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Ok, ladies my surgery is schedules for March 11th...

Ok, ladies my surgery is schedules for March 11th with Dr Azurin in Coral Springs Fl. I am Flipping out, partly because im so nervous/scared and the other part is im anxious.

All my life I have wanted a booty, nothing big just something porportioned o my boobs because they are huge!!! Double D. So Finally I said f*** it, im going to treat myself I work hard, I have no kids, I graduated with honors, I convinced myself I desereved it. so now here I am 2 weeks pre-op and im so nervous. I said I wasnt going to post pictiures of my unporportioned ugly body and flat booty because I was too emnarrassed but after obsessing on this site and looking at so many girls and their bodies, it helped me. So I figure posting picyures could possibly help someone else. So here they are DONT JUDGE!!!! lol. i will post more after my surgery!

Yikes, ok my surgery is 5 days away, this is all...

yikes, ok my surgery is 5 days away, this is all becoming so real. Im so anxious. Yashira is a doll. She called me to see how I was doing and to tell me my bloodwork was fine. I am all set. I am a little dissapointed however. intially Yashira told me I couldnt do lipo to my abs. (that I would need a tummy tuck) but I have very tight skin and I havent had any children so I dont know why i would need a T.T. I did my consult online so I am guessing she wasnt really able to tell how much elascity I have in that area. Anywho when I go for my last pre-op consult I will ask again and it will be in person so I hope I get a different aanswer. oh and I have decided to take off three weeks from work, just to be on the safe side.
anyway does anyone on here that has already done the procedure have a "packing list" I am staying for 10 days and I dont want to forget anything or pack to much.

Ok ok ok.....tomorrow i fly into florida for my...

ok ok ok.....tomorrow i fly into florida for my last pre-op appointment. tuesday is the big day. I am soo scared! and anxious. I just started packing and i dont know what to pack. I am totally lost on this part. HELP!!!!

Ok Ladies. I know this review is long overdue!! Im...

ok Ladies. I know this review is long overdue!! Im so sorry. My first post -op week was a tough one. my surgery went extremly well. I am so pleased with my results I have a donk. My sisters have re nicknamed me to "booty" I look so good

I dont even know where to begin, so I'll start from the beginning:
I get to the doctors office. Dr Azurin comes in with Yashira and ask me to put underwear on so they can take pics. Then the anasteliologist (I'm sure I misspelled that) comes in ask me a few questions then walks me to the operating room. The room was FREEZIN!! he tells me to lay down and give him my arm. He put the I.V in and told me I will feel a cold substance in my vein but it will go away momentarily. The last thing i remember was saying "i feel sleepy"
I woke up in the worst pain. I remember Yashira telling me to get up but I couldnt feel my leg. I was like "i cant whats wrong with yall, i cant feel my left leg" lol. They wheelchaired me to the car. I remembere that my but hurt i just dont remember how much.
the first night was horrible. I ha to wear a cathater and i had to get up every two hours and walk 3-5 min. All I wanted to do was sleep. The next day I went to my first post-op appt. and i told them i wanted the cathter out. it was so annoying. Yashira told me the nurse would take it out but I had to pee before I left the office. I was like ok, sure no problem. i had drunk 2 bottles o water before i got there and had the urge. Boy was i wrony i was there for 3 hrs. trying to pee. It was miserable. By the time I went I had already drunk4 bottles of water and a gatorade.

Hi Ladies, Im sorry for this long waited review....

Hi Ladies,
Im sorry for this long waited review. I am now about 4 weeks post op and Im in love with my new body. My butt is still kind of hard, but it is getting softer. the lipo area is still numb and I cant really feel it. I dont have any pain. Every one is blown away when they see me and I get so much attention from strangers...guys and girls lol! overall I love everything. I put up some pics of me in a bikini. I didnt do lipo to my stomach so I have to still get to the gym to work on my abs. but I wanted you guys to see the diference in my love handels before and after.
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I am still satisfied because my body looks way better than it ever has. But I will say its not as big anymore it has shrunk. But I still get lots if attention. I will post pics
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How is everything? Are you still satisfied with your results?
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your results are AMAZING!!!! i am getting a bbl with Azurin in less than a month. Where areas did you get lipo in?
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How is your recovery? Are you happy with your results so far? I'm patiently waiting for my turn to see Dr. Azurin! Happy healing!
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Your results looks so awesome!! Hope the recovery is going well.
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Hi I pray all is well and you are having an excellent recovery post more post op pics so we can see how great you look:)
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thank you for keeping me in mind. I posted more pics
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How is your recovery? I hope you are doing well!
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everything is great, and i feel back to normal. Hard to believe i had this surgery a month ago. i posted new pictures. thanks for keeping me in your thoughts!!
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An amazing transformation!
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Nice he did an excellent job for you, hope you happy with the final result
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You look great! Did you end up doing the stomach lipo too? Or just back and flanks?
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I didn't do stomach lipo. He said that the stomach doesn't retract well.
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Damn!!! Night and day difference!! You look so good !! Your booty looks perfect !! Happy healing :)
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thank you all for keeping me in your thoughts. I uploaded some new pics. I will post more once I get someone to take them for me. lol!
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Praying that your surgery went well! I can't wait to see the results!
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Hope your surgery went well & praying for your speedy recovery!
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Wooo! Hope everything goes well! I'd say pack maxi dresses, loose clothing to easily get into since you'll be in recovery. MMH has a guide for recovery items/ tips, it might be what you are looking for.
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Did you but everything for your recovery
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Are you getting anything else done
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Good luck
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Your surgery is around the corner
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