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Before I had this done, I spoke to someone in the...

Before I had this done, I spoke to someone in the dental office about the procedure. I am prone to sensitive teeth and wanted to make sure it wouldn't be a problem. I was assured that it would not be. Once I arrived in the office, I was given paperwork that indicated that the procedure might involve "some discomfort" for up to 72 hours, and that I might feel some "zingers". I was told that I would feel no to minimal pain. I was told I would have 3 15 minutes sessions, one right after the other.

When I went in the room for the procedure and had the gel put on, I was told that I might feel some warmth. The first session then started. This session was fine. I did feel warmth, but nothing else.

Right before the second session, the technician told me that I might feel some "zingers", but that they would only last less than 1 second. During that session, I found out what "zingers" really are. "Zingers" are very sharp, painful shooting pains that go from your tooth and into your mouth. The one's that I had during the second session were pretty unpleasant.

Before the 3rd session, I asked the technician about how painful the "zingers" are. She told me that they would not get any more painful, but that I might feel a few more during the second session. She assured me that if it was too much for me during the third session, they would immediately stop the treatment. Well, to say that it was unbearably painful is an understatement. I was in tears by the time the session ended.

I was so relieved when the treatment was over. I really wanted the pain to stop, and thought it would once the treatment was over. I very wrong. Over the next several hours, the pain significantly increased even though I took some heavy prescription pain relievers. I had to stay in bed for the next 24 hours before I got any relief.

On top of all this pain, the treatment did very little. My teeth lightened by 2 shades, and the difference was so minimal that my husband couldn't tell the difference. I've gotten better results from over the counter teeth whiteners.

I definitely DO NOT recommend this procedure and will never do it again.


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The zingers slowed down in frequency and intensity after the first 24 hours, but I kept periodically getting them for about 48 hours after that. It was pure misery! Some people seem to have little pain, but unfortunately, mine was really intense. I definitely won't be doing that again! I do wish I had found this site before having the procedure. Now I know where to look before having any others! :)
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I'm so sorry to hear you were prepared for the discomfort. :( Tooth pain can be the worst, and very difficult to concentrate on anything else when you are dealing with it. Did the zinger stop after the first 24 hours?

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Groupon, after reading reviews about the provider

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