**Mommy tummy to Flat tummy.** - Coral Gables, FL

I'm 28 a juvenile diabetic also a mother and wife...

I'm 28 a juvenile diabetic also a mother and wife of two. I'm tall about 5'9 but have always been as people would say "thick". My arms and legs are tone but could never get the mommy tummy to go away. I got my TT done June 25 2012. I'm 1 day post op and am feeling fine. I'm not finding myself having to hunch over do to tightness and or pain. I think psyching myself up was worse than the actual procedure. I am one who worrys about everything and harps on everything. I must say its not as bad as you would think. The only problem I've had so far is nausea. Day of surgery once I got home I was vomitting everything up. I think it was due to the anesthesia. When I woke up today I was a bit stiff and tight but once I started moving around I was able to stand up straight. I'm not eating much only when I have to take the meds. Something light like a toasted piece of wheat bread or soda crackers. I want to look so bad but I'm supposed to stay wrapped up until the follow up appointment that is a week later. I will keep updating to share how my recovery is going.


Thanks so much! I'm getting a burning sensation around the incision after walking. Or even sitting up. Hope that's normal.
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Happy Healing!
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Well, I'm 2 days post op. I'm more uncomfortable...

Well, I'm 2 days post op. I'm more uncomfortable than in pain. What pain i am experencing is steming from my back. I've also been taking Milk of Magnesia to not get constipated from the pain meds. So far so good with that.

I did have a episode with one of my drains last night.
It seemed as if a piece of fat was traveling through the tube of the drain. It was traveling through just fine until it got to the bulb where everything is supposed to collect. It was stuck. It stopped everything else from being able to pass. Therefore the blood that was behind the fat was darkening and quagulating. My husband had to manually squeeze the clog and remove the old blood. After he did so the drain was draining as it was before.

As far as my appetite goes I have none. I eat so I can take my antibiotics and pain meds. Other wise I have not want to do so. Which I feel is a good thing so while I recover I can loose weight too! I don't expect to EVER be skinny but tone with a flat tummy I feel is a reachable goal.


Happy healing hun....and can't wait to c ur results!!!!
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LoL I totally understand where your coming from. I try to sneak peaks... Yet kinda hope not to see much at the same time. I feel as if it's going to be disgusting and gross. Hoping my belly button doest look foreign. That was my main question before surgery. My PS assured me that he had a technique that I'd be totally satisfied with. I am more concerned about my belly button than the scar on my abdomen. Can't wait to see your updates.
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I know, I'm excited for you! I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about looking at my results at first. It took me a while look at myself in full view. I kept having this image of myself being cut in half! LOL! So silly I know. Well in addition to that I noticed that my belly button is also different then all I have seen on this site. Looks like my opening is larger than most. It has gotten better, I'll have to post some updated photos. I am excited about my revision, hey with the kind of money I spent for this new belly I'll be going back to my PS for anything I feel he needs to make an adjustment on. LOL!
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Just had my follow up appointment. I was told I'm...

Just had my follow up appointment. I was told I'm being to active for only being 1 wk post op. I'm holding onto a lot of fluid and am VERY swollen. The nurse wasn't sure to take a drain out or not due to how much fluid I'm still draining. But, she took out the left drain anyway. I will now listen and try my best to sit more than do. It's just not in my nature to sit around the place. But, I want to heal and want to get rid of the swelling. As far as taking out the drain it wasn't too bad. I expected a lot more discomfort but it was okay. I mean doing get it wrong it wasn't a walk in the park but it was bearable.


Oh dear you need to kick back and slow down a bit.  You are at a critical period for proper healing so go slow.  This is a short time in your life so please be a good patient for the first 6 weeks.  I don't mean just lay around 24/7 but do listen to your body and let it heal.  If you fight this it will take twice as long to recover.

Trust me..I am the queen on hyper activity but not now!!!  You will be back to normal routine soon.

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Yeah you are very right. Once I slowed down the activity the amount of fluid coming out of the drains slowed down too. I was unaware that too much activity could cause excess drainage. I'm no longer taking any pain meds. Not even Tylenol. So that's good. Which also means I was able to cut out the MOM. I have to say life would've been rough without it. I can't thank you enough for you tips and tricks to get through this rough road. I haven't been given the okay to bathe and I'm literally dying to. Hopefully on Tuesday when they take out my last drain it will be okay to due so. ::Crossing Fingers.::

Yes the activity is rough on you when you are trying to heal!!   Well you are back on track now so all should be good:)   It's nice when you can get off the pain meds because they do a number of the body!!   

The first shower will feel like heaven to you.  So I have my fingers crossed that will happen tomorrow for you!   

I was very happy to be here for you during your process.  I am here and not going any place:)

Just had my 2nd follow up appointment. I was...

Just had my 2nd follow up appointment. I was hopeful to have my right side drain removed. But, Dr. said it should stay in for a few more days. I was a bit bummed only for that fact that :::I'm in dire need of a shower!::: But, I'm totally confident that Doc is making a good call. I'm still draining quite a bit of liquid. If he would've taken it out too soon the liquid wouldve collected in my abdomen & they'd have to use a rather lg needle to extract the remaining liquid. So in essence I'm fine with sticking with the drain. I go back Thursday morning to see if all remaining liquid is gone.
::Crossing Fingers for
that shower Thursday!!::


Well, no such luck. Drain is still in. But, I know the doctor is making a good call. I'm still draining quite a bit and would hate to have taken the drain out too soon. I was told if he had taken it out and the liquid collects in my abdomen he would have to go in with a rather lg needle. And extract the excess fluid that way. So... I'll keep the drain. LoL
I go back Thursday to see if the remaining liquid has drained.
::Crossing Fingers for that shower still.:: Haha!

No worries it will come out soon.  It's good that you have it in place for a while longer if you are still showing output on fluid.  You definitely do not want that trapped inside of you.

Soon you will be enjoying the shower. I am telling you it will feel like heaven:)

*~*Finally a shower!!!!*~* I went back to the PS...

*~*Finally a shower!!!!*~*
I went back to the PS office today. Although, I'm still having output he decided to take out the last drain. I felt a bit apprehensive due to the fact that it seemed as of he wanted to keep it in awhile longer. He said that he'd like to keep it in but didnt want to risk an infection since I'm diabetic. So my drain is officially out and I was able to shower.
Let me tell you how amazing it was.
Ahhhhhh is all I can say.... LoL
Yes, I'm totally happy to have that shower. But, in the back of my mind I'm worrying about the fluid. I'm supposed to have minimal activity. Meaning I can walk around, light cooking but nothing aggressive. I'm praying that I don't get a mass of fluid stuck in my abdomen. I take enough needles a day and would hate to have to use a huge one to extract any fluid that I would have created.
So, I'm sitting a lot more and just trying my best to be a good patient.
God is good and I have faith everything will be fine.


Love the island pictures, you're teasing me! LOL!!
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Awwwww.... Just giving you a reason to come visit us. And best part is you don't need a passport to visit. ; )
WOW!! Flat TummY!!! :)
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Well I'm officially 2wks 5 days post op. Just took...

Well I'm officially 2wks 5 days post op. Just took a second shower which for some reason was more awesome than the first. I'm really trying to get used to looking at the new flatter me. I was weirded out during the first shower. Feeling as if I wasn't sure what I just did. Although, today was quite relaxing and soothing. I'm noticing a lot of the swelling going down. Thank Goodness! Can't wait until I'm months post op. Life is only going to be getting better from here.


I am so happy to be here for you:)  

You are going to be just fine and soon all back to normal and loving the new you.

Well, Ive made it to nearly a moth post op. I'm...

Well, Ive made it to nearly a moth post op. I'm still getting used to the new flatter me. I noticed that I'm healing really well around the entire incision besides one place. Right in front like under my belly botton. I still have leakage that comes form that spot. I'm thinking that it might be there bc there the most pressure is put to get up and sit down. I still haven't tried to Laydown. Still living in this recliner that helps you sit down and assists in you getting up. I've really done my best by just "sitting" around the place. Not my cup of tea. But, in due time I'll be doing all the things I did before the TT. I see my PS next wk before we go back home to the islands. Im excited to get the okay to go home. I miss home. Well, I'll let you know how it goes with the PS after.


Glad to hear you are doing so well!!!

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Hey Island Mommy! I had one of those spots that seem to take forever to heal. It was in the front on my pubic line. I what to tell you one of my friends is headed to USVI today. She will be there until Wednesday. She invited me to come but I was not able to make it. Glad you are feeling good about your results a few more weeks and you are going to feel more like your self again. :)
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Well, went to see the PS yesterday. He gave me the...

Well, went to see the PS yesterday. He gave me the go ahead to go home. He said all is well and I'm able to resume semi-normal activities. I was really worried about retaining liquid but I'm NOT!! Thank goodness! So I'll enjoy the little time I still have here. Maybe do a little shopping and get some smaller clothing for myself. How exciting! I really have to thank all of you that were there when I was having my melt downs and depressing moments. I definitely had some high and low days. Thanks so much! I will take some updated pics and post them. I'm still swollen but looking better everyday. I'm so happy with my results and will continue to cut back my portions and exercise as much as I can. I can wait to get back to jogging. Work starts back up for me soon. I have a classroom to get ready in about 3wks. I didn't tell any of my co-workers that I was having anything done. Let's see how that goes. LoL


Good deal!   Go slow and your recovery will move along quickly:)

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Well you know I'm not kidding about coming for that visit in the way off future! LOL I think we would have a blast! Those beautiful islands are calling me. :)
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Ha! Island Mommy I wouldn't tell them nothin' LOL! I would stick with the lean proteins and green beans all summer long hahahaha!
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Well, my days are counted until my family and I...

Well, my days are counted until my family and I get to go home. I'm quite excited but a little sad to be leaving my original home. I can't wait to get back to a routine. I love summer to be with my children all the time but I hate not having a steady routine. I'm a person of repetition. I'm feeling more like myself everyday that passes. I still have very little feeling in my stomach. Guess that kind makes me a bit Alien like. I pray to get the sensation back in my stomach. Not liking that one bit! But, all in all I'm satisfied with my results and would recommend my PS to anyone wanting to have their surgery in Miami, Fl- Coral Gabels, Fl. I'm still cutting back on my food intake. Can't really excersize but I'm doing what I can. From surgery date until now I'm down 20lbs. I know a lot of that was what the PS cut off but I also know that its the smart choices I've been making on the food I eat. Will put up some updated photos tomorrow. BTW- Went to the mall today. All the attention I got I'm totally not used to. From both women and men. I felt a bit self-conscious but great all at the same time. Guess I'll have to get used to that. Haha!
Going to sing out now.
Until next time....


Hey Island Mommy!! Just checking in with you. I hope the school year is stating out well for you. Have you had to answer any questions about your great new body image? And did you stick to the lean meats and green beans diet over the summer LOL!! I hope that you are doing well and looking even better. Please update and post new pics. :)
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Hey you! Life has been stressful since my family and I got home. Unfortunately, We were robbed for every piece of jewelry and every single electronic. But, the support from the PTA and friends has been great. Nothing helps the matter but they do make you feel a whole lot better. As far as the looks and what not from the women at work. I keep catching them watching and chatting with eachother. But THEY WON'T SAY A THING! LoL Envy is something else I tell ya! I want to thank you for keeping me in ur thoughts. You are truely the sweetest and make me feel so great for meeting you. Well, how's everything going with you? Still planning a trip here soon? We're going thur a tropical storm right now. Thanks Isaac!! LoL
Well, will try better with keeping in contact. The stress has just been a bit much.
Talk to you Soon!
Noooooo Island Mommy! That really sucks you guys were robbed. :( But glad everyone is ok and no one was harmed. Wow envy is indeed something else, you got the girls talkin huh. Which means you must really be lookin hot!! lol!!! I hope to visit your islands sometime next year. That will give me time to have my body looking good hahaha. I will let you know! Had my BB revision today and it went well I believe. All covered up so I don't know how it looks yet. But I updated my profile if you want to read about it. Ok girlie please try not to stress, be careful in the storm and take care. Post pics soon :)

Well, I'm nearly 4 months post op now. I haven't...

Well, I'm nearly 4 months post op now. I haven't been good about updating my profile. ~*Sorry!!*~
I'm feeling quite amazing! All my clothing are too big and nearly falling off of me. The clothes I thought I'd never ever fit in again ate fitting like a glove! I'm super proud of my results and my ability to keep loosing weight. I wore a batheing suit to the beach last week. (I never in a million yrs thought would happen again.) I looked great and felt great too! Fall is now apon us and I will not be another statistic. Gaining weight during the fall and winter. Nope that will not be me this time around. Halloween isn't really celebrated here in the islands so I'm not having to fight off candy and what not. But, Thanksgiving is a HUGE holiday here. That one I have to watch out for. But I'll keep sticking to what I've been doing. Lean protein and LoTTs of veggies. No carbs!!!! Well, when I get home from work Ill put up the long over due updated pics. Until then Ill see you around!

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Well it's been quite some time since my last...

Well it's been quite some time since my last update. I've been swamped at work and going back to school.
I'm now 7months post op. I have to say I'm loving how I feel in my clothes and the compliments don't hurt. ;0)
My one and ONLY complaint would be this flap of skin left on my left hip. I believe it's referred to as a "dog ear".
I hate to feel it as I dress and undress. It's not gross but it not pretty either. Since I had the surgery in FL and I'm in the islands it's kind of hard to get it fixed. I've tried to reach out to the Anesthesiologist. She conducts all the business. But, I've yet to get a response. I'm going to call and see what they say.
But, all in all I love my TT and would never go back to the old me. Even if I have an odd looking hip. LoL

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Miami Plastic Surgeon

Since I was a child I've heard the advertisements for this facility. So, I figured if they've been around this long they've got to be good. I went for my consultation and found the place to be inviting, clean and the staff were amazing. Valerie is a doll, Maria is a sweetheart, and Deidre is the best nurse there! I felt confident with Dr. Howard Robinson after the consultation to have my procedure done there. He assured me that being diabetic wasn't a problem. I'd just have a little longer to heal than the "normal" person. My Tummy tuck was done on June 25, 2012.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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