After 6 Months , Doing Lipo and Fat Transfer Again - Coral Gables, FL

I have a 4 year old boy, as every woman i wanna be...

I have a 4 year old boy, as every woman i wanna be as sexy as i can be , i did lipo on my abdomen and flanks on july 2. (6 months ago) gained some weight so decided to come back and do a full lipo, this time arms, back, love hamdles, inner thighs and a fat transfer to buttock. Love it!!! Posting some pics ..

1 day post lipo and fat transfer

Today has beem the hardest day of my entire life . Omggg! I cant even talk. Move , laugh, breath, everything hurts, im just hoping it is all worth it . I love the way my butt looks though

2 days post

Feeling way better than yesterday. Walking straight and able to move on my own.

3 day post full lipo and BBL

Today i feel great, havent take the pain medication for 12 hours. Dont get me wrong it is still unconfottable but pain that i can hold, like when you are sore from the gym. The most unconfortable part is the no sitting so makes u tired , laying on my stomach the whole time or standing. But today i took the day to go to park with my son, go eat in the beach, hooters, and even get my son a ride on a ponny ;-) i feel and look great

10 days post op

This week has been challenging . Sleeping on my stomach only is too much for me , my doctor said i can sleep on my sides but im bruised on my thighs so is a lil unconfy. Looking and feeling better overall, wemt back to work on friday 8 days post.. My swellness os going down pretty quick, ans im already wearing ny high compression garment, ugffff killing me with the bruises but i need to do it !!! Counting the days so i can seat again, since i work in a office , talking to clients standing is a lil unprofessional lol.

12 days post

Loving my results. But those masagges kill me :-() my stomach is hard and my skin feels like burned, thats how much he worked on it . But im padiently waiting for the time to pass by so i can hopefully look like a barbie lol. My bruises are still showing a lil specially on my legs. Pain overall not that bad.

17 days post

This 2 weeks have been better than what i thought. Pain is mostlikely gone, what bothers me the most is my stomach since is where i had the more lipo and did it twice. My arms are looking better , my legs are still bruised but not in pain. My butt looks great and even though my doctor told me is ok to sit after 2 weeks i still dont wanma put any pressure on my butt at all. Scared to lose the fat i put on it lol. I only sit when necesary. I keep my garment on 24/7 , well sometimes 20/7 cause is a lil unconfortable to sleep.

26 days post op

Today i got to see my surgeon here in ny. He says everything looks great, and im healing perfectly (that makes me happy) . Swelling has gone down a lot. Look and feel better by the day. My waist is getting smaller and smaller everyday ;-) and my clothes barely fits on my waist.

27 days post

Hey girls just wanted to give u guys a pc that shows my results including my arm. Let me know what you guys think and any questions u guys have u can ask. I know how hard it is to find a doctor u trust and that give u good results (thank god i found mine)

1 month post !!

Finally got to this mark. Now i can see my results better, today i cheated and took off my garment for the whole night. But i gotta admit i look and feel better with it on. Healing good. Can barely see my scaring. Longing to see my final results in 2 more months.

Almost a month and a half post

Loving the results!!! My body keeps changing everyday. This is my first time wearing a bathin suit !

2 months post..

Feeling great, my waist gets smaller everday!! ;-))

2 months post.. My results are starting to show

Feel great. I guess i cant tell the difference in my body cause i see my self everyday. But when i look at my pics i can tell my doctor did an amazing job! Im 2 months post now, cant wait to be 6 months post..

My scaring from lipo

I have 2 incisions on my stomach, 2 on my waist, 2 on my back, 2 on my panti line , 2 on my inner thighs, and 2 on my outer tighs. They all look like this...

2 and half months post.

Feeling great and ready to start working out to tone up!!!

Almost 3 months post!!!

Well ladies !! Here are my pics. Judge for urself.

3 months post op tomorrow. ;-))

My body is still changing. Getting better everyday .


Here are the pics

3 months post surgery

Already working out to get this body banging for the summer...

3 and half months getting better ;-)

So at 3 and half months post surgery i still see my body changing, my skin is getting attached to my body, before i felt like i was slimmer but hamging a lil. Now everything ia taking shape, so its true what they say about results showing after 4-6 months ... Hoping it gets better than this
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Really great personality, very proffesional, bed side manners, trust him so much, this is my third surgery with him. The first one was 2 years ago he performed my breast augmentation and i love it . My boobs look and feel so natural, second surgery lipo in july 2013 and now my full lipo and fat transfer . Expecting amazing results

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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U look dope !!!
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Hey girl, how is that baggin bod of yours doing?
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Who's her's or mine lol?
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Another thing who did your boobs?
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You just totally made my decision for me! Thank you so much lol you look!!!! I'm definitely going to him.
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Omg!!! Such pretty pretty booty and waist omg!! Amazing results!
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girl.....amazing. Already nice bod, just amped. Congrats! He did a beautiful job
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You look great! Dr. Altman is great at Lipo :)
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Thabks sweetie! Yes he is!!!
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Im gonna send your place tomorrow find out how much for BBL I want go by first week of june. I should be fine by then I got my breast done in miami at CGC 5 weeks it will tuesday
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I meant call tomorrow *
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Three months out on the 4th. I see changes still. What looked like loose skin a couple weeks ago now looks just fine. I am hoping for still more changes by 6 months.
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Thank u for the encouragement! That's good news to hear lol. A month for me today n i can still feel the swelling f.
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Great!!! Happy for you!!! I dont regret no one bit of it ;-)) happy healing
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I have consult next weeek! I sent u
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I just added you.
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Hello, Your results are amazing! I just had lipo done on my arms outer and inner thoughts flanks stomach I am able to get up by myself and lay down on my back. However I'm starting to feel sad and thinking to myself what did I do? What is I get more cellulite? I am 5'3 I weighed 140 but my weight was all in my arms stomach and hips. Did the numbness go away I feel all the numb and I am getting worried. Maybe you can help me cope with my thoughts plz :(
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Everyone goes thru that the first time, thats why surgeons recommend that you have positive and encouraging people around you post op. I've never had children but I view it in that way. Its pain and suffering, but as soon as you see the result of the pain you immediately forget and become excited about this huge positive change in your life. Just remember this is temporary.
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Omg thank you so much! I've cried with myself because I don't want for my family to worry! Thank you for your encouraging words you don't know how much this means to me. So you loved your results?
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I'm scheduled for a BBL next month, but I had lipo in 2012. I remember feeling that way too bc my mom called me upset and asking me why. I was only 1 day post op and I got really depressed. In fact I believe any time your life pattern is interrupted and you are immobile it messes with your head. Plus the pain meds don't help. All of that plus anxiety has to clear from your body before you start to feel like yourself again!
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It sounds devastating. I stopped taking the pain meds already the is honest is unbearable though I can't sleep.
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Well why did u get anything done if you know tou can't handle the after effects? Maybe ask for stronger prescriptions & tips to cope better till ur fully healed & are mobile again.
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Hello! Sorry to hear about your doble thought. Well we all go thru that but thank god now we have a better view of things and different options thanks to realself. Every body is different and the healing process varies dependong on how u take care of urself. I stopped the pain med at 1 day post .. Cause i dont like to get my body used to it. The results are gonna keep getting better with time. And yes u gonna have times where u think it wasnt worth it. Either becuase of the black and blues, or fluid retention swellness etc. but be patient. I just got to my 3 months post on the 2 of this month and im happy with my results.
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