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Omg. My date is finally approaching so fast. 2...

Omg. My date is finally approaching so fast. 2 weeks left and I'm super nervous and scared at the same damn time. Wish me luck. Anyone had breast implants done that would like to give me a heads up or information that will help me out. I'm currently an A cup weighing 137lbs amd 5"7". My husband and I are oh so ready. Anyone had dr. Mel ortega. I wanna know your experience with this doctor.
I am having my surgery with Dr. Ortega tomorrow. I am super excited but hella nervous. I have been waiting on pre-surgery instructions from the staff for almost a week now but still haven't received them which is making me more nervous. I wish you good luck with everything.
Oh wow. Plz let me know how it goes. I feel the same way. My pre op is tomorrow. Wht size are u going.
I am not seeing the doc until the day of my surgery so I have to ask all the questions then. I am currently a small B and hoping for a C+. Not sure how many ccs that is. How about you? Are traveling from out of town? I am traveling from Delaware.

2 days post op

I'm feeling better already. My surgery went well and dr. Ortega was very good. He listened to all my needs and gave me his advice until we both we on the same page. I'm so anxious for these girls to settle in. Lol but I don't regret it I actually feel like a woman.

very pleased with the new girls.....

I couldn't be any happier with these new gals I purchased. Lol my husband loves the new look and seems to be very turned on from seeing the new girls. I'm still healing its been a week and a half since I've got my breast augumentation. Can't wait to see my final results.
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