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Botox Caused Droopy Face on One Side - Corona, CA

I've been Botox for three years I'm 33 I usually...

I've been Botox for three years I'm 33 I usually got 40 units divided on my forehead and in between my eyes and crows feet. I decided to go to a new place to try them out. Everything was fine until the second week when I started to notice my left eye started to drop and I had a bag under my eye. It's now very noticeable. I look like I've had a stroke on my left side. I'm going to the place for them to check what's happened. My eye is also very dry and heavy. I'm very worried about what the outcome will be.


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Dealing with bad botox results

As you can see the picture botox caused my face to become uneven and drop. I don't look nothing like myself. I suggest all people to be very careful about we're you go to get any procedure. Think of the results because they fail to inform you. Most places are money hungry suggesting you need more botox then need. While others have injector that place the needle wrong and it leaks into your eye causing you the droopy eye with a bag look. I've decided to but on more makeup. Use heating on eye to reduce swelling. And give it time. We know on thing botox wears off. It takes a awhile but it to will leave my body. Next time I decided to get botox I will trust my gut instinct and go somewhere were its about quality care not them making a buck.


you might be at a point, where botox should be avoided....you may have gotten too many shots over the years. but just from analyze your face, you might actually benefit from a mid-facelift...and take 10 years off your face and look fantastic. You are already a very beautiful woman...it just looks like, u have a few fat and lose deposits on your face, especially under your eye and cheek and lower jowl
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I paid for my botox and I assume this is the office staff. I will be contacting real self regarding the harassment.
Hi, I can only see one photo of you here and you look great to me, I can't see any unevenness? I had botox for the first time 7 days ago and I hate it, I have a weirdly flat middle forehead but my outer eyebrows still move and are too arched, and when I raise my eyebrows I get these horrible lines above my outer brows, and I feel really self conscious. I had mine done by a nurse who has a license to prescribe botox and has been doing it for a long time, I contacted here and she asked me to go back tomorrow, which will be day 8, apparently injections to the outer forehead will correct the eyebrow arch. Now I'm panicking as your problems started 2 weeks after, should I just wait and see? I just don't think I can stand to look like Dr Spock for another 2 weeks, and my birthday is next weekend!
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Fixing the mistake of a bad injector

Learning the lesson tought me the dangers of going into places without research. My face took a hard fall due to one lady. I walked around for 3 months looking like I hadn't sleep in months. I decided get Radiesse to fill in my checks and now i can walk around with the confidence I deserve. Just because one time one place does it wrong there places that you can trust just do so research and go with the place that listens to you. There not there just to take your money


Wow, you look fantastic after the Radiesse! Don't take any notice of the person who said you need a facelift..you don't!!
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Thank you so much.
The office continues to take on false names under real self to write ugly comments under my name.
Estrella aesthetic and surgical center

This place is Horrific don't go here. View my photo after botox injected by Judi the Aran leaked into my eye. There assuming no responsibility and really don't care. I should of known better my gut told me don't go there. But I did anyways. THEY WILL RUIN YOU ALL FOR A DOLLAR. IF YOUR PAYING TO IMPROVE YOUR BEAUTY STAY AWAY. AFTER THEY DAMAGE YOU THE DR WILL HAND YOU A MIRROR AND SAY LOOK YOU HAD PROBLEMS BEFORE NOW THEY JUST GOT WORSE. HIS RESPONSE WILL TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR UGLY AND THATS WHY THIS HAPPENED. HIS FAVORITE WORD FACE LIFT!!! MIND YOU IM ONLY 33

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