24 yo, 5'3, 140lbs 600-700cc? NJ to FL :)

Hi guys... So I decided to jump on this since I've...

Hi guys... So I decided to jump on this since I've just put a piece of my deposit down for my 8/14 BA!! Which... Is also my 25th birthday!! I'm from NJ but I'll be traveling to the MECCA of plastic surgery for this... As I just haven't felt 150% confident in the results of tristate surgeons... For ME*

So I've chosen Dr. Altman.
Now let me say this... Because I'm traveling, I did a bit of research on another PS... And I'm not sure I want to say who yet because his office truly went above and beyond, but after speaking to him MYSELF, I didn't have the chemistry I hoped for. I get that some can handle that, and want a good surgeon not a good talker, but for ME, as much as I tried to believe I just want the results.... Their personability ended up actually being important to me.

So based on Dr. Altman's incredibly personal demeanor AND results, I decided he's got all I want and need. His coordinator Jules has truly been awesome and has helped me from the moment I inquired.

And let me just say... Their staffs professionalism is almost as important as the craft of the surgeon. If you're traveling or NOT, you deserve POLITE, PROFESSIONAL, AND ACCURATE INFO from WHOMEVER answers the phone. And I will say, I called three doctors offices here in NJ... And let me just say... I was UNIMPRESSED.

Sooooo after all that... I am so excited and eager to continue this journey and update what I feel might be able to help the next girl.

Until next time

Hotels & Flights?

So I'm trying to decide on a hotel to stay at & curious where y'all stayed.
Has anyone done that combined flight & hotel thing on sites like expedia and orbitz? Does it really save a lot?

I'd love to know your thoughts.
I have had mine in Coral Gables and my results are fantastic. wish you great results
Happy BA birthday present to you too! My 50th is tomorrow and my BA next Thursday. Can't think of anything better except I should have done this for MY 25the!!
Haha well better late than never beautiful. The chemistry had become everything after that first unsatisfying phone consult. Who knew?! I hope you heal well and easily xox

Date Locked In! 8/14! Nervous!

Hi ladies!
So I went to my bank on Friday hoping to bypass going with Care Credit even though I've been approved for more than my surgery amount... I wanted to explore my options. If you miss a single payment, your interned bumps up to 26%!! That is insanity!! But I just found out my bank only approved me for a grand!! Lol what?! So... Gonna have to handle that and see how much more they'll grant me...

BUT onto surgery...
I emailed Dr. Altman last week... Over-researching can be damaging and I got overwhelmed. I let him know that I chose him based on his response and ability to provide me NON-NARCOTIC pain relievers.
I'm a patient in recovery.
My recovery is of utmost importance to me... And I needed a doctor that was comfortable and confident in his work to prescribe me a pain reliever that isn't an opiate.
Because this was a make it or break it part of my story... I did some research on my options and asked around and was told about "Tramadol". This is what my original PS mentioned to me as a way to solve my problem... However, I found out that it's STILL AN OPIATE!! Despite many people using this as their alternative, I didn't want to risk it!! I didn't know until after speaking to the first PS that this drug is under scrutiny, so I didn't think much of it at the time. After researching I found out it won't work for me. So... I was IMMENSELY HAPPY AND IMPRESSED that when Dr. Altman responded to my initial email, that Tramadol wasn't even on his list!! That told me that he knows his meds & he knows that it was a potential problem for patients before!
I can't begin to describe how happy that made me. I knew then that this was the Doctor for me!!
So... No Tramadol for me... I'm going to have to pray on this and trust my Dr.'s decision. After all, I could stay on this site until the procedure and stress myself out over the possibilities, but ultimately, he is the professional!!

I was told by Jules, his coordinator to call a hotel nearby and they gave me a quote of $109/night. The woman I spoke with initial quoted me $119/night and then dropped to $109 lol. I'm not brimming with trust for that one yet, but it may be the most logical option because that room comes with a kitchen! So... Ladies... Were you OK without a kitchen? If you could do it over, would that have made it better??

Decisions decisions!! :)
I just want to tell you how impressed I am with your concern for your recovery. My sister died from alcohol and drug abuse. No matter how much support or how many rehabs, she could not overcome her addictions and finally lost the battle at Christmas 2011. It's not easy, I know. It's a battle every day, but you are winning. I am very proud of you honey, very proud.
I couldn't agree with Red more! Both my kids are in recovery. One doing better than the other. Good for you. Jersey, keep it up! Red, so sorry about your sister. It's so sad when addiction wins. I pray for my son everyday.
Thank you Red! I wasn't sure I wanted to share that yet, but I'm happy I did. I have learned through recovery that the interaction between one addict to another is without parallel and hoped this might help someone else in recovery. I am so sorry to hear about your sister and her passing. She is no longer in pain

600-750 cc * 5'3 140 lbs

Hi beauties!!
So I'm on a mini vacation @ my summer place and it's setting in!! I am so excited!! I'm looking at some sites, just online browsing & I'm really liking Fredrick's of Hollywood!! Cute & Sexy lingerie and they're currently running a sale for an additional 50% off their clearance (Ladies go check for some great bra sizes!!)
What have you guys come to love post-op? I'm getting the feeling I won't want to wear my VS miraculous anymore. It's already a pain now!! Lol...
So the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami is wonderful! I spoke with Dr. Altman again via email and got answered maybe two days later? Which I think is perfectly acceptable and timely for a PS! He answered on a Saturday too which was nice. I sent him wish pics and he really took his time assessing them and put me at ease. I 100% trust his judgement on size once he does he full measurements on me and what not. But I'm going bigger!! Everyone has their own opinions on what they a) want b) looks good c) looks proportionate.
Since getting clean, my weight has fluctuated immensely. Drinking really packs on the calories, so I initially lost about 40 lbs!! The majority of my life I was incredibly skinny... 110 being the usual. But one of the good things about my weight increasing and moving around was.... I got to see how I LIKED weight on my body and how I didn't. For ME... The super skinny look wasn't looking good. I didn't feel sexy. I felt boney and lacking. When I blew up, I felt crappy BUT I found that happy medium guys!! That's what it's all about!! Finding what makes YOU FEEL GOOD!!
So... Bigger is where I'm at :) I'm currently a 36B, but a few months ago I went to VS and was told I'm a DD... Lol I'd always be falling out of my smaller bras, and they'd look kinda lopsided and unflattering. So, I'm using Ds for coverage, but they're far from ideal. The weight gain blew them up and now they're not "deflated" too much... But let's just say, they don't look how they looked at 20 LOL.

SOOOO where have you guys found nice bras? Cute clothes or lingerie for your new boobies?

Curious :)
And thanks so much for the feedback on my road to recovery. I was hesitant to share it, but I couldn't do that. I know I can only keep what I have by giving it away. I won't compromise my clean time for narcotic pain killers for an ELECTIVE surgery. I gotta grin and bare it. But I know, I will be better for it :)

God bless y'all and have a wonderful and SAFE Independence Day :) Thank a service man or woman too!! It is because of our selfless soldiers that we have the liberties we do :) xox
Good luxk.silicone?sientra?textured or smoth? Thank you
Amen, Jersey!
You can do this honey, as much as you have already overcome, this will be a walk in the park for you. Here's a tip....I ate 1 cup of raw spinach and 1 cup of fresh steamed broccoli twice a day everyday for 2 weeks prior to surgery to up my vitamin K. It really helps with swelling and bruising, I had minimal of both. What swelling I did have, was gone in a week. It will also help prevent getting constipated. Jewls told us blue berries are really good for constipation also.

36 Days!

Hey beauties :) SO things are coming together and I am SO excited. I spoke with Jules again yesterday and she had me speak to Jescenia who is the medical assistant. She was super sweet and I went over all the supplements I'm currently taking (Biotin, B-12, and Vitamin D) and made sure they were cleared for me to continue to take leading up to surgery.
I'm still futzing around with the dang hotel situation, but there's enough time to still figure that out.

My bf isn't exactly ECSTATIC about it yet… But I mean… He's a guy lol. While it kind of bums me out that he's not totally obsessed/excited about this as I am, I'm not going to let that dull my shine ;) Ha.
Hope y'all had an awesome Independence day!
My best friend is going to be there for me the first day and my mom the second or nephew following the surgery.
Awesome girlie!! How'd it go??
Hey @Jerseyxox! I am too going to see Dr.Altman for my breast augmentation! I'm excited for you! His demeanor was very pleasant and I felt as if we also had a connection !

6 days & a wake up!

Hey y'all!! Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I am back!!

So I've gotten my blood work done last week by my primary physician... As I suspected they've slacked off on getting the results to my PS's office so I had to crack the whip :) Hehe. I'm not playing any games at this point!! Get with it or get lost!!

I bought my front clip bra this weekend at Kmart. They were $7.99 a pop! Ladies I recommend going this route. Get two in different sizes, and keep the receipt to return the one that doesn't work out.

So my girlie on here Amanda (Mandy21) has been my sanity!! Lol we are both from the tristate and chose Dr. Altman. She had her surgery with him already 2 weeks ago now? So she's been an absolute Godsend helping me with the stuff I'm unnecessarily worrying about... Like outfits lmao. Dresses. Heels. Lmaoooo.
She gave me the reality check I needed cus I need to cut it out worrying about things that don't matter for a surgery. So I've downsized!!

I'm packing mostly sweats and shorts ( Soffees & alike) She let me know that if I wear bottoms in with no metal and just cotton I can keep them on. I really asked her if lace panties qualify!! Haha. Sorry & Shit but that's a legit question!! Haha -_-
But one thing she told me to leave was the bio oil and scar stuff. ( I was planning on packing my bio oil and cotton pads ) But she reminded me that the tape will be over the incisions for a bit, so I can leave those home.
Makeup - Yes I'm a makeup freak... I'm bringing one palette ( Lorac Pro 2 Go) which has eyeshadows and blushes in one. One BB cream. And mascara. I love my skin products too... So I'll be bringing my Obagi skin care in travel containers and my backup Latisse.

As for the meds... I've stocked up on Tylenol extra strength. I'm trying to get my paws on a heating pad that's easy to pack... Any suggestions?? And I'll bring aleve.
Should I bother with that muscle rub stuff?
Anything I'm missing? Meds? (For those that don't know, I'm in recovery and won't* take narcs.) I stress "won't" because it's not that I can't... I very we'll can... In fact, this would be a great excuse to... However, it's just not something I'm willing to do. People here stress the pain... "Oh you're going to NEED them" "I don't know how you're doing it, I know I couldn't"
But I'm not interested in that. This is my surgery. My recovery. My journey. I'm not compromising it for anything or anyone. I'll get through it... Trust me. And I'll be stronger for doing it without Percs or Vics. Take it to the bank ;)

I'll be staying closer to the airport. I got a decent deal on Hotels.com and they offer a "pay later" option where you don't have to pay until you're physically there, which I appreciate. The pre-op, Operation, and post-op will all be taking place in one facility, so that's a huge bonus for us out of town patients.

Regarding size... I'm not exactly sure. I've sent Dr. A my "wish pics" and trust his opinion once I'm on the table. I've heard once the doctors have you open for those brief minutes, they have the opportunity to get a glimpse of how the implant size will look in proportion to your body before the swelling sets in post op... So I'm just going to narrow down what I hope to achieve... And trust the Doctor :)

So I'll probably update next when I'm in MIA or right before I leave to ensure I'm not forgetting anything. Let me know if there's something I'm missing or have any questions!! Xox
Love ya!
Perfect wish boobs. I love Lillyflowers :) Wish I could tag her in this lol Good luck today!
Good luck on your surgery babes! Can't wait for the details.

Surgery Complete!!

So sorry y'all that I fell off my updates!!
I'm going to keep this brief considering I have an early mtg.

Surgery went well!! I got 600cc in my right at 500cc in my left ... Crazy right?! I had no idea that I was that lopsided. I mean daaaang! Poor bf haha!!

But I did it. Without narcs. And YES it is painful but YES you can do it without the narcs!! Extra strength Tylenol has been my go-to! The true uncomfortable and possibly debilitating part ceases after about 4 days. And boy is it an emotional 4 days. Lol. I'm very grateful to have made a good friend through this that talked me through my mini meltdowns.

The surgical bra... Holy cannoli.... Uncomfortable does not even BEGIN to scratch the surface!! And the bloating the first 3 days is uncanny. Doctor Altman recommended MAGNESIUM CITRATE!!

I'll update a bit more in depth soon. If y'all have any specific questions please let me know!!

I'm so happy for you babes you did it and for the most part without Meds ( are you sure you aren't SuperWoman ijs) lol. The journey is definitely a tough one and omg you went big and I love it. I'm so excited and can't wait to see pics. How are you feeling today?

Post Op 8 days - Finally a pic 600cc

Hey everyone! So today is much better. I was having some pain on the side that's bigger, but that's to be expected. Been taking Tylenol extra strength & taking it easy.

What do y'all think??
Omg boobs looking big things popping already!!!
They look great! From the pic they look symmetrical :)
Thanks! Crazy that I needed 100cc difference!

15 days post op & Loving!! (Pics)

Hey guys! So I'm 15 days post op today. Been 2 days without Tylenol and it's all very manageable. I'm working on trimming my stitches & I think I'm supposed to pull one side of them... But I'm waiting for Dr. Altman to email me back just to be safe & ensure I do the right thing! Lol. But I LOVE them! I'm sooooo happy with the size I went. I couldn't even imagine having gone smaller & I'm so glad I listened to my instincts & remembered the look I'm trying to achieve! Dr. Altman did a phenomenal job helping me pick a size. I felt completely confident in his judgement & that's so important!

Stay true to what YOU WANT and don't falter!

Here are some updated pics just taken!! Xox
Hey babes your making have boob greed lol. I'm feeling I should have went bigger lol as if he would let me. You still have stitches in? They took mine out one week post op . They told me to take the second piece of tape off one week later but I'm scared to see my scars for I can't use anything on it until 3 weeks he said. They look so big and purrrtttyy.
They look great! I myself are getting 600 or bigger
You look great! Congrats!
Dr. Jason Altman

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