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Bikini Dreams . Restore my Body - Coral Springs, FL

Hello I have wanted this ever since the birth of...

Hello I have wanted this ever since the birth of my second daughter 7 years ago. My motivation is to feel confident and be a happy healthy fit mom without the excess belly apron.

Im so so nervous although I have been reassured that It will be life changing and I will be satisfied remarkably by these procedures. Lipo to the back and flanks full TT. No breast Aug at this time.

You are going to look fab!! I did mine TT with lipo with Dr. Azurin in march this year and let me tell you he's an angel with artist's hands can't stress enough how much I love love love!!! what he did to me....you will not regret it at all, just get ready for the recovery because is not going to be easy at all but it will be worth it!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!
I love your look! Your result is a prime example of why I decided on Dr. Azurin as my ps.
Hi mama!! by now you must be on the flat side, hope everything went well...remember to take it easy and rest as much as you can ...

Ok so looks like I made it. Stage one complete ..I...

Ok so looks like I made it. Stage one complete ..I made my appointment and didn't rip my iv out run out of the operating room and head home in fear .LOL although it did cross my mind a few times. I am proud to say I did it ..and honestly the most excruciating part of this recovery process up until now has been the sight of my bruised and swollen body.that and the first bowel movement its all down hill after that experience trust me. The pressure was immense I'm so thankful I finally went ..whew what a relief literally. Pain is managble I'm taking my pain pills plus tylenol and muscle relaxers. Lounging in my rented recliner. I don't think I would have been able to get comfy with out it . I'm very swollen and bruised as I mentioned before. I will update soon with new pics thank u ladies I hope I am some help to you god bless and stay beautiful.
Im so excited to see your results. I will be going in October and would love to see your TT scar.So glad you are ok!
Hi mama!! I know how you feel, the swelling don't even expect it to go down any time soon because is not sorry!! The brushing maybe another week or so for them to be gone, I took Bromelain with quercentin ( not sure of the spelling of the second name) and it helped with the bruising ( got it at amazon) ...ok Chica hope everything gets better....take it easy!!!!
poca thank you honey! i did it im on th swollen and bruised side now. 5 days post op i feel like a mess no lie. Looking forward to the flat side.

Hi ladies ...I'm post op 10 days today .I went...

Hi ladies ...I'm post op 10 days today .I went into surgeons office today doing exceptionally well.Still swollen especially in the lower back area where the majority of the lipo was performed,plus being hunched all this time has been like hell on my back.I had to say good bye to my trusty little walker. I did suffer from seperation anxiety at first but am getting around so so without it. Drains removed today also ..it didn't hurt at all.. kinda felt like a little snake slithering out of my abdomen. The hardest part about today was getting into my compression garmet it was so so tight ..IT TOOK MY PS AND ASSISTANT TO SQUEEZE ME INTO IT. I managed to squeeze out a little joke amongst the tugging the garmet on ..I was like its like trying to squeeze Texas into Florida. It's the only way I could describe it . That being said once it was on I could barely breath the dam thing was crazy tight!!! But I did feel a lot better more secure kinda like everything is tight not so swollen and achy.Uggh then she put the ab binder back on me Omg now I know what the Victorian aged women felt like!! All tight up with all kinda corsets its official I will never eat again I thought ! Not so true .the garmet does lossen and I can still breath feeling better now drainless .This does get better every day. Ready for the next little victory .I will post post op pics real soon promise stay beautiful ladies.
Hi Tesh congrats on your tt date! I appreciate your comment. I also had to wait a couple of months for an available surgery date. The waiting game was no fun to play I nearly cancelled twice.. my mom was the one who encouraged me not to and to do something for myself that she knew i wouldnt regret! So here I am 10 days p o and doing well. Its no easy task believe me its been no pleasure cruise and im still swollen but flat and Ill take what i have now over what i used to have Any day.o will post pics soon stand by.
Hi!!!! glad to hear you are doing good, the CG will get loose as your swelling is going down, I know how you feel when the walker was gone and also I had my drains for 2 weeks once they were gone I felt a bit more confident and was able to function better, just rest and don't do crazy things that's how you can messed up the surgery, he really tights those muscles right? it gets better I promise!!!! can't wait to see pics...
Thanks poca ..hey I was wondering did you continue to wear your ab binder on top of your compression garmet ..I tried it but I had to take a break its like I can't breathe with both on.

Hi ladies I am now 18 days po everything is going...

Hi ladies I am now 18 days po everything is going well . Swelling is still very present but I know patience is required for that matter. I'm just relaxing a lot. It's the only way to heal properly. I'm driving the girls to and from school now that's still very uncomfortable so I limit my trips to strictly school and home. I can't stress the importance of just doing nothing and staying reclined eating well and staying hydrated . Stay beautiful ladies.

Just thought of this.....so tired of being hunched...

Just thought of this.....so tired of being hunched over it's so annoying ! I hate being hunched over more than the swelling.week three i s approaching and I'm stlll vertical. I see these other chicks on here standing up strate with bikinis on at po day three crazy right. My incision is super low I do love that but Damb this hunch back is killing my back which already hurts so bad from the lipo. H
Yes, I agree w/ the rest. You look great!
Hi, So for ur results look great even being hunched over. Happy healing! Can't wait to see more pics.
You look great. Have been looking into this doctor for some time now.
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