I've wanted a BA since age 18 when I realized my...

I've wanted a BA since age 18 when I realized my 34B's weren't ever going to grow any bigger. Now, 15 years and 3 children later, I'm finally going ahead with it. I'm happy I waited until after children because breastfeeding changed the shape and reduced the volume of my breasts. They are no longer high and perky :-( They look great in a push up bra but look terrible naked! Makes me feel so self conscious. I am 33 years old now and so ready to do this!

I did lots of research and found that BA in Miami is thousands cheaper than in Raleigh NC which is where I live now. Checked reviews on this site and researched the most popular centers in Miami, narrowing it down to Strax Cosmetics and Coral Gables Cosmetic Surgery Center (CG). Emailed photos to both last week and promptly received quotes for a breast augmentation (BA) with a breast lift (BL). Strax quote was $4999 for saline or $5500 for silicone. CG quoted me $4000 for saline or $5000 for silicone. The Strax quote did not have a doctor listed but CG quote did. They listed Dr. Jacob Freiman on my quote. I received a follow up call from Blanca at CG and she was nice and friendly, explaining the deposit necessary to book a date and answering my questions about how things would work since I'm out of state. I took some time to research the doc and find photos of his work.

This morning I called them and scheduled my surgery which required a $1000 deposit. I will be flying in on Monday 9/8 and getting surgery on Tuesday 9/9. That's 15 days from now! I am a deflated 34 B and I want to be a full C cup. I am much more concerned with perkiness than size though. Don't know what to choose as far as silicone/saline/how many cc's, etc so I am hoping for a very thorough consultation to help me decide. I have thin/no breast tissue so probably have to do silicone.

I'm extremely excited and I can't wait to get this show on the road! I will update with photos every step of the way in hopes of helping someone else the same way the great reviews on this site helped me . Wish me luck!
O my goodness your surgery date is so close. I remember counting done the days, hours, minutes & seconds! I was so excited & couldn't wait for my surgery to finally get here. Do you have any idea of what size of implants you want, silicone, saline over or unders? I'm so happy for you & look forward to watching your journey & transformation! Thank you for sharing, this is a wonderful community & I'm sure you'll love being here! Best of luck
I am counting down the days and I can't believe it's so close! I want a full C cup but I don't want a big crease below my breast so I want the breast to project outward more than hanging naturally. Does this mean I should ask for high profile?? I know this results in a more "fake" look but after having saggy ones for so long, I really want them super perky! :-) I was going to opt for saline since it is less expensive but since I have very little breast tissue, I have decided on silicone instead and I'm going under the muscle because I read that its most natural looking (Is it really??) It's hard to gauge what I want without having experienced a proper consulation so I hope the doc has plenty of time to talk to me once I get there because I have a million questions!
Yes, it absolutely is more natural looking. I think you should look at Scardy Cats profile, she has very beautiful HP silicone implants. What type of a lift is your PS suggesting? Yes you'll have less rippling with the silicone & they will feel so soft. I don't think you can really see her incision, I think she has to lift up her breast to see them. She had a revision, so if you put breast revision in the search box you'll be able to find her easier or if you go to my profile she has commented on my profile. You'll also be able to see the difference between her first set which was saline & then you'll see how soft the silicone is. I know it's more expensive but it's worth every penny & so are you! :) I wish I knew more about HP, I'm seeing more & more really lovely breasts in the HP Silicone & I tell you if I ever do this again I just might go HP. Best of luck to you sweetheart :) I look forward to seeing how everything turns out for you :)

Blood Tests and Supplies!

Received emails from Blanca at CG cosmetics with preop instructions. I have to do some bloodwork as soon as possible. I didn't realize I would need bloodwork done but I should have assumed as much. I went online to requestatest.com and ordered the necessary tests which are; comprehensive metabolic panel $29, quantitative pregnancy test $39, and CBC with differential $29. Total for bloodowrk was $100. I planned to go asap but the CBC requires fasting for 9 hours beforehand so I'll go to the lab in the morning before breakfast.

I also bought from Wal Mart two cotton sports bras that hook in the front $7.94 each, Palmers Cocoa butter massage cream with vitamin E $5.97, Palmer's Cocoa butter formula (thicker and more oily kind) $4.97, a pack of baby wipes for freshening up before I'm allowed to shower $1.88, and 4 bottles of alcohol to make moldable ice packs with 88 cents each. Total for supplies so far is approximately $33.

I have natural laxatives already and the doc will prescribe pain meds once I get there so I think I'm prepared. Am I though?!? I'm getting a little anxious now. Ok, a LOT anxious!

I'm still looking at lots of BA photos to find one that I love so I can show Dr. Freiman exactly what I want. I know a lot of people who go small regret not going bigger but I'm really leaning towards a full C cup, maximum. I'm 5'6" tall, 135 lbs, an athlete and super active so I don't want big boobies bouncing in my face and slowing me down. I'm currently training for my first half marathon and I can't imagine adjusting to running with D's! LOL

I still need to book a flight but I think fares will drop soon so I'm taking a chance and waiting. To be continued....
Woohoo! Appoint is so close. I was nervous too but happy about my results. Pls keep us updated and I should've had the alcohol icepacks after my surgery. :-)
Thank you for your opinion love! No need for the grain of salt lol :) This conversation reminds me of why I am doing this in the first place. I am doing this for me :) You see, I am 34 yrs old, never married and never had children. I have made sooooo many decisions with my life based off of a "One day" type of mentality. I've not moved where I really wanted to live, because "I may not find a husband there., and Is this a safe area to raise children in?" I've even hesitated on wearing my hair a certain way because "Men might not think I'm wifey material if I do that". All to be here right now single. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MY LIFE :) I am very blessed. I am 34, but I'm athletic like you, and most people think I'm 25 *blushing with appreciation...I'm told all the time that I am very beautiful (I say this very humbly) and I am, but I am still by myself. So with that being said, I'm not going to continue with the hesitation now. I am finally doing things my way. I'm so glad you are doing this for you too! I love when woman remember themselves! Yes you have children, but don't forget about you. It makes me feel a little good about myself when I just get my nails done lol :) So anyways, maybe I'll have children one day maybe I won't, but until then I'm living for me! :) I hope you have a great rest of your day, and thanks for sharing your story! You are helping us alot! :) And keep us posted OK, because I really like reading your blogs :)
Lots of luck:) I know how scary the thought of having a breast lift is. Was something I struggled with after my Doctor told me I needed tbe full lift. But for me compared to what I had I accepted it. I bet what ever you get will look fantastic! !! Looks like you have a good Doctor:) I would say try not to stress but that is impossible lol good luck and I look forward to hearing how everything turned out.


The surgery is now less than one week away and the entire balance is paid! Wow! I keep going back and forth between being very excited and very nervous. As advised by the dr. in my preop instructions, I went to CVS today and bought multivitamins ($9.79), Vitamin C tablets ($5.79), Metamucil fiber bars ($7.79). Tomorrow I go on a 5 day beach vacation then it's off to Miami for surgery! The countdown begins........
Good luck on your upcoming surgery !!!! Are you super excited?!
Yeah, congratulations those are both so exciting! How wonderful, I'm so happy for u :) hopefully you're healing well & I look forward to seeing how your journey progresses!
I'm so excited for you. Your beginning is a lot like my beginning. my appointment is on September the 19th. I am so scared and excited just as you are. I think I'm becoming more scared than excited.I'm about to pay off my balance today. looking forward to hearing about your results and your experience


Tomorrow morning I leave for Miami! I have been taking multivitamins, fiber, and vitamin C as directed. The fiber really works well. A little too well actually! I was also instructed to take Colace twice a day starting two days before the surgery so I will take that tonight along with my vitamins. I hope it doesn't make me have to use the restroom before I get to my hotel. That would be really gross for whoever is sitting near the restroom on the plane! :-/

I am incredibly excited now because tomorrow I will find out the exact process of my surgery and decide on a size along with my doctor. Here goes......
Good luck!!!! Keep us posted.
I will keep everyone posted every step of the way!
AaahhhI'm so excited for you! congratulationsand go get em girl!


Sample implants
I'm at my Preop appt now. Taxi from the Hilton Miami Airport cost $17.70 and took about ten minutes.

Checked in at 1:20pm. Front desk staff was not rude at all but not super friendly. Lobby is small and there were plenty of people in it which I take as a good sign.

They called me back to the lab around 2:00pm. Signed all of my medical release forms, took photos, then met my patient coordinator Blanca. She is extremely nice and so sweet and genuine. Actually all of the nurses in the back are nice. They made me feel comfortable and welcome. Very happy people with great attitudes. Finished my paperwork in about 30 minutes then directed to a waiting area and instructed to take off my top and put on a blue paper robe around 2:35pm. I was told that doctor is in surgery and will be out soon.

I'm in the exam room now waiting for the doctor and it's about 3:30. I hear the doc in the next room now so it should be soon. Yay! :-) I understand that he's busy and I'm not complaining. I am willing to wait as long as I have to because based on the reviews I read, I was prepared to wait much longer than this! LOL

I took a look and feel at the sample implants and I've attached photos and a video of me feeling them. I'm leaning towards the 325cc ultra high profile. I'll update after doc comes in!


Just came out of Preop appt with the doctor and I am absolutely terrified. He examined my breasts but didn't give me any real info. He said with a lift it's reconstructive surgery so he will work within the dimensions of the skin. I asked how many cc's he thinks will be good and he said I just have to trust him. I told him I have a wish pic and he said no need to see it because he knows what will look best. I told him I don't want big and he said they will be "perky and pretty and natural looking" when he is done and once again said to trust him.

My surgery is tomorrow. All I know is that I'm getting a lollipop lift and a silicone implant. That's it. I was so floored in the appointment that I completely forgot to ask any of the questions on my list. I'm nervous and seriously reconsidering the whole thing. I feel completely in the dark and that's NOT how I'm supposed to feel after talking to the doctor :-(

It's 4:01pm and I'm waiting in the main lobby again. I'm scared and tired and hungry and I feel like crying but I won't because I'm in public :-( I know it seems as if I'm acting like a baby but this is a big surgery and I really felt like I should be more informed. I felt like a child while in with the doctor. I really wish that had gone differently so I would feel more confident tomorrow :-(
Thanks for the video btw!!!! :-D
You're welcome! I have never seen a video and today was the first day i was able to actually feel the implants so I wanted to share as much as possible! :-)
Wow! I'm so sorry! I would have a heart to heart with your coordinator. Also, I've read MANY reviews where girls said that they didn't get that "warm and fuzzy" feeling from Dr. Frieman when the met with him. They said that he was very serious, and said "trust me". Keep in mind also love, that doctors/senior executives/lawyers tend to have this GOD complex. Dr. Frieman does (from his own mouth) 300-400 BA's a year. That's like 40 a week! Just remember, he has impeccable "result" review, and this is the reason you went to him in the first place :). You're going to b just fine :) and you're going to have a fabulous result. It's going to be ok :) think pleasant thoughts xoxo


Blanca is a lifesaver! I was called into the back again around 4:20pm to get my surgery time from the nurses. While there, I asked the nurse if it says in my chart how many cc's the doctor will use, hi or mod profile, or ANY DETAILS AT ALL about my surgery. The nurse took me to speak to Blanca and she really eased my mind. Apparently the doc had written the specifics on the chart while in the appointment with me but just didn't share the info with me because......?? :-/

Anyway, Blanca was wonderful. She reviewed his notes and told me what he wrote down. Moderate profile, mentor Silicone, under the muscle, 330cc's. She talked to me about exactly what I am looking for and what final results I can expect. I feel much better.

Unfortunately, I asked the nurses for the earliest surgery time possible as soon as I went to the back then I found out that I have to be here at 4pm tomorrow which means surgery will probably start around 5:00 and I can't eat or drink after midnight. Can't even swallow water from tooth brushing :-/ That sucks.

The experience with the doc has me all shaken up. He seemed really agitated as soon as I started to tell him what he wanted but I wasn't demanding or offensive. On the contrary, I was nervous and scared so I was very soft spoken with him. I really hope the results are worth going through this experience.......


In a taxi now. Stuck in crazy traffic. Driver is talking nonstop while eating a burger and fries from Mcdonalds. He's spraying food out of his mouth with every word. It's a gross sight. And he sounds like he has a cold so not only does be have a mouth full of food, he is sniffing and congested too.

Originally called the taxi company at 4:23 pm in preparation to leave the surgery center. At that time, they said 20 minutes. I called back again at 5:03 pm. They said someone is on the way. Driver finally called me at 5:20pm to say he is a block away. We are in the taxi now. Starving from being at CG for 4 hours. Kinda bummed but trying to remain positive about every thing.
Btw, taxi phone number is (305) 444-4444. Good luck with them if you choose to use them.
Thank you a MILLION times over for being totally honest here.
You're welcome. When I was researching, I was so grateful for all the information I gained from this site. Seeing people's photos and reading their stories enabled me to make a more informed decision about getting a BA. I can only hope that the information I share, both good and bad (but all honest), will help someone too!
Isn't that the truth, honesty is where it's at & it's important to share your experience & how u feel! I hope all is well?


It's the night before my surgery and I am feeling very apprehensive but mostly I just want to get it over with. I was instructed to shower with Dial antibacterial soap tonight, then again in the morning. I bought hibiclens instead because I am hoping and I assume (total assumption) that it will kill more germs. I read some reviews where doctors instructed patients to use it and I figure it can't hurt.

I just read my patient info packet in it's entirety and it says my surgery time is 1:30pm although the clinic person told me 4:00. I'll call in the morning to confirm. I was given 4 prescriptions and I need to fill them in the morning because I have to bring them with me to surgery. It says on Preop instructions that I will be instructed to take the anti nausea meds just before the surgery.

The medications are
1. Zofran ODT, 8mg, 3 pills, anti nausea
2. Flexeril, 10mg, 12 pills, muscle relaxant
3. Omnicef, 300mg, 10 pills, antibiotics
4. Percocet, 325mg, 30 pills, pain medication

I'm not sure if I mentioned previously but I was going to stay in a cheap hotel (super cheap like $55/night) but my boyfriend surprised me with a reservation at the Hilton Miami airport instead. Staying here has completely changed the experience already. I would definitely recommend the place to out of towners because it is literally right across the street from Miami airport. I'm in a one bedroom king suite with balcony. It's huge and comfortable. The desk overlooks the water and the airport. You can also see the skyline. The lobby is nice and the place has all the typical accoutrements you would expect at a hilton. Free shuttle from the airport, business center in the lobby, friendly staff. I had no problem checking in early.

The hotel cafe is expensive, of course. Turkey burger and fries this afternoon-$17 plus tax and tip. I only ordered it because I was starving when I arrived. There is a shopping center about a mile away with a Publix supermarket, Starbucks, Burlington, Burger King, Chinese food, etc. I actually walked there this afternoon to buy crackers, a sandwich, and juice.

I also bought 2 insulated plastic cups with straws from Burlington for $3 each. One for juice, one for water. I'm going to shower and sleep now. When I wake it will be surgery day!
Hey sweetie! You ok? How are you feeling? Happy healing sweetheart xoxo
I am feeling pretty good. When I sit up the blood rushes to my breasts and makes them tingle! But it's not incredibly painful. Thanks for the good vibes :-)
I too had just stayed there for my first surgery last weekend!


Day one post op
Natrelle silicone 304ccs
Nice post op pics! I thought it was supposed to be 330cc not 304cc? What happened?
The doctors notes on my chart said 330cc but I guess he thought 304 would be better. Maybe that's why he didn't want to specify how many cc's prior to the surgery, so he could change it to whatever looks best. Remember he didn't want to give details other than to trust him...
Well, so far are you happy and not just satisfied? I mean, is the size he gave you perfect in your eyes?


My surgery was scheduled for Tuesday at 4pm. I slept in until noon, then the time flew by once I woke up. The surgery center called around 3:00 and asked if I could come in early since they had a cancellation. I arrived at 3:45 and went to a prep room immediately. I took a urine pregnancy test and undressed, then changed into the blue paper gown. Nurse had me take one of my anti nausea pills then Dr. Freiman came in to do my markings. He was in a much better mood than the previous day. He actually seemed friendly! I asked him if my surgery would be difficult since my breast tissue is thin and I don't have much volume. He said for any other doctor my case would be difficult but not for him ;-) He said he's done three BA's with lifts already today so he practiced on them, now he's ready to do mine. LOL I also asked him what my cup size will be and he said "about a C". I told him I'm eager to get the surgery over with so I can eat and he said he has a patient scheduled for 9pm and she must really be starving! I asked him if he gets exhausted from doing so many surgeries from morning to night and he said no.

After the markings, the anesthesiologist came in. He said to be very honest with him then asked about drug use, smoking, and any medications. (no, no, and no!) Then in a conversational tone he asked me "so, what did you have for lunch?" I told him I didn't eat. Then he asked the same about breakfast and snacks. I think the conversational tone was meant to make me comfortable so if I had eaten something I would just spill the beans. It was a smart tactic but I wouldn't dare eat when they told me not to!

On a side note, I later found out from the nurse that the earlier cancellation was due to a patient eating before surgery. She told the anesthesiologist and he called off the surgery immediately. Nurse said many patients do that. They don't realize that the food in your stomach can be aspirated in the breathing tube which can cause choking death. It blows my mind that someone would spend thousands of dollars and not follow directions to successfully complete the procedure!

After the questions, anesthesiologist led me across the hall to the OR. Dr. Freiman was there waiting and he introduced me to his team. He was very comforting and nice. He gave me a warm blanket and told me everything would be fine. I was strapped down, covered up, and IV went in. Doc told me there may be a stinging feeling when med goes into my IV. I looked up and saw him putting something in the IV and the next thing I remembered was the nurse helping me get dressed after the surgery. I don't know how long the actual surgery took but I was headed back to the hotel at 6:30 I think.

Once I got back to the hotel I was in excruciating pain and I felt very sick. I was crying (I know, I'm such a baby! LOL) but I took Percocet and it started working quickly. Ever since then the pain has been manageable. I take Perocet every 4 hours on the dot. The one exception was yesterday when I went to my post op appointment. I waited 5 hours and 20 minutes to take pain meds and that was a HUGE mistake!

At my post op appointment yesterday I saw Dr. Ortega since Dr. Freiman wasn't there. He took off the bandages and examined my breasts. I told him about the nausea and he said it's a side effect of the Flexeril and Percocet. He said I can take Tylenol instead of Percocet and just take the Flexiril as needed but for now I'm sticking to the original meds and just sleeping after I take it so I will not feel the nausea. He also gave me instructions on massage which should be started one week post op. He told me its important to stretch my arms above my head to avoid stiffness and to sit up straight to avoid lower back pain. Dr. Ortega said they like to see patients for follow up at 7-10 days, then one month, two months, and three months but I will probably come back in six weeks then again at the three month mark, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

After the appointment I cam back to the hotel and went back to bed where I've been ever since. I haven't had much of an appetite. I've mostly been eating bananas and saltine crackers. I'm flying back to Raleigh tomorrow morning but I wish I could stay here for another week. The hotel is so peaceful and quiet. I am in no hurry to get back to the "real world".

My breasts are puffy like balloons but softer than they were yesterday. When I sit up I can feel the blood rushing into them and it tingles but it doesn't hurt. My right nipple still has sensation but my left is somewhat numb. I think I'm lucky not to have any bruising but there are drops of blood in my bra from my nipple area on each side. I'll post more pics soon!
Hey. How are you feeling? I hope you're recovering as you planned. :-)
I am feeling much better now that I am home in my own bed. However I am feeling exhausted all the time! I didn't anticipate being this tired all the time after surgery. It maybe because I'm not eating very healthy foods though. I've been eating a lot of saltine crackers and drinking lots of water but not too much good nutrition :-(
All the energy you do have is being used to heal your body. Your body is in overload right now. Just take it easy :) happy healing! :)


I'ts five days post op and I'm home resting. I've stopped taking Percocet so the only meds I'm taking now are antibiotics, Colace, and Tylenol once a day. The trip back to Raleigh was an absolute nightmare! I packed my suitcase but couldn't apply the necessary pressure to zip it without feeling pain so I was afraid I may have ripped some stitches. Then I tried to shower and it took forever because I couldn't maneuver enough to get really clean and couldn't wash my back at all. Not to mention the effort it took to dry off and get dressed after. I had to blow dry the tape after my shower and I was already behind schedule. The hotel shuttle took forever so I hailed a cab instead. Got to the airport and the self check in kiosk lines were long so I went to the attendant counter. Attendant told me not to bother trying to make my flight because security lines would take too long and flight was in 40 minutes. I was already in pain and completely spent (emotionally and physically) so I went into the bathroom, found a spot on a bench, called my BF, and cried. Yep, I cried. The kind of crying where your shoulders shake and nose is running like a faucet. Sorry about the disgusting imagery but the moral of this story cannot be stressed enough. If you are traveling alone after your surgery, plan to be at the airport 2 hours beforehand and MAYBE you'll make it!

Instead of my nonstop 2 hour flight, I had to wait an hour then change planes after an hour layover in charlotte. Originally scheduled to arrive home at 11:49am. Attendant gave me a flight arriving at 5:45pm instead but BF found a flight arriving at 3:21pm! He also recommended that I request a wheelchair and that was the best advice ever! You're probably thinking "OMG really, a wheelchair?!?" but it saved me from walking a ridiculous distance between my flights and afterward. I completely underestimated the amount of energy it takes to maneuver through a huge airport. It would have taken me at least 30 minutes to get from an A gate to gate D-18 in charlotte airport without assistance! I definitly would have missed my connecting flight!

Anyway, I made it home and I've been in bed ever since. My breasts feel like heavy rocks on my chest and it's driving me nuts to sleep on my back. There's some blood dried under my tape and they are itchy now which hopefully means they are healing well. I still need help to shower so BF bought a loofah brush with a long handle and something to help with applying lotion as well. I can't see a huge difference from day one and today but breasts feel softer and right one is dropping a little. Any questions feel free to ask!
did you have a nurse they recommended me to a few for $100 a day you think maybe use a nurse for 2 days then just get a hotel with airport shuttle? Did you need more assistance past day 2? I also will be traveling alone, and am trying to iron things out before i book my flight. Thanks
I didn't have a nurse but it would have been handy. For the first 2 days post op my alarm was set for every four hours and I woke up, took meds, drank (a lot!), went to the bathroom, then right back to sleep. I had no desire to do anything else. The main thing would be to make sure you have assistance getting back to your hotel room after the surgery and assistance once you head to the airport to go home. Otherwise, be sure to stock up on juice and water and saltine crackers and you should be fine. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! Best wishes!!
Also, do not be ashamed to request a wheelchair as soon as you get to the airport for the trip home. I admit, I was thinking "oh my gosh I don't want people to think I'm fibbing about being disabled or something!" (Crazy thought right?!?) but it was the best thing I could possibly do for myself on the way home. No trudging through the airport pulling bags, no stopping to take a breather every few steps, and no lengthy trips to change planes. Remember, you are having surgery and you will be exhausted after. Pamper your body as much as possible so it can heal! Good luck!


I am now 13 days post op and I have more energy than PO day 5 but I am still very easily exhausted. Last week, I noticed a yellow discharge coming from under the tape on my right nipple. It was leaking out onto the inside of my bra so I took photos, washed it with Hibiclens and immediately called my surgical coordinator Blanca. She consulted with a nurse and advised me to just wash the area and keep it clean. She said it was nothing to be concerned about but when I washed it, the area underneath the tape was white, not dark like the rest of my nipple.

BF removed the tape and stitches for me at day 10. Blanca said I could do it myself but there was no way I could have done that. BF is an MD and it hurt like crazy even though he did it very slowly. There was dried blood and dried yellow discharge (gross, I know!) on the tape which made it stick even more. It had to be peeled off slowly, one tiny strip at a time and removing it from over the incision line was excruciating.

Removing the stitches her as well because they have to be pulled and snipped as close to the skin as possible. BF disinfected his hands and the area very well and used suture scissors. It stung :-/

Upon removing all of the tape, I found out that I have a big patch of skin missing from my right nipple! BF checked the tape to see if maybe the skin had come off with the tape, but it didn't. It turns out, that was the white area I was seeing underneath the tape. There had been no skin there for days!

I took photos of everything and emailed them to Blanca to forward to Dr. Freiman. Then I called her to find out what I should do. Blanca opened the email while I was on the phone and reacted with shock and awe at my photos which scared me. As she looked at them, she exclaimed "ooooh!, woooow!, oh no!" then said the doctor is in surgery but that she will grab him as soon as she sees him walk down the hall so she can show him my pictures and get back to me.

She called me back and told me that the doctor said to put a butterfly bandage on the wound so the two edges meet. I let her know that the skin had already healed so there was no way to make the two-edges meet unless I fold my entire breast and half because it had already started healing with the gap. Even though the tissue looked pink and yellow, I could actually touch it because it was partially healed and the place on my nipple where the nipple skin had slid over was already partially healed too so there was no loose skin anywhere.

She asked me to just try with the butterfly bandage, but there was absolutely no way to do this. I took more pictures and sent them over, then called her back to let her know the butterfly bandage idea was an impossibility. She didn't understand why not so I put BF on the phone.

He explained to her that the wound had dehisced and the exposed tissue had already started forming a granulation bed (doctor talk) and then she put him on hold and we were disconnected. Called back and she said phone was having problems and that she would leave a message for doctor.

I didn't hear anything back so I sent an email last night explaining the situation again and asked her to forward it to the doctor. She returned my phone call today and gave me three options. She said I can either try the butterfly bandage again, go to a local plastic surgeon and ask them to put in one or two stitches to make the two ends of the wound meet, or wait three months and come down to get a revision surgery.

At this point I feel like she still does not fully grasp the problem and apparently the doctor cannot get an accurate idea of the problem based on my photos. I've asked via email and telephone to have the doctor call me so I can explain it to him but no luck with that. I'm a bit frustrated because I really want to talk to the doctor but since I can't, I am going to have BF write a detailed email from an MD's perspective and take new photos. Hopefully this will be forwarded to Dr. Freiman and I will get some better advice.

In a mean time, I am trying to keep the area very clean and covered with sterile pads to prevent any possible infection.

If anyone has had a similar situation, please feel free to message me and let me know how you resolved it. Tomorrow I am going to make a consultation appointment with a local plastic surgeon to see what they say about it. Wish me luck!

Aside from the nipple problem, overall I am pleased with how my incisions looked when I took off the tape. They seem a little tight like they are pulling at the seams underneath my breasts and they are sore so I have been icing them but the pain is not intense. I'll update with pics in a few days and hopefully I will have a resolution to share!
I'm so glad you don't have an infection but it's horrible you can't seem to get a hold of your plastic surgeon during something critical. =[ Please update us with how it went with a local plastic surgeon to know if you're okay! I'll be praying for you and I wish you the best of luck tomorrow love! =] P.S. Your results are looking great! I just had my stitches removed as well today!
Hi esummer! I posted an update about my appt with a local PS. It went well! Still haven't talked to Dr. Freiman which saddens me but I'm thinking positive and moving forward. I'm on my way to your profile to read your most recent update! Lol I hope you're doing well and healing wonderfully!!
Good that's so good to hear! I'm so sorry about Dr. Freiman that has to be very frustrating. =[ But I'm so proud of you for just moving forward. You look amazing! =]


So, since the last time I posted I have still been feeling exhausted pretty quickly throughout the day but I do feel like I am slowly getting my energy back. I try to eat healthy meals and snacks and it seems to be making a difference but I give big kudos to all the women who go back to work days, or even a week after surgery. I seriously would not be able to do that! I'm tired!!!!

I've contacted my doctors office in Miami a few times about the wound on my nipple. Usually I follow up my emails with a phone call and Blanca is always helpful and really sweet and attentive to me. She has a very comforting way about her which I love. My problem now though, is that I have been trying to get through to Dr. Freiman and it seems that he doesn't have time to speak to me. Like EVER. I sent an email to him last week (through Blanca) and I sent another one last night but he will not call. I'm always told that he is in surgery. Maybe it is in his policy that he doesn't speak to out of state postop patients or something because I've asked to speak to him by phone and email more than once over the past couple of weeks and it is just not happening. I guess that's one of the really huge drawbacks of going to a different city/state to get surgery. (I live in NC and went to Miami for surgery).

The main issues I wanted to talk to my doc about are obviously the right nipple wound and also the symmetry of my breasts. The left one is much bigger than the right and my left nipple is about 3 inches up from the base of my breast (long straight incision) and my right is about 2 inches up (curved short incision). I know there is still swelling in the left one more than the right but even when it goes down, I don't think these things are going to even out. They're just lopsided :-/

The good news in all this is that I saw a plastic surgeon here in Raleigh this morning and he was fabulous! I went in with a list of questions and I was so nervous because I thought it would be the same rushed consultation as it was with the Miami doc but it was completely different. I didn't feel intimidated, I didn't feel rushed, and he was very friendly and patient. The office is called Raleigh plastic surgery and the doctor was Dr. Rhett High. He listened to me and asked me questions about my surgery and my concerns. He also examined me and assured me that the pain and the bumpiness in the bottom of my breasts is normal. He said the nipple problem can be fixed with a surgery under local anesthesia and said the bigger concern is probably the asymetry of the breast/nipples. But that can't be fully addressed until all the swelling is gone so i can get an accurate view of what im dealing with.

He said I can begin to ease back into exercise now and answered my questions about massage. He also said I can start silicone scar sheets so I bought them today. I posted a pic of them. There was also a nurse in the room. I think her name was Allison. She was nice too and overall it was a very comfortable experience.

Dr. High said if I have anymore questions I can contact his office or if I want to come in then I can schedule another appointment so I will keep him on speed dial just in case! LOL

I've been massaging 3 times a day even though it hurts and I have been wearing a sports bra day and night too because it's uncomfortable to sleep without it.

I went to Victoria's Secret yesterday and got fitted. That was exciting! I used to be a 34B, now I'm a 34C. Even though I was tired and my breasts were hurting, I still stayed a while to browse because it's really cool to see the things that I'll be able to wear now that I have new boobs! :-)

Does anyone else still have pain three weeks post op or is it just me? I'll post plenty of pics so everybody can see what I'm talking about. I'll keep you all posted on if my Miami doctor ever reaches out to me too.....

Best wishes and happy healing to everyone! By the way, please excuse any typos or grammatical errors in here because I did it using voice to text!!! :-)
Maybe it's time Dr. Freiman, gets some not so high remarks and reviews for patient bedside manner. To go out of state or country is just unsettling for me. I want to know that if I had a problem like this I could reach out to my Dr. and get back in that day or even the next. I am only 15 days post-op and I have had 6 post-op visits already. My next is this friday. Basically i have been in just about every other day (even on a sunday!) My Dr. was leaving on vacation on the 22nd and wanted to make sure all was fine with me before he left. He has me still being seen by another Dr. that helps out with his paitents. To boot I live 40 minutes away from my Dr. It's not just down the street, my car is sucking up the gas but that's ok as long as I'm receieving excellent care. I hope you get the assistance you need. Other than your nipple issue you look like you're healing very well. If you can get some Basitracian ontiment put that on it cover with gauze, it's a antibiotic just so you don't get an infection. Wishing you a speedy recovery. BTW I'm tired much of the time also. Yawn! :-)
Wow, you've had some amazing post op care. Thats's wonderful! I have seen so many reviews about doctor's who talk to their patients, answer all their questions, and check on them to make sure they're ok. You are so lucky to have one of those doctor's and I'm sure you feel very comforted to know that you are in good hands. Apparently, it's the norm to check on patients post op! It just saddens me that my doc is exactly the opposite. I'm going to review him today :-(
I'm so sorry you haven't had a great post -op care experience. Dr.s need to realize that their patients are their single biggest advertisers! Whether I have had a good or bad experience with a Dr. you can darn well bet I'm going to tell people about it. My Dr.s reputation was a huge part of why I choose him. I'm glad you are reviewing him good luck to you I wish you well!


OMG my left breasts hurts like crazy at the bottom. Actually, the whole left breast is aching today for some reason. It feels tight and harder than yesterday. I keep using ice and taking Tylenol but the pain just comes back! Sometimes it feels like the implants are just going to pop out of the lower incisions! Ughhhh :-/ My nipples are extra sensitive so it feels bad both wearing a bra and without one. I think my nipples have bra-burn from constantly rubbing against the fabric of my bra. My nipples are so sensitive that it feels horrible to even bump into my own breats with my arm! I wish I could sleep on my side but that hurts too so I have to still sleep on my back like a mummy every night! OMG sorry for the rant but I am SO ready to be all better and super impatient!!! Going shopping with BF on Sunday and I really hope I am pain free and ready to try on lots of clothes by then. Fingers crossed for that......

I put on my silicone scar strips last night. Of course I put them on the incisions but also on the areas around my nipple that look like they are not 100% healed yet. The instructions say I can wear them for days, even in the shower. They don't itch or burn and so far I forget they're even there. I've included pics too. I really hope they work!

I'm still tired today but I'm going to start working out again tomorrow. This will be my first workout in almost 5 weeks so I'll just take it slow and see how I feel. The last thing I want to do is cause more swelling. Wish me luck!
I would change your rating on this doctor too. Are you sure it was "Worth It" with this doctor? I notice he is not a "Top" doctor anymore. Ultimately in your clothes you look beautiful, but I'm almost angry at this doctor for the asymmetry. All the the best. xoxo
I am about to rate the doctor now. I held off on doing it because I didn't want to put it out there how he's been. I was hoping he would call and fix the situation first but I'll go ahead and rate him openly and honestly. I am happy that I look normal in my clothes but I just wish things had gone differently. I am such an emotional mess right now :-(
You ate going to be just fine love. Thank you again for your honesty, and YES! U look amazing in your clothes. Many blessings xoxo


I am having a rough morning. So, as I previously mentioned, I've sent quite a few emails and made plenty of phone calls to my doctor's office in Miami. The most recent emails were one on Monday 9/29 and then again on Wednesday 10/1 to follow up since I didn't hear back. The reason why I email is so I can include photos for the doctor to look at so he can get a better idea of what's going on. Anyway, Blanca replied to me and said she is still waiting for the doctor's answers to my questions. I seriously am going through it emotionally due to this whole thing. I have worried and cried about this situation so many times. Omg.

I still haven't received any TEXT, EMAIL, or PHONE CALL from Dr. Freiman. I held off on rating him in the doctor profile box because I didn't want to be the cause of any low ratings for him but I'll review him today. I guess I've been holding out hope that he will contact me at some point but that's clearly NOT going to happen. It's been three weeks since my surgery and I communicated the problem (with photos) before my tape even came off. I was nervous about the results, totally stressing about the outcome, and I wanted to see what I could do to at least fix the nipple problem asap. Well, Blanca is still the only one who has addressed me at all.

At first I felt very frustrated and even a bit angry that the doctor wouldn't even take two minutes to get on the phone with me or at least shoot me a quick email from his phone at least, but now it just makes me sad. I initially put a lot of trust into him. Every time someone goes "under the knife" they are putting their trust into someone's hands. I guess I just assumed that all doctor's entered the medical field to help people. But first you have to see people as human beings with feelings and emotions, not numbers or just a paycheck. I'm not saying he is a bad person because I would NEVER judge someone as a whole based on my very limited contact with him. But anytime a doctor refuses to contact a patient who has legitimate concerns about the surgery he performed, something is really wrong. I know people make mistakes and there was definitely a mistake made with my surgery, but I've been trying really hard to reach out and just try to find a solution or at least a good suggestion of what to do and all I've gotten from this doc is SILENCE. I sent an email directly to him asking him to contact me, and I sent this to Blanca too

"I appreciate you always taking the time to speak to me when I'm contact you about something. You've been very attentive and you've been easily accessible which is great. However, I would love to see some concern from the doctor as well because I'm really nervous. I understand that Dr. Freiman is an extremely busy man but I would really appreciate a phone call when he gets a chance. The issues I've experienced post operatively are really worrying me and I am afraid that I may need another surgery to correct them. I addressed my last email to him hoping to be able to speak to him but the only times I've spoken to him are my very brief pre-op appointment, and the few minutes when he marked me before going into surgery.
If you can pass this sentiment on to him, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much Blanca!"

From the beginning I've been basically begging to speak to him over and over and I've even said I only need two minutes or five minutes but NOPE. The asymmetry is crazy bad, one breast is bigger than the other, and my nipple wound is healing in a weird shape. I guess it's just wishful thinking at this point to hope that it will change for the better so I'll just continue to send polite, respectful emails with photos. In the meantime I'm planning another trip to Miami in the hopes that if I actually schedule a face to face appointment he will see me. That means more $$$$ and more time off work for me. Omg why won't he just call!?!?!? :'-(
Hey love! Have you heard from the Dr. yet?? How are you feeling?
Hey love! Have you heard from the Dr. yet?? How are you feeling?
Honey, I feel the same way about people as you do, to give them a chance before passing judgment on them. I also used to work in a law office where I had to get medical records for workers comp cases. I would send the necessary request, wait, make a "courtesy" call reminding them I need the info, next would get a little more aggressive and finally I would have to just be demanding and leave out the nice words! LOL, darling, you are at that point. There is no need to be nice anymore, sorry, but you have requested nicely, by phone and emails. No one will stand up for you But you! If you send another email I would mention that this has gone on long enough, you have given him several opportunities to respond to you and it is time you went to the PS board and file a complaint if he HIMSELF not someone from his office, does not return your phone calls, and give you adequate answers. If he does call you, no need to be understanding and apologetic, he needs to be accountable , have all your questions written down so you won't forget anything. Don't spend your money flying down there, bc I can tell you now he will not see you. Get a second opinion from a PS closer to you. I personally think your girls look good, nice size and perky. I am sure the asymmetry makes you crazy, and you paid for a certain look and should be happy with the results. I am so sorry for what you are going through, best of luck to you, don't let this go on any longer. Let us know how things go. Wish I could call for you this makes me crazy mad he will not respond to you!! Sorry for going on and on. LOL.
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

I'm totally bummed to write this review but this website is about honesty and this is 100% honest :-( Doctor was rushed and agitated in the very short pre-op appointment. He didn't give me any information about my surgery and seemed irritated by my questions. He hasn't talked to me by phone or email at all post-op despite my requests to speak to him. However, Blanca (patient coordinator) is great. She has been the saving grace in this whole ordeal. If anything changes, I will edit this review to reflect that but for now, sadly, it's not good :-(

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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