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My name is Lisa an I am 30 yrs old. I am a wife...

My name is Lisa an I am 30 yrs old. I am a wife and stay at home mom, my son is 5 and I have twin girls that are 4. At 24 I got pregnant with my son and gain 60 lbs, and then 4 months after having him I got pregnant with my twins (don't take antibiotics while on birth control lol!) When I got pregnant I weighed 156 lbs, at my biggest I got around 232. In Jan 2010 my New Years resolution was to het back to 156 lbs after lots of water, and gym time I reached my goal weight of 156 lbs in June 2011. I Unfortunately was left with lots of saggy skin, and much smaller an sagging breast. I feel very blessed to have a supportive husband, and family who will be helping with my kids. However with the date fast approaching I'm getting so scared about my TT, I'm quite excited for my breast though lol! My husband works in the Oilfield in a demanding job, and requested a week off, we found out today it has been approved so that is one less thing off my back. Any encouraging words/advice would be great:)

Hi I'm going in for my surgery on the 28 a day after you and I am so scared. I've read allot on recovery and still I'm scared. Surgery is on a Friday but I return to work on tuesday so I pray I recover from beginning soreness fast. I went for my consult in June and finally ready for surgery. But I have a question. Could it be that the consult was just of knowledge because I put the implant in my own bra which sort of made no sense being that my bra is a size 34b and I want to be a full C small D. He told me to be that size with my frame I need 400cc but I wanted 425 just to have a little more. Could it be that the doctor will prep me the day of surgery and go over with me the exact sizing as far as in a sports bra. I'm confused because my friend got the size I sort 3of want she's just a bit smaller and she only got 330cc
I have my pre-op next week & I was thinking the same thing (about the implants in my bra). I also want to go from a 34 A/B to a C/D. They said 400cc to me too and its sounds too large. However, I do have broad shoulders & wide hips that look wider with small breasts. And TXmomma is right. Sizes look different on everyone. So confused
Unless you have absolutely no breast tissue putting the implants in your bra is soooo hard to decide bc with a lot of breast tissue all tge implants make them look big lol! I'm just taking in pic of breast I like size/placement wise to give my Dr an idea of what I'm going for. I'm doing the same with belly buttons lol! I've heard ppl on here who hate their new belly button so I figured I'd bring a few pics :) but I'm sure if you explain in detail to the dr the look your trying to achieve they will get a feel for the best way to achieve what your looking for an make suggestions.

My surgery is 19 days away!!! Omg!! I feel like...

My surgery is 19 days away!!! Omg!! I feel like this is starting to consume me. I think about it all the time, feelings of guilt due to the expense, feelings of nervousness, excitement, feelings of being blessesd with a husband who would spend that much money and not blink an eye, missing trick or treating with my kids... Ahhhh! So many emotions go into this process at times it's overwhelming. THEN.... I've never looked at breast in my life, and now I can't seem to stop looking at them LOL! I have even gone as far to watch on tube Tummy Tuck and breast lift/augmentation surgery, which I don't recommend lol! I don't know what is wrong with me lol! My husband an friends call
me morbid. Have any of you done this? Tell me I'm not alone:)
My best friend had BA and we went camping 7 days later, an she was fine:))
Oh are you getting a TT at a later date. My doc says most of his patients that only get a BA are back to work in 3 days!
Not a bad idea on the heating pad. I'm only going for breast augmentation...

Thanks for the idea!!

My husband is still out of town, and probably will...

My husband is still out of town, and probably will not be home until the day before my surgery. Bummer! He went with me to my consultation, and we were going to go back to look at before and after pictures of surgeries my PS has done to get an idea of the look I was going for. So... tomorrow I am going with 2 of my girlfriends. I'm excited! Each new step is getting closer, and closer to the actual day. I'm not feeling as nervous (today)but my feelings change with each new day lol! OH, and I finally got a computer cord so I can post my before pics tonight. I'm so glad to have all of you to talk to and read your stories, gives me a feeling of ease (unless I'm reading the gone wrong blogs lol)! Well, I will let yall know how tomorrow goes!
I know, the count down is ON!!I won't get to go trick or treating with my kiddos, but my husband will be here to take them so that is good. It will take aobut 10 days my dr said for me to feel "normal". Prayer works, def keep the prayers coming and I will do the same=)
Aww don't be to nervous... I'm sure it'll all be fine.. How long does the doctor say to rest for because of the TT? Hopefully you are feeling a little better so you can walk at least around the block with the kids on Halloween...

I'm nervous about my BA and thats the only thing I'm doing so I can imagine how you feel.. But have faith in God that all will turn out great and you will heal quick.. I pray for all of us ;-)

I was thinking about Halloween to my step daughter wants me to dress up same as her Tinkerbell 4 year olds LOL!! I just hope I'm okay to do that 4 days later :-) 18 days for me 17 for you.. WooWoo!!!

Well, my husband is still out of town working, so...

Well, my husband is still out of town working, so my sister-in-law and me went to look at before and after photos @ my PS office. It put my mind at ease. His before and after photos were beautiful. I loved how the womens belly buttons looked real lol! You know some after pic the belly button is so small and almost looks pinched. So, I am def getting less nervous, and more excited! 16 days!!!!
Yall def keep me posted after your appointments=) I'll read your blog too!! So glad to have ladies going through the same fellings and emotions=)
There's nothing like peace of mind with your doc. I'm glad your visit went well. I go for a visit with my PS tomorrow!
Awesome I'm very happy for u and being at ease I have my appt on Thursday so hopefully my appt will put me at ease just like u. WooWoo 16 more days!!!

So.... I found out my husband is coming home Sat!!...

So.... I found out my husband is coming home Sat!! I am super excited!! We have seen him less than 14 days since June =( Now he can make it to my pre-op on the 19th. Tomorrow morning I have a Dr. appointment with my regular Dr to make sure it is okay to go under that long just to be on the safe side. I have a thyroid and in the past have had other health problems so I just wanted to cover all my bases. I have quit taking 2 medications I was on, that was hard b/c they have withdrawl side effects. I was sleepy, had hot/cold spells, and really moody. That has passed, and I'm feeling back to "normal" Well, off to bed! More tomorrow....

I saw my regular DR this am, just because I have...

I saw my regular DR this am, just because I have had medical issues in the past with my thyroid, low blood platelets, and at one point being pre-diabetic. My Dr said I was good for surgery, and if my PS needed medical clearence to just let him know. I did some blood work, and an EKG bc in the past year I have been on several different medications. I go back next week for the results, but I'm not worried at all my Dr seemed confident I was fit for surgery. Next week is also my pre-op!! Omg!! Where has the time gone. I have NOTHING off the list for after surgery needs.. I better get the ball rolling! Oh, and I forgot since my last Dr apt in Aug I have lost 7 lbs!!
Congrats on the weight loss. I wanted to drop 10 lbs before surgery but I don't think that's happening. Well at least I haven't gained
You are going to look amazing!! I still can't believe every time I sit down there's no flub on my lap! Or when I put on pants I have no over flow! This is the best thing for a mom since sliced bread..lol!
So I had my appt yesterday.. I didn't see the doctor I just went in to get blood work. The girl told me the doctor ordered the implants already and we are all set for Oct 28th I wasn't put at ease :-( I was a little upset I didn't see the doctor BUT I had already seen him a few months ago and he knew what I wanted.. SO I guess on the 28th at 10am I will see him....

Today is my Pre Op!! I can not believe next...

Today is my Pre Op!! I can not believe next Thursday is my surgery!! I just don't know what to do with myself lol! I have already been emotional this morning, but doing better now. I guess we will see what this afternoon has in store.

My pre op was this afternoon. It went really well,...

My pre op was this afternoon. It went really well, just a bunch of information to take in. I hope I remember everything lol! I ended up deciding on 475ccs. On my first visit we had decided to go between 375-425ccs after reading everything on how ppl wish they had gone bigger I went with the 475ccs. I am hoping this is not to big, I am already a 34 D now, but with the lift some tissue will be removed ect. I am wanting to stay a full D small DD, I am med built and weigh 156 so it should be okay. They went over all my instructions, gave me special soap to use before my surgery, and showed us how to empty/use the drain tubes. I also got 5 perscriptions. Demerol, Promethazine, Lortab, Restoril, and Phenergan. Pain pills, anti vomiting, and a sleeping pill. I felt like a crazy person dropping all of them off lol! Oh, well! Tomorrow makes 7 days!!!!

Okay, I started thinkin that 475cc was to big so I...

Okay, I started thinkin that 475cc was to big so I called the Dr and went with the 450cc. I know 25ccs is not a big difference, but considering I was originally going with 375-425cc jumping to 475 seemed BIG to me. So I am confident with the 450ccs. I am excited, the nervousness has not seemed to creep in YET. I know it will as the days get closer. I have been nesting getting everthing cleaned, and organized so my husband knows where everything is. It was nice paying in full I don't have that worry on my back. I did have guilt as my husband handed over the ck, but feeling better today=)
Superready I am curious where you were hiding your drains! I am going in for breast lift/implants muscle repair TT and lipo on Nov 2. I know I cant stay in the house but for a few days or ill go stir crazy so where did you hide them to go shopping??
Diane, I just posted a picture of how I would hide my drains. I was worried too how in the world I was going to hide it but it wasn't that hard! I was lucky that I was able to fit into my pre-op jeans almost immediately after my surgery, however, I didn't venture out of my house until almost a week after my surgery. For my jeans I would just tuck the drain right into my pocket and wear a shirt that was long enough to hide the drain. If you wear yoga pants or sweatpants then you can just clip it (my drain bulbs came with a little plastic clip) right on the inside of your pants or on your compression garment. It sounds like a hassle and it is for the first few times but after that you will master it I promise! Hopefully one of your drains comes out on your first post-op visit, it makes things easier dealing with one instead of two! I had my second drain for three weeks. I promise you all the hassle you are going to go through (and mild discomfort) will absolutely be worth it! I cannot tell you how amazing I feel now and absolutely no regrets! Your surgery is right around the corner, how exciting! Let me know if you need any more tips! (My #1 tip: get a walker! You can pick one up for cheap at Goodwill or The Salvation Army. It was a lifesaver the first few days!)
Good luck..... I am excited for you. I cant wait to see how it turns out ( my tummy looks about the same) and really how many boobs can you look at? A WHOLE bunch.

OMG!! Tomorrow is the day! I'm pretty excited! I...

OMG!! Tomorrow is the day! I'm pretty excited! I figured I would be really emotional, but I'm doing good:)

I DID IT!!! Everything went really well. They only...

I DID IT!!! Everything went really well. They only thing I'm bummed about is I ended up having sone muscle repair. So that is the pain I am experiencing. My breast don't hurt at all the only pain is on inside of my stomach. I have two drain tubes, and the two very small tubes for a pain medicine drip. I took a lortab, but It didn't work so I had to wait 3 hrs and then I took a Demoral. The Demoral took the pain away, and I don't feel loopy or drugged. I laid in our recliner earlier but I found my bed more comfy so that's where I've been most the day. I have walked (w/ help) several times, the wost part is having to get up but once up walking isn't to bad. I threw up a little this evening and boy was that painful on my muscles. All in all Im feeling pretty good:) I can not wait to see my breast tomorrow! I have not gotten to see then yet they are all bandaged, but I go to the PS in the morning at 9am. Can't wait!!

I know some of you are doing surgery tomorrow... Good luck, prayers for a speedy recovery.
Yay super happy everything came out great. U sound great in spirits so that's always good. God Bless here's to a speedy recovery.
Good Luck today - hope all goes well and that your have an easy recovery!
Best of luck today....... hope all is well and safe...wish to you that the drugs are good and the recovery easy :)

Keep us posted

Went to see my PS today. They took off all the...

Went to see my PS today. They took off all the bandages and cleaned my incisions. It looks amazing! I've had more pain today than yesterday, but I'm moving around better, and standing up pretty good. From my breast to my private area just feel reall tight so it maybe more uncomfortable than pain. I hate having to ask my husband to help me do everything. Last night I woke up every 3 hrs (my pain pill would wear off) so my husband had to help me. I ate solid food last night but ended up throwing up. Today I've only had a smoothie, but my inlaws are making ckn noodle soup fir me so I'm excited about that lol! I get to wear my bra today it's a DD and pretty tight. So I think after the swelling I'll be full D/small DD. I love how they turned out. I go back to the dr Tue and will hopefully get 1 of my drain tubes out;) I'm pretty tired so I'm going to go nap. I hope all you ladies are doing good...
Glad you came through okay. So excited for you!
THank you so much!

Today is 2 days post-op. I am able to get around a...

Today is 2 days post-op. I am able to get around a little better. My husband had to give me a sponge bath, and it was nice to feel clean. My breast still have not given me much pain, it's mainly pressure I feel. Under my breast it's black and purple from bruising. My TT is what hurts mainly where the drain tubes are and my incision. I don't have much pain on the inside except when getting out of bed ect. The pain pump they put inside me really works wonders. The worst thing of it all is tge numbness. I hate that feeling, and from everything I've read it takes up to 12 months to 2 years to get nerve regeneration:( oh well... It was all worth it!

Today is 4 days Post op. I feel great!! No pain,...

Today is 4 days Post op. I feel great!! No pain, and getting around just fine. I had my first BM this am. It was not as bad as I had antisipated. lol! My breast feel like bowling balls, but no pain and my stomach has that feeling like when your hand falls asleep. I go to my PS tomorrow and I am hoping to at least get one of my drain tubes out. This is the first day I have been up for more than three hrs at a time. The last 3 days I spent sleeping. My incision looks great! No redness at all it's healing quite nicely. I love it!! Hope you are all well!!
I hope you are doing well! Can't wait to see your after pics! I bet they are amazing!
Can't wait to see your after pics!!! I hope you're doing well!
My computer is getting fixed so I will post after soon:))

5 days Post op...All is going great!! I went to my...

5 days Post op...All is going great!! I went to my PS yesterday hoping to get my drain tubes out, but I had not hit the target yet:( So I have an appointment Thur and hopefully they will come out then. My stomach is swollen still but looks amazing. My incision looks great, No redness or puffiness. My breast I LOVE!! They are exactly what I wanted DD they look amazing! They still have given me NO pain. So all is grand!!!
Oh yeah I'm gonna I go today at 1030 to see him.. Hope he has answers for me..

How's ur recovery going?
Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope everything gets better, and you get the results your looking for.:( Make sure you share your concerns with your PS.
Ugh I'm 5 days post op n I can't help but think something send wrong. My left boob looks way smaller then right one. The right one is really swollen but left one doesn't look like its going to drop anymore. Now I'm getting scared what if it deflated or what if something went wrong. To be honest it doesn't look that much bigger then my normal boob. Ugh!!!! I don't know. I'm going to see doctor so he can check because not only that I'm experiencing some sort of bubbles in that boob as well.

7 days post op! I wore jeans today, that was...

7 days post op! I wore jeans today, that was exciting! I went to my PS this am and finally got both drain tubes out I was so excited!! Everyone always says it hurts so I was a lil scared. I took a pain pill before I left my house (just incase) but really it only burned when the end came out and as soon as I pug pressure it quickly stopped. So really not bad at all I think it's more sub concise than anything. I also got my stitches in my stomach and belly button out. It was a little uncomfortable, bit no real pain. I mean reall considering the pain the first day This is nothing! I'm still swollen but feel great!! They cleaned all the tape gunk off and cleaned my bellybutton and the incision on my tummy I feel so clean lol! I go back Mon to get the stitches in my breast out, I can't wait! Right now the stitches itch UGH! I feel like myself again, I can lay on my side, go to the bathroom and not have to worry about this drains. Thankgoodness!! Can't believe only a week later how nicely my incision looks all closed up:)
get the stitches on my breast out.
Well I went yesterday to doctor and he told me that my breast are doing great one is actually dropping faster then the other one so thats what I'm worried about LOL!! But all in all I'm not feeling pain I am however feeling discomfort with this strap over my chest since my incision is under my arm pit. YIKES!!
:) Well I'm glad to hear that. I get my stitches out of mine on Mon I can't wait! I'll be happy when I don't have to wear this bra 24/7. Hehe!
Great!! I just put an update:) let me know what the Dr says. Hope it goes good. Prayers!

11 days Post op, I got the rest of my stitches out...

11 days Post op, I got the rest of my stitches out of my breast today. It feels so good to not have them poking me:) my bruising is subsiding and everything looks great! They showed me some if my before pics and I just wanted to cry, happy tears it's ALL been worth it. I have to admit after some of the horror stories I read I had second thoughts a few times. My recovery has been GREAT, very little pain through out the whole thing. My incision scar is thin and healing nicely. My stomach and nipples are still numb which is a little creepy lol! I was given the okay to go to the gym and do the redundant bike so I'm excited about that. I go back to my PS at the end of Nov (1 month pre op) I'm a little sad lol! I've gotten so used to being there each week hehe!
TX, how are you feeling? I am dying to see your pictures. Are you happy with yoru results?
I know!! My computer broke I should get it back this week:)
TXMomma, please add some pics. I'm wanting to see your transformation. Good luck!
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