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Tomorrow at 9am , I will be taking Valium,...

Tomorrow at 9am , I will be taking Valium, Percocet. I will also have 16 squares at the highest I can handle. Does anyone weigh around 150 pounds and a height about 5'7? I'm just wondering if that's enough squares and how much are additional squares? I really haven't found as many reviews as with the cool sculpting.

dont let me down liposonix

Well I had the procedure done yesterday and they did 15 squares. They did them at 50 volts. They gave me a hand held fan and that helped when I blew it on the area . Some of the squares hurt worse than others. Today I have a little bit of bruising on some of the squares. Has anyone ever taken any supplements that help the drainage or the lymph system?
How is ur results?
How are your results at this point - 5 months later?
Hi Pinksusan7, I had a consultation at Infinity a few weeks ago for Liposonix. My stats are identical to yours and they drew 16 squares and took pics. I haven't scheduled it yet, but wondering what your thoughts are? How are your results? Thanks for any update!

I'm not sure yet.

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