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I've read that good/positive reviews can be...

I've read that good/positive reviews can be "bought", similarly as can "prestige status". I went in to Dr. Siamak Agah to look and feel better, but now not only do I look and feel unbelievably worse, I am now unable to raise my arm beyond shoulder level and have been told that I am likened to a burn victim because of how much skin was removed and the severe contracture I now have after the surgery. Additionally, that if I did not get it released, it would likely result in my shoulder freezing and serious orthopedic issues. But because I spent my savings to have the surgery, after care, anesthesia, medications, etc. I am unable to afford to have the revisions I critically need.

In addition to my arms, I am now unable to cross my legs or separate them fully because of how much skin was taken and pulled from there as well. I believe it is also evident in the after pictures, but part of my female anatomy was impacted and is now pretty much non-existent; the resultant negative impact of this, should be fairly evident. effects of this which . I now also basically do not have a (rounded) buttock and have to wear a garment not only to give the appearance of having one, but to relieve the pain from the stretching/pulling of the scarring

I am in constant pain. The emotional, physical and financial negative impact this has had on my life is substantial and I will never be the same. I feel so horrible about myself and I wish so badly I would never have had the surgery with Dr. Agah.

More surprisingly, I have been blamed for the horrible results I have. I may not have been perfect, or great before, but I certainly was not damaged and/or deformed. Form your own opinions, but I believe the results speak for themselves.

Hi everyone; I wanted to thank you all for your...

Hi everyone;

I wanted to thank you all for your kind, empathetic personal messages and extensive support. To me, the most important thing you all can do in support of not only me, but to anyone else that has been victimized, is to spread awareness. Since I have received so many personal messages, I wanted to address them here since most ask similar questions and make similar remarks. These are my opinions and comments;

Jen, I can’t agree with you enough: Generally, I have also found that people do not make negative reviews unless there is merit. And that one would think that a Dr. who truly and sincerely believed in what he was professing, saying that he wants to help women to look good and feel good about themselves and of the importance of self worth and not of monetary gain; would never, ever leave a patient like this and would not allow a patient to suffer the mental, physical and financial trauma of this magnitude; being left so compromised and disfigured. Additionally, since the damages are so costly, both physically and emotionally and will cost a substantial amount to attempt to correct, that those characteristics like integrity, morality, compassion and the Hippocratic Oath would/should come into effect... I believe you are correct in that this should speak volumes about the Dr...

What I wish I would have done to save myself the physical, emotional and financial pain? To do extensive searches; go to places like the OC Court website ( and do a search on the Dr to see if suits have been filed. Go to the court (s) and look up closed cases..... Be aware of online reputation management services which remove negative feedback and comments and that raving, positive reviews, as well as photos can be "bought" and contact people who have left any negative reviews one can find. Yes, I have been contacted by other women with similar complaints about this Dr.

As far as the media he will not remove of me, I was asked to do a filming statement about this Dr. in exchange for revisions. This segment appears on the show "The Doctors". Firstly, I listened to a statement that is made saying that this Dr had performed 30 surgeries on me (“the same patient”); this is an absolute false statement. Secondly, not surprisingly, you will not see "after" results of me, for seemingly obvious reasons... I have requested that this Dr remove this and any other advertising where he uses me (never uses after photos in these either) , but he has declined to do so...

The $54,000 is approximate; the surgery itself was in the high $40,000's, the balance went to after care, anesthesia, surgery room, meds, etc. Also, for a costly Emergency room visit at MV Hospital where I was treated because of my open, oozing gaping wounds that were infected and not healing and where gauze was sticking to the large open wounds (pictures of this available upon request). My aftercare provider, because of the severity of the situation and out of serious concern for me, took me to the ER after her many unsuccessful attempts to contact Dr agah to let him know.

Regarding the initial after care facility I was sent to, unfortunately, I trusted the Dr and his office that they would set me up and send me to an established, upstanding, equipped, facility. However the institution I was sent to by Dr. agah/his office was an upscale house in Laguna Beach, which the owner was using as an aftercare facility. Shockingly, after major body surgery, the owner picked me up in a sports car. When we go to her house, to my disbelief, I had to walk up 2 flights of stairs to get to one of the bedrooms I would stay in; which was excruciatingly painful, as one could imagine. The bedroom I was taken to had no accommodations for a patient like me who had just had major surgery. They did not have hospital beds that would accommodate a patient that just had major surgery. The bed I was required to get up to, was a high, elevated post bed. There were no steps, or any aids to assist me to get up to the bed. The owner cupped her hands so I could step into them to try and boost me up to get into the bed. This, after enduring major arm, leg and body surgery... The house was a modern upscale house and there were no handles, rails, etc in the house to hold onto. The floors were hardwood and the bathrooms were marbled, making it easy for me to slip. The process was repeated each time I needed to get up to go to the bathroom, obviously putting unnecessary tension on the sutures and potential for slipping and causing more serious damage. There were no phones, nor TV’s in the room. I could barely move, let along get up without assistance. I was totally dependant on getting the “care” and assistance from the owner and the 1 other individual I saw occasionally helping at the house and had paid substantially for this care and service. Yet, there were several occasions where I needed and called (begged) for help, only to be ignored and have the bedroom door shut telling me they “did not want me to disturb other patients”. The owner was Persian, so the menu was basically a Persian cuisine, which was not palatable to me after surgery because it was too heavy and spicy. I was not able to eat several of the meals.

The first day/night after the surgery, I was in the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced in my life. Dr. agah finally came to the house to see me and ordered me to stand up. He appeared irritated at the fact I was not able to, but since I had just had his extensive "spiral thigh lift"; as well as arm and body surgery, I could not get up by myself. He later slated that I "refused to get up". At this point, because I was in so much extreme pain and so scared, I began gasping for air and was having difficulty breathing and because I was gasping and having difficult time breathing, I was unable to talk. The Dr. as well as the owner STOOD THERE WATCHING ME GASPING, and then Dr agah asked me if I was going to “continue to give the owner a hard time”.... He then turned to the owner and told her it was up to her if she wanted to allow me to continue to stay there. Since there were no phones in the room and my cell phone was dead, I could not call for help, or for anyone to come and get me out. He left telling me that “I’d better behave myself”. I had later contacted a hospital and spoke to a nurse about the incident. I was told I should have called 911 because I could have easily gone into "respiratory arrest”, because I had recently been under general anesthesia. It was and is, shocking and frightening to me that a Dr. would just stand by, watching something life threatening like this and do nothing …

The pain I was in the second day and night was just about the same. The owner made several attempts to contact Dr. agah to tell him I was basically screaming in pain, but was not able to. When she was able to finally contact him to let him know about the severe pain I was in, she said he did not want to offer any additional pain meds. The owner was kind enough to give me an injection of her own valium, which allowed me to finally sleep.

Doing web searches on botched plastic surgery will reveal many other women who have also had to suffer bad and/or permanent and/or uncorrectable damage. Aside from the emotional and physical impact of a bad plastic surgery, a corrective procedure is frequently required, which dramatically increases expenses and suffering.

I cant think of any other industry where one pays (someone) substantially to get good results/service, but if the job is done poorly and/or the results are clearly not what you paid for, and are seemingly apparently substandard; not only do you have to pay again to get what you should have gotten done correctly in the first place, but you have to pay again and possibly pay again until you get it done correctly and the way that was agreed to. And…. even after you do, the damage done may be too extensive to have fixed, leaving you in a place where you have essentially paid dearly to get damaged and/or bad results….

Cases like a woman where a Dr. took so much skin from her eyes (she was only 38) that she could no longer close her eyes. Or where another woman lost her leg after gangrene set in from a bad liposuction, or of a woman who lost both her breast after a surgeon botched the surgery. There are many other cases like mine and these others. Before and after pictures show the extent of the damage… However, these Dr’s get away with it because “things can happen”. Unfortunately I have found there is little, if any, protection legally because "it’s not a science" and many injustices are allowed because of loose parameters, which essentially gives Dr's without the best intentions, a very wide range of latitude and license to do damage without consequences...

Thanks again for all your support. Please write with any other questions/comments.

Update: I just saw another prominent, well-known...

Update: I just saw another prominent, well-known Dr. who was shocked after looking at Dr. agah's "handiwork" and told me that he took away my buttock folds and did not anchor them properly and that's why I have the stretching/pulling. I was told that because Dr. agah took my buttock folds away, it would be difficult to re-attach them because my anatomy was compromised. Regarding my underarms, or I should say, Lack of underarms and webbing which has caused me restricted arms movement after Dr. agah's surgeries, I was told that a primary reason I have the severe webbing is because the sutures opened up (I had gaping, open, bleeding, oozing holes that I needed to go to the ER because we could not get Dr agah to respond).

I told him that Dr. agah sent me to an "aftercare facility" that was not equipped with appropriate hospital beds, but instead with large beds that were high and that they did not even recline, have steps, etc. to get on the bed and that the way they got me up to the bed is by having me step into the owner's cupped hands to boost me up (there was no one else there to help) to the bed; I also had to use my arms to do this. I told him that the bed did not adjust and that the owner had to pull me by my arms and that I had to use my arms to move at all, etc. He told me that it was likely that this caused my arms to open up because I had to use them extensively. Furthermore, I was told that Dr. agah should have used some type of arm "stocking"/support post op to try and prevent this from occurring. I told him the Dr. agah DID NOT use a support or anything.

Also, I came across the following "Yelp" review on Dr. agah, which I feel supports the experience and outcome and experience I had with him:

"Siamak Agha, MD, PhD, FACS
Category: Health and Medical Doctors Cosmetic Surgeons Cosmetic Surgeons [Edit]

Review from Taylor W.
Ventura, CA

Not sure I believe all those great reviews... If they are true, then glad everyone was lucky . I had an horrific experience with Dr. Agha. I won't go into details except to say he ruined my body and my life. His confidence is far greater than his skill. He has a Dr. jekyll Mr. Hyde personality. He's fine if all goes well... but switches when there is a problem. That was my experience. It was hell and still is. I have PTSD from my experience with him."

Also, I just wanted update you to say that agah is...

Also, I just wanted update you to say that agah is definitely getting the recognition he seems desperate to get... but not in the way he wants!!! I have gone to now about 13 Dr's to try and get what he did to me repaired, all of whom have been shocked at the extent of the damage and what he has done to the degree that they have wanted to take pictures of me for medical journal's/teachings. Most of who have said that because he took too much skin and took away what is needed to reattach my buttocks, groin, breast, etc. that they could not help me. I was told from them as well, that I will likely need a skin graft because he did take so much skin. When they ask me who did that to me, I am more that happy to share that it was dr agah!!! So he is definitely getting the visibility/attention he seems to crave!!!
Kinda poetic justice, huh????
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I unfortunately, chose Dr. agah because I mistakenly trusted him, believed he was an empathetic, ethical Dr. and his implied skill/expertise. Also because I believed that he truly cared and wanted the best for me and not because he stood to make a lot of money from me (I spent my life savings)

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I'm shocked with this story. I can be all day here telling you how I feel for you. We are so desperate to look better, that we believe what "WE" hear on the media, or what a friend recommends etc. We are different types of woman, we heal differently, we have diferent needs. I feel sorry, very sorry. Please don't hang in there. Don't do anything right now (more surgery). Accept what you going thru in this moment! I'm speechless. Please be safe!
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djp13 - I am not sure if you still come to this board since your last update was 7-mos ago, but I hope that you get my message. I am so sorry that this tragedy happened to you. I know of one other plastic surgeon like this - a man who is more skilled at marketing himself than performing surgery - and he is very active on this board, too. I had a run in with this other plastic surgeon, the details of which I won't go into, but it in part prompted me to do an interview with the best plastic surgeon in the nation, Dr. Joseph F. Capella. The interview helps patients to better understand the criteria to look for when selecting a plastic surgeon. It is my hope that this information will help patients to get to a highly qualified, compassionate, and ethical plastic surgeon. I cannot post the link as it violates RS user agreement, but if you Google "Dr. Joseph F. Capella Interview" you will find the article. Dr. Capella has helped many people who've suffered botched surgeries and if anyone can help you it is him. He has done over 1000 body lifts. He performed my tummy tuck and my results were amazing. I am having more work done with him on Thursday. He is the most compassionate doctor I have ever met. I wish you well.
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Hi; I just happened to look here again because I was feeling so bad and upset at how bad I look and what agah has gotten away and saw your post. I sure do appreciate you taking the time to write. I am still so depressed and live with this every day of my life. I have to wear a garment because of the pulling and pain from his "buttocks/thigh" lift. I look so bad, I am single and my self-esteem is so bad I have not even wanted to date. I am more crushed because I went to yet another Dr. who told me that there is nothing he could do to re-attach my buttocks, so that it looked like I actually had one because he took away all the fascia and ligaments that were needed to re-attach the fold. He said that there was nothing left because he took it away. This man I believe is nothing short of evil - another woman said the same thing about him. I can’t believe he can leave such a path of destruction and get away with it, living the high life because of all the money he takes from trusting, unsuspecting people believing that he really cares and will help them. I will definitely look up your Dr. but I am not hopeful, I have now been to about 8 Dr's who have said he basically butchered me and that there was nothing they could do. I have been asked to email my story to the show "Botched" because of how bad I am from agah's surgery. They said that if the Dr believes he can correct me after he looks at the email with my story and pictures, they will put me on the show. I hate to do that, but feel so desperate and pray that there is someone who can help me.
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Ironically, I have endured a long running complication from the brachioplasty I had on Oct 10. I had a wound opening along my right arm that looked very ugly but was not deep or infected like your experience. However, I had contracted skin in the axilla that caused frozen shoulder and I went through a few months of physical therapy where the therapists likened my skin to a burn victim. They referred me to the chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery and he specializes in burn victims. He is going to fix my arm with a series of zplasties and then use IPL fractal laser on the scar, which is only going to be made even uglier by the zplasties. He said he is one of three surgeons in the US using this technology for scarring and that he uses it on burn victims and by comparison my scar is small. So I don't know if he can fix your buttocks but I do think he can fix your arms and probably refer you to someone for your buttocks if it is not something he can do. Those chiefs all know each other as there are only about 35 of them in the country. Also Northwestern in Chicago is supposed to be good. Hopefully your insurance will cover the costs. His name is Dr. Sood and he is based at Eskanazi Hospital in Indianapolis (317) 278-1022. Good luck my dear.
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I'm 7 months PO LBL, thigh lift, fat grafting and my dr. Didn't take pictures now only 4 months when I was looking good. Now all the cellulite is back, and the skin is sagging but they don't want you to know results don't last. They don't tell you either!
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What has been happening to you since your last post in March? Still seeking resolution through legal channels? Please want to know what's happening good or bad or indifferent.
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I cannot believe everything you are going through and have already been through. All of your reviews have brought tears to my eyes, it is absolutely unbelievable what has been done to you. I know it's very hard to take a plastic surgeon to court but surely in your case they can make an exception and give you some sort of justice? Has anyone set up a fundraising for you yet where we can all donate some money to help you get your revisions? i am currently saving up for my own surgery but goodness you need it more than i do, i'd be happy to send you as much money as i possibly can, you need to get this fixed! Please keep us updated about your progress and please consider legal action again, if you aren't already. My heart goes out to you darling, i wish you the best of luck. i will pray for you and pray that Ahga gets his comeuppance!
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Have you been able to find another doctor to help you and are you pursuing legal avenues?
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All I can say is my heart hurts for you! I was blessed w an amazing surgeon for my procedure, but never once did I consider this type of horror story! How can he look at himself in the mirror! How did he not see he was over stretching the buttocks area like that? That he wouldn't try and fix his damage that he did to you! Any semi goods hearted human being would have tried to make right out of the wrong he caused you. *You have been victimized, and need share your story with every media station, Oprah, Dr.Oz, The Doctors, every renowned plastic surgeon, make this known. Do you remember the show the Swan.....they would team up together and turn external flaws into masterpieces......I am confidant that a group of surgeons would work together to repair the damage he has done.......just give your story to the media someone will help you. There are many selfless, good people out there someone will help! Thank you for sharing your story you are in my prayers
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Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad you found a good Dr, one who truly cared about you. This was not the case with me, as you can see. From what I have been told, siamak agah has done this to women who are not of his culture (non Iranian women). It’s almost as if he has disdain for women and uses surgery as a way of lashing out at them by “maiming” their bodies…. To me, it is actually the only thing that makes sense because any decent, good Dr would care about damage he has caused, physically, financially and most importantly psychologically and would do everything he could do to make the situation right and his patient happy. This would take a Dr’ who has character and integrity, which in my opinion is obviously not the case with this man Thank you again for your kindness and prayers. Someday he will have to answer to someone and hopefully pay the price for what he has done to many women.
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Where did he take to much skin from and are you still pursuing legal channels?
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Wow I'm so sorry to hear this. I was just considering him as my ps to do a revision on my TT. By the grace of God I came across this review. Lord I pray to you get emotional and physical hearing from this terrible ordeal. What happened to stand behind your work. Take our money and screw us over. I pray that you get the help you need.
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How are you doing now? Thanks for sharing. All the positive stuff out on the Internet about dr. Agha seems fake.
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Hi and thank you for asking. Still very depressed, in pain and financially struggling because of him. Have been to more Dr's who have said that they could not help me either because he took too much skin and took away what is needed to try and reattach my buttocks, groin, breasts, etc. They say that they have never seen anything like that. The pain is getting worse because of the constriction. Regarding all the positive stuff about agah, you are smart and correct for recognizing that there are fake reviews. If you do an internet search, you will find that there are services and people out there that will post fake, positive reviews for a fee. Chances are that he needs to do "damage control" because of the bad reviews he has gotten from several people. As I think I mentioned before, despite my horrible results and negative reviews, he still refuses to take down the video he has of me on The Doctors (for obvious reasons he does not show any after pictures of me!). Thanks again for asking and caring!
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Honestly, this sounds like major medical negligence. I would look for a lawyer. If anything, he was reckless with your aftercare and he should have known better. I could see may lawyers shying away but if you keep looking I'm sure u will find someone
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I went to him also. Did you find any doctors to help you or that you trust? Are you pursuing legal channels?
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Wow I'm praying for u. Time heal all wounds
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I cant believe a doctor would act like this ; unprofessional and non human ; i think if victims of his actions came togeter and sue him for abuse in surgeries and as personality he would be taken from liscence and i have heard alot about second case ...iam very sorry for your suffering maybe u should write to doctor show ...
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Thank you for taking time to reply. I obviously agree with you and wish others had as strong of a conviction. Its irionic, but one of the first oaths that PS take is to not cause harm.... and there are good Dr.s who take this to heart and others, as in this case, who dont.... PS are supposed to help people look and feel better about themselves, but there are obviously vultures out there who exploit and prey on people for the money. People like you can make a difference by spreading the word. I have been told that "God has a strong whip" (or Allah accordingly....)
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wow! sorry for your ordeal : (
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Thank you for posting your experiance, this is so helpful to see the otherside! When we search sites for before and after pics, all we see are great results, this is not always going to be the case, we all have different bodies, we go into a fantasy world of what we will look like, and how we can get it all done in one shot, although some come out ok, there are many that do not, it is very important for people to understand the risks of having these surgeries, and bundling the procedures... its so dangerous, and if you did choose the wrong doc, instaed of having one part to worry about, now you have your whole body.. your experiance i hope will have people take more time in correcting their bodies, and have realistic expectations.. by you sharing, you have helped many! Put reviews out there on every site you can find about this Dr!! Then keep updating so that it stays in the for front for potential patients of his to see!! I am so sorry you are going through this! It is not your fault! It is his for chopping your body up.. i will pray for your safe recovery, it is still early, so hopefully results will be better, maybe theraputical muscle massages will help as well as physical therapist for the use of your arm, those may be able to be overed by insurance.. good luck
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wow just wow I wandered into here after checking out the breast implants page,since I want big boobs BADLY (Iam a small b) anyways, wow can you sue the jerk? he did a rottenjobon you and he sounds like an arrogant pos. I would sue the crap out of him, I canonly imagine what you mean by your female anatomy is "gone"...omg, Im gonna cry. I wish you the best, wow I think every one who reads this should send you a dollar just to help you out WOW. I would
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Hi and thank you for taking the time to comment. He is absolutely an arrogant “pos”; unfortunately one of the reasons these kind of "Dr's" (my opinion he really does not deserve the title – good/real Dr's genuinely care about their patients and uphold the Hippocratic they take; i.e. to practice medicine honestly, to swear that they will uphold a number of professional and ethical standards and not to cause harm) get away with things like this is because the legal system essentially allows it. I know that he has done this to several other women (all who have written me) and to my knowledge has not had to suffer any consequence. Also, plastic surgeons stick together (like the cops) and do not want to “rat” on “one of their own”, no matter how horrific the damage I have also been told that there is an attorney who basically gives Dr’s a “heads up” whenever a potential client comes in and tells him they are planning on suing a particular Dr. Additionally, I have also heard that there is a Dr, in OC that helps him evade legal ramifications. Since the legal system basically doesn’t protect, my best recommendation is to post blogs, comments, reviews all over the web and any other channel to let people know about the particular individual in order to create awareness about them and try and prevent another person them from having to suffer at the hand of that person. In my case, I have had several women contact me saying that they were going to go to him (1 that was about to give him a deposit), but after reading and more importantly seeing my pictures of what he has done to me, did not go forward with him and went to another Dr. Anyway, thank you again for your empathy and taking the time to write me. I appreciate any effort to help spread the word about him.
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Well, thank God for you, djp! I was just about ready to go with this surgeon until I read all of this! I just went to the Orange County online court cases and found Eight against him dating from 2010 to 2013. Oh goodness..... I am certainly going to make SURE to do my due diligence, in large part, because of you. Thank you, thank you, Thank You!!!! I do pray that you're finding a solution and answer to your night mare. I will keep you in my prayers.
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I'm so very sorry to hear about your story. Maybe you could write The Doctors Show and they might be able to find a Dr to help you for free.. Its worth a try.
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