34,Mother of 6 ..118lbs 465 over filled to500cc/under/saline

Well I guess its my turn to tell my story... (Deep...

Well I guess its my turn to tell my story... (Deep breathe) I've been lurking around for quite some time reading each and everyone of u wonderful ladies journey to...boobville...boobieland....twin city....Lol. And always think I can't wait for my turn....with so much going on in my life..... children...my fiancé.... My Career as a Full Time Chef. I'm finally at a Plato that its now or never . I made the first step contacting Coral Gable Cosmetic Thursday...my coordinator Yadira responded back in a very timely fashion(Plus). I missed her call Friday to discuss a time to schedule a phone call with the surgeon. Working in a Very fast pace restaurant its hard to answer calls at work. Also something else I'm worried about not to totally jump off subject....but I'm really nervous about taking time off work and going back to work...are there any other women out there who work in strenuous jobs?? If so how did going back to work really affect your mobility with having 2.5lbs worth of extra weigh on your chest? This is so embarrassing but I guess u all had to do it too....I put up a couple pre-ba photos as of today. I put one up of me flexing my pecs...
. How many CC's should I go?? I was thinking 450....

My Stats:
Pre-ba : 34 saggy b well that's what I let them sag in with some padding

Paid In Full!!!!!

Today I hit the first milestone in this wonderful dream of mine and made it reality. .....Cuz this Woman right here...I'm telling u is all smiles :D I have an OFFICIAL DATE OF MARCH 14, 2014 to have my BA !!!! Yadira if u read this u are Amazing ! Made me feel special to go out your way and help with booking my hotel . I got a great deal under the circumstances its spring break around that time :p I honestly could have waited for rooms to be a bit cheaper..like end of may cheaper......but I've been putting of my dream for far to long as it is...sounds kinda selfish..But its mamas turn to be first.....Lol.

I'm so Excited ....1 month 0days 4hrs 12min and counting Down the Days

Im i obsessed....

I feel like these past few months I have been A non stop boob hunter/researcher. I think every one thinks I'm weird

Really wondering about size..

I really am considering 500+ cc my other half thinks I just wanna look fake. I'm only doing this surgery once until they need to be changed out in 10-15 years.....also. On a good note I'm getting my stock of supplies together..its kinda difficult tho' ;/ since I'm traveling I really don't know if I can take my bottle of arnica

2 more weeks :)

I will be on the other side.....I'm so excited......My family and friends are pretty excited for me as well because all who know me....knows this is something I've wanted for ever....my brother was like ol' lord don't get anything crazy like Dolly parton .....Lol.....I said I don't mind not seeing my feet..I'm so ready...ready... Ready

All the emotions ....Are Real

So the day is nearing for me to get on a plane to Good Ole sunny Miami Florida....lol and fulfill a dream I honest thought I would never happen. ( I had to take a break to write that first statement because I cried from my heart and soul) I've been through a lot and have accomplished so much ....I'm just proud of myself. Mother of 6 Beautiful Demons...bless they lil hearts. Lol, College graduate, continuing my education... Awesome career/job. And now I'm about to get a new and improved Rack. I'm appreciating this moment in my life because I think if I would have done it sooner...it would have been for the wrong reasons.

Emotion 1. Sensitivity of the situation!!!

I am so Friggin' excited!!!!! Emotion #2...lol. joyous

I'm scared about going back to work in a highly intense industrial Kitchen. My Executive Chef is already acting like I'm inconvenience the production of the kitchen by having time off. When I put my request a month in advance. I've been doing overtime up and out the wazoo. Covering everybody else's vacays and fake a** sick days..PFF I earned my PTO

Emotion#3 Confused

Emotion#4 Happy

Today is my Day

I will update soon

My twins were delivered !!!

Man oh man....today has been a awesome day arrived at CG pretty early fYI it's a good help that you go in a day before to get all your paperwork done it made my whole process go by so much faster and like lily flower said it is a straight zoo because everyone is there but all in all the staff the doctors were amazing. yesterday during my console dr. Freimansaid that I could probably only get 425 or 450 when I wanted 500 because he said of my body type. thank goodness I was able to meet lilyflower and she told me to stick to my guns that if I wanted 500 to tell him that and guess what .....that's what he gave me 500 thank goodness. I freakin feel sore as heck but good I've taken a couple percocet and Advil my honey has been the most amazing help I don't think I could be able to go through all this by myself he has been my supportive rock through this whole process. I'm feeling kinda woozy so I'm going to lay down for a little bit longer an update a little bit more later I took a couple pictures of the actual surgery placeand Some little sore pictures of my boobies

First 24 hrs.

It has been a Officially 24hrs with my twins and I must say its has been a pretty nice start to my recovery process...a lot of swelling not so bad pain...I stopped taking my percs this morning took advil during the day.. I've been eating normal ..I went out for a walk from 11:30am-5:30 ...and now I'm in bed 7:30 feeling exhausted..icing the twins . I'm so happy with my decision

Day 2

I have been bloated all damn day...plus I started my flow and still swollen on my chest...I noticed some bruising on my sternum. I see my PS in the Am for my post op appt. Here are a couple of pix

Day 5

Wow time fly's....I still feel a lot of swelling and can feel my muscles tightening around the implant....I feel like 500cc ain't as big as I though :/ I don't have any booby greed ....I couldn't imagine them being any bigger with out lookin like I work in the Porn industry....lol I know I have a long while to go before they D&F but I'm happy with them ;) I feel a gurgling feeling in my righty ...it kinda feels weird...here are my day 5 pics
Dr. Frieman

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Can't wait to see more further along results pics!
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Hey your alive!? Lol, look at them 500cc how you feeling? Im back home :( your looking good n yes in hella bloated myself! Its the painkillers
  • Reply
Yes girl..I'm alive...Lol...I feel like a little druggy taking all these meds..dozing in and out. I cant wait to get these bandages off to see my incision. I go home tomorrow... I'm so happy I miss my babies
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Yay for your new babies! I hope they everything you wanted! Im happy with mine but learned its just the beginning of a long process to drop n fluff :( so its the waiting game! So far my shape is what I wanted & my armpit incisions look pretty good :) keep us posted hun ..you look great
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Glad to hear your recovering well !! =]
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Thanx :D
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Good luck with recovery! Can't wait to see your full results !
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Yay! Good you stuck to what you want! I wish I didnt let my PS talk me down! Happy healing! Dont worry about first appearance I see your implants are high Like mine. :) yay for boobs n nice meeting you now lots of test happy healing
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Lots of rest* * I type too fast
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Thank u girl :) same to u
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Congrats on your newbies !! Feel better and keep us updated
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Good luck today!
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Hope all goes well!!! :):)
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Gay! Im here now at CGC it was smooth girl not much pain for me so sending a good recovery your way, happy healing!
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Hi ladies, can you share where you are staying? I am trying to set up travel for late April and I read some no so good reviews for local hotels.
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Really....I'm here now as well waiting in the lobby
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I'm staying at the holiday inn coral gables.... Its really nice and they are accomadating...I gave them a list of things I needed in my room and they delivered.. Also the cg has a car service they referred to me and the hubby and the driver has been awesome
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Im staying at the America Extended Stay for $114 a day with free shuttle rides back n fourth to CGC till 4:00. Its about a 7 min ride from the hotel. Plenty restaurants, walgreens, mall strip, around hope that helps. Unfortunately the hotel has no pool but the free shuttle helps out & all stores walking distance. Good luck hope that helps! Warning CGC is a mob scene meaning crazy packed with girls when I was there..
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Im outside let me go up
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Wishing you a wonderful recovery and congrats on your new girls! Please keep us posted
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Good luck i go for my pre op this weekend at coral gables keep us posted on how things go
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Where are you staying ? We will be there the same week
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I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Coral Gables I fly in on Thursday the 13th til that Monday evening... You???
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You will be happy Dr.Frieman really is amazing ! Good luck can't wait to see your results !!xo
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