No More Batwings...

After losing 100 lbs I found that not only were my...

After losing 100 lbs I found that not only were my arms sagging but they were wrinkled so bad I looked 100 years old. One week after my surgery I was home watching a morning news show when they announced athat the newest craze in plastic surgery was having a arm lift and that the procedure was up 800% in the last few years...I thought to my self that is nuts, as I was in so much pain as the under part of the arm is very delicate. And there is a huge scar running down both arms. I know the scar will get lighter over time but this is one surgery that I do not recommend unless it is really necessary as it is body altering for sure. For me I am delighted with the results but it was really needed, I wish it wasn't but it was....I am so happy with my surgeon and my outcome.


AZDee, i would have to agree with you. i dont think people realize what they are in for, i know i didnt. i knew there would be scars, but i am 4 months post op and still have pain and swelling. this surgery is definately not for lightwieghts, thats for sure.
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No more bat wings...

This was the right surgery for me as it was totally needed and I had a very good surgeon. I know everyone says that, but I have looked at the pictures and some of the scaring is horrible. I have a very thin pencil line scar. After 5 months it still is red but it's getting better daily. The photos above are 2 months before surgery and 2 weeks after surgery. I would suggest losing all your needed weight first and then see if you really need skin removal. Many times lipo is also done when the skin is removed, but for me it was not needed. This is a great life changing surgery when it is truly needed...And I do love my new skinny girl arms...


Looking good! I cannot wait to get my young arms, LOL!!!
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Thanks so much for your experience! I have been thinking about doing this as I have bat wings now that I am down 55 pounds. But, I have my breast reduction coming up....only took me 28 years to finally get that done! Tummy tuck and lypo are scheduled for the winter. But, this is probably going to be something that I have to get done too.....don't really want to, but the excess weight under my arm makes getting a top almost impossible to find! Love the weight loss...but not all this flabby, hanging skin!
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I had three surgeries done all at the same time, it saves a lot on facility fees and anesthesia costs etc...think about doing the arms with the tummy tuck you will be out healing for one surgery anyway, it also saves on recovery time...I am having a lower body lift done in the spring and also a CO2 treatment for the face and chest...

Arm surgery with Dr Quiroz

Here is a photo I took yesterday it shows everything I had done in April 2013, face, neck, arms and breast lift and saline implant....5 months out everything is healing nicely....


Looking forward to seeing some pics~ thanks xx
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Wow this is a great job. do you live in Mexico or traveled there? i have a quote 7,700 for bilateral brachio and bilateral mastoplexy. wonder if its worth it for me to travel there?
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It's very easy to travel there as they pick you up at San Diego airport. I had 3 proceedures done at once to save in costs and recovery time. I traveled from AZ. Then went back 6 weeks later for followup, which many don't do....

Six month mark....may need atlitte fix at the bottom

this picture is a little hard to see the arm since I took it in the mirror but it shows the arm with the bunching at the bottom. Looks like a little fix will be needed there. The rest of the arm is healing nicely and the scar is nice and thin.


Dee have you seen what happened to my arms
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I just saw them, hopefully when they heal it will not be noticeable. Mine healed pretty well with the exception of the gathered or pulled looking area at the end (elbow) of both arms. The other PS said I need a revision with lipo of the whole arm that there is still loose skin! I have heard it is not uncommon to have two arm procedures I was really hoping not to be one of those. For me the pain of healing was the worst. The support garments really helped with the pain and the feeling that I was pulling something...
I am not using a support garment and I won't if thwt would have prevented what happened to my arm. As far as two surgeries to correct the arm, I have not heard of that. However I have needed revisions to my tummy tuck and mons to get them to where I liked them. I suspect I will need revisions to the new work that I just had done.

I will be having some sort of revision

Not sure how much I am going to have done just yet. I will need to have the "pulled area" at the bottom of each arm fixed. Second PS said the cut should have come all the way to the elbow since there is still extra skin and I should have had a little lipo and then they could have been pulled tighter. But when showing me just how tight they could be, the upper arms becomes smaller than the lower arm (below the elbow) and that just might look alittle weird...I most likely will just have the bottom area recut and fixed as I have a really nice scar on the rest of the arms and would hate to mess that up and also the thought of all that pain and recovery is not a option....I am planning on using my original PS to correct this, I just thought it would be good to get a over all second opinion on just what work he would suggest I have done such as how to do the lower body lift and legs and so he also checked out my arms while I was there...He did say my face looked really good and that he would not have known I had had a face lift. So I thought that was really cool that a PS could not tell just by looking at me...


I can see what you are talking about...let's hope your surgeon is able to correct the puckering when the time comes! As for me.....I think I am starting to panic about getting my 'bat winged' corrected next Thursday...either that or the ache in the pit of my stomach is not a good sign! I think that what concerns me the most is how do I get up and down off of things....since I will be having a TT, lypo and Brachioplasty.....if I said I think I'm scared...would you understand?
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just a little 2 inch cut should fix it...I don't want them redone, I don't want to go though the healing process again...I understand completely, hopefully you will have help to move around for the first couple of weeks. Wearing the support sleeves really helped me, they gave me a nice tight feeling so I was able to move around better. My PS didn't give them to me, I ordered them online...
I am pretty sure that I will be able to get them either from my surgeon or from the store that he deals with. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

9 month photos

Left arm looks great scar is very light and thin now, right arm is the one with the "pulled" area at the lower portion. Looks like a little fix will be needed when I go back for other work.


Next week when I have my other surgeries I will be getting the "pulled" area on both arms repaired. Happy about that!!!
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Looking good, chica!
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Thanks, I wish I had the right arm already done since the scars are so light now, should have gone back and had it fixed

Arms to be redone...

I will be having the lower portion of both arms re-cut and sewn as I have a bad case of "dog ears" This work will be done with another surgeon...


Look Awesome... I too, Face, breasts arms, thighs & butt... 1 done yesterday... (face) Gotta read your reviews....
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How exciting for you, can't wait to follow your progress!!!! Now get some rest!!!
I have been following your story as an arm lift is on my wish list. Why did you decide on a different surgeon for your redo?
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A Year later....

Here I am more than a year later and what has changed? Well the size of my arms are smaller, but I still find myself with my arms at my side, or wearing long sleeves as not to show my arms, so really not all that much has changed. My scars are so noticeable they look worse than the flabby skin that was once there. I am coming into another summer without the freedom of being able to be carefree when it comes to my arms. I was disappointed with the outcome at first, but now I am just plan pissed off. This is something that I addressed with the doctor on several occasions and was told it could correct its self, that is was normal. Well it turns out our definition of normal is quite different. And it's just not my opinion, I went to several other Plastic Surgeons for consults on my lower body lift and when they saw my arms they all thought I needed a complete revision, that the cut lines were in the wrong place leading to the "dog ears" When I had my three procedures last year it was my very first time ever having plastic surgery, so I was delighted to see any change. I did not know what I should expect, thus my glowing reviews. It wasn't until the healing didn't go the way I was told it would, that I began to see the sloppy work that was done. And honestly I was embarrassed that the great job I had told friends about, wasn't turning out the way it should have, so I kept quite for a long time, until these PS's told me I deserve better. I then felt bad that my reviews might be leading others to having the same kind of results I had. So I have to pay it forward with my honesty and let people know, my 3 procedures were not up to industry standards and basically I wasted my time and money as they all need revisions. I hate to say this, but I was swayed by the fancy clinic with all it's glass and marble, thinking somehow that was going to be my outcome...all fancy too...well not so.


i am in the same boat as you. this was my 1st PS experience also. i had a tummy tuck that im happy with except for the scar is too high. and now my skin is so tight i cant have the scar lowered. i had a arm lift, again im happy with exept for a banding crease on each arm. the skin is tight and sculpted so im scared to lipo to rid the bands. therefore leaving me wearing long sleeves and keeping arms covered. and then theres my Thigh Lift - FAIL! id almost want the fat rolls back. 1 leg looks deformed and 1 leg looks all saggy. PS said he could do 3" incision under butt cheeks to correct. im nervous. how am i going to sit or drive? will my panties or jeans dig into the incisions? will there be drains coming out of my butt? i saw you post about this. please let me know anything you find out
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Have you redone your arms? Sending positive energy your way. I hope your revision goes as expected and you get the end result you want. Keep me posted. I just had arm lipo 12 days ago but not a lift. I'm sure your revision will go well and you will be happy. Happy trails on your journey to getting new arms.
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Not yet, when I had my recent surgery my surgeon had planned on fixing the arms, they were all marked but the surgery ran too long, so we had to postpone the surgery to fix them. I decided to wait until after summer so I can swim and not be going though another time of healing during the hot AZ summer...

Going for a consult to have the Arms done...

Not a lot to report. Since I was not able to have the arms done when I had my Lower Body Lift, due to that surgery going over in time....I decided to wait until after summer to address them so I could be able to swim rather than healing during the hot AZ summer. So Sept 18th I will be doing down to meet with Dr. Victor Gutierrez, in TJ to discuss fixing my arms as well as some other items that need addressing...


It won't be long now....
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I wish you well on your new journey for a revision by Dr G.
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Dr G did my lower body lift, and was going to do the arms then but surgery ran longer than he had planned so that's why I am waiting. I wanted to wait until summer was over so I could enjoy swimming, etc...
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