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I had breast lift 5 months ago and I feel as if...

I had breast lift 5 months ago and I feel as if the doctor did not take enough skin from my boobs. My breast are already saggy. I am 25 years and the main reason why I did my boobs was because I wanted to be able to wear blouses without a bra without having to worry about them looking saggy. I wasn't expecting super perky boobs but wasn't expecting to be saggy so fast. I have my 5 month appointment with him next week and I want to tell him how I feel but I don't know how to.

Be honest with your Dr. Ask what your options are to make it right. You paid alot of money to get the look you wanted so you hae the right to ask questions and let him/her know how you feel about it. I had a BL/BA 3 months ago and I am not 100% satisfied either. I travelled to FL for the procedure, so going back is not really an option for me cost wise. I'm planning to wait 6 months and see how they really look, then consider my options.
He did a lollipop lift. Thank you fr the advice. I really liked him, but when I told him how I felt about the results he seemed a little defensive. But then he ended up telling me that he can cut more skin in 2 months.

Did your doctor do an anchor incision? It is difficult to tell where your scars are from the photos. With your breast size, he should have used an anchor procedure. It is the only way to get heavier breasts that are really sagging lifted. I would question this. I agree, do not hesitate to question the doctor on anything. You PAID for his service. Good luck!
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