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Hi all, now is February 2012, I'm 33 years old and...

Hi all, now is February 2012, I'm 33 years old and had 2 beautiful children, the younger is 5 months now, and I'm still Breast-feeding - I tied my tubes, so no more babies for me - I plan to BF for more 6 months, and lose 10-15lbs prior to any plastic surgery - I want a Tummy Tuck sooooo bad!!!

I'm 5'3", 170 lbs is not a good weight / BMI, but at 155 lbs I'm very skinny... my type body is big, I'm not a petite person....

Well, I'm soo excited to do this, but I really...

Well, I'm soo excited to do this, but I really need more time... my baby still breastfeending, and she's more important than anything else!! She's a beautiful 5 months old baby, and my toddler is almost 4... loving sooo much them!! Bu I feel very ├Âut of identity" now... I need to "shake up" the things... I'm trying to eat clean, I want to lose the baby fat!!! If everything goes well (and it will!!) I'll do my procedure by June 2014... Let's see, I wish I could do sooner, bu I think this is a good timing...

Sooo tired...

Well, I'm still here... All the reviews inspired me but scaring me at the same time!! LOL - About my Weight loss, no success :( - I'm still Breastfeeding my baby (8.5 months now) - Planing to end when she turns 1y ... Well, I keep going, trying to diet while breastfeeding ...

Starting WeightWatchers

Hey All... I just starting WW to lose my baby fat!!! I'm very familiar with ALL diets, I've done WW before, It's slow but works... since I'm still breastfeeding, this is the best option now... I need to loose 20 lbs at least!! I feel so tired and not motivated... I hope this give me a boost!

Down 4 lbs in the first werk!

Well, It seens a small victory, and a lot for just 1 week of WW dieting... but, I'm happy!!! I hope keep going like that, at least 1 or 2 lbs per week!! :)

Set up 4 consultations!!!

I Set up 4 consultations with 4 different PS in Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area!!! One in the end of December, 2 in January and one in February. As long of my diet, not a huge improvement, but I've lost 8lbs - still to go - I hope keep steady with the Holidays come along.

Happy New Year!!

This is the Year!!!! Oh boy .... I'm still dieting, and going to the second plastic surgeon interview... at this time, is Dr. Hochstein - I already visited Dr. Levens, and I like it!! Let's see - Dr. Hochstein had operated 2 people that I've know (BA and TT), with good results... I'm excited!! Here is the horrible picture that I want to change...


Dr. Hochstein Consultation

Hi all - Today was Dr. H appointment, and it was great. He's very confident, and certainly told that my results will be perfect. Pretty much he said everything that I want to hear ... I don't want to get "blind" of my very positive consultation with him - but, he was quick with me - He took a quick peak on me, and explain what he have on plan, but it was very VERY quick! I questioned him, he promptly answered everything.... Still maturing the idea of breast implants - My biggest fear is to have another breast procedure later on, to fix or replace it - he assure to me it's for lifetime - unless happens something or I want to change... dunno...


I guess nobody did believe on me when I told that I was going to have this procedure!!! Now that I kind choose a doctor, my hub is against to do this surgery now, since he's investing in some new business, and my mom just can come after July to take care of me and kids... I'm trying, but I think I'll have to wait another semester (or even more, depends on him) :( - I'll keep "insisting" to do sooner... About the breast implants, I suggested my hub to do only the TT, since it'll be much cheaper - he said "No do it all, and do big!!" hahahaha!! He was not kidding!! Funny LOL - Anyways, I'll still visit my other 2 appointments with Dr. Azurin and Dr. Messa, even thought I'm 90% on Dr. Hochstein. About my weight, Dr. H said I don't have to loose a pound, I'm fine to do it now... Dr. L said it was the best for the results, loose 10lbs. - On this case, I would lose 10lbs prior to the surgery.

Dr. Azurin's Office dissapointed me.

Yesterday I received I call from Dr. Azurin's office canceling my appointment for Jan 20th. (I have booked this app. early December) - She wanted to rescheduled my consultation for April - I got very disaponted - At least sooner, would be a nice manor, since it was their fault of canceling my appointment - He's not the only one - Now, I'm more towards to Dr. Hochstein than ever.


Sorry for the typos - Realself team, I would suggest an "edit/delete/change" posts, would be VERY nice :)

I've lost 10 lbs!!!!!

I'm super-happy!!! I've los 100 lbs, and feeling great!!! I went to a no-carb diet, and it's working!!!! Hub gave me green light for my TT and BA!!! YAY!! - Next week I'll be working on that!!!! :)

Old picture from 2007

Oh my, I found a picture 1 year before my first pregnancy!!!!

I book my Surgery!

I finally booked!! Mid May is the time!!!! I Can't wait!!!

Dr. Azurin passed Away :(

Wow.... I feel so bad of been upset with his office/staff for postponed my appointment - He was ill and passed away - I'm so sorry... May he rest in peace, and I wish the best comforting for his family. :(

Wish Pix

2 months to my TT/BA with lipo

Oh boy.... it seems forever to my surgery, and I'm having a mix of feelings .... I feel guilty, super-prepared-not-prepared (LOL), happy, sad... My Mom will stay with us for 3 months (YAY!) - I'm worry about my kids, specially my 18mo., since she's soooo attached to me ... I won't be able to pick her up, or play back horse-riding with her ... My 5y boy is sooo awesome, and independent, but still like to stick on Mommy like glue (I love this! LOL) - Today I weight 153lbs, wich is AWESOME!!! It was my first goal since I had babies - But, obviously, my body is a hot mess... and I should workout more.... but, I always have a "excuse" of not having time because of my kids... LOL - Well, #FAIL me .... anyway... I'm just venting, I'm sorry! :P

1 month!!!

So, almost a month for my procedure!!! OMG, I'm nervous!! My mom and sis are coming this week from South America, and I'll take them and the kids to a bunch of cool places... Zoos, Museums, Disney :)... - And then.... bang! my Surgery!!! I'm sooo worry about my Toddler... I hope she bond a lot with my mom, since she's soo needy of Mommy's attention right now - My Preschooler rocks, I know he'll understand that Mommy will have a break - I'm Hell SUPER-NERVOUS!!!!!
Dr. Hochstein

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Hey Hun!! I see your getting closer to the BIG day!!! Are you super excited and happy? Girl.. I'm here to tell you is it sooooo worth it all... Think happy thought and stay strong.!!! It's all worth it. :)
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Best of luck hun praying all goes smoothly for you. Im 4 weeks post op and it IS worth it. You can still cuddle kids just no lifting. You will do great. Congrat on weight loss too :-)
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I know you're having both procedures but do you know how much the BA is w/ him? Dr. Azurin was going to make a small scar revision on my right areola & he was going to change out my implants to go bigger but he passed away 6 days after i was suppose to have my surgery :-(. He was so wonderful. Anyways, now i have to find a new surgeon for my breasts & i heard Dr. Hochstein is good but not sure if he's expensive. Trying to find out how much he charges for BA? Good luck! :-)
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Congrats on the weight loss! My surgery is May 12. Have you decided what size/type implant to get?
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Thanks for sharing your story! I will definitely be following your journey!
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Let's do this!!! :)
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Hi I was right with you on feeling those feelings feeling guilty Why am I doing this to myself this is elective surgery I'm selfish it's very normal After surgery your healing but every morning you wake up and you look at yourself in the mirror and see change for the better it will all be worth it your baby will be fine with grandma I'm here for you, the girls on this site are so supportive Trusting your doctor is important as well Keep me posted We live close by only 10 minutes away
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Thanks!!! You look fabulous!!!! I appreciate the kind words!! :)
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Totally normal feelings. Just keep moving forward. I wasn't that great at exercising either before mine but now that I have a stomach that I like I know it'll motivate me. Just can't do anything until the Dr clears me too. Good luck and realize all your emotions are perfectly normal.
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It's nice to read your comment!!! Thanks for help me out, and BTW, you look awesome!!! :)
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Congratulations on your new journey. I am starting to research mommy makeover surgeons. Dr. H does great work. Do you mind sharing how much he charges for a mommy makeover (TT and BA)? Did it include liposuction in other areas? Thanks hun!
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Dr. H charging me $12.100 cash - Financing is a few hundred dollars more - It's a reasonable price :) - I went to 2 other Drs. and they're cheaper, but I felt confident with him!!! Good luck!!!
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I wish you luck on your upcoming surgery in may, and hope you have a smooth recovery!! Congrats on your weight loss journey as well!! :)
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Thanks!!! :)
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Hi there.I just had mine done on Monday after having it scheduled for over 3 months. So while it seems like a long time to wait it'll be here before you know it. Congrats on the decision and loosing the weight!
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Thanks!!! :)
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I hope you know Dr. A's office cancelled you because he became ill. He passed away Feb 10th. Such an amazing man and true artist!!!!! May his soul rest in peace.
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Are you kidding?? He passed away?? That's soooo sad!! :( - So young!! RIP :( - Thanks for letting me know ....
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Yes, so young & takented! He was INCREDIBLE!!
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Sorry to hhear about your bad experience with dr. A office. I did my TT with him on Dec and I'm so thrilled with thw reaults so fae. He is the nicest and most amazing doctor I've ever met ( sucks that you haven't had the opportunity :( ). I was fat before the procedure and even now 40 lbs lighter i feel I need to loose a little more weight but the difference is incredible!!! Good luck!!!
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Sorry for all the typos I'm writing from my phone! :)
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Thanks!!!! I'm sure he's a GREAT doctor, but at this point, I lost my interest on meeting him - I don't think wait 5 months for a consultation would be good - too bad, because i live 5 mins from his office, would be soooo nice if I had a change to meet him - Anyway, you look fantastic, and inspired me!!!! Thanks again!!
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Yeah I can imagine, I think I would have been disappointed also if the same happened to me. I never had any issues with the appointments thankfully. I had my last appt re-scheduled but it didn't really bother me because my patient coordinator has been following-up on my progress and so has the doctor ( via photos). I'm glad you found my review helpful. Best of luck with your surgery, hope you find the right doctor and keep us posted with the results!! :)
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Hey good luck on ur TT journey DR H is great hes.very prompt and straight foward not.much of a talker with me but he really delivers great results! I am very happy i choose him for my TT i as well had a similar experince with dr azurin the girls there were very un helpful and his appoimtmemts r so far in advamce u end up losing interest in him! Lol good luck :)
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