Day 9 post op... slowly getting there

Hi ladies! I've been on here a couple of months...

Hi ladies! I've been on here a couple of months reading all your stories and trying to decide what to do. I've been wanting a BBL FOREVER! I have never had butt, my clothes all look like I have poop in my pants because there is nothing to fill those babies in with. I have always been very self conscious about it. My issue with my stomach is really the same, I was chubby as a kid/teenager then lost a buttload of weight but still seemed to have the "pooch". So fast forward 17 years, I have two lovely daughters that are 13, 11. Geneticically speaking "I got screwed", so needless to say my pregnancies did a number on my stomach.

Currently I'm 135-140lbs and am 5' 6".. Since I have decided to do this I think I've really let my eating get a little lax. I eat all sorts of goodies I normally wouldn't, cuz I figure WTH I'm getting it sucked out anyways right? Don't get me wrong I am a vegetarian (trying to go vegan) and usually eat very healthy. But I guess by reading what people have mentioned about having a BBL I want to have plenty of junk to put in my trunk. So I'm not really at my ideal weight now, should I try to lose some lbs before my surgery?

So while researching this site and going on some consults here locally, I decided to go with Dr Azurin in Florida based on his before and after pics and the reviews of the people that have been to him. My husband is not all that happy with the fact that I've decided to travel so far to have this done, but as I've tried to explain to him, you have to go to the Drs that hone in on a certain body part and perfect it. You can't just go to a any plastic surgeons office and have them do a BBL and think that because he's a plastic surgeon you're going to get great results. In my experience (had rhinoplasty and didn't do what I'm talking about now, so basically not the smartest move I ever made) each PS seems to specialize in a certain area of the body. So if you need a butt Miami (area) seems to be where it's at(at least to me anyways). But BS aside I am very nervous about being in a hotel for 10 days recovering by myself. The flight home doesn't sound like it's going to be a picnic either. Aahhh... the price of self confidence/beauty.

I'm also feeling terribly guilty for spending this kind of money on myself. I feel that this should be money I put away for college for them. But then my little "devil" inner self says I've worked hard and deserve to have this done. What a mind game!

I would love to hear from anyone that has any tips/suggestions about these procedures. I've saved a couple of things people have posted about pre-op things but would love to hear more. Any hotel suggestions? Any more patients of Dr.Azurin that could share their experiences?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and will update as I get closer to my surgery...YAY!!!

Hi overhauling! Dr. A did my tt and bbl . You can check out my review! I had an insanely huge stomach and he was able to avoid a fleur de lis (vertical scar tt) and keep the incision really low. I have some vertical folds that will go away within a couple of months time. I'm only 26days PO so I'm still very swollen!

That said, he is a MASTER at TT. His liposculpting is out of this world too. Check out this TT he did on this RS user :
Hi, Miamimom! I did totally check out your pics... u look amazing! I did a search on Dr A's patients and looked at all their before and after. My gut is totally telling me to just call and give my deposit to Dr. A but another part (the cheap part) of me is telling me to go to Mexico. Cardenas' work looks great and I love her TTs, very low and thin. Just second guessing myself as usual. My husband is against me going to Mexico, and keeps telling me that cheap isnt always better... u get what u pay for.
So confuzzled!
To be frank, I did entertain the idea to go overseas and do my surgery. I'm a native of Dominican Republic but was raised here in the states. Although there are very talented and gifted doctors in my home country, I decided to forgo that idea. I have children and my main concern was making sure they would be ok during and after my procedure. So I expected the best but planned for the worst - for the sake of my family.

these are the things we don't like to think about - death, disability or the like. Long story short, I didn't want to put my family through the legal and horrifying trouble of me being sick or something tragic happening for a 40% savings. The truth is, things can go wrong with either a board certified doctor in the US or overseas. I just preferred being in the states just in case that 'worst case scenario" were ever to arise. Laws to protect the patient in the U.S contrast vastly with anything you'll find overseas.

I hope that helps but just remember these are my opinions! :) This journey is such a personal one. Do what you believe is the best decision for you and your family.

I thought I had read on someones thread that they...

I thought I had read on someones thread that they purchased thai bolsters for post BBL. Where do you get these? I've read also about the boppy pillow too. Any feedback on what you used post op for the plane ride home, driving etc, would be greatly appreciated!

Oh I also paid my deposit today, so it's offical...

Oh I also paid my deposit today, so it's offical now. Am curious as to what some of you ladies told your work when you asked for this time off? I just recently gave them notice that I would need 5 weeks off (during our very busy time) and they asked if it was there was any other time I could take off because it was a bad time to take off. I said I had help during the time I asked for and that was why I needed this particular time off. So HR is going to need to send my PS paperwork. UH OH!! Did any of you run into this?
Question: Consulted Dr. in TN for BBL. He told me I would also have to have a tummy tuck b/c the skin in my stomach area will be like drooping? Anyone else have this said. BTW. Price just for BBL is $9995 ($5.00 for me to have lunch). BTW I am 67 and had to decide to go for either face or body, but my face is holding up pretty good; I have the love handles, the bra roll, and ass went south LOL. I want MacDonald's buns as opposed to Crystals. I don't know if TN is the right place to look for what I want, but budget rules.
Well if budget rules, I'd be looking elsewhere then because 9995.00 is alot for just a BBL. I guess if you aren't willing to travel then you have to deal with whats in your area.
I just read my post and noticed I meant to write "your surgery date is actually on my b-day." Auto correction is a killer.

So I ended up calling and changing my surgery date...

So I ended up calling and changing my surgery date to January 9th now. My work was giving me some major grief for asking to be off during Dec. So hopefully this will work out better for everyone involved. I am a little disappointed though because I was really looking forward to getting hooked up and on my way to healing for my Bday and anniversary that are in early January :(((
Hey Hey!! Congrats on your decision to get your surgeries done! I am also looking into Dr. Azurin to do my surgeries, IF God willing in March 13. Yay!! I want to get a Tummy Tuck With lipo to my back, thighs and butt. I don't want to have to sped an arm and a leg to have my body back after three ginormous pregnancies! I was wondering what he has charged you for just the Tummy Tuck? Because if I have to I'll just get that done for sure. I have been working out and losing weight for 3 months now and I'm doing really well, so hopefully I can do some damage control before going under! Does he provide any garments or medications anything of that nature? I would be staying with my mom, since she only lives in Sarasota!! But any information you have would be great! I'm so glad to see other women reclaiming their lives back, and only a small price to pay too!! Good Luck hun, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!! My email is!!!! GOD BLESS!!!
Hi Chocolatebaby! The TT is costing 4650 and the BBL 5650 since I'm doing them at the same time. I was told it included everything but didnt ask specifically if meds were included. I know for a fact that the compression garment is not included though. Good luck to you on dropping some lbs before your surgery! That's so nice that you will be able to stay with your mom when you're recovering. Best of luck to you on your new sexy self journey!!
Honestly u dont need a tt. Maybe lipo but why get an unnecessary tt scar if u dont have to?

QUESTION..... Has anyone gotten this done and...

QUESTION..... Has anyone gotten this done and wished they had gone smaller??? I see posts about ladies wishing they had gone bigger but not the other way around. Just curious
Hi im a 20 year old . Mother of a 2year old, 105lbs 5'6 not to much extra fat but i have always wanted a little extra in the back . I also constantly eat but have never gained more weight than 130lb and that was when i was pregnant. Can anyone give me there opinion on what it is that you think is best for me ? IM THINKING ABOUT BBL OR BUTT IMPLANTS

I'm really not one for conventional medicine and...

I'm really not one for conventional medicine and don't want to use the harsh stuff they give you post op so I was doing some research and founf this great article in Natural Health.

Here's another on I found on Natural

Hope this helps anyone looking to go this route
Good luck to you too and congratulation on your doc choice. Dr A team its started to grow. I'm having my TT next month with dr A
Thank hon! When next month is ur surgery?? Arent u crazy excited??
hey Overhaul, hows it going? I was reading your post and I am also wondering how it will all work out as far as asking off for work. What sis you do? Did you ask HR for FMLA? Why are you taking off 5 weeks? I know I wont be able to take off 5 weeks, 2 at the most. I am going to try and get to work from home for a week after the 2 weeks off so I can lay down. I have the ability to work from home which is good, but not sure how I can work that out after being out for 2 weeks already. what did your job say when you asked off? Inbox me...

Does anyone have any feedback for whether their...

Does anyone have any feedback for whether their experience or research has led them to believe that being more fit before the procedure helps with recovering faster or easier? Or does it really even matter? Thx
Most doctors say to b in shape before. Weight fluctuation can impact the bbl. Losing or gaining will go or come from the butt.
I asked my coordinator and she said it didn't matter, I was like "huh?"

I have two daughters (13 and 12 yrs olds). My 13...

I have two daughters (13 and 12 yrs olds). My 13 year old is self conscious already. I don't know how to explain what I'm doing to her. Does anyone have any experience with this?
Hi I just scheduled my BBL for Azurin ..I was curious on where you decided to stay post sx
No I havent :( It's kinda stressing me out to tell you the truth. I am debating the whole hotel or vacation rental thing. There aren't any vacation rentals in the immediate area of the Drs office which sucks cuz I figured being close would be helpful. The only thing around are hotels, which don't seem practical because I know I won't be mobile for several days. I figure I need more than a tiny hotel fridge and a kitchenette would be fantastic. The down side id all the vacation rentals are extortion cuz it's high season there then. TMI i know, sorry
When did you schedule for? You have a great shape already, ur going to have great results! Best of luck to you!

My surgery date is now a month away (Jan 9th) and...

My surgery date is now a month away (Jan 9th) and I already am having a hard time sleeping. This is nuts! I am going to be a total wreck the closer I get to my date. My husband keeps telling me he doesn't want me to do this cuz he's worried something will happen. I had thought for a brief time that it would be a good idea for him and my daughters to join me during my recovery period in FL. But with all his Negative Nancy concerns, I opted to ask my friend to come with me instead. We're botox/filler buddies, so she gets what the deal is WAY more than my husband.

To the Dr Azurin post op ladies.... would you say it's a better idea to stay in a hotel closer to the Drs office or is within 20 min good enough? I have found some really nice places in the Deerfield Beach and Pompano arera but am wondering how well I will tolerate the car ride.

Another thing thats weighing on my mind heavily is that I've gained weight thinking it would be better to have enough fat (although I probably had enough to begin with). I'm uncomfortable and am now concerned that Dr may reach the limit of what he can take out leaving me with a subpar result.

I feel like my mind is on insane overdrive with all the thoughts I have.
Good luck on your journey
Thank you!
If you go with your husband and rent a car it is ok to rent further. 20-30 min away its fine. If you'll rely on taxi than Marriott is the choice, or La Quinta. I personally spent 1000 on Marriott and regreted every second there. I was incredibly lucky with Lynne. Regarding Dr Azurin I guaranty that he got 24k gold hands. That in condition that you don't want an gigantic butt. His size is just fine. Will make you happy and you'll never need to give explanation to anyone that you have had a butt job. I'm extremely happy with my size. And my review is there with pure porn pics to prove that I'm not crazy . I just wish I have had wear the CG from the beginning but due to the fact that I had a TT too Dr A put me just on binder for the first 2 weeks plus I wrote you on PM what other reason I've had. I really wish Dr A will give you the exact result you're looking for. And a easy recovery.

So today i booked the flight and car rental. ...

So today i booked the flight and car rental. Things just got way real for me. I am the biggest procrasonator so to have done this is a MAJOR deal. The reality that this is really gonna go down is surreal. One thing I'm really kicking myself for know is that I didnt book my airfare last week. It would have only been 194.00 tota flying American nonstop. This week I had to totally bounce around to find a decent deal. Booked Airtran (1stop) to FLL and Spirit for the trip back home. So in total this ended up being 215.00. Not a big difference but I looked at a bunch of different websites last week trying to look up "when is the best tme to book airfare", and
most suggested 21 days in advance. Oh well.

Still haven't gotten a hotel though. :( Priceline apparently isn't digging my cheap ass bids,lol. Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow.

Did my pre-op over the phone with Lynne yesterday. Everything was cool, talked to her about adding lipo to my arms. Not sure whether to do it or not. So hopefully my bloodwork I had done yesterday comes back ok and then I'm good to go! YAY!!!!
Only a few days left !!!! Good luck on your surgery and I know you will look amazing !!!
Its tomorrow now.... YIKES!!! Thanks so much for ur kind words.
Hei hei hei are we talking emotions, excitement, nerves????? Don't worry, you will do just fine. It's painful but try to concentrate on the result rather than the feelings. Make sure you get your pills in time. Good luck to you and wish you'll get an amazing result.

So here I am in sunny Florida. Weather is...

So here I am in sunny Florida. Weather is awesome! I meet with Dr. Azurin earlier tis afternoon to have my initial consult. He's so nice! Very personable, super down to earth, very cool!

I'm so ridiculously nervous right now. Not to have the surgery, but the after pain and recovery. AAARRRGGHHH!

Please say a prayer for me ladies. I'll try and post as soon as I can.
Hey girl, hope all went well.
Not doing to bad thank u!
Good luck, your in great hands!!!!!

My surgery went well i think, but i havent been...

My surgery went well i think, but i havent been able to see anything yet. Dying to check out my butt. My pain has been about a 7-8. I was walking around a couple of times yesterday and most of the day today. i feel much better moving around. My appetite has been good also, had a protein shake, some pineapple, oatmeal and tons of water. I was told the next couple of days are going to be more painful than the first day. Im alittle concerned that i have been sitting on my butt since i got out of surgery. Isnt that going to ruin my result?
Agreed.. Don't sit boo. Ur fat cells may die ..
Had a tt too though
You're gonna kill all of your fat cells, should be laying on your stomach...

So things definitely got worse before they got...

so things definitely got worse before they got better. The last couple of days where hell. Things are SLOWLY (very Slowly) getting better. Im bored out of my tree but I know this comes with the territory. Cant wait til I can look back and say that im glad that's over.

Im still really wondering/worries how this turned out since I haven't look at anything yet. All ive been able to see is that one side of my butt is for sure flatter than the other. My tt scar is beautifully low though, thank goodness.
Hey girl can't wait to see pics. From what I hear Dr. azurin js great
Hey there! I know.. sorry, will post very soon.
Hei girl I know how boring and painful is now but trust me in a month you'll hardly remember. Make sure you rest and don't strech the incision. Dr A has a way to cut , the scar will look like a line that it is hardly visible in 6 weeks. Why do you think one side is smaller than other ? My friend (male) who did not see me for a while toll me today that my butt is big and I asked why he looked at? He said bcuz it attract his attention. I sit on my butt since day 1 and still have big butt. Keep healing my dear and hope to hear better news soin.

Had my appt today to get my drains removed from my...

Had my appt today to get my drains removed from my TT and have the sutures removed from all the various places they were at. I know and apologize for still not posting pics. But for reals I wasn't able to look at the mess without getting all nauseous so for the sake of not passing out I've waited to take pics. I was hoping the nurse or Dr could have taken then but the two times I've been there there's so many other things going on and questions I kept forgetting. During my apt today they also put me into the compression garment.... wow was that interesting!! It took two of them to work that thing up me and stuff me in. I was like "how in the world am I ever going to be able to get this back on myself dude"?? So after that fiasco the nurse put the waist cincher on top of that.... HOLY TIGHTNESS! I had ordered a Vedette 124/944 in a medium based on the measurements but I don't know if I should have ordered a large instead. But I guess the point is for it to be that tight right???

The Dr said he was able to put back in like 200 ccs in my bum. I didn't even bother to ask if that was 100 each cheek or 200 each. I wasn't going for over the top booty, just fill in where I lacked. Since the swelling is still majorly present everywhere I cant really make a determination if I;m happy with it yet or not. I can for sure say the TT scar looks good so far and very low.
hey hey...we would really appreciate some new pics to see your results thus far... hope all is well with your recovery and hope to see you soon...thanks...rep for Az!
pleeeeeeeeeeze post post-op pics!!
I hope your recovery is going smooth... Can not wait to see your post op pics !!!!
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