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I woke super excited on surgery day expecting...

I woke super excited on surgery day expecting perfect boobs when it was all over but I ended up with frankenboobs! I knew nothing about having square boobs after surgery but after googling frankenboobs and seeing that I wasn't the only one going through it and that with time it'll fix itself I was ok with it I guess. Now I just have to wait it out and see what happens. I hope it doesn't take forever.

Pics of my journey

Some more pics

5.5 weeks post op

6.5 weeks post op

So I've been cleared to start working back out and I got fitted at VS... They said I'm a 34B based on measurements but said I have to be a full C/ small D. I guess I have to wait til they fall some more before I they can tell my real size.

7 weeks post op

Another Photo

Different Angles post 7.5wk

8 weeks post op VS fitting


So my left boob was originally smaller than my right. My PS put 450cc in the left and 425cc in the right but now I feel like the right is smaller than the left. They look like they're settled to me but everyone else says the right is still higher... Idk anymore!

10.5 wks post op

They've evened out pretty much I think ????... But I am loving more and more each day!

Love this VSX sports bra!!!

Love my cleavage!!!

Just a few different angles...

11.5 wk post op

14.5 weeks post op

14.5 wks post... Still 32DD

Loving them more and more!

I still wish they were a little bigger but I love them all the same, lol!

15.5wks post op

18wks post op

Jacob Freiman

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Looking really good ! I'm thinking the same girl like damn i shld have went a little bigger ahhh the greed =[ I havnt dropped yet I just hope they get a little bigger ! Congrats though girl your results are amazing xo
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Thanks girly :-D!!! Yesterday greed can get you caught up lol!!! They'll definitely get fuller once they drop! Yours look amazing from like day one I wish mine looked like that at first cause I went thru a little state of depression lol
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=] I didn't believe the greed was real but it is lol - I sure hope you are right because everyone even my ps sd 500 was a nice big implant -I'm like nah huh lol they even look bigger in my pics I think and thnk u =] I went thru it also still am a little only cuz I'm like wait is this it ? =[ lol
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They are beautiful!!!!!
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Thanks Hun! Yours are looking great so far! I know 25cc is much but sometimes I wish I would've gone bigger lol.
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they look great..some pics they look real! happy for you!
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Thank u!
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OMG your cleavage in the yellow bra is perfect!! Mine hides in my sports bras =(
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No girl your boobs are perfect! I swear they fall perfectly! I thought it was silicone you had til I read through your profile. My right boob is still a tad but higher. I'm massaging like crazy to help it drop but nothing. Now I'm thinking if my ps made the pocket too small on that side. Thanks though girly! Perfect boobs! Wish I would've gone bigger! Lol the greed!
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32 DD is a good size!! And they will still keep changing =) Mine got so big somewhere in between 4 and 8 months lol.
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beautiful! I'm also 5'2" but was thinking about 371cc/397cc... I'm so indecisive!
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Thanks girl! If you're going under the muscle go up to the next cc available cause you lose about 50cc going under the muscle. But your boobs are pretty perky so I know you'll have great result with them just being fuller!
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Thank you! I started out wanting 330 so I decided on 371/397 but I keep getting boob greedy ;)
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It's amazing how you go from frakenboobs to amazing boobs !!! Congrats they look awesome.
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Yes it is. That is my fear when I get mine done but she has amazing amazing boobs!!
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Thanks Hopez! Your results look great so far! How are you feeling?
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Thanks girls! You'll be fine and your boobs will also turn out amazing! The waiting process is the tough part tho. Can't wait to see your post pics!
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My tummy has never been a problem. That is really good. But my boobs on the other hand. They have been a pain from the moment I woke up from the anesthesia. The left one is ridding super high. They just gave me a band to wear so that it could go down. And I feel like I'm been tortured. But I'm hanging in there. I know every week it gets better.
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Denaya316, I'm soooo jealous you look amazing.... I'm in phase one of my journey starting with lipo on the 22nd.... Then I'm having my boobs done in late March or April. I'm looking at going with Dr. Freiman for mine as well. When I see him I swear I'm taking him your pics! lol.... They are almost exactly what I want. I just want a full C right outside a D cup..... But You look amazing!!!!! I'm about 5'3 158lbs and losing..... Hoping to have my shape back after 5 kids by beginning of this summer. I will start to post my own pics soon, seeing as though next Saturday starts the beginning. But again if no one else's have convince me yours have including the scar healing.
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Awwww thanks Mrs. Flowers! That's exactly why I chose Dr. Freiman... I was looking at all the scars on his bad and said I'm going with him! His work is amazing! Every time I see him he says that my cleavage will only get better and is has. I wanted them to look like MizzG but I'm more than satisfied with my results. If you go with him you'll definitely be in good hands! And you have have that body back before summer and some new added girls to the pic, lol!
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Yes! I can't wait I have a really bad boob fetish and can't wait to have my own. I'm waiting for him to reply back to me now and I will be putting a deposit down as soon as he responds.....
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They look good! Love the pink!
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Thanks girl! Love your boobs girl I wish I would've gone with 500cc lol.... Oh the boob greed!
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Perfect cleavage girl!!
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Thanks girl! Yours look great they've settled quite nicely!
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