Hi my name is Amy Im 25 yrs old I weight 90lbs...

Hi my name is Amy
Im 25 yrs old I weight 90lbs and Im 5'2. I also have 3 beautiful kids and I breastfed the 3 of them pf course one longer then the other one but it still counts! Lol okay so since i was a teenager I always wanted bigger boobies because i never grew to be more then a 32A and all the ladies in my family are D's and DD's!! Crazy right? I guess they didnt want to share with me! Gosh

I been thinking about this for years to get them with the income taxes but I always have had other priorities to take care first and have used the money for rent food clothes n shoes for the kids and ect...I been struggling for years so now that finally I find myself a little more stable, I can say its time to think about me for once now that I have a wonderful man by my side that is finally supporting me on this! Trust me it took me a lot to make him inderstand how I feel and convice him that he needs to support me because Is my body and I made the decision and im going for it but I know he will love the results, but I also know I will need him to take care of me and the kids on my revovery.

Finally after years and a few weeks back thag I been telling him that this year i the year Im making it happen for me, he finally agreed to the idea. Im very petite so my goal is a "C" because I also want to look natural I dont want to look like a stripper! ( not that I have anything against them!) but I dont want the world to know either that they are not natural! Im going High profile I believe and also im going for MEMORY GEL SILICONE also known as Gummy Bears!

I had my consultation with DR. Delucas in Boca, west palm beach FL AWESOME and veryyyy HANDSOME man! Thats what he tecomend me and I trust him and anyways thats exactly what I wanted all the time. My consultation was amazing he anwser all my questions n concerns very openly n honestly. He explained everything to me n even told me I will have a cleavage! Wow Im exited! His staff were very caring sweet n very profecional but at the same time they made me feel like i was part of their family already! I loved them i found it hard to leave that office! Lol

Well We set a surgery date! It will happen on April 22nd 2013 @ 7:30am till now if things dont change or get complicated for me! I wish i could do it sooner but i cant! I also paid my deposit of $250 n my pre-op will be on April 8th !! Woohoo i cant wait! Anyone is set for that date with me or near !??? Pleaae I need companions on this with me! Lmao

I also decided im going to get a Labiaplasty surgery together with my BA I always been very shy n a shame of my inner lips being uneven n one hangs longer then the other so We are taking care of that too thats why I will be paying 7,500! Im scare of the pain i will be but im more scare of keep living my life unhappy with my body when all of that has a solution!

Thank u for reading my story I will post pics of my breast soon so girls bear with me on this one cuz I dont have a PC at home I do everything on my Iphone! Wish me luck pray for me cuz I pray for all of you every night! Realself became my addiction since I found the web like a month ago! :)


congrats on your decision Amy, and of course I am set the pre op on March 4th so i'm very excited too! And I am going to have a mid-term exam so it's really distract right now but I still have to keep up with homework as well as booby friend and this real self! lol but anywayz so you are going with silicone and I am going with saline, how interesting! Amy can I ask you how many consultation have you been to? because i just went to 1 and I liked it so I booked it! especially because my friends have them done really good that's why I trust him but other than that I didn't go to many consultation like other ppl at all..idk if that's normal..
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Xmasbabe- thanks sweety for ur good wishes... And I bet u are distracted your pre-op is soooo close yeiiiii...let me know everything after please! And thats funny that you ask me that because I went to 1 or 2 consultation like 5 years ago but I didnt get to book the surgery date wich Im glad I didnt because I had another baby wich he is 1yr and 5 months now. Now I know for sure I dont want to have anymore kids so im ready for this this year. So I started doing my research and I found RealSelf and I knew I was in a great place full of all the info I will be needing and support. I started searching for surgeons near my area in here so I dont have to travel so far after surgery and a couple pop out and I read about all of them. Then I read Sleeplessinturquoise story because she had her surgery with one of the doctors I was reading about and I loved her results, you should read her story and you will see his amazing job on her! I called Dr. Delucas office right away and made a consultation appointment right away and I became her friend here and she is a great support for me through this and mades me feel even more confident of choosing him as my surgeon. Mind you I had before his consultation appt I had made one with another surgeon closer to my house but the date was after Dr. Delucas consultation. Well when I walked in that office I couldnt believe my eyes and my ears!!! My guts told me right away my friend Sleeplessinturquoise was right! He is the one! They made me feel very comfortable even do I was sooooo nervous and I couldnt stay quiet for a minute! Lmao They were veryyyy profecional delicate and made me feel like I was part of the family. Dr. Deluca answered all my questions Never made me feel rush even do I knew he had to see other patients and he didnt talk to me about price never tried to sell me anything! And gave me great advices that i will never forget. So with that im telling you my dear friend I also went to only ONE and they ALL did a great job in convincing me I didnt need to go and see any other surgeon even do he is 25 minutes away from my home. I booked my surgery date and I paid my deposit right there and then! The minute I left his office I called the other Surgeons office and I cancelled the other appt I had with them and told them I had found what I was looking for thank you very much! Lol So dont feel guilty or scared if u did ur homework ur research about ur doctor and make sure he is a board sertified surgeon and has years of experience and u saw his before and after pics and u liked his work you should be on the right track sweety. But yes u not the only one here that chose the first one I did too! :) any other question anything u want to share im here for you! I will keep following ur story as well... Xoxo
Congratulations! I agree - having them done in time for summer will be terrific. Stock up on Arnica (the pills that go under your tongue) to start taking 3 or 4 days prior to surgery. That will cut down on swelling, bruising and pain. I used the gel after surgery...and still do even though it's been three weeks! They sell it at Whole Foods - the pill ones are in a little purple tube. I'll follow your journey! Good luck!
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Ohhh my Goshhh girls did you feel the way I feel?...

Ohhh my Goshhh girls did you feel the way I feel? Sooo impatient!!??? I cant believe I have to wait 8 weeks more thats 2 months! It sucks!!! The good thing is I have time to think everything throug ask all my questions n get ready. This weekend im finally moving to a 2 bedroom Duplex n finally my kids will have their own room again! :) Im very happy n exited for that... Bye bye to my tiny little 1 bedroom apartament! Its time to say hello to a new home and a New Women! Right ladies!?? ;-) I will let u all know how it went on my moving to my new home...thanks all of u that keep following my story much love and best wishes to all. Happy recovery sincerely, Amy


Congrats on your decision! You should post before pics :) So exciting!!!!
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Here Im posting my pics of before ladies, I had to...

Here Im posting my pics of before ladies, I had to take time to come to a library and post them but I hope my Story helps others, like so many of yours have helped me! Again my stats are 25yrs, 5'2 and I weight between 87-90lbs!!! I cant wait to see my BOOBIES DONE! hehehe Thank you to all of you that are following my story and giving me great advices, and good wishes, I really love you all and I have you all of you on my prayers! I always have said since I found this place, that this is BETTER then FACEBOOK! well and I personally dont have a facebook or none of that internet stuff. Really is a personal choice, I just dont like ppl all up on my business, real friends will call me and visit...lol

well talk to you all soon...Please girls tell me what u think about my breasts after breast feeding 3 kids...Thanks


Amy, your pre-op boobs are stunning! You're going to look great!
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Hey Girlyyyyy thank you!!! Where u been ? I have miss talking to you. I hope I love my results as well Im very nervous!
Hey Amy!! Gosh I think you boobs now are adorable!! I didn't breast feed anything and I look like gorillas in the mist!! But I also understand that when you don't feel good up top you start to feel less like a woman and inferior to others that have. I wish you the best of luck not only on moving into your new place but with your BA too. And like I told pinkice we are all in the same boat and are here for each other. What are "breast friends" for!?!? Lol : )
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Hi ladies, i know i havent post anything for a...

Hi ladies, i know i havent post anything for a week now so i wanted to tell you that finally I rented a nicer n bigger apartament and yesterday I got the keys! Yeiiii I have to move out completely today cuz yesterday I couldnt do anything because I had to be at the hospital with my father he had an eye surgery and I came back home exhausted! Thank God everything is working out and going well for me and my family and all just in time for my surgery. My surgery is still set for April 22nd but I havent gotten my income taxes and Im getting worried that I might not be able to do them on that Date! But Im trying to stay positive but Im also very impatient :( I hope all of you that had surgery are having a wonderful recovery and all of you that are still waiting like me I hope you dont feel so impatient like me... Xoxo


Isn't it great when things fall into place like that? I'm sure your income taxes will come in time and continue that smooth trend ;) Cheers woman!
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Thanks Lima, yessss girly Im very exited!!! :) Im praying for that money to come in on time too!!
Good Luck! Im excited for you! Let me know if you have any questions just got my girls done today! and Im lovin them even thou I cant see them fully just peeking in the top lol
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Like every year I thought About getting a breast...

Like every year I thought About getting a breast augmentation and I wouldnt because something I had to take care first. Well now I wont be able to get my BA again probably this year cuz i will need that money for an emergency because I just got fired from my Job yesterday! Girls I swear im so depress im so overwhelmed I was so close to get my BA that was my dream come true I paid a deposit to save the date now i dont know if i lose that money or i can push the date till i am able to actually get the BA. Im very stress out because is not fare what Im going through but I guess I have to be stronger. I believe God never gives you what u cant Handle. Girls pray for me that I find a job asap so I can get my BA n if u guys have any advice to lift my spirit up im all ears! Xoxo Amy :'(


Congratulations on the great news sweetie!!
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Congratulations on your new job!!
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You got a job tell us all about it I'm so happy for you!!!!
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Hi all my wonderful ladies!!! I dont even know...

Hi all my wonderful ladies!!!
I dont even know what to say or how to tell you all how thankful I am to all of you thay been constantly following my story and cheking on me and asking if I need someone to talk to u girls are here for me. Thats wonderful I love you all! I know its been a while but I been running around trying to get unploymsnt food stamps and all the help I can so I can pay my rent. So far so good I got the foodstamps so I was able to fill up my fridge with food and snack for my kids and the whole fam :)... I also got a reply from unemployment since I never gotten that before Im going on monday to the office to claim my first 2 weeks and see how much they will give me every 2 weeks.

In the other hand that other Job I got of Dunkin Donut, I didnt last not even 30 mins in there till the manager told me that wasnt for me that it was too busy for me to catch up. Of course she expected me to know how to make all the coffees n know how to operate all the machines when I was standing in there just for 5 mins. So whatever I left her my phone number just in case but I know she wont call me. So I also went to a church on wed night i like it and I was supose to go today again in the morning but I woke up in pain in the back of my legs and with a nasty cold that I couldnt even breath! So I decided to just stay home to cook and relax and watch movies with my man. He sees Im stress out and very depres I even told him last night I dont want to live no more sometimes. The reason Im still here trying and trying so hard to continue is because of the kids. Im also going to counseling to see if it helps me but I honestly feel helpless! No JoB, No money, No surgery wich was my dream to stop hating myself and feel more feminine and sexy and anyways my income tax STILL hasnt gotten here yet!! So Ima have to cancel or just push the date away!

I called my PS office a few days ago and let them know my cituasion and they told me they can push the date for me but If I cancel I will lose my deposit and Im upset about thag too because she never told me that before I actually paid for it. So ladies I hope u all having a better day the mines and happy healing to those that got their wishes come true and for those that still on the waiting time like me I hope things work out and go smoother then me. Im going crazy I do t know whag to do anymore... :( Just Pray for me all of you please thanks...xoxo Amy


Hope everything works out for you! Xo
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Sweet Amy - I just wanted to say that Grownaswoman's comments below are completely correct. I certainly did NOT want to come across as being judgmental or disrespectful. (Maybe it's my age!) Please forgive me if any of my comments upset you in any way. I think this is a very loving and supportive environment and I want to be just that. So here is me sending you a bunch of love and support! Hang in there kiddo!
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Hey mama chichi- thanks for ur comment and apology :) Im not offended by what u said because I am young but I also understand were u coming from. I do have problems now that I dont have a job but also I have a fiance that helps with the bills of the house and I was able to get unemployment and I am also getting child support so thag helps for now. Also im going out everyday searching for a job. So there for If I decide to get my surgery done anyways I will make sure my kids have a roof over their heads and food on the table first of all and of course no one can disagree on that. The reason I speak up here is because this is a place were I find people like me that understands me and been in my situation and are supportive. I know I will make the right decision when the time comes which ever it is. Again thank you for being here and give me ur feed back and for the good wishes. Xoxo Amy :)

Hi Girls a week passed by sooooo quickly! Well...

Hi Girls a week passed by sooooo quickly! Well first of all I want to thank all my girls in here that been so supportive About my situation and understand me like no one else does! I have good and bad news for you this time. The good news is Im going to church and getting counseling every week for myself to help with my healing emotionally. All this years I thought I wasnt happy just because I needed bigger boobs but thats not the case my problem is deeper inside of me and has a lot to do with my past and childhood. But I dont feel depress anymore because Now I know and really understand the love JESUS has for me.

Bad news I called and cancelled my surgery and they are sending me my deposit back thank God for that cuz I really can use that right now. But I will have to wait a couple of months now I hope is just a couple of months and not years again. Please girls keep me in ur prayers like I keep u all of u in mines so This can happen for me as well before I even know it. Because this still is a dream for me that needs to come true as well for me, cuz I deserve it! Love Amy


hey how are things going? was just thinking of you : )
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Awww hun thanks for keep me in ur thoughts thats really nice of you! Thats why I have so much love for this wonderful place. Things still the same for me pretty much, I still keep looking for a job and I am pretty much all the time home taking care of the house n the kids. I am also still waiting for my income tax to get here! Increible right!?? IRS told me to call them again if I havent received them by the 24th of this month. So im keeping my fingers cross so I dont have to call them. Also I still go to church on wed and sundays nights, thats really helping me stay positive and also my counseling every thursday. Thats pretty much everything love. Thanks for asking... Much love for u and God bless u and all ur family... Xoxo
So happy that your getting counseling and it will happen for you!! You have lots of support on here, lots of love xoxo!!
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Hiiiii My lovely ladies!!! I know its been a...

Hiiiii My lovely ladies!!! I know its been a whileeeee since u girls herd from me. I been very sick with a cold all month of April n finally getting better!

The good news is that I received part of my income tax and my husband is willing to help me with part of the surgery so I czn get them done this month of may if its possible! So I called the office of my PS I mention here which I really like and asked his finance lady to talk to him for me and ask him if they would accept $4,200 for my surgery because thats all I really have. She said she will calk me back today or monday as soon as she speaks with him.

Girls I havent gotten an answer yet but Im super excited pray for me that their answer will be yes! I mean come on we are on the month of mothers day!!! :)
And all of you wonderfull ladies that are in Boobies land already have a nice recovery I will be there very soon!! Xoxo

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So yeah I recieved a call back today with the bad...

So yeah I recieved a call back today with the bad news they cant accept doing my surgery for what I have $4,200. Like I said I dont think they are bad people or bad place to get surgery done I liked his results and how good they listen and answer all ur questions, but at the end thats their job if u dont have the money they ask u dont bother! So I didnt have another choice to travel 63 miles to go out of my town and look for a PS that will accept my budget and the good news I found one he is also very good and I have my consultation may 5th at 9:00am and we gonna do my blood work and all that so I can be set probably for May 10th which is next friday... So im excited about that! I hope all of u ladies are healing well. ( ima cancel this account and make a new one for the Doc that will take care of me!) please keep me all of you on your prayers remember I always pray for all of you too!!! Xoxo Amy


Hi Amy I'm so glad you will be getting your surgery soon. Keep me posted on what your new page will be.
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Yes I will for sure love you much! I hope u feeling amazing! Im getting ready to go to my consultation n get my blood done and all that today!!
Hey Amy I'm so happy for you! Please PM me with your new account so we can keep in touch : )
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Ok, ladiessssss hahahah here I come!!! Im so...

Ok, ladiessssss hahahah here I come!!! Im so excited that I dont know where to start! Well I was going to close this acct n start a new one with my new PS but customer service said they can change my dr. Name for me so eveyone gets my story from start to end! So I like that my New P.S name is Dr. Marcelo Ghersi ( young and very handsome to my luck too!!:) ) he speaks spanish too so that a plus for me and I saw many many pics of his befores and afters and he has very good reviews online. I have girls that I know that Gotten their Boobies done in that center and they all are very satisfy.

So let me tell you girls I went to my consultation on Saturday, I got my blood test done that same day, I paid them in full and Cash thats how we all like it! ;) The staff there are fabulous! Very profecional but at the same time very friendly and they comfort you very well, Vivian my cordinator totally a sweetheart and overall they made me feel like family! They answer all my questions even do they werent to many. Lol I been having my mind set of what I want. So when I went in to my room they told me to take my top off and bra n put on my gaun open in the front. (excuse if I miss spell please) When the Doctor came in he had a big smile on his face gave me a nice hand shake N asked me what I wanted. He looked at my frame and said I have beautiful boobies!!! Pleaseeeeee Gosh I dont have anything!

Well I told him I wanted Silicone under muscle he said Yes of course and we were debating about the CC's We were trying to decide 350cc or 375cc but then he said "the difference is very small is up to you!" and I remeber my girls saying always here "go bigger!" so I said ok fine! 375cc it is then!

But OMG!!! Dont u think they are going to be huge on me girls? But I think I will be very happy from not having any to being a full B probably small C! Yeiiiii My surgery date is May 10th in the morning what time? They will call me on thursday to tell me the time but I will keep you posted my Loyal friends!

I cant wait to know if everything on my blood came out good today I get the results! I wonder if I have to call or if they call me!? Well thats all for now ladies! Wish you all a very smooth healing to those that r in recovery n those that are not yeiiii up we going!

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Well I called the office today to check on my...

Well I called the office today to check on my blood test and they told me they would call me to let me onow if they see something unormal and that if I didnt recieve any call then that means everything is good for surgery. I asked them to give me a call anyways to let me onow cuz I am anxious and they said alright but I never got any calls or messages so I asume everything is perfect for me to go ahead and get this surery done and over on friday!!! I cant believe it Im excited and at the same time Im not! Thinking about how Im not goig to be able to take care of my kids the same way I cant clean or pick up or even cook! I will go crazy there but trying to stay positive cuz finally I am gettin my dreams come true and I deserve it!

I also been with a headche for 2 days and I havent had any pills or anything since I was told not to. I had to stop smoking and I am crazy for a cigarette! Im really trying hard to prepare my body for this I been drinking my vitamis C and everything. I also bought triple antibiotic, and the pills that will help me go to the bathroom when Im constipated. I been looking like crazy for the Arnica Gel but I dont find it! Where do you girls bought it please?

Well thats all for now...

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Ladies Im in bed thinking n going crazy thinking...

Ladies Im in bed thinking n going crazy thinking that maybe they will be too big on my on my small frame? N maybe i will get strechmarks cuz i got some that u can barely tell but i got them when I streched after giving birth to my kids, i had water melons full of milk! Lmao

But anyways now I understand those that say when the date gets closer u start freaking out ur self with the what if's!!! Please I would like some advice on taking care of my skin and stuff thanks :)


Congrats! And Good luck! I found arinca at GNC
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Sweet33 thank you hun I will look for my arnica gel tomorrow :)
Congrats Amy I can't wait to see your results your gonna look amazing I'm super happy for you. You have 3 more days...how does it feel? I know your excited.
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Hey my wonderful ladies!!! Just wanted to pass by...

Hey my wonderful ladies!!! Just wanted to pass by and let you know that Im anxious but luckyly I dont feel nervious or anything! To me this feels very surreal till the day or maybe the night before my nerves wont kick in! Well you girls hang in there and I will post more tomorrow! Xoxo


If you can't find arnica gel, I have heard some women use bio oil.You should be able to find that at Wal-Mart.I am really wanting the same cc's as you and gummy bears too! Consult is on Monday and I can't believe it!! So close!
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Ima ask my PS what I should use for my scars better because my grandma been scaring me! Lol she wants me to follow just my PS instrutions. So lets see what he saids about that. Im very excited for you too! Monday is right there!!! Let me know everything how it goes and hopefully Im feeling good enough to post everything im going through! ;) xoxo
Hey Amy! Just found your story. I am 32, 3 kids, 32aa bra size after breast feeding, and 5'4". My pre op is scheduled for the 13th of May, hopefully surgery will be in July. I would like to have 350cc gummy bears as well. Praying everything goes well for you. Keep in touch!
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Dear ladies, so I just came from Target and I...

Dear ladies, so I just came from Target and I bought 2 sport bras that they were on clearance I go 2 for $20.00. Then I got a Body pillow those really long ones, with a hairy pillow case that feels very smooth. I freaking LOVE IT!!! That was $20 more there. Then I found a pillow that have the little arms rest to sit down, I had to get one of those to to be comfy in bed while I sit. I was going to buy the scar cream but I decided to wait and also I was looking for the bandguards stripes but didnt fin any at Target. So I think those I can find after surgery. :-/ must important things to be comfy I got them. I also went food shopping the other day and I got lots of frozen foods like chiken with brocoli n cheese. Pastas, hot pockets. Sprite in cans and some Jello. :) I think im pretty set for this finally! And still cant believe Im 2 days away!!! Im space out I am acting like if this is not really happening to me Im excited inside but I dont show it! I feel jn shock mode. I been wanting this for so many years that I cant believe in 2 days I will be a NEW women!

Please my dear friends advice me on what else I should do? I also feel kind of stress out knowing I wont be able to do much around my house n I cant stand having it messy 24/7! Tell me if u girls think Im missing somehing else before surgery!!!???

Aaawwww Im enjoying this body pillow while I write to u ladies is very comfy I love it! :) good healing to all of those are on the other side ... Xoxo


Good luck! Praying all goes well!!
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Good luck with your surgery, I am so happy it worked out for you! I just got mine done last Thursday I even questioned myself if I really needed it, and right now I am def happy I just went through with it! I hope yours goes well!
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love it amy i am gonna hit up target next week! the only other thing you have to do is relax!! just enjoy the last few moments you will have left to be able to move around and do stuff and then once your all done, relax some more! i hope you have a good support system to help you out and make things easier for you once you come home : )
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Well ladies Tomorrow is my big day! I cant believe...

Well ladies Tomorrow is my big day! I cant believe it! Im still waiting for the call from my PS office so they can tell me at what time it will be my surgery. Im anxious to know.

My day is going by pretty fast anyways N I know I will sleep like a baby tonigt cuz I been up since 5:30am. Im at the DNV place with my brother so he can have his license he will be my driver this week. :) so we are both excited!
I will post again when I know at what time my surgery will be tomorrow. Xoxo

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Well finally they told me 6:30am my surgery is...

Well finally they told me 6:30am my surgery is set!!! Omg nowww Im excited and anxious! Cant wait to go to sleep to wake up at 5:00am and get ready n go!

They told me to be there at 6:20am thats the time my PS will get there. I was like YES I wont starve for long! I might not be hungry at all! ;)

So ladies tomorrow morning I will be on the other side and I will post how I feel and how everything happened! Keep up with my story and pray for me! Much love for all of you! Xoxo

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Hey my ladies I posted pics trying sizers with...

Hey my ladies I posted pics trying sizers with rice at home to play with it and have an idea I guess...check them out and tell me what u think ;) Just a few hour away to be a NEW AMY!!!! yeiiiii :))


Up at two thinking of you and your surgery! Hope you are not up too! Lol! Good luck!!
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Prayers your way. Can't wait to see your results. Did you decide on a size?
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We are all thinking of you Amy!!!! We are so happy for you can't wait to see the results!! Will pray for you and hope to hear from you as soon as you can tomorrow!!! Xoxo
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Ladies Im here in my room with my gown, my hat and...

Ladies Im here in my room with my gown, my hat and booties and also the IV. In a few my PS will be in to mark me answer my questions and then to the operating room we go! Im sooo exited Im a little nervous but more happy and excited then anything! Talk to u ladies soon!!! Wooo hooo!!!! :))

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Im out everything came out fabulous they look...

Im out everything came out fabulous they look good!!! Im drawsy, trying to eat now ladies n drink liquid i was very dirsty.

But over woke up feeling alot of presure and a little pain in the middle of my chest. Im eating so i can have my pain killer n take a nap. I will explain everything step by step when I feel a little better.

Girls THANK YOU to all of u that been so supportive and praying for me I love u so much, I feel like crying of happinest! Thank u again talk to u all soon. And i still read all the comments even do I dont answer them right at this moment. I need rest...

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Ok my ladies! Sorry for teh late update but I...

Ok my ladies! Sorry for teh late update but I really took seriously about resting! LOL Wow those Oxycodone pills can really put you to sleep! I was supose to drinl another one now at 3pm, but since I just feel pressure not pain I decided to wait to see what happens. Im sure I will need it tonight to be able to sleep.

OKAY, back to how happened everything :) Me and my grandma woke up at 5:15am, I took a nice shower and took all my jewlery off and got dress. My grandma was ready before me! lol I drove to the office we got there at 6:15am, it was a 30mins drive from my grandmas house. well when I got there I went straight to the bathroom cuz my nerves kicked in there! lmao they gave me a cup to do the pregnancy test and then they place me on a nice room like a small hotel room to get My IV there,change my clothes to the gown and wait for the PS to come and marck me.

Around 6:40am the Iv and the drug magic guy came in and explained everything to me how things were going to happen, and that everything was going to be fast and smooth and asked me if I had any questions for me. I had some questions he answered them all, which I cant remember clearly what I asked him but I remember we were joking around too.

Doctor came in asked me a few questions, I answered them, he marked me and I asked my own questions he was very clear on explaining thing with details for me, I liked that very much! I am worried about stretchmaks!!! he will send me to get SCAR GUARD, and MEDERMA CREAM. but not now later on he said. So he left the room and told me I was going to look beautiful to not worry about anything and that he will see me in a few mins at the operating room. Him walking out of my room, 2 mins later my IV man walked in to get me we walked to the operating room while he held my IV for me. I saw teh operating room two other guys were there I guess nurses to take care of me, the room had a nice view and was small but they had everything they needed! My IV guy started putting wires on my body to read my vitals signs I guess LOL... He was very fast he said to me "well here it comes your breakfast through Via VEIN"...lol I laugh at his face saying "I dont feel ANYTHING YET!" Then He said "well I will know its starting to kick when u start laughing." I remembered I looked up and smiled and said "Now Im feeling it!" and thats teh last thing I remember! NEXT I WOKE UP WITH BOOBIES! at the recovery room. I had 2 wonderful ladies nurses next to me and said I woke up pretty fast and asked me how I felt.

I felt a little pain very uncomfortable and a lot of presure like when I was full of milk after my pregnancies. But since I am a punk I started asking when can I drink my pain killer?? They told me as soon as I eat something I need to have something on my stomach. I was amazed how I didnt feel nauseous at all! well they out the pill under the tngue before I went to the operation room, I missed saying that part before. But I was freaking out about getting sick cuz alot of women do get very sick after waking up. I felt very drunk! I wanted to keep my eyes closed.

Doctor came in and I said Thank you so much for ur great Job and he said It was his pleasure That I will look beautiful! My acountat VIVIAN, came to see me too and even the lady that took my before pictures on saturday! They all are sweet hearts they were very excited for me and happy and made me feel like we known each others for a long time! They are very profeccional but at teh same time you can have fun and bust laughing with them at loud, they are amazing! Then like 20 mins later they brought a wheel chair to take me down to the car with granda. The nurse explained very well how I needed to drink my pills, and even marked them for me so its easier to not get confused. I got to the car fine and we went to my moms house to pick up my kids and my brother, he will help me on my recovery this week. Like driving the kids to school for me and stuff like that. I am trully blessed =)

How I feel now? pressure and a little back pain but nothing baf at all. I feel my under arms very swollen, but I know this will be for a short period of time. I drank my first pain killer(Oxycodone) at 11:00am and since I havent had another one. I decided to wait till bed time so I can sleep I dont want to feel sleepy all day. At 7pm I will have my muscle relaxer and at 8pm I will start my Antibiotics, they will be at 8am and at 8pm till I had them all, to avoid infection.

Now my grandma just baith my kids so they can go and spend the weekend with their father so I can really rest and Relax! So I am happy on that side. sorry if I jump around or missed spelled something, like u know I am under medications. I posted my pics but I wont be able to post more after I leave my grandmas house cuz I dont have a computer at home to post the pics I will go to the library when I feel better to keep posting theiradvances. My iphine wont let me post pics cuz its a iphone flashed to another cheap company and it wont aloud me, but I can write everything do.

Ladies I want to thank you all for the great support expecially: Bkraz1109, Boobiewish, Imbossy21,limaboro,xmasbabe,tiedye and ect... you girls are many that been here following my story since the very beginning and have seen my struggles to get here today! you been very supportive and positive towards my situation and I apreciate you all. Thanks for all ur prayers they did worked and for all the good wishes! I hope all of u heal smoothly as well, and teh ones that are still waiting I hope time flies! cuz this is amazing and its sooo worth it.

Just in case you want to remember what I got...I had 375cc HP Silicone on each side, and the scar is by the areola (nipples). It was funny cuz when I came home I ran to the wight tablet to take my weight and I weight 90 pounds!!! I was on 87 pounds yesterday! lmao ;) If you girls have any questions please ask me, or if I missed metioning something let me know. Thanks and I love you all!!! XOXO


Awwww we love you too Amy!!!!! You look so good I'm so so happy for you get some rest and keep us posted as the weekend goes by xoxoxoxoxo
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Your breast look amazing! I'm glad everything went well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery :)
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Congratulations!!!!!! Look forward to seeing the changes.
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Ladies I had my Oxycodone(pain killer) and muscle...

Ladies I had my Oxycodone(pain killer) and muscle relaxer at 7pm, went to sleep and woke up at 2:30am in pain! I just had to drink again those 2 pills to see if I can go back to sleep. Now I feel the anesthesia wearing of and it hurst more! I hope my second they its not worste then the first one like many girls mention here. :-/ Im such a baby when it comes to pain.

I came to bed to lay down more cuz I been sitting and my back is kind of killing me, I feel better in bed on my back. Yes I am worried about getting out of bed at 8am to get my antibiotic pill, and Im praying to get out of bed without so much work n pain. I can't wait to see them without the tape and the peace of cotton that are covering them.

So far I dot feel so much pain like to be crying or depress, Thank God cuz I am a person that gets depress very easly. But I am excited and very happy did this, I needed to feel better about myself so much that over comes my pain. It is so worth it. Ladies u know the pain, the swollenes and all this hard parts is part of the healing process. We need patience is just temporary!

I cant wait to go shopping for new bras!!! I cant wait to try something on VS and see what size I am!!!! Yeahhhh baby this game is on! It feels amazing to be on Boobie land! ;) I love you all and Im praying for a faster healing and smooth recovery for all of us! I will post more pics when my PS removes my tapes so we can see them all! :))

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Hey is my Day 2 with boobies!!! Ladies is 8:18 am...

Hey is my Day 2 with boobies!!! Ladies is 8:18 am here I got up at ate to drink my antibiotic. But I woke up with Morning boobies. I feel them super high and hard, very swollen but its not an excruciating pain either that I cant handle it.

I woke up thinking if I should start drinking today my pills to be able to go to the bathroom because I herd the pain killers make u be constipated and I am normally constipated all the time. I want to avoid gettig a bad stomachache.

I also slept on my back in bed last night n it wasnt bad at all. But I had my brother to help me sit up from bed by pushing me by my back sk I could keep my back staright while I sat down without making any movements with my muscles.


Hope you have a restful and painless nite.
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I hope tonight will be a good one for you!
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Boobiewish, I hope so too, I just had my pills and I feel dizzy already Im about to get knocked out! lol But all I feel is pressure my back still hurts from being on my back all the time, my ribs still hurts Im bloated, I just had laxantes pills to see if I have a bowel movement tomorrow. I also been putting ice on them here and there and it helps a little but since I feel cold I dont do it often enough. I cant wait to go to see my PS on monday so he can take the bands out and I can really see them. Hopefully I feel less pressure and less inflamation. Im starting to get anxious to feel better and move around easily. Im walking slow like when I gave birth. lol I hope u doing well too. Thanks for cheking on me sweety...xoxo

Hello my dear ladies, Today is my 3rd day with...

Hello my dear ladies, Today is my 3rd day with boobies. I want to tell you all that today I woke up feeling a lot better, in pain wise I feel tighnes and when I move my arms around I feel like Im pulling my muscles, not a good feeling. Im going to try to stay away from the OXY today during the day to see how I do. I really hate being sleepy all the time,and I cant even have a normal conversation when Im on the pill I feel drunk as hell! Lmao I cant wait to see my PS tomorrow to see them I want to take pics of them to post them so u girls can see my progress.

Remember ladies once Im back home I wont be able to post as many pics as I would like cuz I dont have a computer at home, I would have to travel to the library to do that. But I will do it once I can and have the time. Im trying to take it easy on my recovery. I had 2 girl friends over yesterday that they came to see me and both of them loved the size of my boobies! =) They said I look really good, and I was glad they are happy for me. They both are my best friends for many years and they knew how I felt before my BA. I hope my BA changes my life around and I can feel secure about myself, feel sexy again,and feel that I can accomplish anything I want in life. Really I just had my dream come true and I would love to thank my Dr. Marcelo Ghersi and his wonderful staff at Coral Gables Cosmetic Center!

If anyone of you that are reading this are thinking to get a BA or any surgerie done with Dr. Ghersi I can tell you dont think twice, he is very talented and I love his work and he is a sweet heart of person too.

Back to how I am feeling. I feel a lot of gas inside of me, I had 2 laxatives pills last night before bed but I havent gone to the bathroom. I hope I can today is been 2 days since I dont go and do number 2! lol I also still feel stifness under my arm pits, my ribs cages in front and my stomach mouth hurts like hell when I touch them, it feels like I been bit up! But I am happy I dont have any bruises! No stretchmarks till now. Im freaking out about that, I really dont want to get stretchmark on my nice boobies! Doctor told me to rub cocoa butter I need to go and get some ASAP. I hope I can go to the store today I will ask my brother to drive me to walmart, or any pharmacy to see if I find the Scar Guard, Mederma cream and the cocoa butter. Well I forgot to say last night was my first night after surgery that I was able to sleep through the night without waking up! :) I slept sitting down in an angle on my recliner chair. I am experiencing headches also. I hope by tomorrow or 2 days from now I feel a lot better. I cant wait for the week to pass by :-/

well thats all for now. Any questions? please ask me I will answer them all with no problem. Love u all thanks for the great wishes and all the support. I love this place! mu@@@@@@ xoxo

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I just had my first bowel movement!!! wow That...

I just had my first bowel movement!!! wow That felt good!!! LOL I am still without any pain pills and I feel pretty good, Just my back hurts but I guess thats normal. I still feel like this is a dream I cant believe I am on the other side and that I have boobies!!! Im very happy. I cant wait to see them dropped and fluffed out. ;)


Wow, you look great! Glad you were able to make things work. And happy to hear you are receiving counseling. I have been depressed before and it helped me a lot to talk through my emotions (or lack thereof) with a therapist. Kohls has some great bras too--I think it's called the "Barely There Bra" and it's so comfy, and cheap. I just got a job as a bra fitter..you will have to come see me sometime and I will fit you! All the best to you, happy healing.
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Sleepless In Turquoise: Thank you for everything dear. I cant wait for the days to pass by so I can post pics of my progress Im super happy with my BA. Where you working now? Remember I live in West palm beach FL. But I would love you to help me find sexy bras! yeiiii ;) xoxo

Hi Ladies!!! I want to let you know I been feeling...

Hi Ladies!!! I want to let you know I been feeling way better then my first 3 days and I been off my pain killers during the day. I just had one so I can get knocked out and sleep all night long, because I need it! My back is killing me I feel my shoulders very tense. But last night and the night before I slept like a baby. Which thats really good! I do wake up with morning boobs but once I drink my muscle relaxer they go down.

Well today I had my first follow up with my PS, he took off my gauzes and left the surgical tapes to cover the incisions on my nipples. He said they look BEAUTIFUL! :)) they still high and a bit too swollen but its normal. He want to see me on monday again. Im super happy ladies with my decision and my outcome and still I have a long way to go but I know I will love them even more!
He also told me to wear that band to push them together n down for this whole week till he sees me on monday. He said to take it off only to take a shower! Lol

I told him my right boob it hurts bad, it feels like if I had a bubble of air inside and it hurts like a bitch! He said that pain will go away eventually. :-/ I cant wait till it goes away completely! Im walking faster but always afraid that someone can bump with me n hurt me. Thats scary when Im at the stores. I have some errands to run tomorrow but once I get home I will relax as much as I can.

Uhh oohh and my bf after complaining soo much about getting this done, now he loves them and wants to eat them already!!! LMAO its funny how before he didnt like the idea or wasnt so supportive about it and now he really likes them. Anyways I knew that was going to be exactly that way.
Also Im not driving yet my brother is my driver this week so I can take it really easy and relax even on the road. Also Im praying I dont get a cold now again because I have tried to cough and I cant that really hurts too! :-/

But I think I been having it pretty smooth and sweet this recovery I really cant complain at all compare to other stories I have read here before. I thank God every dayfor this and that I been a lucky girl on my recovery. I think I made the right choice with my PS and the place I got them done. Also I was prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually for this since I really wanted this for years! I think thats a big plus there for my smooth recovery. We gotta be very positive in this cases.

Well now the pill is kicking so I will update tomorrow and let u all know about my day. Hugs and kisses for all my loyal followers n the new one too, have a happy healing!!! xoxo


Hi there. Glad you're doing good. I've been thinking about you. Hope to hear from you again soon. Take care.
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amy my girl how are you feeling? are you home yet? was just thinking of you hope you are doing ok : ) xoxo
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My dear Friend Bkraz1109, yes I am home finally it was a long drive I got home almost 6:00pm and I was very tired from the trip. This morning I went to my 1st follow up with my PS and he took the gauze off my nipples n left the tapes covering my insiction. He said they look really nice but he see them still a little swollen and still high. He wants to see me next monday again, which is a week from now, and send me to wear that stupid band to puch them now n close together! I have to wear it even to sleep and that sucks! Lol but I guess it will be worth it. Im feeling a lot better today had a lot of anergy n just now I finish putting the kids to bed and drank my pain killer to get knocked out since I been off the meds all day yesterday n today. I think they will work to sleep nice all night long ;). How you doing my love?

Hi ladies Im writting today because yesterday...

Hi ladies Im writting today because yesterday wasnt a good day at all for me. My back pain was killing me but I did iverdue my self yesterday running errands and taking care of thr kids but the good thing is that I didnt need to drink the pain killer and still slept through the whole night. Im sleepin on my bed on my sides n I feel pretty comfortable but I knowrest when I sleep on my back I wake up with a little morning boobs. Lol

Is amazing to feel it and say OH mY Boobs are swollen! Damn I have boobies!!! :) but on the other hand I cant wait to be able to massage them n not feel this muscle pain. I feel like a pulling inside. I wonder how many more days I will feel this pain? Is it normal? I still cant squish them together because when I try I want to scream from the pain and they still feel pretty firm. Is thats normal also at the 6th day? Ladies if u feel the same way or felt the same way please tell me so I can calm down because Im worried that this may not be normal.

Today my back feels better, but today im staying in bed I will rest all day! :)


They look great!! I would give it a good 4 weeks for the pain to subside ") congrats to you!!
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How is it going??? You look great! My tightness in the sternum and sides where he made the pocket are my still sensitive areas.. I just want to be better!
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Everything I have read says not to massage until s week two so I think that is normal! Don't overdue!! Rest while you can sweetie!! My PS said the first week is the hardest and I am not allowed to do anything at ALL for that first week!! Feel better, I will continue to pray for healing and swift recovery!
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A week today 7 days n feeling Good!

Yesterday felt good full of energy and THOUGHT I could do some shores in the house. I did some dishes, i made mack n cheese for my kids, cleaned the kitchen table, broomed just the kitchen and fed my baby bird. Guess what!?? I was wrong I was sooo wrong I got an excruciating pain on my back and boobs that I had to drink an Oxy n go to bed till next day!

Ladies seriously even do u feel good doesnt mean u are healed and good to go we still need a lot of rest and relax. I wont do it again till the PS gives me the green light to do anything! My house will be a big MESS but I won hurt myself for it, cuz isnt worth it. When I know the house I can fix it right away but my body n my health I wont.

Today Im good again just feel tired, And taking more easy today n just a little ride on the car to take some air. Hope u ladies have a smooth healing!


Im sorry youre going thru pain still. I hope it subsides as each day goes by. Rest and dont overdo it when youre doing stuff around your house. Hope you feel better
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Thank you so much, luvmy3js. I hope so too... :-/
Heyyyy Tyedye! Its been a while hun, yes I hope so that in 4 weeks Im out of pain on this beautiful girls. The pain is not bad but its uncomfortable especially when I laugh at loud and I make certain movements. But other then that I really think I have had a pretty good healing process. My worst day I can say was my 2nd day that I really felt like it someone bit the crap out me by the ribs cages they were swollen and very sensitive to the touch and was very bloated from the pills Oxy's. But that went down quickly by the 4th day I was much better and happier. :) tell me how u doing hun!!! Xoxo

Im soo mad!

Let me explain something to u my ladies my cituation how it is at the moment. My PS has never spend more then 5 mins with me since the day I had my consultation with him! Mind you I went that day Paid all of it in full in CASH right of way. Things were perfect because I asked to get my surgery in the morning so I wouldnt starve for long and I was lucky to be the first one he got his hands on. Then I had to stay down in miami for 3 more days because I live in west palm bech wich is an hour and half away from the clinic, to see him on monday again since my surgery was on a friday. When I got to my appt for my surprise one of the front desks clerk tells me another PS was going to see me because mine was very busy and was leaving in a few mins. I had to tell her nicelly that I didnt care about that and that I demand to see the same ps I paid to get my surgery with anyways he is fast as hell he wont let u even talk too much! I honestly dont mind that if he knows what he is doing n he did a great job on me n on all his patients I seen he has done. I understand he has alot of work. But still I PAID for it he is not doing me any favors! So she manage to get him to see me. Perfect he personally asked me to go and see him again on monday. They gave me a 2:30pm appt on monday ilI said fine, I will go down to miami sunday n will stay till monday to see him.

The other little detail on all of this is my kids are missing those days of school and so far they have missed 3 days because of this. Now they will miss monday as well. I hate that but its a must right? Anyways I make sure they get all their missed work done for school. Now today I received a call that they need to change my appt for Thursday because my PS has too many surgeries n are too long! Is that my problem? Nope I dont think is fair to me when I never gave them any problem to pay them huh!? Uuuhh I AM MAD! The lady told me she will talk to him and see what she can do for me. Im still waiting.... I think I should call back and complaint because I had everything planed out n now its too late its friday already! Hello!!!

Ladies im sorry but I had to vent, please give me ur honest opinion or Im over reacting? Plz be honest! >:(
I mean where are my rights in this!!???


i understand where you are coming from. especially since you travel all that way to see him, he should be more understanding and make time for you, so you dont feel just like another paycheck and more like a person who went to him trusted him and paid him to do work to your body. i would def complain and explain your situation and tell them its not acceptable. my PS actually gave me a complimentary laser treatment because i was braving the traffic from NJ to NY. and thats the way it should be! tell your PS to stop acting like you dont matter because YOU DO... im here whenever you need to vent mama.
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Well Thank you Hun! im glad to know Im not crazy right!? Well I called and did complaint after I finished posting this. And I spoke to my cordinator Vivian wich she is a sweetheart and herd me out n she understood me n she said to leave it to her she is going to talk to him personally for me n will explain my cituation. I told her I understand is not her fault but they need better organization in there! Especially with the patients that travel to their clinic because Im spending more money in gas just to go n wait for ours n to see him for less the freaking 5 minutes! Its not fair u know!? Thats exactly how I feel like im just one more $ sign for them n thats it!!! Suckers!!!!

Talking about my progress!

Today is my 8 days post op! Im very tired for some reason today. Its true that u get those roller coaster mood swings let me tell you. But good thing is that I been sleeping on my bed since day 6 flat on my back with my body pillow, wich is my best friend now and I even sleep on my sides. I do wake up with morning boobs and all I can think is that I remember I used to feel the same way when I gave birth and was breast feeding my kids. But is not nearly that bad. Which each day I feel better and better.

I drove my car again today, it did bother me to make those turns and felt like I was short of breath wearing this stupid white band squishing my boobies! LoL but then I tried different ways of turning the wheel till I found a way that it would bother me less. Im completely off meds for now. Well except when I feel a spam here n there really bad I drink a muscle relaxer at night before bed. But anyways I have like only 3 muscle relaxers left! Ohh ohh
I hope I wont need more of those. Im getting impatience!!!

I cant wait to go m buy bras and know my real size. Uuhhh and buy new bathing suits for the summer! We have summer here in the corner! But yeah I will be ready. I get very down when Im in bed. I feel depress and lonley! No bueno!!!

But I keep telling myself that I really wanted n needed this. And im sooo much happier and already feel sexy and I havent been able yet to show off the girls! But I can tell my BF looks at me different and he is much more sweet n nice with me! Mmm like trying to keep me happy n you know if not he wont get none at night! Lmao

But yeah, they still feel hard to the touch and I still see them pretty high but they sure feel softer then day 1. Also they have done some dropping. I wonder if me sleeping on my back doesnt help them much, even do They dont hurt bad when Im laying on my back. Oohh well!

Another thing I am smoking here n there not much but im not going to lie! I smoke and its hard to quit! Even more when ur Fiance and brother and all the ppl around u smoke. I know that might slow down my healing process but I trust my body and Im really good on scars healing n skin closing nicely. Well now on monday I will see finally my scars n see if I still have stitches on me. Also my appetite has grown, which thats amazing because Im very skinny and I need some extra pounds. I made a promise to my self that I will go to a gym n get fit once Im done with this recovery. Im not going to work out to lose weight but to get my muscles tone n hard n work that ASS!! :)) so I can have TiTS N ASS!! ;) well talk to u soon ladies ima snack again! Xoxo


Hey Amy I'm glad to hear you are doing well. I'm sorry your PS is being this way keep on his behind. I do know they get extremely busy but it's unacceptable he has to bs reasonable and they need work with you especially since you have to travel so far. Keep me posted hun you look wonderful. Try not to smoke too much while your healing.
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Thank u love yeah im trying not to smoke too much buylt im stress out at the same time its hard you know. Lets see how my scars look once he take those tapes off. I hope they dont look horrible cuz of me. :(
lmao i hear you girl but hopefully things will all work out. keep us posted on what they say after vivian talks to the PS. and try to stay strong with the smoking its no good and we all want you to be as healthy as possible!!!

10 days post op

posting pics of my pogress... enjoy ladies and please dont forget to comment! love u all!!! xoxo


amazing results!!! You look fabulous!!
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Talking about pogress n with pics taken today at 10 days post op!

Hi ladies, yesterday I felt the same things as today. I feel sometimes that I went too big, for example when Im in the shower and I bump into them with my arms. I really love the idea of having big boobs because that was my dream! But they still hurt here and there. Im catching a cold again and every time I sneaze or cough thats very uncomfortable and hurts a little. I also still have my nipples pretty swollen and sensible to the touch even to the clothes touch, so excuse my nipples so weird looking. LOL

So I think Im getting the blues about my BA as well...Im very skinny and I am back to my normal weight; 87 pounds!! so those balloons are something when Im naked, because they are very easy to hide with clothes I already knowrest.They have gone down alot since day 1-5 and they have drop some and also they dont feel that hard anymore. I hope they get a lot softer anyways and that they get a little smaller, just a little so I dont feel like TITANIC! I also get nerves pains here and there depends on my movements. I been resting less becauseI feel better, maybe that can explain my swollen nipples and the burning sensation.( every time I get out of the shower especially) For example I went with a girl friend to take the kids out to eat, and we also went to another place we wanted to go to eat, later we made an appt to get our nails and feets done. But by the time we got home it was 8pm and we still stay up all night talking like old times. so yeah practicly Im here writting all this after I slept problably just 2 hours. But the funny part is I feel fine right awake because I also got into a huge fight with the BF, thats another long story and thats enough for me to lose apetite and feelings to sleep. when I know he is now out having fun and not thinking how I might be feeling and not caring at all. Honestly I thinnk this has gotten to the end of its point and I might end up enjoying this TATAS all by my self and probably very soon single!

Well only God knows, but some things go good for me while in another hand or in another side something else is going very wrong! I never can be completely happy! I guess thats the law of life? But anyways girls tell me if everything IM feeling and seeing is normal? what u think about my progress and how big difference u girls see? because since I look at them every day is harder to tell myself. Also tell me if you think they will get any smaller? is it good or bad?

For now this is all I remember I wanted to say I be back answering all the comments, and will update after I see my PS tomorrow afternoon. Finally his removing those ugly tapes and will show me some massages. Have a happy healing all! xoxo


They look absolutely amazing!! Love your results!!!(:
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Heya chickie! Sorry I have been MIA! How are you doin? Still thinking of you and praying for your healing and happiness! Even when I don't speak to you, I still pray for you daily! Much love and powerful prayers headed your way!!!
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Hey Amy you look wonderful doll xoxoxo :)
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17-18 days post op New pics coming soon!

Hi all my wonderful ladies! I been reading all the comments even do I havent reply one by one! Im going through a very hard time in my life just on friday I crashed my car n I dont have head for anything cuz I dont have a job yet n all my savings are going into fixing my car now. Dont have a way to take my kids to school now either. My Bf n I still not talking I think this is really over this time and Im sick to my stomach im not able to eat or sleep. Im trying to hang in there. Keep me on ur prayer my dear friends!

About my recovery I feel pretty good I took the tapes off my Incisions they look pretty good! My left boob u barely can tell i was cut. But my right boob is healing slower i see the cut healing still I started massaging n putting mederma cream on them today. The massages I started a week ago but I still get morning boobs they still feel swollen but not like before my nipples look n feel swollen also. I had to go back to my sport bra today because the one the ps told me to wear was bruising my boobs so im let them breath for tonight at least! They look great I feel much better with them even do I still gotta get used to them, they dont feel mine yet they feel to hard still inside. I can also sleep flat on my back and also both of my sides n im fine but I tried to take a nap today on my belly and that really hurt me! Not a good idea! :(

I cant wait to feel better get used to them n feel them softer :-/ they dont hurt when i massags them n they are getting each day more flexible but when I touch the bottom of my boobs to massage them they feel Weird n its like im touching just the implants n not my muscle. Yukkk but yeah ... Lol thank u all for liking my pics n all ur great advices n prayers!!! I love u all i will post more pics soon for all of you.


Heya chickie!! Sooo...I am just six short weeks from boobie world!! Yay! I cannot wait! I asked some of the docs on Real Self about my fibromyalgia and they all said it should pose no complications as long as I have cleared it with my doc! Yay me!! Hope you are well!!
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I will be super thrilled if my boobs look half as good as yours! Congrats. Also, great list of supplies. Very helpful since I'm not on the other side yet & still prepping :)
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Your boobs look amazing! Geez lol. Definitely love the fullness and shape they got going on!:)))
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3 incredible weeks already!

Hi my dear friends! Its been a few days I dont post because since I dont have a computer to post my new pics I dont bother to write if theres nothing new to say.

But I wanted to ask u ladies if anyone knows if is normal to see my boobs square on the bottom everytime I take off my bra? They are a push up because my ps told me ro get it like that but its been bruising my boobs and today taking my 3 weeks post op pics for you ladies I discover I have gotten stretch marks!!!! I was so afraid to get them n I am getting them! Luckily they are barely noticeble it depends on the light or my position u can see them since they are small, thin and white. But I cant believe im going to hate that on my new girls!!!

How so you feel about stretchmarks? I been loyal everyday putting coco butter twice a day and still I got them! Im so mad or upset I dont even know how to explain how I feel. So please ladies tell me something how can I make this better n if its normal for them to get bruses n look square because of the bra? Should I buy a different one? Thanks happy healing to all !!! Xoxo


Hello sweet girl!! Miss hearing from you! Hope everything is well!
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I cant wait to get my hands On a computer and post my new pics! I love my boobies n the Bf is loving them too!!! I been fine just taking care of few problems I been having, but everything will be fine. I love you girls!! Mu@@@@
I love your results! My surgery is less than one week and second guessed size so much..I finally decided on 425hp silicone. I'm 5'3 125 lbs. I hope mine look as great as yours!
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7 Wks Already With Boobies! Happier then Ever!

Hey !!!! Where arr my girls at? I went to see my PS this past tuesday and he gave me the green light to go back to my normal life! I cant believe it! Im very happy with my results, even do is true that you get use to see them and then see them small! I think is our mind playing tricks do I cant go any bigger! It woulf look fake and thats not the point. They feel softer and I can even sleep on my stomach comfortable already! :)
I know I own you pictures I have them on my phone to post them but I need a PC, my phone doesnt let me post them. I had to buy anothet car with my savings becase I crashed my car last month. So I been busy getting erverything ready with the car so I can start looking for a Job and shop for new bras!!!
I need names of stores that u know that sale the bras for cheap that they come out to be good and dont look for Grandma type thing! Lol
I miss you all, please dont forget about me! I keep reading even do I dont get often in here. Xoxo


hey amy was just thinking of you miss you xoxo
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Sweet Amy, your BA results look amazing!! Congrats! I can only hope mine will look as great!! :) I don't have a date yet but I've emailed my out of state dr with stats and before pics. Hopefully get scheduled soon!! Just passed by your pics and thought I'de let ya know how amazing you look :)
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Thank you so much Lakegirl14 for passing by abd leaving a comment. This is the best decision you will make in ur life if u feel you really want this and need it. Forget what other ppl might say. This has made me feel like a complete different women. I wish you the best luck and keep us up to date. Xoxo

11 weeks post op Baby!

Ladies I missed you so much! Im back and now I can post all the pics I like because now I can post the pics from my cell. I been feeling great and enjoying the beach with my new girls. I have to take pics with my bikini yeiiiiii... The only thing is that some times I get very sensible nipples and get a pinch sensation time to time but I guess is normal.

I been thinking about asking my PS if with time I will stop feeling the Implants chriver up when I bend over. I dont like them to the touch in some positions. Lol

But overall Im very happy I love them they really look very natural. What a change when I dress up! Finally I feel like a real women! Now I have more curves into this skinny body. Please let me know what u think about my recovery! Love ya all xoxo


Looking great! Glad to hear all is well :)
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Just wondering what size you ended up with, they look beautiful.
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congratulation. is mentor or natrelle? thank you
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9 Months After Best Decision EVER!

Hi girls!!! I know is been months I haven't log in. But I always have my good friends from here on the back of my mind because you guys been here for me while I went through so much. Now I come to wish you the best for this Holidays and also post some new pics of my new self so you girls can see how I look after 9 fabulous months. I love you all and I wish the best to those that are getting theirs BA for Christmas it Will be the best gift EVER for yourselfs! Xoxo God Bless you all.


You look Great !!! Considering this doctor ..
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Oh yeah, not to mention you look Fabulous!!!
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Wow! I just read your whole journey over the last hour and I just feel so inspired! You went thru so much, and yet remained so positive! I know the depressed feeling, & sometimes when I'm overwhelmed I just shut down. A few reviews ago, I started questioning if I was sure that I wanted this, but I've wanted his for at least the last 5yrs and your journey confirmed that this is what I want!! You are so inspirational! I'm so glad to see that you are very pleased and positive with your whole experience!
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1 Year update! Hi to my old and New followers! Luv u all!

Hi Ladies...its been a Lil over a year now I had my BA and I feel so happy and blessed. I'm updating this because I might not have the time to answer one by one but I promise I will try and do my best to get to all of you and answer ur questions. I know how important it is, and is a pleasure to be an inspiration to many of you that are or been in my cituation. 

My boobs look and feel very natural, they don't weight. They feel like they always been there. I do feel the implant at moments when I'm in the shower n I cross my arm to my back and since the Implant is under muscle and I'm so petite I feel it like move. Lol feels weird but is part of it and I remember gosh I have fake boobs! Lmaoooo.

Ladies to those that are thinking to do it all I can tell you is you know inside how bad you want them! If you going to do it make sure you do it for yourself and not for anyone else!!! 
I don't care who you are, you don't put yourself under because Ur husband or boyfriend wants you to change something on Ur body! If you are happy with urself that's what matters.
If you read my story I talk about a man that Was in my life, the father of my youngest son, he didn't want me to get this done, then he decides to support me because I didn't give him another choice. I always knew it was for me not for him. Then when I paid for them he fight with me he made me feel bad for choosing that over him. With time I realize he was insecure of himself and couldn't handle me looking better then ever! ;-) his problem not mines! Long story short...our relationship didn't last long! Its going to be 5 months now we broke up! I'm happier then ever I should of broke up with him when I met him! Sad huh!? I have a new man in my life and this man is a real MAN! He said to me he never been a boob guy but he had to ask me...lol...Are those real? They look amazingly beautiful! I had to laugh and asked him; well what you think? He was like "I don't know I'm not sure that's why I have to ask and I'm sorry I don't mean to be disrespectful!" I had to tell him the truth...I was like; " They are mine!...I paid for them! I love that ppl can't tell the difference if they are real or fake because that tells me I met my goal! I thank God for Marcelo Ghersi he has hands Blessed by God! I wantes to look natural...not too big not too small! Just perfect!" My boyfriend told me; " wow! You definitely made me a boob man now! Lmaoooooo.

I even have asked him if he feels them fake if he can tell the difference between fake and real boobs? He has told me he can't tell he loves them!!!
Ladies!!! I love them more then he does! Lmao
why? Because I did them for me! The procedure is risky, is painful is very uncomfortable for days and it has ups and downs. I had to prepare my self mentally for years. Its easier when u are informed and u had checked ur self with Doctors and they are sure ur are healthy and theres no problems if they put you under for this! 

My life has change for the better and a happier and sexier women. I don't regret doing this and yes I would do it all over again! 

Thank you all of you for ur support and helping stay positive and Reassure me when I needed it. Thank you to all of you the new ones for reading my story and feeling inspired by it. It took me alot to write my story but I wanted to inspired those like me and I feel accomplished. Don't let no one control ur life and ur decisions or ur body! You and only you have the control! Again thank you all...I'll be talking to all of you soon! :-) God Bless you all.


What size and profile did you get? they look awesome!
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You look stunning! And the size is perfect! Great cleavage too!
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