I'm 24 Years Old Have 2 Children 8 Yrs 7 Mnths - Coral Gables, FL

I have breast fed my two beautiful children it was...

I have breast fed my two beautiful children it was worth it all now it's time to treat myself :))) I'm excited and feel as if I deserve this .mom's sacrifice lots for their bundle of joy. I'm having a breast saline augmentation. I don't entirely know how any cc I'm getting but I'm looking forward to having a full c. Currently I'm a small b. Down below I will attach my wish books lol I'm 5 feet 145 pounds. I'm working out but slowed down its cold over here.

I was over the muscle first time. The surgeon used the same pocket over muscle. Pain was nothing compared to first time. Since my pocket was so large there was no need to revise the pocket. This helps me to understand why the 270 cc looked so small the pocket was swallowing them up!!!
Looking into your before and afters I see what you meant swallowing them up. Definitely needed an enhancement. Very nice results. Thank you for sharing your page.
Good for you for doing something for you. I went back and forth with my mommy guilt for a while. Its such an exciting and nerve-racking process. Best of luck to u on your journey!

The bra and confie clothes shopping

So I'm going to get my sports bra soon I like the ones with front zippers those seem cool. I also don't know what to wear coming out of surgery. Hmm mm I never realized but I don't own loose clothing wow well ill post pictures as soon as I buy the items.

Ohh hh yeah

So I went sports bra shoping..... what the heck just do it ..lol ( Nike )

Just can't wait

There is so much goodies at the Nike store it was hard to focus on what I went for. These are the two I got so far.

flat tee shirts lol

Well today it hit me I will no longer have me small itty bitty boobies. I wonder if I'll miss them ? Well any ways I'm not going too big. Full c from a small b won't be drastic. I guess mostly I'm feeling anxious about the surgical procedures. I mean I just had a baby naturally with out meds but since I breast fed and went through the engorged breast and remember that pain it just gets to me. But any how let me quit the chicken Ness and keep foward. Here is a pic with a red tee shirt
I ment regular tee shirt lol stupid smart phones

counting the days

So I've booked my flight. I truly don't feel like driving 5 hours to get down south. Ehhhh why not fly. I get there the day of my consult early morning, then at 3:30 pm I get to see my doctor. I was going to get a boob job when I was 19 I think?;.., but I chickened out. Now I'm well u can say 25 ( my b day is in a week) any how I'm getting the same feelings as before. Just scared. I'll be leaving my kids behind and won't see my dear boy friend for a few days. We've never been a part. At first he was upset. Thought it was silly for me to go on with this but now he's excited and I'm scared. Ironic. Well my ladies here's another picture of me with a regular tee shirt.

Wish look for the girls

Ok my ladies so I'm looking foward to giving my girls an eternal time out to stay put.. lol I'm putting my boobies on time out here in a month getting them to stay where there to be lmfao.... I always kid around saying I put the girls in time out but they don't stay... bra failure here is my wish look I hope it's not to exaggerated. You lady's let me know if so.
Did you need a lift as well?
No comment. You seem random.

The day is getting closer

It's almost march.... my Ohh my.... it seems so unreal. I'm actually getting this done. So at first thought a size bigger was all I wanted. Friends have consulted me to go a bit fuller I think I might just do it. I just don't want to look to large. But I think I can deal with a large c. I have a nice size rear end and it's always been my thing don't want to substitute it's attention. So like someone told me go big or go home. Lol ill be fine. I'm almost 25 here soon I'm thinking to change up my style a bit. Dress more like my age. I don't want to dress with tight clothing no more. I want to dress a bit more conservative. Looking foward for this change I'm excited. ... can't wait for my results and going to the mall.. it's time for some change. ... can't wait! !!
Hey girl. I know you've spoken to trinnidaesworld on here, she also went to Dr Hunsie. Just a heads up, her and I went pretty large. We are in the realm of XL implants (anything over 600cc is considered XL). Yes, we were in a lot of pain, lol but don't let that scare you. Oh, and one more thing, bring as many wish pics as you can, and in the end, don't be scared by the # of CC's that the implant will be filled to. He knows what he's doing to give you the look that you want. Lol, at my post op, when they came in and have me my implant card, it said 650cc implant over filled to 800cc. Lol, I almost blew a gasket, but in the end, he did exactly what I told him I expected. Your in great hands, I promise. Let me know if you'd like to see my results. I don't put them on my profile, too many creepos. Lol.
When I here the amount of cc it kinda freaks me out I have one more wish pic I found I'll post it soon. Thank you so much for the support:) I need it. I actually want to do the twilight sedation but our doctor won't do it. I guess I need to be knocked out for a pair of knockers lol I have seen ur pics I love the size. They look great right after ur surgery. So since it's been a while for you, when exactly where you able to buy clothing that actually suits you well? How long should we wait? And how long did you feel really ached for? What meds did he prescribe?

My new wish look

So I finally grew some I'm willing to go a bit bigger... so many ladies on this site say you always wish u went bigger. So I went on the hunt and found a size I like. It might be to large but it's an idea of what I have in mind.
Honey squirrel. I am PR ---- ugh, I have the same struggle. lol

Just a few more days.

Today I got the button down sports bra. Got a size 40. It was cheap walmart at 7 dollars and some change. I guess I still have a few things pending, I need to buy clothing for coming out of surgery. I've just been so busy with work and we'll as you know my baby is lots of work , (for u mom's out)... there sometimes I don't know how we do it... lol I been looking for pjamies and have zero luck in finding one that looks and feels confy. I'm too picky. Victoria secrets has a button down cotton set. I prefer silky material but gave no luck at vc.. Also I'm concerned about my hair. I know we won't be able to wash our hair for 2 to 3 days so I'm just wondering would it be easier to straighten it out. I have really curly hair. It's wild... well my ladies I can't believe I'm going to do this OMG... so excited to have boobies:))))))
Personally, I think you would look fantastic with a C cup or even a D, but don't let anyone convince you of a size you are not comfortable with. I'm a bit larger than you (currently a 34 saggy D), and I am getting 380cc smooth saline HP. Have you decided the cc amount? I have also seen women wish they had gone bigger; my hair dresser went too big and now looks very matronly. It's not attractive on some frames, and can make you look heavier than you want. It also stretches out the skin more and can look saggy after a short time. I went through the "wanting to go bigger" phase too, but considering some of the cons, I decided to go a bit smaller. You are not saggy like me, so you may end up with more pros than cons on going bigger. I wish you the best of luck dear, and I hope you achieve the results you are after! :)
Thank you:) I haven't decided on the cc amount my consult is a day before surgery. I definitely want a full c or small d. I do have a large frame back so I can't go too small. I saw your page love the list of reminder things to take I have to screen shoot it. It's pretty good lol I did not want to get a large c at first because of my boy friend. But after a few days of pillow talk we both agreed for a big larger size. He then told me the same thing you did, go for a size I feel comfortable. So ill just wait till my consult and see what the doc has in mind.
And thank you again :))

Sunday I'll start packing

So my boyfriend says to me.. "good bye boobies I'll miss you".... wow like he will truly miss the small girls lol so Sunday I will pack I'll be gone from March 20th to 26th I'll be back late around 8 pm on the 26th. Good thing I've been teaching my boyfriend how to cook. That way he can do little things here and there when I come back. I will have my baby to watch while he's at work but my nine year old is on spring break so I'll just have her help me. I can always give her 10 bucks to help out with the baby. She loves shopping money. Here's a pic maybe you ladies can get a better look.
Just wanted to wish you luck tomorrow! I am two weeks post-op from my 750cc o/f to 1150cc (I know, HUGE but I wanted big boobies and I have a somewhat wide chest!). Dr. Hunsaker is an ANGEL and I just love him to pieces! You are truly going to love the work that his gifted hands are going to give you! Feel free to contact me at any time to commiserate or if you have any questions. Good luck with everything tomorrow and here's to a speedy recovery!
Thank you so much he's so nice. I felt comfortable the whole time. I'm amazed of how respectful he is and he gets so into his job. I'm excited. ... I'm going to check out ur pics right now :)))

consult is complete surgery will be at noon

So I went to the consult and it went well. I showed him the pictures of comparison of what I like. He then said we won't discuss the cc amount because it's going to be just what I want. He truly is an artist and extremely confident:)) I will have the incision done through my armpit. I have some breast tissue on my right under arm which was concerning me but as he felt it he mentioned it would be fine. He prescribed percoset antibiotics and nausea meds. I will mentions that while the girls drew my blood they told me I was getting high profile 450 cc and that it will most probably be filled to 550 cc ... that he's known for that we'll we will see my ladies;) so on the plane it was awesome to my left was a 32 cardiologist and to the right a legal student. It was cool they wouldn't shut up we all where chatter boxes so that was a nice experience. I'm now at my moms hanging out with my 19 year old Lil sis. Mom's cooking some Cuban cuisine and I'm trying my best to catch some shut eye but I'm to excited. At noon I'll be in boobieland:) I'll keep in touch and thank you all for being there for me.it means do much to me.
How exciting!! Good luck!!

I'm up and can't believe it's today

So I woke up from a huge night mare. Lol I dreamt I was late to surgery and they couldn't take me in because I ate pastry with out carrying I was to be in surgery . Wow but now I'm awake of course thirsty as ever and can't drink or eat till noon. It's 6:30 or so maybe earlier... I can't sleep any more I guess I'll just start getting ready. Maybe I can straighten my hair. I'll keep you ladies updated and post a picture as soon as I'm able to.
Good luck!
Best of luck today! You're in excellent hands with Dr. Hunsaker! I'll post some pics soon so you can see what mine look like so far. Praying for a speedy recovery for you!

Here we goooooo

Ok so I'm about to go in soon I'm so excited weirdly not nervous what so ever here's how I look.
Thank you girls can't wait .... I'm just waiting for the doc to do his sketches on me ... wow I had the nausea pills they kind of gave me a head ache. Maybe it's because I haven't ate I hope I'm Ok coming out of the anesthesia. Talk to you all in a few hours.


OMG this is not that bad. Just lots of pressure and my left boob hurts bad it needed extra attention. It was very droopy so it's higher up I got high profile 550 saline. Here's a pic I'm in the car on my way to eat a Cuban sandwich I'll post better pictures here when I get home


I forgot to post pictures

One more pic

I like this one

I'm so blessed with the doctor I chose

So not only I'm in love with the girls but also so glad I chose Dr. Hunsaker. He is truly an artist and is passionate about his career. I feel comfortable before and after. God bless him . I took a percocet but it just takes the pain away I'm not sleepy what so ever. I ate dinner Colombian chicken soup areape Rick and some more chicken. Then of course some cookies and flan. I sure have an appetite. Lol I just wish I where a bit sleepy on the meds but o well at least it does it job with pain relief here are some pictutes. P's I highly recommend Dr. Hunsaker. He is amazzziiinnnggg

correction I ate rice not Rick lol

Here's a few more pictures. Can't wait til they fall into place

OMG the pictures won't come out

So sorry let's try this again. Here's some pics
Woo hoo! You look AMAZING already!!!!
Yeahhh hh I feel good percocet got my hyper. I called the clinic they said to take tynelol instead . I've been lifting my arms over my head and I feel great . I'm not tired at all but I'm just laying around so my body can rest. My left booby was lower so that implant is way higher. Can't wait to see more. I feel great barely feeling pain just pressure but I better take It easy.... Thank you ms Detroit. Ur right our doc is the best

One more pic


Two days post

I'm still in pain. Feel little air bubbles on my breast. I'm messaging my breast and it feels beter. They have gone down tremendously. My left one looks like it's going to take its time. I can't wait til it falls into place because it looks funny. I still haven't showered I'll do that tomorrow. I can lift my arms over my head just fine. I'm drowsy. Taking benadryl for allergies. I'm at my moms and she has a dog which I'm allergic to. Around midnight I'll take a percocet. Well my boobbi buddies here are my 2nd day pics.
You're looking awesome girl! Keep posting pics!
Hey doll, did you have silicone or saline? Also have your boobies evened out since your last post?
Well... The left one was placed supper high up to avoid a lift. It's looking great and I can tell once it's in place it going to look even . So I'm patiently waiting. The right one is geourges. I have saline 450 cc filled to 550 cc on both breast. Tranxilary placement. And of course the left side is killing me. I'm soar still . I've notice that when I take Ibuprofen 800 I feel less swollen. They Are Evening Out though. :) they look great for just having them done on friday. Today I'll shower and do hair and make up. I need it

The swelling is going down.

I'm running out of pain meds. That's not cool. I see my doctor tomorrow to make sure all is well. Here are some progress pictures
You're looking awesome girl! The bloating will start to go away. . . Slowly. :( But you probably won't need anymore pain meds. If your doc approves ibuprofen, that's worked the best for me along with using ice packs in the front and a heating pad for back discomfort. Looking forward to seeing your progress over the next few weeks! Congrats!! :)

Feeling much better

Today they have dropped a whole bunch. Feeling much better. I'm still a little stiff. Here are some pictures.

Moderate profile

For some reason I thought I had high profile. I actually got my natrelle implant card yesterday.
Im glad your doing great. Told you dr hunsaker is great. Your looking good and looks like your feeling great. Keep us posted hun
Thank you girl. I know we have a similar recovery with us having a baby n all... it's complicated because I want to hold the baby and pop back to my regular self, but I guess it takes time. I use to rock my baby one hour before bed and now I can't it breaks my heart. I can't wait till I heal completely. I'm still in pain and my underarms feel soar. I do have a question for you.. When is ur next post visit?
I forced myself to pick up my baby by day 3. It hurt like hell but the joy feeling of finally being able to hold my baby when she is reaching for me made that pain go away. As long as your stretching your arms up every 10 minutes you will feel great in no time. To be honest i dont have one. I live in virginia and traveling to miami for the mini visits i cant do. But i will go back to him when i hit my 3 month mark. When is your next post op day?

Feeling great

Today is a week. I feel so much better and was able to cook clean change my baby s diaper. Also I was able to do my hair with out so much trouble. Also I mopped and did grocerys with my daughter's help. She's been a tremendous help the last few days. I pay her 5 bucks a day so you can imagine how happy and appreciative she is. I shaved around my incision and it felt as if I was going to make the wrong move and undo my stitches but every thing turned out fine. Here are some pictures in my pjamies
Your stomach is soooooo pretty!! Can we trade? ;) Glad to see you're doing well, you look absolutely fabulous in that tank top!! I can't tell that one is higher, they look very symmetrical to me! :)
Thank you sweet stuff, they have gone down alot starting to look more like natural boobies... and I have jelly belly girl lol I'm just curvy. I use to have a nice belly but I was on depo provera for a year which made me gain so much. I got off of it because of the wait gain then a month later I was preggo. I was 120 before depo got up to 165. Now I'm 145 after baby. But feels like I'm stuck here. I'm satisfied tho. I have some booty lol and thanks for the compliment . . Cheeez smile:)
ughh depo is teh devil. I wouldnt advise anyone to take that as birth control

Looking and feeling great

I kind of lost track on my days count.... that's what happens when you go back to work. But I feel much better I barely take tynelol. Maybe twice a day. I can do things around the house like nothing now. Of course still not lifting. I went to work and not many people noticed. With a polo they look normal. Here are some progress pictures.

My incisions

Here are pictures of the incisions.

Two weeks

Wow you look amazing!!! Great size on you :)) and I totally feel the whole losing baby weight thing- but u don't need to explain anything cuz u look smokin! Moms do sacrifice a lot, good for u for treating yourself!! How is it going? How r u feeling?
Hey hunny bunch how are you feeling?
Just there girly. A bit stiff. Today my back was hurting a bit. I'm not use to this weight. My buddy at work has naturally big girls and she said it's Important not to slouch I catch my self doing that alot. Mostly I'm shy and don't want to sit so straight so they are less noticable. You know the weirdest thing happened I have milk now. The doctor said it would happen. It's not much but enough for it to be annoying. I can't wait til they grow into me. How are you? Have you gone bikini shopping? Target has the cutest pieces ever check them out :)

mondor cord:(

So I have mondor cord on my right boob it hurts like we'll you know the rest.... I'm in pain I called my doctor office and I was an hour too late he already flew out the door like a pelican. I sent them pictures and hope there's something they can do to help. They told me to call tomorrow morning or even come on but I'm so far away. I guess that's the only inconvenience when you decide to go out of town for surgical procedures. I've been massaging like twice a day perhaps I'm slacking. Well my ladies here's a pic of me stretching u can see it faintly but it's there. Can wait till it goes away. This healing process is no fun. Overall I'm enchanted with my results.

Here are some more pic

I forgot these

My best friend and I

My best friend went to Dr Freidman. I live her results


So its been a while since my boob job each day loving how they are looking. Have not been sized yet.
love our results. How is your mondor cord?
Still there but improving. I can't wait to see your results I'm beyond excited for you I know how much this means to you. Good luck hunnie. You will do awesome. .
Thanks girlie! It's been a long progress with lots of work so its like a present for myself =)

These are beter

These are a Beter view

It's such a mission to post pictures

Let's try it again
Lookin' good fellow 'Hunnie Doll'! :)

Two more months and I can wear wire bras

I have not gone bra shopping yet. I'm waiting the whole 3 months of dropping sessions before I do so. I wonder if I loose the 20 pounds I'm on a mission for will my bust get smaller. I hope they don't sag... I have no progress with my weight loss lately. I'm able to ride my bike in about 3 more months. Due to the location of my scar. I'm not as active as I would want to b. O well.. I have a question has any one here done a lemon detox diet??? I've been thinking of it, mostly to create a Better life style eating habit afterwards. Well my ladies here are some pictures. .

Sorry my ladies it's been a while

I'm so sorry ladies I' know I shouldn't create an excuse but like all of us I've been so busy with my children. Summer time is so busy. My girl is out of school and it seems every weekend is a slumber party at my house. .. well about my mommy gift to my self , I'm doing well. Looking better by the days. Some days I'm getting shock twitching pains but the go away. I can sleep on my sides but best off on my right. My left side has always been my most difficult boob. I massage daily at night. Can't wait for ultimate results. I still think there's much more softness needed. I'm still considering silicone instead. I like them but honestly I don't think they feel natural.... maybe it's to early. . Well see.. time will tell.
I have a consult with Dr. Hunsaker on November 17th. I am thinking of going with a 450-500cc which I believe will give me about the same results as you. What was your pre-surgery size? Have you purchased new bras yet? Any details you could offer about your first weeks of recovery or any tips/advice? Thank you and you look fantastic.
Your results are great. Ty for sharing
Nice. How have you been? That every weekend is a slumber party i cant agree more. Having babies and summer time we are always on the go. Your boobs look amazing. You know i was thinking about switching these out to silicone also, but i think theyre going to be heavier than the saline ones we have. Im glad your doing ok though.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. My coordinator is tatiana, she is very attentive to all my questions and treats me like family. You can tell she enjoys her job. I was very nervous but she told me about her experience undergoing the same procedure. Very soothing of her. I feel excited now.........ladies all complete now I highly recommend this Dr. He is so sweet and completely professional. I was so blessed to fall in his hands. Five star all the way. Special thanks to tatiana and of course yari.. supper cute girls.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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