and she looked great and was not in any pain if I was making a recommendation today it would have to be with Dr. Victor Gutierrez
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I'm sorry you're not 100% happy with your surgery. You're a very attractive lady though, I love the pic of you and your hubby. Ps. Can you please send some of that sunshine to rainy England? :)
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Thanks, you are sooo sweet, that's just it, it's not like I am unhappy, but when I am told my under the chin tuck should have been tighter and the pull to the cheeks should have been tighter, it's a little depressing since this is something I could only afford to do once...(mentally and financially) just want to have the very best outcome possible. I have said it so many times now, how thankful I am for this site, as it is so informative to those considering surgery. Had I known about this site before I started my Plastic Surgery journey, I'm sure I would have done things differently....
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I totally understand Az. It's not like we have money trees. You do your research and you expect to at least get the best that the doc can do. I've experienced that right here in CA, with doctors who were referred to me as top notch. That is why Im so insistent on seeing photos of the doctor's work.
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Exactly, Opinions, well everyone's got them, can't always judge by those, but pictures, they don't lie....
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You Look Great
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I just read my initial review, I said how the Doctor and the Clinic made be feel so special....Yep, they did that alright, I felt so special, too bad I didn't end up looking so special!
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are you saying that you are actually not happy with the results from your facelift with this doctor? so you wouldn't recommend it?
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It's good, but you would never know I had a face lift, the deep lines running from my noise to my mouth are still there...and there is a budge under my chin. Other PS's say it should have been I'm not disapointed, just not thrilled. Who wants to hear it could have been or should have been so much better????
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Hi AZ, I wanted to let you know that I did 28 days of HCG,and I am now in my 3rd wks of phase 4, I lost 17 lbs & 11 inches! Thank you for your honesty, it's not for everyone, but it has worked for me too! I'm so much better, it has helped me to get on track, I eat and think about what I ingest so differently!Amazing, and thank you again!
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That's exciting!!!
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My face also lost a lot of volume when I lost all the weight :( I'm thinking of doing a liquid face lift, and if that doesn't do the trick, I'll probably go the surgical route next year. You look beautiful.
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Thanks so much, there wasn't anything that was fixing my face but the knife. So glad I had it done, only wish I had done the brow lift at the same time, I still need that done, I believe it's the best way to lift the eyes without looking too pulled....I don't have any pre pictures that really show what I looked like first thing in the morning before but I had hound dog growls...
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You look incredible. You truly look 20 years younger!! Congrats on the amazing transformation :)
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Thanks so much, it was the face that pushed me forward to having all the surgeries, I couldn't stand the wrinkles that greeted me every I had to act fast. The weight loss was great the wrinkles were a horrible side effect.
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beautiful! Just great! You are such an inspiration, really! I read all your different posts, You are a go getter. I really love your spirit. I think it's so awesome you have done all these different things to make you whole, and look like you feel! I hope I'm always blessed enough to things like this for myself too, it's life changing, in a good way. I had major doubts about the HCG, but I'm all in now because of you,thank you! I just need a jump star, it's such an uphill battle, age ,hormones, and such. If I can lose this extra 30 lbs I would be ecstatic! Keep inspiring!
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Thank you so much, such sweet words...My hormones were the cause of all my problems, I used to be a great dieter, but then all of a sudden nothing worked. As hard as I worked the scale only moved in the wrong direction....HCG was the first thing that worked in years...I believe that's why all the bad press, it works too well...the big drug companies hate it. Obesity is worth Billions of dollars, no big drug company wants to cure it, only treat it. I did the diet for one reason only, and that was to prove to my daughter that nothing worked for me. Only then I started losing any where from 1/2 to a whole pound each forward 9 months and I had lost 102 lbs...that was 3 years ago!
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What is HGC!?
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You look really good!
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azdee. looked great before her procedure and now she looks fabulous,I wish I had the money for a facelift, i feel old and insecure, so sad we have to age so unfair but that's life just have to sit here and wait for estee lauder or lancome to come out with the holy grail of an anti aging cream
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funny only the lancome costs just about what a facelift costs!
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