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I originally went in for consult on tummy and...

I originally went in for consult on tummy and walked out with quote for tummy tuck with breast lift and 300 cc saline implants under muscle. Doctor said I had plenty of good breast tissue he recommended saline . Shortly after I started feeling abdominal sensitivity and ended up discovering I need a hysterectomy. Timing totally stinks. Plastic surgeon and ob are going to work together but plastic surgeon will not do both procedures with hysterectomy so I was stuck with making decisions. I also have to take my daughter to college early aug and ob will not do surgery before. Tummy was my priority and now it seems as though I am having boobs done first. I am nervous about everything. I am a "C" cup I wanted a lift but keep my size surgeon suggested small implants to enhance the fullness. I hope I don't end up with DD or bigger. I will have lollipop scar and I am ok with that, I just hate the girls facing south. I would love feedback from women who have had similar surgeries as to what to expect. I have include b4 pictures.
Well my body should be changed a week from this time I will be recovering....have been trying to keep busy so my mind isn't going crazy. Have to go and have some preop stuff done tomorrow in the am. See how it goes.

Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. Sorry your procedures ended up being a bit out of order for you, but I'm certain you will be pleased with your lift and implants. Be sure to show your PS photos of your wish boobs. This will help you avoid your concern of going too big. Here is a list of items you may want to purchase and set up for your recovery. Good luck and keep us posted!

             good luck! 

Less than 48hrs

Well my hubby said bye to the girls. Next time he sees me I will be post surgery. He said he is gonna miss them lol. He doesn't think I need but still supports my decision. I just went bought a few button down tops, got my meds so I not to let the clock run. Til next time!

Today is the day

Today is the day a d I gotta say I'm scared as crap. Now is when your mind starts racing, I hope Dr Vijay got a good nights rest. I will say I was pretty impressed he called personally yesterday evening to see how I was and if I had any last minute questions or concerns. Yikes! 2 hours AND counting!!
good luck let me know how it goes
Good luck!! Can't wait to hear All about it!

It's done

Well I am home and resting. I have not seen results BUT do know I feel like I got hit by freight train. Chest is VERY tight and am in some pain. I went into surgery at 8:43 and I was home at about one. The markings took forever but I'm ok with that because I was about to be his canvas lol. I went with smaller implants got 255 instead of 300 so I'm hoping I stay a "C" my appetite is good and I am resting on lot recliner. I will post pics as soon as I can.
Thank you ladies I am at home resting. Just posted an update.

Day 2 PO

Well had my surgery Wednesday and I gotta tell you wed and th were hell. I was in so much pain and the swelling is something else...going to take a shower a little later and see how that goes. Today is 1st day I didn't take pain meds as they have slowed my bowels which is just making me more bloated and more uncomfortable. I'm uploading a picture with the bra they fitted me with.


Almost a month in

Almost a month in and not sure how I feel. I am posting my b4 pic with a current pic so u can see the difference without having to scroll back and forth. I guess I just didnt realize the healing process would take so long. As you can tell in picture one is very bruised and I'm almost a month in. My bruised one is hard on the underneath side. I have read and read and think I have fat necrosis. My surgeon doesn't seem worried, he said its just taking alittle longer to heal, but why the bruising almost a month out. One thing for sure my areolas are smaller and I am a bit bigger. I pray I'm overreacting but it's a little difficult to stay positive.
Dr. Vijay

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