Breast Aug. Saline with Dr. Freiman - Coral Gables, FL

Flying in to get my surgery with him Aug 29 and...

Flying in to get my surgery with him Aug 29 and 30th. Have been looking forward to leaving a review here on the website for a while now. I do know that he has no bad record or disciplinary history. We obviously cannot say that for the anesthesiologist that he had. Still looking forward to my consultation and surgery! Will be updating for pictures of my before and after!


               cant wait to see your pics
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did they say anything about getting a new anesthesiologist in? Just curious, because I'm flying in this winter. :) Thanks! I have Dr. Frieman also.

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YES. My anesthesiologist will be Dr. Vincent Conte ME#49751


So my anesthesiologist is going to be Dr. Vincent Conte ME #49751. He has years of experience and is board certified. Putting together an itinerary right now. By the way, I have been told the staff nurse charged $150 per day. I am broken out in hives all over my face. I have not had hives in all my 24 years. I do not know what happened. Its bothering me because I am already nervous for surgery. I guess I never thought about my nerves to be honest. I only focused on the money for my boobs and having them. I thought I am way too tough from the things I have endured but it doesnt mean I am not going to totally want my mom right by my side. I suggest anyone traveling to bring somebody with you. Time to stick this out.


Can you post some before pics please? And how many cc are you getting with which profile?
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My before pictures

I am 5'1 36B in the band but the cups are always loose. My skin is pretty stretchy already from my son.. So I hope that is a plus for my implants somehow? Haha.


Hope your surgery went well! And hope the darn hives on your face mellowed out in time for your surgery. Can't wait for you update. How many cc's did you get? Happy healing!

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I want a moderate profile 350-375cc. I don't know yet.
Not sure yet. Will let you know. :)


I had a great experience. Not only with Dr. Freiman but my driver Nelly as well. I highly recomend if you are coming from out of state to ask for her. She even brought me soup to eat after surgery and an ice cold gatorade. She brought me breakfast as well on the way to my follow up. She gave me the best pep talk on the way to surgery. She was a real friend. I am urgin anyone that needs a driver for Miami to ask your coordinator at Coral Gables for Nelly. I am pretty sure she is the only driver for them anyways. I hope my mom decides to come out to Coral Gables because I am going to have another excuse to be back in Miami! My hotel was beautiful. I stayed at "Crowne Plaza" Coming from Las Vegas where nobody says hello or smiles it was so nice to have that. The room service was absolutely delicious. They have alot to choose from. My bed and big screen tv were just what i needed to relax in. One boob is 425cc and the other is 450cc high profile. Dr. Freiman has been attentive with all my concerns and questions. So excited for them to heal.

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What to expect at Coral Gables.

I fully trusted Dr. Freiman, not Coral Gables. It was not fair the level if disorganization I experienced. Then again, you get what you pay for. Its like drive-thru breast augmentation. Not a sit down, look over the menu type of setting. Its loud with all the Cuban ladies reminding me of my grandma, disorganized with like4 doctors performing 3 surgeries a day. You wait alot. Like if they give you a specific time. Plan on that meaning an hour wait. Or switchig your surgery from 6am to 11am. True story. Either way, Nelly was good, Dr. Freiman is professional and attentive when I thogught something was wrong. And I love my results.

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Better picture

425c and 450cc high profile saline.


hello!! your breasts are beautiful and im happy for you!! i had a simular exp. and nelly was my driver also. every thing went exceptionally well with my surgery EXCEPT for nelly!! omg, she was so sweet and helpful when we were riding together. But that evening when i was finally in my right mind i recollected the money i gave her. She charged me 40 for picking me up, and 40 for bringing me back after surgery. thats 80. she told me my meds were 80 also. and that the gatorade and soup were expensive. Being under anestesia you DONT REALLY realize wtf is going on. i looked at my med receipt and it was only 45.00 why did she lie to me? and my soup and gatorade was probaly 7.00 all together. i called her back FURIOUS and all she said was shes NOT giving my $$ back and i need to catch a cab to my follow up appt...i couldnt belive it. She so took advantage of me
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that really sucks. At some point I was going to be flat broke. And I respected that she still helped me out for no pay. I understand how she makes her living. Maybe she thought the meds were 80 because to be honest, I took a taxi to get my meds before I ever called her and my antibiotic, muscle relaxed, pain pill, and nausea pill all together was 94 bucks. :-(

Congratulations! So happy to hear you love your results! How long until you get to fly home? Thank you for your details and honesty in your post op update. This will be helpful to other women in the future. Take it easy and happy healing!

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3 weeks post op!!!

My scarson my nipples are almost invisible. The bruising is almost gone. Left boobie nipple is purple from a bruise. I tried on bras at VS for fun while shopping for a new sports bra and I fit into 32DD there.

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Dr. Freiman knows what hes talking about. Trust him ladies and gents.

Gosh. I dont even know if anyone reads my update anymore but I really feel the need to express my positive results.
So first of all ladies.. My nipple incision is virually undetectable unless one of my girlfriends comes up 5 inches away from my boobs. Even then I see the look on their face whichis just plain old disbelief!! Dr. Freiman saved my boobs! No joke. Lol. If i were to have stayes in my hometown of Las Vegas for the augmentation I was about to go with a doctor that reccomended only 350-375ccs HIGH or MODERATE he says (my choice). He was so higly talked about here. Dr. Freiman had no second thoughts what so ever and told me bluntly that will not be big enough to achieve the "Miami" look. At first I had thought I wanted a surgeon that just asked me what I wanted. But if you think about it I was not the one in medical school perfecting my skills on breast augmentation was I? So I showed him the look I wanted and again, as he guessd I would, that look meant 425-450ccs high profile. I mean shit... I doubt anyone read all of that but I needed to vent. Everyday I wake up they are more beautiful as they heal. It has not even been a whole month yet. I still wear my sports bra to male sure they keep droping nicely I massage them plenty, which makes them so squishy! I bought nice cream for them from my farmer's market containing: pumpkin butter, shea, coconut oil, avocado oil, hemp, chamomile, and candula. Here is my almost 4 week post op photos!


lol I read all of that :) I'm getting my BA by Dr. Freiman in October! I've heard or read a lot of reviews about how CG Cosmestics isn't the nicest place and everyone seems kind of unorganized but I'm glad you like your results!
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Hi. I too a in the same situation. I'm planning a BA with Dr. Freiman and will also be flying from Ohio to Miami ALONE. I'm curious to know when I can have my 1st follow up & when I can fly home ? and what the nurses are like that help with housing & care after your surgery? I am a mother of 4 with no babysitter or much family that can help. so i need to get home asap. Thanks :)
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I had a different situation cause I have friends that I stayed with after but I can tell you about your timeline. I arrived on Tuesday afternoon and had my appt with the dr. And clinic on Wednesday morning. I had surgery Thursday morning and then saw the doctor for a well checkup on Monday and flew back home Tuesday. That's without any problems or issues. Being that your going out of state you should see that doctor and the best solution is not flying right away. You will have luggage and pack light because nothing should go over your head back a backpack since you have no help. Make sure you have a front closing bra order your items from they have all you need for after. Be prepared to not lift anything you do not want to cause injury and do your exercise after they are so important.
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