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23 Years Old, 2nd Attempt with Orthodontics - Corpus Christi, TX

I had braces between 16-18 years of age. Before...

I had braces between 16-18 years of age. Before getting treatment I only had a small diastema (gap) between my two front teeth. However when I got my braces off it took about 3-4 weeks before I received my Essix retainer. By that time my gap had returned. I was discouraged so I didn't wear them. Little did I know that my teeth would all shift and more gaps would form. I am now trying Invisalign. This is day two of my first tray. My teeth were sore yesterday and this morning so I took ibuprofen 800mg. Now the soreness has worn off a little. I go for my composite bottoms in two weeks.

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Week 1 day 3

So today is by far, much better than days 1 and 2. At first I didn't think I was going to be a good candidate because of how uncomfortable the trays were. My tongue was so sore and raw from rubbing against the sides of the trays. I also felt a great deal of pressure, especially on day 2. Now I forget that I have them in. I don't have attachments yet and I heard those could be a game changer. Anyways so far so good. The only down side is my eating habits. I now have to reconsider what and if I want to eat, only because the process of taking out my trays and brushing my teeth will have tone utilized. Other than that there aren't any complaints.


Hi and welcome to RealSelf!  Do you have an open bite or are you just holding your teeth apart for the picture?

There are a few others who are close to you in their treatment as well, if you want some buddies :).  Here are a few names:

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I do not have an open bite however with the way that my trays are aligned it causes me to have a slight malocclusion. Other than my 2nd molars, my teeth don't touch when i bite down naturally. It is really weird. In this picture I am purposely allowing my trays to touch together in this manner, but this is not very different from how it looks when i close naturally. Thank you!
I'm confused…if your teeth don't touch each other, that would be an open bite.  Maybe when you get a chance you can post a picture without your trays, in your resting state, so you can show me what you mean :)

Without trays


Hey, how is it going?  It's been nearly a month since your last update so you should be a couple trays ahead?

By the way, I'm wondering whether your doctor mentioned anything about a tongue thrust?  PreOrtho said she had one and that caused her overjet.
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Well honestly I am waiting for a change or progress. I am on my second tray. I wore my first tray for two weeks. I received attachments after the initial two weeks, and they made me wear the same trays for an additional two weeks. I started my second tray yesterday, but there aren't any changed or anything to report lol. Besides feeling a little snug, everything is the same. The attachments don't feel any different nor did they cause pain. So maybe by my next set I will see my teeth shift. I didn't speak to my ortho about my tongue thrust. Any who, that's all! (:
I've never heard of a doctor doing it that way before--two weeks in the tray to get used to it, then attachments and the same tray again.  It actually makes sense if you're trying to avoid pain when starting attachments.  I wonder how big of an adjustment it'll be to start set two, though, after being in the first set so long.  Please let us know :).  Very curious!

Tray 6

I haven't had any changes with my trays until this morning. I had blood on the lingual side of my trays. When I went to work I used a mouth mirror to view my palate and I saw that it is severely bruised behind my front teeth and the tray has made such an indention that it is making my palate bleed. It has only gotten worse and throughout the day and I haven't taken them out since lunch because i bleed when i put them back in. I haven't decided whether or not I will contact my orthodontist but I hope that this heals soon. It is almost unbearable.


Please do not hesitate to contact your orthodontist.  I have not heard of this happening to anyone else.  Either your gums are very swollen, which wouldn't be good, or your trays are too long, which also wouldn't be good.  So please do contact your doctor!
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Tray 6

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Tray 11

So I haven't posted in a whole because I didn't really see much change. However little by little I am now almost halfway through treatment, and you can see the difference. I didn't realize how much problems I had with my teeth other than spaces, however looking at the comparisons I can see I had a lot more going on then I though. For the first sets of trays I was getting discouraged because my gaps weren't closing, little did I know we were working on bringing back my arch for better occlusion. Before my top arch was sticking out at an angle drastically. Now it is brought in and it is parallel to my bottom arch(almost). I am so excited to finish my treatment.


Amazing result on the occlusion; the gaps will be an easier fix although I definitely see progress there too. :)
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Seriously beautiful progress!  Thank you for coming back and updating :):):)!!!
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