Dr. Tal Roudner or Dr. Leonard Hochstein??

I'm in the beginning process of considering having...

I'm in the beginning process of considering having BA. I'm a Miami girl. I'm 30 years old, 5'4 and weigh about 125. I have no children and I'm not sure if I will have any in the future. I'm about a small 36B (do not fill out the cup completely, booo!). I know I don't want to go too big on my augmentation. I want to be at least a 38C, maybe? And look fuller but comfortable enough to workout and not have my back hurting. I want under the muscle but terrified of doing it through the areola. I don't want to lose sensitivity there but I am willing to consider it if I had a PS I can trust.

I'm wondering.... Has anyone out there done surgery with Dr. Tal Roudner and have pics? He has great reviews on here but there's not many pictures floating around. Even the ones that have commented on his great job did not include a pic. I believe every PS has a signature when it comes to their work. Looking at the few I came across, he has the ability to create a natural and aesthetically please breasts. I was impressed. Can I have some more feedback on anyone else's experience with this doctor?


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... Dr. Hochstein also appears to be a great surgeon! I'm really in between both. The implants also have like some warranty on them lol. Which is nice. Any thoughts or comments?!
Thanks! I am 5'6" and 125-130 lbs. I wore a 34 b bra before and the PS said I was a A cup. I chose 457 mod + silicone under the muscle, and through the areola. I haven't gotten the warranty yet. I believe the implants are already under warranty through Natrelle, but there is a optional warranty though them that I believe covers more surgeon expenses... I have to look into it more. Thanks for the reminder by the way :) But if I were you, if you hadn't already, go to a consult with both PS's and see what they both say and you'll prob have a gut feeling who you want to go with.
You are the best! I really appreciate all the information you've been providing. I will keep ya'll posted.
Just to clarify, a breast augmentation will not change the band size that you wear.  Only gaining a lot of weight (fat or muscle) around your torso will do that.  If you are currently a 36B, then a one cup-size increase would be to a 36C.  The cup-size equivalent of a 38C would be a 36D.  It's very common to want to increase from a B-cup to a D-cup, so that may have been what you meant :).  This is the reason doctors work in cc's instead of bra-cup sizes.  Bra-cup sizes are extremely confusing and non-standard and almost meaningless.

Whichever doctor you choose will be very clear about which incision area they think will be best for you.  The one under the breast seems to heal very well while also allowing a larger implant (if you want silicone) but the tech keeps advancing so quickly.  You're likely to be very happy whichever way you go!
Dr. Tal Rounder

I have yet to meet them but heard great things.

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