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My goal is sculp my waist and lower back ,also...

my goal is sculp my waist and lower back ,also remove the fat from my belly...I'm scared but the doctor make me feel confortable and a i'm going for it. I just hope that the procedure is gonna be just fine and i 'll pray for it. Will be 8 areas and general anesthesy. I was looking for dr lazaro martinez becouse he'll be in charge of the of the anesthesy and he is very good in his especiality. so no boubt... wait the result.....
i 'll keep you post.
sorry for my english......


Ohh we have the same doctor. You will love him. He was great so is the anesthesiologist I never felt sick or anything and I didn't feel any pain during the surgery and did remember being put to sleep.
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He is a awesome doctor! You will be very happy with his work! I just did my TT with him back in January.
thanks for the suppourt!!!! i hope that everything is gonna be ok!!! i cant wait !!!

7 days left!!!!!

!!!!!! very soon will be my smartlipo in 8 areas!!!!! yey!!!! i'm so exited about it!!! Everything is almost ready...
Bed pads
arnica cream
triple atibiotic
i will buy the compression garment in the doctor office because i have some doubts about the size i should use.
i have not to many people who can support me in my recovery wthi my children who are 2 a 3 year old ..... i know, will be hard .......so i have to be ready really soon..... obviusly doing the rigth things and taking care of me cos i dont want any complication.... i have to be there for them..
i asked about the massage to the doctor assistant and she told me that i could do it next day, but i think that will be painfull so i decide to do it on friday after 2 days..
here there are some pic from now .....


I'm 33 and 2 kids. So happy with my smart lipo to abdomen, flank, inner and outer thighs. I'm 4 months post op
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I lived in my compression garment. It help as well as deep tissue massages!!! You will need to take it easy for a few days. I was off 4 days before I went back to work. You can do it. Just do what they tell you to do.
Hey!! Thanks for posting pictures you are going to look awesome when Dr. Careaga is done because you don't have much fat. Hopefully you can get some help with the kids because the healing process is a little tough!! I'm praying for you and I wish you the best!!!!!
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2 more days!!!!

Hey!!!!! i'm scare.... praying a lot... i have no words now .... i have faith that averything is gonna be ok.. that lord will put his hand over the sugery staff to be clear, relax and alert. god help me to go through this!!! i know that nothing is possible without him!!!!! amen!!!! Pray or me !!!! please.


Yay! Another Careaga Cutie in the making!!!!!
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hello !! thanks ceddysweeie!!!!!! yes, in 2 days im done and star the recovery with the god's help!!!!! i'm so exited and nevous!!
thanks for the advice is really helpfull have you all around!!! yes i will do everything thta they'll tell me is for my best....thank's !!!

tomorrow will be the day!!!!

nervous, happy, and positive energy arround me.... i will try to update my review after but i really dont know when... so whish me good luck and pray for me. All of you were really soppourtive and give me the strength. Here we go....... Thank you guys!!!!


Best Wishes. You will do great. Just remember to take it easy. And Ice packs helped me a lot
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Thank You !!!
Good Luck! There is nothing quite like the miracle of plastic surgery. Absolutely love my tummy tuck, lipo, and breast lift/reduction.
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Back home!!!!

Finaly out!!!! Really goog experience !!! All the staff, dr careaga and dr Martinez were realy kind with me .. Marcela was amazing . Check on me all the time making me comfortable and safety. Tomorrow follow up and massage !!!! Uff we wil see how can I handle the pain!!!!! Want yo thanks god for the strength that I had at last minute before the procedure!!! Thanks the real self team too . Really gratefull with all you guys too. Thanks I iwill post some pic tomorrow !!!!coxo


Hey love! I hope all is well. Let us know how its going! Happy Healing xoxoxo
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Hello iambrithsisme !!!! Thanks for asking!!! I'm really well, was easy recovery, I think that I'm used to it hahaha was my 7 surgery jajajaj I'm feeling well and I love the results, actually I was trying to update my status but I couldn't by phone... I started to work the Saturday after the surgery and was uncomfortable but I did it, the massage the day after was the most painful that i feel in all this process. Now I think that I still swelling and I hope so because I want to be more slim that I'm right now. The body contouring is great I love it... I will post pic. How are you??? Are you happy with your results???

Loving the results


thank to all of you!!!!! xoxox
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Looking good
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Congrats on such great results! Hope they continue!
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about the doctor!!!!!!!

I love the results of my smartlipo in eigth areas. the staff there was awsome. I'm happy for choose dr careaga who is caring, profesinal, kind and the most important is really good at what he does!!!! has been just 2 week and my body is diferent and i recive a lot of compliments and all thanks to him!!!!!
Before i meet him i wasnt sure if do or not the procedure but i felt safety in this place. i did a lot of search and finally found him thanks god!!! If someday i want to change something in my body definitly he will be the sculptor because he is an artist!!!!!!!


thank you!!
thank you!!! you too!!!
Thanks you love!!!hoping the best in your new look!!!!

Gotta love my doctor!!!!!

2 week post surgery!!!!


You are looking great!!! I hope all is well in the healing process!
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You are looking great!  Loving all your updates :)
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thank you love!!!! It is a pleasure!!!!!
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