3 Days Post TT and Confident - Coral Springs, FL

I had my TT on Monday August 20, 2012. My doctor...

I had my TT on Monday August 20, 2012. My doctor is amazing and I am excited to get my breast lift with aug done in a few weeks. I know most people get it done at same time but my blood levels put me at slightly anemic so better safe than sorry. Today he took off the bandaged. The swelling freaks me out the most but overall I am happy with the look. The swelling should not shock me after all my research but on your own body I guess it's different. Now it's just the waiting game. The pain was bad the first two days but now I'm just uncomfortable. The constipation is no fun either. Not to mention getting tired after 5 minutes of walking around.

I am doing okay. Congrats to you... I am getting my drains out Tuesday. I was going to get them out tomorrow but the weather in south Florida has not been good. I have horrible swelling in my thighs and around my belly button so that has me in a little funk but I know it's just temporary. I have a hard time in shower and I am pretty tight all in my belly. Do you plan on having any other work done. I am excited about the breast lift with implants.
I had mine one day after you... 21st. How are you feeling now? I went to the movies today.. and am off meds etc...I'm happy so far but can't wait to get the drain out, kinda nervous... still sore where the lipo was on sides w/ purplish bruising. Congrats! Good luck on the breast lift too...

Exactly 1 Week Post Op and this is what I am...

Exactly 1 Week Post Op and this is what I am experiencing:

- I am standing upright but my back is killing me
-the area where PS did Lipo is very bruised
- I am so swollen especially in my thighs and hips
-My incision has a few areas that have a burning sensation when i get up or sit down
-I am pain free for the most part aside from everything I mentioned. I will be getting my drains removed today or tomorrow.
- I am using the restroom a lot and would like to know if this is normal. I will post more updates later.

Week two post op- I am loving my results thus far....

Week two post op- I am loving my results thus far. There is still some swelling but each say gets better. I go back to PS tomorrow and he will remove incision tape. We will get to discuss my breast lift with implants that should take place in the next couple weeks. I am more confident when wearing my clothes and aside from discomfort and getting tired pretty easily I am one happy girl. I have been taking pics every week and I will post soon.

Week 4 TT post op- Sorry I skipped week 3 but so...

week 4 TT post op-
Sorry I skipped week 3 but so much was going on and I was prepping for my breast lift and augmentation which I had done 3 days ago. I will start a new review on that because I feel a lot of women get them done together known as the "Mommy Makeover" so I believe the experience is different as is comparing pain, recovery, etc.... However I get everyone is different and that many have different levels of pain thresholds. So okay brief on my tummy tuck- this week i am not pleased with how it looks but that is because it is swollen from the surgery I had friday on my breast. I am so swollen in my belly and thighs not to mention my breast and face. I feel like oompa loompa lol...I will keep everyone posted on week. Have a good one everybody and good luck on any future procedures!!!
Who did u do ur surgery with?
Dr. David Levens in Coral Springs! Amazing Amazing doctor and I consulted with about 5. I have many pics if you'd like to see
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