Hello Ladies, My stats: 40 y/o w/ 2 children now...

Hello Ladies,
My stats: 40 y/o w/ 2 children now 15 & 22 boys. Height 5'0
Weight: 155lbs. When I really focus I can loose up to 10 lbs. Then I'm right back where I started at 155. And that has been my story for the last 10 yrs.
Physician: Dr. Siddharth Bass, Miami,Fl
Psychologically: feeling selfish but going forward anyway full speed. I feel. I am still at a good age to recover don't have to worry about child care since my kids are pretty self sufficient and supportive; and determine to do this before my next mile stone (age 50)
D date: 12/20/13
Procedure: MM /mommy makeover full tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks & breast augmentation.
Preparation: to date got my vita medica recovery pack, purchased scar silicone sheets, have a 2 piece pajama to wear post surgery top is button up on my surgery date, I also have a few outfits which are yoga pants and zipper hoddie's to wear over the surgical bra & garments.
Travel arrangements: I live in Orlando, Fl. I will be flying into Miami Fl 12/19/13. Pending how I feel I will be staying in Miami 3-7 days. I will like to be home for Christmas with my children (only my husband and I are taking the trip). It would then be a car ride back so I can stop every hour and get up the required 10- 15 minutes walk.

help!: all you experienced on the perky flat side feel free to help this rookie out with your recommendation's. I've read soooo many things over the past months that my brain is all spaghettied out over this and I'm not sure what else I should be doing at this point.


And this is why I need this!

Travel arrangements

Called my PS about. Traveling back home 4 days after my surgery and got a NO car or plane. :( That just means I can not be home til after Christmas.

Getting ready

Ok, so got my flu shot and scheduled to have my Tatas checked in two wks I go in for my mammo... Now I'm worried that all goes well with that.

27 day to go & Anticipation is setting in

Nightmares last night that no one picked me up after surgery :(

12/20-12/25/13 Miami Fl//recommendations?

Im 15 days away now getting excited. Are there any must do's at this point? Also my husband & 14 yr old son will be with me. After a couple of days of waiting on me they will need abreak. Does any one know what activities my be going on in Miami that week that they can get away a few hours of fun?

ALL paid. Committed and nervous now

So I had my pre-op appointment on Saturday, got my blood work & EKG.
I also discussed my implants. I will be getting the 330's which will actually be filled up to 360 cc's.


I can't. Stop thinking about this now. Three more days of work and I can't even concentrate. My husband even inks I'm going crazy over his. He said "ok that's it all decisions are made you need to stop looking up stuff and just relax"! And I say Really, because the only way for me to relax now is after I see the anesthesiologist!


If I got the implants filled to 370 cc's is there much of a difference from 360?

Mind betrayal

I am just worried about everything. What if I get sick? If the surgeon doesn't show or has some other emergency because he also works at the hospital. What if they ask me to reschedule? I can't extend my vacation time pas 1/6/14. What if the pain is unbearable ? What if I should not have done this? What if, what if, what if's...... Consuming my mind...


So today is the last day at work then I fly to Miami tonight and sx in the morning...
You know that song by Rhiana that says "I'm friends with the monsters inside of my head" well I am NOT. I really wish I could put my head away until this is all over. But I guess nothing is easy and these are some of the must go through things.
Wish me luck, keep me in your prayers as I will do the same to all my Realself sisters.


Uh why did i come to work today.. I cant focus. Can't think

Not bad at all.

Hello ladies.
Here I am the day after. I went into my PS's office yesterday I was marked and they took my before pictures. The anesthesiologist was very funny, and made me feel very comfortable. Then ofcourse there I was out to la la land..
When I woke up there was my family. What a relief becaus I had nightmare days ago that no one picked me up. Got back to the place I am staying in took all my meds and rested.
The ultimate question about pain. Let me tell you totally, totally, totally tolerable. I am sore not pain.
Today I had to go back to my PS's office everything checked out well.
My only issue has been that twice one time yesterday and today after breakfast I became very light headed like I was about to faint and started sweating. That was an awfull feeling but again not pain. I sure hope that goes away becaus it makes me shaky. I will try to post a picture in a bit.

All is well

Back to my plastic surgeons office today I was for a follow up. He said everything is looking great. My right breast is higher and harder than my left & ofcourse I've been freaking out about it. He reassured me they are fine and will set in over the next couple of wks. My skin is still streaching and adjusting to my new size. I am off the pain pills as of yesterday. I am only taking Tylenol and a muscle relaxer. The key for me has been to make sure I am up and moving at at a slow pace of course. If I sit or lay down too long everything feels stiff.

I got back in to see my PS on Thursday at which point the plan to remove my staples and drains.. Praying it all goes as planned beapcause that means I will be able to go home.

Happy healing to all & a very Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Day after pic

So awesome.

Today swollen swollen swollen

Not so awesome today

Day 6, 7 & 8

So on day 6 my drains were removed & I was ok to come home!
Got home 12/26 in the evening settled in and slept in my amazing bed. Love my bed. Did I say I love my bed...

Only my best friend, children, sister- I law and husband knew of my surgery. My mom lives in my same neighborhood and i did not tell her because she would just freak out until she could see me which was a wk later. I would just have ruined her Christmas and of course i wasn't going to do that. So I got home Thursday night and Friday morning my husband picked my mom up brought her over to my house and i told her. Her first question was why you didn't need that. My response with much and all my respect " because I wanted to it will make me a much happier person with myself". My mom is very old fashion and knows little about plastic surgery. Her next concern was how this could affect me health wise. We discussed that and recovery. Then she was ok and made sure she gave my husband a speech about make sure you don't let her do anything around the houses until she recovers. Clearly I was ok with that. He also told her he loved me just the way I was but he supported what ever made me happy.

The day after I got home the nurse called to make sure I was ok and offer additional care and advise. She gave me her cell phone number to call for any assistance or questions even after hours. I have been very satisfied with their service. Not sure if mentioned before but, I had my post op 12/21 dressing changed and drains checked. I was seen again on 12/24. Then on 12/26 my staples from the TT were removed and the stitches from my oreola's where my implants were inserted. Tomorrow I will have my hubby take pics and post them.

I am feeling great. Walking, eating healthy and resting. Pain free for the most part. Only if I cough it hurts at my abdominal wall. So I am not taking any pain meds.

Happy healing to everyone who is post op and recovering.
If your on the fence about it do it! Not as bad as it sounds. The key is having a good support group to help with personal things like showering and helping sit and stand up. And of course around the housework while you recover. I am at one wk, but from what I've read about 10 days of help is a must. One thing for sure is I can not bend. So try to have things at level and if it falls it falls,,not even trying to pick it up.

Day 10

I'm feeling pretty good considering.
Issues: I'm still seeping through my BB and one tiny spot of my TT incision right below my BB. It's not painfull I'm just concerned although I know my surgery is recent. I'm happy with my implants my right one remains very bruised below and still high can't wait for them to set in.

I was just thinking yesterday if you haven't had your surgery yet take a full day and practice around the house without bending at all and using only your legs to sit and stand no abdominals at all to give you a better perspective of the days following your surgery.

Rt side bruising

The implant site right below the nipple is healing very nice but notice how dark the bruising is at ten days.

Back to work

I will be going back to work tomorrow only where only one person there knew about my surgery. I can walk pretty much straight but I've still been walking hunched only because I don't want where my scar is to stretch out and end up with a wide looking scar.
Trying to figure out what to wear so is not so noticeable immediately is a little frustrating. I don't want to deal with the questions, why did you do it or criticism. I wanted it. I did it. I paid for it with my money. I don't regret it and feel much better about myself. Is all about ME... :)

Anyway back to the clothes issue. I'll try wearing my loose dresses for now. Nothing fitted.

Wish me luck hope I'm not too exhausted after a days work.
Happy healing to all those in their early post days.

If your just researching and thinking just do it!


Yesterday returned to work and all went pretty much well. For my luck it's been unusually cold here in Orlando. So I agree changefortxmama I am able to wear warm cozy clothes that cover up.

I've read a lot of post where people go to their supper tight cg immediately after their surgical wrap around garment. My docs instructions were a little different my instructions were to wear spanx for a few wks until my TT incision is all closed up and healed before I start pulling and squishing it. I will follow my surgeons advise I trust his recommendations will give me the best overall results. And to be honest I am way happy about it just looking at the very tiny compression garment I have to wear following the spanx I'm still wondering how I'm going to fit there but they're pretty confident that's were I'll fit!

Issue with garments post my return to work was I was NOT very patient taking down the spanks and pulling them back up and as a result I did not drink the amount of water I should have. Which they were open at the bottom to avoid that but I've also read people cutting them of and ruining them. I'll just suck it up and deal with it for now. I did swapped and wore my surgical one to sleep. It gives me the compression and stability I need. I like it can be adjusted so I can breath and be comfortable while I sleep.

Not back to my spanx and off to work!


Love the look

Scar & BB pics

Hello my Realself friends!
I wish I way better at memorializing this journey and have not posted as much as I should have. I Have not had any major issues. I've been trying to eat as healthy as I can. No major excersize routine just walking at my breaks. And let's not forget water, water,water.

Anyway here are some updated pictures I'm pretty happy with my scar so far. If I take a picture from a distance it looks quite impressive or scary. Is not as bad as it looks in pictures. When you look at the close up pics you will see what I mean.
My belly button is still healing. I'm still nervous about that but I know I'm only 25 days post op and giving it more time. There are still two open spots. It doesn't hurt at all. I clean it a few times a day. In the morning. When I get here from work and before bed. Still dressing them with neosporin.

Rejected stiches

Hello ladies,
So you know that spot I said would not close...yesterday it looked really white inside and I was scared I was developing some type of infection. Well turns out it was an internal stich coming through. I cleaned it with alcohol, grabbed it with twizers until I saw the knot and nipped it off. It didn't hurt but I kept thinking it was going to the was my skin was pulled.. Now I hope that doesn't keep happening.

Loving it!

Feeling amazing. :)

Beware those traveling to the Dominican Republic..

I don't mean to bust anyone's bubble. And first let me say I have never researched DOminican Republic docs because it was not an option i was willing to consider but I came across this news searching for post surgical outcomes. Just thought I share this. It is in Spanish. It's regarding a "dr. Franklin Polanco" who was doing surgery and is not even a doctor with less than acceptable outcomes including death. Ladies there are so many competent surgeons here in the states why risk it!

8 1/2 wks & would do it all over again!

Updated pics I'm very happy with my results so far and still chrinking! I have no cg on here. I still wear it every day this is in the morning. I'm now at 140 lbs.

Before & after

12 wk update

4 months

Happy endings! Enjoyed a night out. :)

Happy Mothers Day to all my RS sistets!

Happy Mothers Day to all my RS sistets!

5 months 139.8 weight/ 38bust/29 1/2waist / 39 hips

So excited with my progress. Here is my update. I just took these pictures this morning and thought I should share. I am still using scar away strips for my scar. The close up picture shows the mark the staples left still hoping that goes away. I use a little cotton ball in my bb to maintain its size/shape. Love my projection. The hubby still cant get over my outcome. Wishing everyone the best and prompt recovery.

Misconceptions-Oopsy! LOL...

Here is a somewhat funny story . So I'm always interested in things to do for optimal results. Through this website I've read multiple times about the marble for the belly button. So I was thinking a marble? That's way to big for my BB. I had this "great idea". I Had a pearl bracelet that broke so ill just use one of those beeds. When I put it in was perfect size. I was so excited. PROBLEM. When I went to take a shower I couldn't take it out! My bb swallowed it. Bb is now much deeper. I was sooo freaking out thinking they would need to cut my bb open to get the stupid thing out! Finally used liquid soap and squeezed it out. LESSON don't do it. Now I just use plain piece of cotton ball in the bb has same effect. So heed the warning. Cotton ball has the same effect and much safer!

Compression garnment

I wanted to mention. I use a compression garnment called lipo express is super awesome. I use the strapless half leg. Check it out if your looking for one . The website is lipoexpress.com

8 month update

Here are some updated pictures. I am more than happy with the results. I still watch what i eat. Salt is.still not my friend. I still wear my lipo express compression garment but only Monday through Friday. Im still working on scar treatment and alternate between the bio I'll and silicone strips.

Overall it has been a good experience for me. The key is be very patient. Once the doc is done them begins a very lengthy recovery. Sometimes i still feel some of the lipo spots when i stretch. My stomach area i feel like a tingling sensation from time to time.

The hubby and i just started weigh training,,,lets see how far i can get with that. I'm more of a treadmill cardio work out type. He thinks i can do it. Well see....

more pics

Siddharth Bass

Dr. Bass was recommended by a family member who's had several successfull procedures with this physician. Other friends of friends also used the same physician. I elected to choose a physician whom I had references of actual people I know rather than merely making my choice over online reviews. .................................. Update: first let me clarify I am not a patient a Vanity. I was able to locate this doctor at a different office. I am now 6 months from my surgery and very happy with my results. I've read other reviews complaining about his attitude . He is straight forward doc with exceptional surgical skills which is all I care about. The post op care is mainly handled by the nurses anyway. I was fortunate and can't complain. I don't live in his are so the post op was limited anyway. I was impressed that after I got home they called to check on me. It's not a high end suppersuffisticed office. But that cost $$. I Prefer their method stick to the basics and pass on the savings! Those fancy waiting rooms cost $ that the patients pay for. Overall 4 stars because there is always room for improvement & their patient education is limited. So knowing your body and doing your research is key.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I hope I look as great as you when mine is all said and done! You look awesome!
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You give me hope! I can't wait for my mm 12/19. Yippee!
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Hey there. You look incredibly good!! I love your results. A friend of mine just had surgery with your dr. My surgery was about 3 blocks from your drs. Office. I live pretty close to u, am in spring hill, about an hour 1/2 and I also got my procedure done in Miami cause that's where am from and I felt much more comfortable knowing that drs. Down there do this daily.
  • Reply
Thanks for the compliments! And yes I agree Miami is where I would do it all over again. They definatly seem to have much more practice or experience given the popularity of the procedure there. god luck girl! rest & relax...
  • Reply
Wow u look awesome Doll!!
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Thank you
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You are one hot mama! That pearl was having a great time with your BB. Didn't even want to leave. But you look great and healing process looks great
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Lol! Thanks for the compliments. Congrats on your decision. I'm excited for you.
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Thank you. Can't wait for my surgery
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Great advice! Omg I can just imagine how scared you must have been when you couldn't get the pearl out!!
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You look so good!! You outcome was great
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Thank you! I just looked at your review you will have outstanding results with your body. Congratulations! Take it easy!
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Thanks lady and do the same
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U look so good!!!
  • Reply
Thank you!
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results are looking great and you have a nice shape!! it was totally worth it
  • Reply
For sure worth it; thanks for the compliments.
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Dang your looking great ;)
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Thanks girl, I just looked at your profile your looking awesome yourself. You will have great results just be patient the swelling last a few months. Congrats on the new you!
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you know Dr bass used staples on my tummy tuck incision... why ? I notice now that he has done the same on yours... how is your incision scar now?
  • Reply
Scar is healing very nice the only issue is i can see in some parts where the staples were like little dots. They did say internally it takes a while to heal and that it would probly go away but that everybody's heals different sho they couldn't guarantee it! So i guess im still on a wait and see mode. I'll try to post a picture. I don't know how he decides staples our stiches. He never discussed that prior to the surgery. After i was just trying to feel better so i could go home and didn't question him.
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I know its very upsetting to go to my pre op and see stitches I feel like Frankenstein! I was literally in tears & wished he had discussed it prior to surgery
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It is impressive to see all the staples but bear with it a bit. They come out pretty soon within the week. Also no alcohol or peroxide in the incision. I was told too keep showering with just the antibacterial soap and waster. So soap, water and triple antibiotic ointment only until you No longer seep from the incision. The belly button ones stay in longer. So the next time you see the doctor not the nurse ask him in how many days you're BB stiches should come out. I didn't to go back to Miami so I just paid a nurse locally too take them out. I think They were about five stiches there. Stay positive don't let it get you down. Plenty of times I asked my self. "What did i just do to my self" but once the way I feel now in my clothes there's no doubt i made the right choice. Just remember recovery is very slow. Up to year and longer than that for the scar to fade. Once you come tho peace with that. You can just focus on healing. I'll pray you keep you're spirits up!
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Dr Bass did an awesome job on u. Ur incision looks great
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Thank you!
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