On March 26 I had a TT with MR, lipo to lower and...

On March 26 I had a TT with MR, lipo to lower and upper back and flank areas, the actual incision never hurt but what it killed me was the lipo, also my PS did an excellent job with my abs that I couldn't walk straight until week 4 , I'm so grateful I had 5 weeks off from work, today is week 6 and still sore still wearing my compression garment which is driving me insane!!! but I had to wear it, soooo happy so far with what I see hoping my swelling goes down even more .....


how did you get that line down the middle? That looks good! It looks like you workout all the time.
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I believe is the way in how my PS tights the muscles I could not walk straight at all for 3 wks 1/2 plus he has me wearing cotton balls with an abdominal dressing on top lined up in pairs from top to bottom on my abs under my compression garment and I 'm still wearing the binder....
you look amazing!
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Today is week 7 post op and still the swelling...

Today is week 7 post op and still the swelling going down specially my lower back and pubic area but can see start noticing the results, super happy!!!

Yesterday I started a dry cough which now it has me with no voice!!! I'm taking leftover of my robitussin with codeine but running low and since i'm seeing my PS this Wednesday i might ask him to give me a prescription , what bothers me when I cough is my lower ab right below the bb, everytime I cough i have to push down so I don't hurt....anyways!! I hope to get rid of this cough that is very anoying.....


Hi nena6 I was 143 lbs before surgery and I'm 5"4" tall, currently I'm 132lbs I 'm eating like crazy but i already promised my husband I will watch my mouth starting this week, since my PS already gave me the ok to start exercising I will try to start this week and of course eatign habits will have to change....good luck on your surgery if you take care of yourself and not do anything crazy and REST you will get the results you want....
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You Look great. Beautiful figure. Just to have an idea how much you weigh before your surgery and how tall are you. I hope I get awesome results like u. My tt is July 12
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Lol!!! You see?? Are we ever going to be happy with our bodies?!! My PS already gave the ok to start working next week but I'm such a chicken that I'm afraid I'll mess something up, of course will start slow but eventually I want to do Crossfit exercises ( boot amp type of thing) I know people that are doing it and their bodies are so defined so I'll give it a try... Hang in there the journey is not over.... Look at me 9 wks post op and still healing....Can't wait to be back to myself and get rid of the CG today I had to take a break and took it off for few hours now I'm going to take a nice shower and put it back on...:( ughhhh!!!
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So I'm on week 9 post op, on Memorial weekend we...

So I'm on week 9 post op, on Memorial weekend we had a get together here at my house and so I started drinking beer and did not sit down at all the entire day...well let me tell you I was wearing a wait cincher BUT when I took it off oh boy!!! I looked like blown balloom, and very sore on my waist line which lasted 2 days!! so to all my tummy tuckers just because you are 9 wks post op doesn't mean you are completely heal!!


Pocahontas12, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your belly button. I think you look great!!!!!!!! This is what I have to look forward to? GREAT!!!! I am going on a family cruise on July 8-15. That will put me at EXACTLY 7 weeks PO. I hope I will have a whole lot more progress than I do right now.
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I love your body! You look fab :) I also love your cucumber water container!! Gorgeous :)
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thanks! :)

So tomorrow I turn 10 wks post op and so far so...

So tomorrow I turn 10 wks post op and so far so good!! it's being a very challenged 10 wks and more to come, if I can just get rid of the swelling every time I come home from work I will be happier, I still can't wear my clothes by choice, it's very umcortable on my insicion so I rathe to wear yoga pants that are more comfortable for me , as per my PS I will stop wearing the CG by next week...yay!!!! yes I'm wearing it still..:( but then I'll wear it just for work , I'm a nurse and walk a lot and there is when I get swollen spaecially on my lower back, I will go see my PS this month on the 27 so I'll ask if he can try to drain something from my lower back since I see a tiny bulge that does not let me see the curve of my lowe back so if he does and nothing comes out then I'll try the lymphatic massages and hope it works, my abdomen still needs to sunk in more I hope so it looks more natural, so far I'm more than happy with the results my PS is Godsend artist God bless his hands forever for doing such a good job....I'll post new pics by wk 12 hoping to keep on seeing more changes....:)


WOW. Amazing result. You must be extremely happy :)) This is by far the best result I saw Very natural. Did he use different technique ? I'm sure in few months if you keep eating healthy you will see the best of you. I'll watch your progress
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thanks!! more than happy with my PS just started to walk last week little by little my goal is to be able to do Crossfit and tone up and of course I'm watching my diet....this investment is not a joke and I'm not planning to ruin it!!
You look fantastic!
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I decided to stop wearing the CG this past...

I decided to stop wearing the CG this past Wednesday I had being wearing it for 2 months just as my PS asked , I was going to wear it for a bit longer but with the weather here in Miami is impossible too damn hot and super humid so CG is off!! I have noticed less swelling go figured!! I went to walmart this morning and got me a type of waist cincher size large and it fits so nice and tight enough that is not cutting my waist ....Now I just need to get with the program and start some serious cardio workout...let's see how it goes...:)


seriously?? I hate to go to work!!! I always come back home like a freaking big tamale!! swollen and my incision gets a bit red, i have to come home take my waist cincher off and give myself a tummy and lower back massage and take some advil or motrin to help with the soreness...oh well this is the price we have to pay ....beauty ain't cheap!!!!
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You look amazing!!!!!
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Thanks so do you!!!

Today is post op week 12, and still not feeling...

Today is post op week 12, and still not feeling 100%, I went to a field trip with my son's school today and ended up very sore and swollen, uncomfortable, I was desperate to get home and just change to a more comfortable clothes for some reason I can't handle my regular clothes and is not even tight...is a matter of time so I can get use to it.....don't even feel like posting new pics but maybe when the swelling goes down a bit more I will .....


Your body looks amazing and I can only hope my belly button and scar turn out as nice as yours!!
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Thanks Pocahontas! The more good things I hear about Dr.A the more it reassures me that he is the right one!
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no problem!! the moment me and my husband went in for our consult we decided he was the one, my husband loved him and felt comofotable talking to him....he's great and the staff too and I think that is what it makes it more comforting.....

So I came home went to my closet and got this...

So I came home went to my closet and got this white skirt and my stripe yellow top put it on and i really liked it and now am posing it to see what you guys think????


Your result is still the best here (my opinion) . I have seen almost all posts but I still like your result. I wish you are feeling good today. It is not easy but soon all that pain will go away. Hang in there.
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Thank you Zizi!! I guess my body doesn't like to go to work because i come home beat up but i know that eventually will go away...:)
Looking amazing! Great results:)
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Today I had my legs and bikini area waxed I...

Today I had my legs and bikini area waxed I thought it was going to be painful after the surgery but it was not ( I've being doing it for 6 years) I don't have hair over mi insicion but just a bit under it and thought that was going to hurt ( it used to hurt with my csection scar) but like I said it didn't ...and so how's everybody doing??????


Your result look amazing! How long did you wait befor going bk to work?
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Thanks beautychick.... I took 5 wks personal leave...
thanks I wish but I'm getting there.
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Yesterday I went for my 13wks check up and...

Yesterday I went for my 13wks check up and everything is healing smoothly, Dr Azurin amazing like always was super excited to see his work and so did I, he said I looked stunning ( to his eyes) he said the swelling is less but expected when doing lot of walking and just to hang on because eventually will go away....he took some after pictures and I will see him in 3 months.....he does not want me to do ANY type of abs or crossfit yet so I don't compromise the work he had done in my abs and asked me to wait at least 2 more months to do so, I'm more than ok with that if I have come this far to get the results I have now why not wait 2 more months??!!! ....OK girls hope everybody is doing great and looking beautiful!!!!


You look awesome poca! That last pic with the bikini made me feel antsy. I can't wait to buy new clothes and burn my padded bras! Lol take it easy . *N
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Hi picahontas12! I finally had time to log on this site and do some updates and comments here and there...
How are you doing and how's recovery going for you? I hope all is well :)
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Hi Tee I'm doing good, my swelling is finally going away!!!! but now I can't even wear the waist cincher it kinds of put too much pressure right on top of the incision on the hips area and I don't want to have a dent in there so as of yesterday I decide not to wear anything specially for work...I saw your pics you look great!!!!

Ok girls so I'm on my 16th week post op not bad at...

Ok girls so I'm on my 16th week post op not bad at all but still can stand wearing anything tight or semi-tight over my incision or hips area, I started to use mederna gel because I ran out of the mederma lotion, Oh boy!! after about 3-4 days it started to itch and realized that it was the mederma gel, so I using now scaraway gel hoping this will not give me the itch and if so then i'll just will not put anything over incision but regular body lotion to keep it moist I;m not too much of a believer on all these creams, lotions for the scar plus the scar does not bother me all, I've being super lazy and not exercise at all BUT i have keeping my new post op weight 133lbs (preop I was about 146Lbs) my husband is like a sergeant after me and telling that my belly is going to come back if I watch what I put in my mouth but then you see him asking me if i want something from mcdonals to eat???No seriously I need to get with the program if I dont want to have ny big old belly back,,,so I wll need to buy some workouts so I can do it here at home and tone up a bit ....the itching drove me nuts at work so lets see how it goes with this new lotion.....


Thank you for the realistic updates.
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If I will ever do my breast , which I was hoping to have it in the same time with TT I'll get silicon. For some reason silicon looks sexier than saline. Today I touched the two of them and silicon feels even in the hand too much better. The saline push your breast tissue up up almost by the neck but silicon stay just round and sexy.
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You look so sexy and I'm sure you're so happy. If I will do mine I'm dreaming to look like yours. Thank you for stoping by today, in the right time. Your advise means a lot to me. You look so lovely in the new pics. Did you get any chance to go to the sea side with your sexy body? The incision as I can see is healing sooo good. I'm really happy for you. I already said your result is by far the best one here.
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Today I'm 18 wks post op, what can I tell you? is...

Today I'm 18 wks post op, what can I tell you? is getting better I can wear some regular clothes without getting irritated by it specially on my waist the only thing is that since my waist is a bit smaller now I have to fix EVERY single jeans and/or shorts I have from it since they are loose because I refuse to spend money on clothes since I already have plenty!!! today I'm starting for sure exercising but since is soooo hot in here i have to wait until the sun goes down so I can do some cardio on my eliptical ( is in the garage way too hot!!) I'm posting some new pics, they still look the same to me but just posting for the fun of it...hope you all ladies are having a good recovery time and just remember REST! REST and more REST ...have a good one!!!!


Yes it makes perfect sense about  1 hurting more then the other. I am getting a blood thinner for 4 days after surgery but I still will make sure I walk. Thanks so much!
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Hey! You look incredible!!! What type of lipo did you get? Is that what hurt the most?
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Hi thanks!! if I tell you what kind of lipo i'll be a lier, I guess I was so excited when i decided to do my tt that I didn't ask "those" questions in reference to kind of lipo or if I was getting muscle repair (which I got) BUT yes lipo at least on my personal experience hurts like hell!!, I don't know if it all depends on their technique ( don't know either) ...how about you? are you ready?

Yesterday I turned 5 months post op, things are...

Yesterday I turned 5 months post op, things are getting better, swelling is minimal but I'm still sore at certain areas, the numbness of my lower abs by the pubic area still there, I don't know if it's too late but i'm going to try professional massages to help the swelling to be gone, scar looks better, at first I didn't want to put anything on it but I'm doing the Palmer's Skin Theraphy Oil not sure if is working but i like the smell and how smooth your skin feels,.....posted some pics which I don't see much of a difference but you will be the judge....remember ladies not to over do it just REST! REST!!! that's the key to a wonderful and beautiful tummy.....happy healing and good luck for those who are going to have your TT soon....:)


you have a really nice shape
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Wow! You're looking fab! Maybe you're less swollen, but I do notice a difference. You were already so flat but now I think your waist has gotten smaller? Well that's what I see ;)
I also see your scar is fading nicely. I hope mine will be that way when I'm at 5 months LOL! Take care!
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Hi ladies how's is everybody doing? added some...

Hi ladies how's is everybody doing? added some before pictures they are so disgusting but maybe you can appreciate more Dr Azurin's work ...
Nothing new with me I started Sensa about almost a month ago so i don't gain weight, since I honestly been extremelly lazy to start exercise, so far I'm maintaining my weight BUT I seriuosly need to start exercising, I will be seeing Dr A. by the end of this month for my 6 months follow up and hopefully he'll give me the OK to do Crossfit, if he doesn't let me then I will sign up for a Gym until I can fully do exercise with weights and all that crossfit requires you to do....
I still feel funny when I cough and sneeze right at my new pubic area so I have to put my hand in there to support it every time I do such, in my left hip I still feel minor needles pinch , I still wear my waist cincher most of the time and like everybody else I feel and look skinny in the morning and feel fat and ugly at night, at least my ugly belly is not there .....

Ok ladies and gents hope everyone is having a good restful recovery time.....


Oh no. I don't want any inconvenience for you. Let me get first there then we can plan smt. Before I come I'll give U my cell nr. I can't wait
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I'm coming on the 14 of Nov ,sx on the 15. I thank God for helping me to find ur review and for not helping me to get surgery at Lenox. As you I'm all about helping others . This time I needed help and I found you and now miamimon with this invaluable huge amount of info that help me make a decision. I'm really lucky to found you. Monday I'm paying my deposit bcuz Lynn was off yesterday and I'm starting to look to that hotel that MM stayed. I'm really excited
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If I will be alive after my 2 weeks, right b4 I'll leave I'll like to meet you for a dinner, on me.

So yesterday I went for my 6 months post op follow...

So yesterday I went for my 6 months post op follow up and everything went well, Dr Azurin happy of my new curves, he pretty much said this is almost the final result as I might still be a tiny bit swollen but super minimal, now is all up to workout and watch my diet....he could not emphasize enough on not to do ANY kind of abdominal workout NADA absolutely NO crunches,NO twisting waist,NO situps ( which i dont need them now ) reason being that the healing of the abdominal muscles can take up to 8 months and this one right here spent lots of mula to compromise my so beloved and sexy abs (how modest right lol!!) So since I'm dying to try crossfit it ain't going to happen until next year SO I will be joining LA Fitness (this time is for real!!) ...and how are you ladies doing so far?? Thank you if you take your time to read my updates and hope your healing process is smooth...:)

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


Forgot to mention ...I have a tiny doggy ear that...

Forgot to mention ...I have a tiny doggy ear that if still looks the same when I turn a year post op Dr. Azurin will fix it, you can bearly see it unless I'm wearing a short top and my waist is exposed then you can see it (btw I don't dare to wear anything that would show my belly....yet!!) ...I didn't ask if there will be a charge for that is too soon BUT I hope there's none!!!


Y would you drink beer if you know that blows you up and your still swollen lol
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Well...good point! I rarely drink beer now, I mostly do red wine is healthier and I get my daily serving of fruit from it!! Lol!
Hun you don't want a round 2 lol take care

2 years later....

Still loving my results....


Lymphatic Drainage is a therapeutic procedure designed specifically to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Any person that submits themselves to a cosmetic surgical procedure will experience great levels of inflammation as a side-effect of the work performed in that area. The process of lymphatic drainage allows for your body the release that liquid accumulated under the skin and in turn your healing time reduces and pain diminishes. I always recommend a place that help me with my post surgical procedure. www.cspostlipomassage.com ph: 786-942-5360 They are the best!
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Daniel Azurin,MD

Every single person working there are very professional , very well organized and they all super nice and respectful, before and after surgery the treatment has always being the same ....they care and treat you as one of their own....

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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