Mommy makeover done!

Hi all, now is February 2012, I'm 33 years old and...

Hi all, now is February 2012, I'm 33 years old and had 2 beautiful children, the younger is 5 months now, and I'm still Breast-feeding - I tied my tubes, so no more babies for me - I plan to BF for more 6 months, and lose 10-15lbs prior to any plastic surgery - I want a Tummy Tuck sooooo bad!!!

I'm 5'3", 170 lbs is not a good weight / BMI, but at 155 lbs I'm very skinny... my type body is big, I'm not a petite person....

Well, I'm soo excited to do this, but I really...

Well, I'm soo excited to do this, but I really need more time... my baby still breastfeending, and she's more important than anything else!! She's a beautiful 5 months old baby, and my toddler is almost 4... loving sooo much them!! Bu I feel very öut of identity" now... I need to "shake up" the things... I'm trying to eat clean, I want to lose the baby fat!!! If everything goes well (and it will!!) I'll do my procedure by June 2014... Let's see, I wish I could do sooner, bu I think this is a good timing...
Hi FLmama - have you scheduled any consults yet or do you have PS's in mind for your TT?

I look forward to hearing from you in the future as you plan your journey.  Keep us up to date.


Sooo tired...

Well, I'm still here... All the reviews inspired me but scaring me at the same time!! LOL - About my Weight loss, no success :( - I'm still Breastfeeding my baby (8.5 months now) - Planing to end when she turns 1y ... Well, I keep going, trying to diet while breastfeeding ...
Not, yet, but I'm planning to do... :)

Starting WeightWatchers

Hey All... I just starting WW to lose my baby fat!!! I'm very familiar with ALL diets, I've done WW before, It's slow but works... since I'm still breastfeeding, this is the best option now... I need to loose 20 lbs at least!! I feel so tired and not motivated... I hope this give me a boost!

Down 4 lbs in the first werk!

Well, It seens a small victory, and a lot for just 1 week of WW dieting... but, I'm happy!!! I hope keep going like that, at least 1 or 2 lbs per week!! :)
I totally understand your posts... Been part of WW 2 years then last dec stopped an gained 10 back but I keep hearing its muscle Eric an if I get down past 160 people say I look sick... I have some pretty broad shoulders etc more the athletic build as what myomere says. I'm also 5 3" an 171 so been back on WW for over a month an have lost 3lbs but I haven't been able to stay with it like before too much going on with kids an football practices .... Keep us posted on your journey...:-) Lots of luck
Ok phone typo...... Where it says muscle ... And ---is after not Eric ..... An it's what my mom says---!!!
Thanks New26gal - I't a long way, and not easy! :P - I've lost 10 lbs in 5 weeks!! Not bad, but I don't see much difference yet ... quite disappointed - But, baby steps, I'll get there!! :)

Set up 4 consultations!!!

I Set up 4 consultations with 4 different PS in Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area!!! One in the end of December, 2 in January and one in February. As long of my diet, not a huge improvement, but I've lost 8lbs - still to go - I hope keep steady with the Holidays come along.

Happy New Year!!

This is the Year!!!! Oh boy .... I'm still dieting, and going to the second plastic surgeon interview... at this time, is Dr. Hochstein - I already visited Dr. Levens, and I like it!! Let's see - Dr. Hochstein had operated 2 people that I've know (BA and TT), with good results... I'm excited!! Here is the horrible picture that I want to change...


I love your pictures! This surgery is going to make you feel like a new woman! Sometimes we have our beautiful babies and they just plain wreck us others have no damage. I say fix it if your not happy .
Thank you so much for the positive toughs!!!! It really means the world to me!!! I'll keep thinking positive, and go ahead with my plans!!! I'll keep following your reviews too !! XOXO
Your going to look great! FYI i lost my appetite completely for the first 4 weeks! its slowly came back and at 4 months it was back fully but I can only eat a small amount & i feel really full. The loss of appetite is a temporary side effect from the muscle repair. So you will lose what the surgeon takes out as well afterwards expect some more weight loss. Weight your self every day so you see the weight drop. Ironically i always weigh my self every morning and evening & i write it down too so after my surgery my scale broke! What the hell is that????! lol

Dr. Hochstein Consultation

Hi all - Today was Dr. H appointment, and it was great. He's very confident, and certainly told that my results will be perfect. Pretty much he said everything that I want to hear ... I don't want to get "blind" of my very positive consultation with him - but, he was quick with me - He took a quick peak on me, and explain what he have on plan, but it was very VERY quick! I questioned him, he promptly answered everything.... Still maturing the idea of breast implants - My biggest fear is to have another breast procedure later on, to fix or replace it - he assure to me it's for lifetime - unless happens something or I want to change... dunno...
Its exciting...glad it went well! hes a pro girl you cant go wrong.
Thanks!!! I want to do it like tomorrow, but now I'm having some issues... My hub is against to do this surgery now, since he's investing in some new business, and my mom just can come after July to take care of me and kids... I'm trying, but I think I'll have to wait another semester :(


I guess nobody did believe on me when I told that I was going to have this procedure!!! Now that I kind choose a doctor, my hub is against to do this surgery now, since he's investing in some new business, and my mom just can come after July to take care of me and kids... I'm trying, but I think I'll have to wait another semester (or even more, depends on him) :( - I'll keep "insisting" to do sooner... About the breast implants, I suggested my hub to do only the TT, since it'll be much cheaper - he said "No do it all, and do big!!" hahahaha!! He was not kidding!! Funny LOL - Anyways, I'll still visit my other 2 appointments with Dr. Azurin and Dr. Messa, even thought I'm 90% on Dr. Hochstein. About my weight, Dr. H said I don't have to loose a pound, I'm fine to do it now... Dr. L said it was the best for the results, loose 10lbs. - On this case, I would lose 10lbs prior to the surgery.
Hochstein told me the same thing. He said that unless i was to lose a substantial amount, like 20 pounds, then it wouldn't make that much of a difference. I am working on getting rid of 25 pounds and hopefully by then i'll have the cash saved up. You know I asked him the same thing about the boobs and he told me they were for lifetime also lol. Funny. I liked the gel looking ones but he said silicone was the best option but they are so dang round. I dont want to look like i have two softballs or beach balls on my chest.
LOL - Let me tell you, I really liked him, but he knows how to sell himself - ( when he said I don't have to loose a thing, my eyes sparkles!! LOL - but, really, I should lose) - His staff is awesome too, make you feel good, I would say - The Dr. L was super-nice too, but I felt he has not so much experience on Tummy Tuck - He showed me like 8 before/after pictures (I think is the only ones he successful did) - But I think he does a lot cosmetic procedures, like botox etc. - About money, that's sucks have to spend over 10k to be miserable for a couple of days LOL - I'm trying still to get this done sooner, without financing - I'm SHAM (Stay at home mom), I can't wait to go back to work, and not depending on my husband for money!!! But I want to get this Surgery first and wait my youngest to be 2y old :) - I'm on Weight Watcher OnLine (Not the meeting one) - It's working, slow, but it's great!!!!
You will also lose weight after the tt. Thats very common.

Dr. Azurin's Office dissapointed me.

Yesterday I received I call from Dr. Azurin's office canceling my appointment for Jan 20th. (I have booked this app. early December) - She wanted to rescheduled my consultation for April - I got very disaponted - At least sooner, would be a nice manor, since it was their fault of canceling my appointment - He's not the only one - Now, I'm more towards to Dr. Hochstein than ever.


Sorry for the typos - Realself team, I would suggest an "edit/delete/change" posts, would be VERY nice :)
Sorry to hhear about your bad experience with dr. A office. I did my TT with him on Dec and I'm so thrilled with thw reaults so fae. He is the nicest and most amazing doctor I've ever met ( sucks that you haven't had the opportunity :( ). I was fat before the procedure and even now 40 lbs lighter i feel I need to loose a little more weight but the difference is incredible!!! Good luck!!!
Sorry for all the typos I'm writing from my phone! :)
Thanks!!!! I'm sure he's a GREAT doctor, but at this point, I lost my interest on meeting him - I don't think wait 5 months for a consultation would be good - too bad, because i live 5 mins from his office, would be soooo nice if I had a change to meet him - Anyway, you look fantastic, and inspired me!!!! Thanks again!!

I've lost 10 lbs!!!!!

I'm super-happy!!! I've los 100 lbs, and feeling great!!! I went to a no-carb diet, and it's working!!!! Hub gave me green light for my TT and BA!!! YAY!! - Next week I'll be working on that!!!! :)

Old picture from 2007

Oh my, I found a picture 1 year before my first pregnancy!!!!

I book my Surgery!

I finally booked!! Mid May is the time!!!! I Can't wait!!!
Hi there.I just had mine done on Monday after having it scheduled for over 3 months. So while it seems like a long time to wait it'll be here before you know it. Congrats on the decision and loosing the weight!
I hope you know Dr. A's office cancelled you because he became ill. He passed away Feb 10th. Such an amazing man and true artist!!!!! May his soul rest in peace.
Are you kidding?? He passed away?? That's soooo sad!! :( - So young!! RIP :( - Thanks for letting me know ....

Dr. Azurin passed Away :(

Wow.... I feel so bad of been upset with his office/staff for postponed my appointment - He was ill and passed away - I'm so sorry... May he rest in peace, and I wish the best comforting for his family. :(
I wish you luck on your upcoming surgery in may, and hope you have a smooth recovery!! Congrats on your weight loss journey as well!! :)
Thanks!!! :)
Thanks!!! :)

Wish Pix

2 months to my TT/BA with lipo

Oh boy.... it seems forever to my surgery, and I'm having a mix of feelings .... I feel guilty, super-prepared-not-prepared (LOL), happy, sad... My Mom will stay with us for 3 months (YAY!) - I'm worry about my kids, specially my 18mo., since she's soooo attached to me ... I won't be able to pick her up, or play back horse-riding with her ... My 5y boy is sooo awesome, and independent, but still like to stick on Mommy like glue (I love this! LOL) - Today I weight 153lbs, wich is AWESOME!!! It was my first goal since I had babies - But, obviously, my body is a hot mess... and I should workout more.... but, I always have a "excuse" of not having time because of my kids... LOL - Well, #FAIL me .... anyway... I'm just venting, I'm sorry! :P
Thanks for sharing your story! I will definitely be following your journey!
Let's do this!!! :)
Hi I was right with you on feeling those feelings feeling guilty Why am I doing this to myself this is elective surgery I'm selfish it's very normal After surgery your healing but every morning you wake up and you look at yourself in the mirror and see change for the better it will all be worth it your baby will be fine with grandma I'm here for you, the girls on this site are so supportive Trusting your doctor is important as well Keep me posted We live close by only 10 minutes away

1 month!!!

So, almost a month for my procedure!!! OMG, I'm nervous!! My mom and sis are coming this week from South America, and I'll take them and the kids to a bunch of cool places... Zoos, Museums, Disney :)... - And then.... bang! my Surgery!!! I'm sooo worry about my Toddler... I hope she bond a lot with my mom, since she's soo needy of Mommy's attention right now - My Preschooler rocks, I know he'll understand that Mommy will have a break - I'm Hell SUPER-NERVOUS!!!!!
Hey Hun!! I see your getting closer to the BIG day!!! Are you super excited and happy? Girl.. I'm here to tell you is it sooooo worth it all... Think happy thought and stay strong.!!! It's all worth it. :)
Oh Thanks so much!! I'm so nervous!!! I'm scared and excited!!!! Tomorrow I'll have my bloodwork done!!! OMG, it's getting closer!!!
Best of luck hun praying all goes smoothly for you. Im 4 weeks post op and it IS worth it. You can still cuddle kids just no lifting. You will do great. Congrat on weight loss too :-)

Getting close!!!!

I'm less than one month for my TT/BA!!! Oh Boy!!! Tomorrow is my blood work, and I'm getting busy with my mom and sister here, it's been fun, and good, I kind forget about the surgery and bonding with them... Next week we're going to Disney World have some fun!!!

My pre op is on April 31st, and I'll decided what kind/size of breasts I'll put it on ....

I quite fluctuating on 150-153lbs - I wish to lose a bit more, but with my family here is hard... eating out, deserts, with moderation!! :)

Thanks for all comments bellow, I feel not alone on this journey!!! I really appreciate it!!
I'm excited for you! Dr. H is the best. Don't hesitate to ask any questions! Andddd make sure you get that medical chair! :)
Thanks!!!! :) - It's getting closer!!!I'll get the chair!!! :)

Couple days to the flat side!

Oh Boy, I'm nervous!!! I went to my pre-op last Wednesday, and It was very tiring !!! He took forever to see me :( - I spent 2 hours filling papers, taking pictures and 10 mins max. talking to him - Oh well... I added some lipo on my inner thighs as well. I wanted to stay overnight, but looks like it's not possible anymore, since they don't have some sort of certification for that anymore... I'll research about that, and I'll post in here. Wish me luck!

Mixed feelings!!

I'm sooo exited and anxious!!! I hope had chosen the right doctor and right time. I can't wait for this to be done!

Boob size

On my pre op I asked for a medium C (I'm A now) - I tried some bra with some silicone, and the one I've liked are from a 304cc implants - but he'll put on me are a bit bigger according to him, since it'll be under the muscle, and it's always slightly bigger than the ones I tried - Not sure exactly CC's I'll put it on - I was so nervous on my consultation that I forgot to ask it! Boooo!
Good luck on your upcoming surgeries. I was scheduled for a revision BL & augmentation w/ Dr. Azurin the beginning of April. Unfortunately, his death has resulted in my deposit being tied up in probate. :-( I am fairly certain I will be using Dr. Hochstein in the future.
I've found that using the note section on my iPhone has helped for the little things I want to remember or questions I want to ask. Enjoy spending time with your family and fingers crossed that your special day arrives fast!
Yeah, I should have done this ... but I'm more confident now!! Thanks for your comment!! :)

The night before....

The anesthesiologist just called, to do some quick questions (if I smoke, my weight, medical history, etc.)... He spoke soooo fast, omg, I could barely breathe talking to him LOL - Oh well, he might have to do this so many times, so maybe is that - But really, it was disturbing talking to him - Oh well, I'm a messy person right now - I should take some sleep, and wait for my big momento tomorrow - I have to be there at 11:15am - Wish me luck gals!!!! XOXO
Thinking about you and hoping everything went well today! I can't wait to see your results. Sending prayers your way.
Hope everything goes well in your surgery. Take your pills, this week is going to be a little difficult but I swear it's so worth it.... Good luck and happy healing!
Tomorrow is the day.... Good luck :).

I made it!!!

Realself friends, thanks for the positive comments!!! Everything went great, and I'm recovering really good!!! More details to come!
Awesome! Thanks for the update!
Cant wait to see your results! I hope you are feeling good, happy healing!

Feeling great!!

It's been just over 2 and is feel better than expected! Pain is there but manageable... I can pee and move whith help. Today I went to my post op and I saw the results for uh first time, and I love it!! I put 371cc moderate profile. The rental recliner is been my best friend, it is a must!! More details to come!! Pic of the post op attached :)
Wooohooo!!!! So excited for you! Can't wait to hear all about your experience!
You look absolutely beautiful already!!!! So happy for you!
Congrats! You look amazing already! Hope you continue to heal well!


I'm spacing the time of Percocet now and taking Tylenol meanwhile ... Feeling good so far... The garment and the drains suck a little :) - starting drinking Juven, it look like helps building new tissue after surgery
HEY! i am glad you are done with surgery and recovering well. you look GREAT!! (p.s) i just replied to your inbox, sorry darling. safe and speed healing.
You look fantastic!!

It's a long post, sorry!

Ok, now a real description of my Journey - Today is the 6th post op day, and I'm here, in front of my computer, on my office chair, seating like everybody else (Feeling great!). Let's start:

***Day 1***: Got there early 10:45am, I was told to be there at 11:15am - Had people at the reception room waiting for other patients inside - At that point, I was anxious, but ok - The nurse just called me in at 12:20pm - It seemed forever waiting :( - My husband left at this point, I got inside alone - It took no more than 30 min. between some questions, put my IV in, marking me and put me laying down on the operation room - BTW the only time I saw Dr. Hochstein was on his office marking my body. I did not see him on that day anymore - It was 1:00pm when the anesthesiologist came and put something on my IV, and done - First thing I remember was waking up at exactly 3:15pm in the recovery room - I asked the nurse how long I was there, and she said about an hour: So my entire surgery took max 1:30min. I think - I already knew what to expect (shivering, pain, walking needs right after, etc) - And yes, happened all this - I woke, the nurse made me take pain killer and diazepam, make me stand up, walk, put me on the wheelchair, and took me to the car - by 4pm I was leaving the office - I did with no problem to tell the truth - I was mentally prepared. I got home around 5pm, I did not sleep at all during the car ride, just nauseous and dizzy. At home I got on my rental recliner and it was a paradise on Earth!!! I slept, but waking up every other hour to walk and taking meds and vitamins - My Mom and Husband were amazing at this day!!!! My kids were extra-angels, had a great dinner, and went bed on time, so cute! The first night was annoying more than anything else - I was sleepy, and wake up to walk was suck!!! LOL - The recliner would stand me up so, I needed little help to get out - I pee on that "gogirl" thing (Like funnel) - I did not work so well to tell the truth - the second peepee I sat down normally on the potty. I was oozing a lot on my back, because of the lipo, but was ok. Doctor Hochstein called to check on me, and told me to come back following Thursday

**Day 2***: Feeling a lot better, the Percocet makes me feel no pain!!! I was all day on my recliner, still walking every other hours, sleeping, eating very little, but I did not vomit - overall, great!!!

**Day 3***: Oh 3 day, big difference!!! I feel great, spacing the time between my pain meds, taking tylenol and had my first "#2" after the surgery (sorry, TMI). I went to Dr.'s H. office, to check me in, had some people in the reception area, staring at me! I was hunched and with my drains/pain pump - They took me inside immediately, and the nurses helped me to take off the garment, they were super nice… I love the results so far!!!! The picture above is on that day - Dr. H came in, look, answer some questions, and adjust a bit my drains … he told me to remove the pain pump myself at home when is empty, and call to go back in when my drain is getting low as 25ml in 24hs time frame - that was it, and my incision looked great, my boobs so perky and perfect size for me - Back home, ate a nice meal that my mommy had prepared, soft-play and watch cartoons with my kids, and the recliner is been my best friend, I sleep in it, soooo good!!! Another must, DVR, Netflix, Amazon Prime!!! I'm watching everything that I can!! LOL!! Feels like a Vacation!!!!! Hahahahaha

**Day 4***: I took a sponge bath, I was afraid to take a shower - I felt good!!! My mom washed the garment (which suck hell, sooo tight!), and I was clean and not squeezed!!! oh boy, it was nice!!! After the garment dry, my husband squeezed me back in :( - I can't wait to change this garment!!!

**Day 5***: At this point, I'm doing pretty much everything on my own… standing up/ going back to the chair, going to the bathroom… my breasts is sore and tender a bit now, I was not feeling anything on "the girls" since the surgery - Its ok….

**Day 6 until today***: More DVR, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Cartoons with my kids!!! LOL - I'm sooo bored!! Well, gotta do what have to do… rest, and take it easy! Not taking any pain medicine at all, even not tylenol - I thought my Drain was getting low, but, it was over 25ml in 20hrs timeframe … :( - So, no time to take them out yet … I cant Wait to take this crap off me!!! And, screw, I took NICE long shower….I let the water run in my whole body…. aaaahhhhh….. paradise!!! - Not much news to report… just that! :)

Thanks for all members on this site - without your testimonials (and a few thousands of dollars out of my pocket) , I wouldn't be here doing this!!!! :)

More to come….

Picture of my garment

your waist is so tiny! looking good girl!
Great update. Happy healing!
Thanks Sweetie!

Incision after 8 days: swollen and stretch marks

Don't give me wrong, I'm happy with the results!!! I feel more proportional to my body frame, yesterday I try couple of dresses and felt awesome!! But not all my stretch marks was capable to disappear :( ... Oh well, can't have everything right? I do have a lot and I'm grateful!!!! :) - I'm swollen, but this is the part of the process... Tomorrow I'll go to the office to probably have my drains out :) - incision looks good, dry and clean!! What a bless ????


Drains sucks

I'm still with drains. This is a little disappointed... Sigh... This weekend was though, 5 kids screaming in the house, adults getting crazy and overwhelming myself... On top of that, my ac brakes in the middle of Florida heat!! My cg is tight as hell! I'm just tired, I just need a little peace to heal ....

10 hours drains

Maybe I can take it out tomorrow??? Oh my I wanttttt!!!!!
Looking good I must say! I hope you were able to get your drains out cause it makes a big difference. You will feel so much better for sure. Happy healing and take care!
Thank you!!! I'm going to the Dr's tomorrow to see if this drains will be out!! :) XOXO
Thanks, I'm loving it!!!

The drains is out!!! WOW, a whole new level!!!

OMG, it's so good to have those darn drains out of me!! I was painless to take them out - The medical assistant did it - I saw briefly Dr. H today, and it was all good - Next week, another follow up - I'm still swollen, but very happy!! I feel proportional to my body frame, I love it!!!
It makes a HUGE difference once the drains are out! You look great!! Congratulations!!

Swelling is freaking me out a bit

I wonder if this is just swelling, or I'll be bloat like that forever...
You are still very early on in your recovery. Bloating like that is totally normal & can last for the first few months, plus +. Don't freak out. You HAVE to have patience. It's part of the process. But MOST IMPORTANTLY- You NEEEEEEEED to keep your compression garment ON at ALL TIMES!!!!! I wore mine 24/7 (except showers of course) for the first 8 weeks. Then after that 12 hours a day for about another 8 weeks- i actually preferred to wear it. You will get use to it. And it's what's going to mold that hour glass shape your plastic surgeon gave you as the swelling goes down. I CANNOT stress HOW important it is to wear that body compression garment.!! I am 19 months post op and I still wear it every now & then. I love it!! Good luck on your recovery. Have patience- swelling lasts for a long time- you're only 18 days out. In a couple months, you're gonna LOVE how you look!!! :-)
By the way, eliminate as much salt as you can & stay away from carbs! Those 2 things REALLY helped keep the bloating & swelling down (and helped me lose 30lbs in the process in 2 months!!)
Thanks for your advice!! I'm using the garment around the clock!!! I'm on a 2nd stage garment, and I love it!! Which one did you use it? My Dr. gave me a Marena 2nd stage garment, size S....

25 days post op!

I'm love my new boobies!! I'm glad that I decided to do with my TT!! But, I'm still very sore!! My Belly is very swollen, I look great on clothes, but I'm a bit disappointed with the swelling- at this point, I'm afraid of not having a completely flat belly after all this process!
I'm 149lbs today too, woohoo!!!
You look great! I know from reading other ladies comments the swelling is very normal. It'll go down after a while but I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing when it's my turn! Blessings for continued healing:-)
Thanks!! Maybe I'm just a little impatient too! LOL - But, all worth it, I'm in love with my new shape!!! :)
You should be! You look great!

4 Weeks Aniversary!

Feeling great!! Still swelling, but less ... my sterile-strips still on my boobs - I would say, I'm 80% back to my normal activities - Not picking up my kids yet, not working out - Next Follow up, I'll ask about that!!! :) - I got a picture of my 371cc Natrelle impplants!! The look giant to me! LOL - But, I love my boobies!
I'm happy for you that you are pleased with the implant size you chose. I'm just a few days behind you post-up. Do you find that your breasts are sore? I feel MOST comfort when I'm not in a bra, but I limit that to 2-3 hours per day.
Hi!! Yes, they still feel sore .... it's similar when I was breastfeeding, and had a lot of milk in it :P - I guess it's normal... :)

Tell me this is just swelling.....

I'm browsing on other ladies blogs, and I've seen them sooo flat with the similar post op of me!! I think my belly is so huge! :( - If this is just swelling I would be ok, but, I don't want this!! :( sigh - I'll tell Dr. H on my follow up.... And I did for extra money some lipo on my inner thigh ... I don't see much difference from before either.

Ok, pictures here...


When I compare your two week photo to your four week photo I personally think it is swelling. There is no possible way your belly could have "grown" in 2 weeks. You are clearly smaller in the two week photo. I can imagine that the swelling is discouraging, but that is all it is. Are you noticing any fluid build up (like a water-bed) under the skin? Are you wearing your binder 22-24 hours a day? I wear mine all day minus an hour in the morning and sometimes an hour in the evening to do my scar massaging. A call to your doctor might ease some of your concerns. You do look great - don't lose hope. :)
Thanks Honey!!! Yes, I'm wearing my CD 24hrs a day - It does not look like seroma, it's very "stiff" feeling - it looks like my abdomen muscles swollen.. but, not sure - I'll clear out with Doctor!!! Thanks for your support!!!
Congratulations on your breast feeding journey. Glad you kept forward with that, we will never get the option again once we are done right? :( however, what a wonderful reward to yourself with the mommy makeover! Your post op pic looks great... Got any new ones? And yes, don't the recovery time feel just like our breasts are full of milk!

Swelling still

This past week I went to my post-op, and I asked about my swelling - He said it's normal, and he guarantee that I won't be like that - just be patience - more 1 or 2 months my tummy won't change much on the swelling - That's what Dr. H. said - I guess I need to trust and be patient!!! I hope my belly gets flatter!
Looking good I'm so happy for u..
Thanks!!! :)

Swelling went down!!!

Oh boy, It's a relief that my swelling is getting better ... at least I know that won't be like that forever!!!! - Feeling great, even though Dr. said to no pick up my kids, I'm already changing diapers and put my toddler in her carseat, etc. - Loving it! Today is 1 month, 2 weeks and 5 days post op!!!! :)
You are looking great!!! I need to do Breast lift/Augmentation and now that my beloved doctor ( Azurin ) is no longer with us I'm looking for a great boob doctor.I'm scared cause the lifting requires a bigger scar and it's a bit more complicated then just adding an implant. I'll def look into yours, he did a great job!! Do you know if in the office they offer to show pics of his job with breast lifts, I didn't see too many photos on his website. Thanks!! :)
Hello!! So sad that Dr. Azurin is no longer with us.... But, I really loved my boob job from Dr. H. - 3 friends of mine did it too, and they look beyond fabulous!!! He did exactly what I asked for - I wanted natural, not too small, not too big and proportional to my body frame :) - He have tons of before/after on his office. Just be prepared, have your question in hand (he's very quick), and show wish pictures. I hope it helps! :)
Looking much flatter - you must be relieved to know officially that it was just swelling! Your scar is so low, doctor did a great job on that.

2 months, 2 weeks and 3 days since my mommy makeover

Oh my, I feel soooo good in my clothes!!! This Summer has been great!!!! Shorts, tank tops ... I didn't use my bikini yet, but I'll. :) - Still swollen, but is getting down!!!

Oficial Before and After Photos

Hi All,
I went to my post-op consultation this week, and we took some pictures - Everything is doing good, still with some swelling - He said I'll be better after 6 months post op - I'm not using the garment, and I'm on my regular routine life :) - Today is been 3 months, 2 weeks since my Mommy Makeover!!! I couldn't be happier!!! I did not lose any weight, or gain, but I want to go to the gym and eat better :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He knows what he's doing - Just trust on him - He'll answer all your questions, but have it them prepared in a paper before you go ask - Don't try to create a questionnaire in front of him, because he'll be direct and short-timely - Is not for nothing that he have the "Boob God" reputation - His staff are quick and competent - professional - If you need extra-pampering, have a cup of tea or comforting words from your Plastic Surgeon, he's not for you - He does, he delivers.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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