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I'm 30 years old with three kids. I had a breast...

I'm 30 years old with three kids. I had a breast aug. 2 years ago and now I'm returning to my surgeon for lipo. I'm having 4 sections done (front and back). I decided last minute not to have it 2 years ago with my breast aug. surgery because of reviews I read. Now I'm ready! I'm so excited and nervous. I recently started working out and I am confident I can tone my arms and legs, but my stomach, after kids, I feel is just too BIG! I feel the surgery will motivate me to really watch myself and push myself more in working out and eating healthy. My doc said I will see results right away because we are talking about volume of fat being removed. But I should expect full results in 6 months. My doc said my skin will be fine as I was concerned about having saggy skin, he made a point that he is not removing or adding any skin and with compression garment my skin will return to "normal". He said I should expect to leak a lot for the first 24 hours after the procedure. I'm nervous about that. I had my pre-op and already filled my meds. Now I'm just waiting for the BIG day.

Night before my surgery

Here are my before pics. I'm nervous and anxious for my surgery tomorrow. My check-in time is 8:15 AM and the procedure should start approx. 30-45 mins after check-in and last no more than 2 hours. I can't wait for the procedure to be over and stater the recovery process. I will post as soon as I can.

10 hours after surgery

It's been a fee hours since my surgery and I feel sore. I'm resting at home and get up to use the restroom. I've changed my dressing about 4 times. I just can't believe how much fluid I'm leaking. I counted 10 incisions. During one of my dressing changes, I peeked and can see a huge difference in my waist. I can't wait for the results!!! Here is how much fat was removed, about 15 pounds!

1 day post op

I feel great! Of course a little sore around my abdomen. My doctor called me yesterday and today and said I have a high pain tolerance and sound great on the phone. My sister spent the night and helped me with my dressings, the actual count of the incisions is 13! The doctor said I no longer have to cover my top incisions, only the bottom ones. And of course I'm wearing my compression garment. I'm not leaking anymore and will take a shower today. I know I'm swollen but I peeked this morning when my sister helped me change my dressing and I look way small around my waistline. I'm so happy with my decision to move forward with my surgery. And I'm glad I returned to my doc that did my breast aug. 2 year's ago. My follow up appt, is next week. I can't wait to heal 100%! I will try to post pics today.

1 day post lipo

I just got out the shower! I feel so good and clean. :) I just cant believe the results and to think I still have weeks before I see my final results. The doctor and his team are amazing! I will post an update in a few days.

3 Days Post Op

I feel great! I've taken a shower everyday since Wednesday, it makes me feel clean and refreshed. Today I did light house cleaning and I have little ones to entertain so in the evenings I'll sit outside with them so they ride bikes and play. I was able to drive yesterday for the first time, it was a bit uncomfortable but I managed. I wear my CG 24/7 except when I shower or wash it. My doc made 13 incisions and they stopped leaking...finally. I have a little bruising, I'll post pics soon. I can't wait for my f/u appt next wed.

I'm feeling great!

I'm feeling great! A little swollen and my skin feels numb and funny when I walk without my CG. I also miss sleeping on my belly, so far I sleep on my back and sides. I feel a lot smaller, I can't wait to switch from my CG to a spanx and I can't wait to workout.

**a lil tip, I cut a doggie pad in half and takes it under my CG. I don't like my CG touching my skin directly.

Almost 1 Week Post Op

Wow! I can't believe how fast time passes. Tomorrow will be one week since my surgery. In have to say this process has been completely different from my breast aug. I had 2 years ago. With my breast aug. I felt the recovery was quick, I went back to work after 4 days. Frankly with this procedure, I'm so over everything! I'm happy with the results but can't wait for my skin to return to normal, I can't wait to stop wearing my CG, I can't wait to sleep on my belly, I can't wait to not have any swelling/soreness. I will say I'm nervous about going back to work next Monday. My co-workers have no idea I had this procedure done and I want to come back as normal as possible, but the way I feel today, I just don't know. I see my doc on Wed, I can't wait to switch over to a spanx. Does anyone have any suggestions on spanx?

No More CG! YAY!

Here is my squeem! It's a large and it fits tight. Here is a pic. Don't like how the back rolls. I am going shopping on Saturday to buy one or two more to have a variety to wear. I'm still swollen and sore, but I can move a lot more and so more. Overall I feel great!!

My doc said I'm doing good. He said to wear a shape wear min. 6 weeks, max. 12 weeks. He said no exercise for 3 weeks. He said I will have good days and bad days but recovery for this type of procedure takes time. He said full results will show at 6 months.

Back To Work

I work an office job. I returned to work 2 weeks after my surgery. Monday was great! Everyone said I looked great and my boobs looked a lot bigger. Lol! Tuesday I started feeling really sore and a burning sensation. I thought it would go away when I went to sleep. Wednesday morning, I woke up with the same uncomfortable sore feelings on the belly and back. I card my docs offc, they said it was normal and past of the healing recover process. UGH! Can my recovery just be over already! :)
Dr. Christopher Chung

Renaissance Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Christopher Chung I'm very pleased with Dr.Chung and his staff. I had a breast augmentation 9/2012 and they came out great! My breast look very natural. I returned to Dr. Chung for abdominal (front and back) lipo. I'm one day post op and so far I'm happy with my results, I already look a lot smaller and I'm still sore and swollen. I can wait to see my full results. I made a great choice and I'm happy I returned to Dr. Chung, I would not go anywhere else. I would highly recommend him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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Congrats!!!!!!!! Your pics are Fantastic!! I Definitely see the difference and you already look pretty flat :)
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Im at 3 weeks post op today. Last few days i get a stabbing sensation when i put pressure on area i had lipo on. So when i lay down on my back my flanks hurt for 2 seconds if i move to a new position if my bed touches a lipo area it hurts 2 seconds lol i cant sit down or lay down with out so stabbing feeling lol i also was told this is a normal part if the heeling process. Sounds like you are about one week ahead of me in healing because i didnt start feeling this till a few days ago. Im still numb in some areas. Any new pics?
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The healing process has been difficult. I still feel a burning sensation and my skin feels funny. I also noticed a lot of unevenness and lumpiness...I'm trying to be patient. I did try going to the gym for the first time and it was uncomfortable. I will try again this weekend. I will post pics this weekend. :)
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Take it slowly.. U may need to just walk slowly vs jog etc.. I am still not comfortable jogging so i try walking a little faster. U might need to just rest for a good while. I get tired randomly, so i go take a nap. Lol listen to ur body and sleep if u need to. Im glad u went home vs force urself at the gym. Im eager to start doing a more productive workout but my body says to stop it lol
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Wonderful result! Thanks for the update and the pictures :)
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Wow they got 15 pounds if fat out!! Thats incredible. I only lost 5 pounds. You look much slimmer already! Congrats!
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I bought the squeem waist cincher not the one that is like a tank. It just wraps around me and doesnt have the straps. The large spanx tank top that I bought like that was in a large also and it was sooo tight and uncomfortable so that probably makes a difference. I have a pic of mine posted. You look great by the way!
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How was work?!?
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I go back on Monday. I'm nervous, no one knows at my job I had this done and don't want them to know. The shape wear I got is way tight! And it's a large. I hope to get comfortable in it this weekend.
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Oh I misunderstood, I thought you started this past Monday.  Maybe find some different shape wear in the meantime?  Don't worry about what size it is, you are still swollen and healing (I know how hard that can be!).  Or like you said, hopefully you get use to the shape wear you have in time for Monday.
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After my surgery / before I got my second garment from the PS, I went to the mall and tried on a BUNCH. I found a Dr. Rey one w/ a bra on sale and I also found some Maidenform highwaist shapeware. They all have hook-and-eye crotches. I made sure they were quite tight (I was only 1 wk post op). I like having a variety to choose from. They are all more snug than Spanx because they have panels that don't stretch. Good luck going back to work! I'd suggest you just try a bunch on and get what fits the tightest that is also comfortable (and affordable).
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Thank you! I'm going to do that tomorrow, I want to have a few to change out from. I'm worried that the shape wear is too tight, is there such a thing for us?? How often do you wear your shape wear?
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Awesome tips, monicanmn!
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Does anyone know if Lipo makes loose skin look worse? it isn't horrible but I want to have this done because of loose skin on my legs:)
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I think it does make it worse.  You should ask in our Doctor Q&A
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Congrats! You look wonderful. Don't overdo it...there's a lot of healing going on in there!
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Thank u monicanmn! I'm starting to see that.
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I found that the most comfortable spanx was the pull up one that has legs (goes to mid thigh). The other ones that you put on like a tank top were too hard to get on and off. I like the squeem. I would say you need a medium. I am going on 7 weeks and I am still sore at times and still have some swelling and numbness in areas. Good luck on your recovery.
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Thank u Akeen34! I took your recommendation and ordered the squeem, it arrives on Friday. I'm nervous about the size. My CG is an XL and it's big. I know you said to order a medium but got worried it would be to tight and uncomfortable being that I'm returning to work on Monday. I ordered a Large for now. I ordered the compression vest shape wear with the open bust.
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My cg is an xl also and I ordered the large squeem and it fits fine. I think I may even be able to go to a medium soon. You are alot smaller than me so I am curious to see what you say about the large. It definitely gets easier to put on after the first day. Start at the bottom with the hooks and work your way up to the top. I might post 7 week pics tonight but I look pretty much the same so its kinda depressing.
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I just recvd my squeem! I love it. I'm happy I went with the large. I'll post a pic with it on. No way I would have fit a med. lol. No more CG!! YAY!
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How long do you wear your squeem? I have to say, it's really tight!!!! :)
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Congratulations, u r looking terrific!!
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Wow!! You look great! I can't believe how quickly you're healing! It doesn't even look like you have swelling.
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