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I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Robinson in...

I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Robinson in June of 2012. Since then it's been a horror story. My right breast is bigger than the other, so much that I have a C cup boob and a D cup boob, and one sags and one doesn't. They said they would help but they have been so rude, and said I was a liar.

So I have choose not to see them to do my revision. I now have found another doctor to fix the double bubble, and the saggy breast. Now the one breast that sags is falling into my armpit. This has changed my life so much! I can't go out to a beach in a bathing suit top,and I hurt just about 80% of the time.

I wish I would have done more research. I'm not trying to make the Premiere Center look bad, I just want to get my word out and let everyone know my experiences.

I will upload pictures, so you can see with you're own eyes why I am so disappointed, upset, and sick.

Please do more research when you choose you're doctors. I think I would have gone back if they wouldn't have taken their word back, wouldn't have been so rude, and would have acted like they cared about me and my body.

Also from what I understand my right breast has...

Also from what I understand my right breast has 400cc and the left has 370. But you should NOT be able to tell such a difference in size like you can here.

I keep coming back and looking at my pictures,...

I keep coming back and looking at my pictures, because I can't stand to look at myself in the mirror without a top on. I can't even wear a bra! I am just so beyond upset, and I keep waiting for them to apologize, but after months of them knowing about this they have yet to say they are sorry about the outcome I have had. I can't even talk to my husband about this and let him know how embarrassed I am of my breast that HE paid for working his ass in the military. This just makes me sick. I don't know what else to say or do. I will keep everyone updated about my new doctor, and revision.

I don't really have anyone to talk to about this,...

I don't really have anyone to talk to about this, so I figured maybe make a diary out of it. Today was a pretty rough day. I have been sore on my left side all day by where the implant is falling into my armpit. I feel like it's just a huge bruise. I can't bend down without it bothering me. I just can't say how ready I am to have a revision and get this over with and be happy with my body again. I wish I would have never done this to myself. Again ladies please make sure you choose the right doctor and right staff, because I didn't and I regret it every day that I see myself!

Today has been a really bad day. My right breast...

Today has been a really bad day. My right breast that has a double bubble has been causing me a lot of pain. I'm hoping to get into my family doctor and see if there is anything he can do to help me out with the pain until the first of the year. I have been taking up to 1200MG of Ibuprofen a day with hopes that it will help with the pain. I am still hoping to have surgery the first of the year! I don't think I can push it back any longer than January.

So sorry it has taken so long to get back on here....

So sorry it has taken so long to get back on here. I seen in some of the reviews of why hasn't he asked to fix it? He did ask that, but I declined, because I have upset the Premiere Center pretty bad, and in Vals words they don't want anything to do with me anymore.

Any whoo! I went to see my doctor and I was telling him I couldn't sleep at night because of my pains. He gave me Ambien to sleep with, and valium for my muscles in my breast that hurt and tense up. I have been in a lot of pain with my breast lately. My other breast is now going into my other aimpit sadly. I'm hoping to have surgery when I return back to Florida in January.
I will try to keep everyone updated, I'll post pics tomorrow.


Well since my last update, things haven't changed. I still have the same breast. I was hoping to have them fixed but I had some health issues come up and had surgery 2 weeks ago. I am hoping next year I can get them fixed. If this office wasn't so rude I would go back to Miami and have them fixed. But I feel un-welcomed in the office. With summer right around the corner I am depressed because I can't even go bathing suit shopping, because my breast don't look right. I lost 40 pounds and had a boob job to feel better about myself, and I get stuck looking worse than I did. I can't even show off my body now because I feel like every one is looking at my un-even boobs. If I had one wish it would be that I had never done this to my body. I don't think The Premiere Center to begin to understand how bad I feel and look. They banned me off their Facebook because I tried to tell people my story. I just wish they would fix this, or make me feel welcomed to come and have it fixed. Because I don't have the money to pay a doctor upfront $6000 because it will be more now because they will have to fix another doctors work. Oh well. I just wish I would have looked more around but Val made me feel safe with Dr Robinson. All I keep telling myself is time will come and I will have them fixed.
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Are you located in or near Miami? I was done in Miami by Dr Hochstein. He is awesome and does do revisions. He has amazing results. I just had my BA 6 weeks ago and I'm in love with mine. I read about the Premiere Center when I was researching, also I see their commercials all the time but I don't trust those big plastic surgery centers. I hope your feeling better and are able to get your revision soon and begin to feel better about yourself. I can only imagine how upset your are :-( good luck! Keep us posted
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I stayed away from all the places that charged 2800 here in miami, sounds awesome but from most I read reviews about uneven breast, super scary, 2800 is alot of money to give for a BAD boob job. I hope your getting them fixed. Take care
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I am sorry about your results I am in the process of researching my MD.....I had for consults in the miami area so last consult was with Dr. Camila Chavez......all I can say is we connect. Even though the other MD I when to may know their stuff. But I think more important is to be a to have a MD that u connect with and is genuine is she. I knew after talking with her is the the one. I have not had my surgery yet...but is the one. You are so right about research I plan to get 1 more consult from a doctor I know. You should check her out she is in the sunset area of miami....Good luck!
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I can't imagine the sadness, frustration and outrage you must be feeling!!! Your PS should have his medical license revoked. My heart goes out to you
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I work with Dr. Robinson at PREMIERE Center. Patient satisfaction is a high-priority for our practice and we are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact us at 305.705.6320 or We are not at liberty to discuss any particular patient’s case as that would be a violation of HIPAA. Please know that should any revisions be required, and they are sometimes required, they are offered at no charge to our patients. We have been in business for almost 20 years as a result of our patient-focused care. Thank you, Stephanie M.
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Sorry Stephanie, but I don't plan on calling or emailing. I have already had more than enough "help" from you all!
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Good idea stay far away
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That is my plan. I don't want anything to do with this surgery center anymore, they have done enough for me!
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Just look at these pictures! This is not that the patient did something wrong this is the responsibility of the PS. That is like saying because you were wearing a short skirt it is your problem that someone came on to you too strong! If I were this patient and my breasts looked like this I would be sad, disappointed, scared and If the PS was not fully engaged and trying to fix this I would be yelling it from the roof tops to make sure other women did not have to go through what I was going through. Just because it has worked out for you Ashleyblue doesn't mean it has worked out for her. LOOK at her pictures and how would you feel? Angry!
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Thank you wingsredhot!! I believe that this is someone from the Premiere Center acting as a patient of Dr. Robinson. Because down there you can see where they say "you wouldn't be bashing them if you knew what could happen". Thank you for standing up for me! I have done everything right and done everything Dr. Robinson has asked me to do. This is just disappointing. I'm just wanting to show peoe my story and what has happen to me. I'm not trying to bash anyone. I have every right to say my story and show my pictures!
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Wingsredhot I agree with you that it is upsetting for a person when you look at the mirror but what I was saying is I have researched a lot on getting my boob job and your follow up is extremely important as well as knowing that there are possibilities of complications and mommaoftwo89 I am a real patient, just because u had a bad experience doesn't mean everyone else has in the past or future. The only reason I commented on your post was because I was getting ready to write a review for Dr. Robinson. I am very happy with my results and like I said before I am sorry this has happened but u really should look and research that this kinda stuff happens to the best surgeons.
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ashleyblue, I am glad you have a positive experience with the Premiere Center, and like you said everyone doesn't have a bad experience with them, doesn't mean everyone has good either. I am glad you're breast augmentation was good! I am so happy for you! But unlike me, as you can see, I had a bad experience. This didn't result in "I didn't do what he told me to do, and or take care of my breast the way he told me too" kind of way. This has to be from the PS, not me. And I hate to blame something like this on someone. But if it was my fault I wouldn't have come to the internet to share. You can't look at these pictures and say "oh this is all her fault." One of my breast were bigger than the other, which so happen to be right breast (before the breast aug) and Dr. Robinson put a bigger implant in the bigger breast and the smaller in the smaller breast. I have pictures from before the breast aug if you would like me to share those too. I had 400CCs in the right and 370CCs in the left... BUT tell me why my left looks like it has 200CCs and the right looks like it has 400CCs. I cannot say he put that in my breast, only he knows. But I can tell you, both of my breast have dropped completely. I just wish I would have taken my time, money, and body elsewhere.
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I am sorry for you mommaoftwo89. I am actually a patient of Dr. Robinson and as well as one of my friends that flew in from NY to see the doctor for our breast aug. I think you are going wrong about this and have to say I disagree with you on what you are saying about this place. We both came down and did our boob jobs together because we were both scared doing it alone so we stayed in Miami for a couple of weeks with family. When I consulted with them through email and phone I felt they were beyond helpful and very resource ful with the information they provided. Because I was scared I asked every question I can think of and they always answered me honestly. Well long story short my friend didn't really follow instructions that were given to her and she ended up having complications. She spoke to the patient coordinator in Miami and it was taken care of a couple months later because my friend didn't have the money for a ticket to fly down right away. My point in commenting on your post is if you read up on this procedure there are always going to be possiblities on any sugeries. I read my consents that is exactly why I followed Dr. Robinson's instruction. I just wanted to say it is not nice that you are bashing them if you knew what could happen. I wish you luck when you have your surgery. #happypatient#
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I am going wrong about this because I want to get my word out about how rude and unprofessional this place is? Would you like me to copy and paste a email from Valerie, so you can begin to see the things they have said and put me through? What I find funny is I forwarded this post to their Facebook account and then out of no where I have someone coming in and standing up for what has happen to me?! I'm sorry about you're friend, but I followed every rule that was given to me!! Oh breast augmentations like this happen all the time? That's funny! I have read up on this procedure, and I know enough. I haven't seen a boob job like mine yet! I am NOT bashing them, I am getting my word out. What could happen? You're not a patient of Dr. Robinson, you're a member of the Premiere Center. I have every right to get on here and say how I feel and show my pictures. #pissedpatient#
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Well who is to say whom is right and whom is wrong in thus matter with BA. I think if you would like to comment on a situation have proof and show them your BA papers. I'm sorry. I've never seen anything like her surgery. And if they Dr. was a up standing surgeon he would never make a patient go thru what this women is going thru. My PS said I know you can only go 550cc. In a few months if this is not up to your standard meaning my size.. He would have me pay for the implant size I'd like to increase and the rest is free. MY Surgeon said to myself and my husband I make all my patients happy. It's my name and reputation on each breast implant I put into women. Now.... Tell me that Dr. Robinson said he would help this women. Because I'm pretty sure if he would help her... She would not be saying what she is saying nor would she have two breasts that look like that. I feel sorry for her. She has spend alot of hard earned money and let me say one thing to that she shoud be upset. She did not like the way she looked walking in the door and then to pay for what she hates walking out the door. Really preach to judge... I'm sorry!! Any surgeon who stands behind his work would have said i will take of this situation. I find it hard to belive this DR. Rob said that. Because if he said he would take of this situation she would not be saying this. I did my homework on alot of surgeons had lawyer friends check them out. Really. Period the End!!! Many people have troubles but the surgeons with a good heart who care about their work and practice would have taken care of the issue and shared some sort of cost to the patient. So do the math... one and one is two not three. thanks have a great day with Dr. Rob. Let's see your boobies..I have a huge heart for anyone going thru this and for you to say those things to make someone feel like complete crap.. You have some nerve., Your heartless 100%. I side w/ the women that hates her body now. sorry have a good day.
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I'm so sorry to hear about this....Did you go over or under the muscle?
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I went under the muscle.
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Has the doctor offered any explanation of what he thinks happened???
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Nope, nothing. Just saying a lot if women have to get revisions after surgery.
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Dang, I'm sorry. Hopefully you can afford to have a revision somewhere else and get everything fixed.
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Yeah. I can afford it, it's just right now I would rather get my kids Christmas done. :) I'm gonna try to have it done in January or February. It's hard because my husband is military and you never know if they will give him leave so he can take care of me and the kids.
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This is terrible and I am sorry you had to go through this. Do what you have to do to get them will recover from this. Just stay positive and look forward to your revision. Keep us update on how things go for you.
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I'm so sorry this happened to you. And for them to be rude is another story. But did you not think that 2800.00 did not even sound correct? I don't know, I had silicone gel and they range from 5500-7000.00. I have never heard of any doctor doing implants for 2800. I would have checked 2 others, but live and learn. Just get them fixed and take them to court if you have to. This is horrible. I feel so bad for you. I'm sorry!! Good luck and don't let them get away with this type of surgery. Crazy. : (
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Yes I thought it was crazy that it was 2800, but I got saline, and got a cash discount. Prices vary where you live at. I seen 4 different doctors, and they were really nice in the beginning which made me feel like it was a good choice. But it wasn't I can't take them to court, already talked to a few lawyers. All I can do is call the Health Dept and file this on his license. Thank you for you're kind words! You ladies sure are very nice.
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