Thigh Lift Left Me with Sagging Skin, Unnatural Contours - Corona Del mar, CA

I have always worked out and watched my diet... I...

I have always worked out and watched my diet... I was in good shape but still had sagging skin on my thighs. This surgery left me with unnatural contours and my skin now pulls and sags in a very unnatural and uneven way. I am very self conscious and depressed about it. Basically it looks horrible. Dr. A was impatient and rude to me about my concerns.


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ab5555: Did Dr. Svelak do a revision for you?
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yes but it didn't accomplish much. It cost 4,000. I paid another surgeon 5,000 to try again and while he did succeed at making the scar thinner and some improvement in the skin laxity and contour problems, those problems still exist. Now I am out of money and can not pay anyone to finish the work, although I am told that further revision is possible. I just have so much regret and this whole thing has taken such a toll on my life. I feel exhausted and severely depressed. I can not stand living in this body as it is. I don't know what to do. I have spend a lot of psychiatric/counseling care and tried various anti depressants as a result of this well. I can not afford that kind of help anymore either. I feel like I am at the end of my rope.

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